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Episode 153: WTF is on the Ballot? Candidates

Now that you know how to vote allllll the way through your ballot on amendments and propositions, it is time to pick the people that will represent you! We cover various races affecting Colorado Springs - from the gubernatorial race between Polis and Stapleton to the local reps that are working hard to get your vote. Tune in to get top talking points and facts about each candidate and get your ballot in before November 6! If you are listening to this show it is already too late to mail it...


Episode 152: WTF Is On The Ballot? Amendments & Propositions

We have two shows coming your way to talk through ballot issues and the people running for office! Up first: Amendments and Propositions. From restructuring the committee that draws district lines to where oil and gas can drill across the state, we have you covered. Tune in to get the low down (and just a little of our own commentary). Follow this one up with Part Two and get your ballot to the box before November 6!


Episode 151: 8 Steps to Reduce Homelessness in COS

In early October the City of Colorado Springs released a new action plan to reduce chronic homelessness in our city. In this episode, we go over the eight steps to the plan and talk about what it will take to make these steps a local reality. Our guest is the city's Homelessness Outreach and Prevention Coordinator, Andrew Phelps. Tune in and mark your calendars to make your voice heard at public meetings happening in the coming weeks. Thanks for listening, subscribing and sharing The Little...


Episode 150: The Sharing Economy and Short-term Rentals in COS

It might get a lot more difficult to host a short-term rental, like an AirBnB, in Colorado Springs. The Planning Commission is proposing a new ordinance and we have the details. Plus, we bring you information on the sharing economy and how influential it really is when it comes to local economies. Tune in and share your love by liking, subscribing and telling your friends to listen. More information on this, and all LLS episodes, can be found at


Episode 149: The Grand Finale of the Waldo Waldo

For seven years, the Waldo Waldo 5K has raised money to support Waldo Canyon restoration efforts. Over $200,000 has been donated to restoring this popular outdoor recreation area that was devastated by the Waldo Canyon Fire. This year will be the last year of the Waldo Waldo 5K, so we sat down with Jennifer Peterson of the Rocky Mountian Field Institute and Chelise Foster, Waldo Waldo creator and event organizer, to talk about the impact of this community fun-run and all that has happened...


Episode 148: Women and the Outdoors with the SRAM Women's Leadership Commitee

We sat down with four women from SRAM, a local bike component manufacturer and aspiring leader when it comes to women's leadership in the outdoor industry. We talk about women in the corporate pipeline, as well as women on single-track trails, and what today's outdoor companies are doing to increase inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace. Don't miss your invitation for the first ever CAMBER Exchange event in Colorado Springs! October 17 from 5:30 - 7:30 at the SRAM offices....


Episode 147: This Is How COS Millenials

COS has been written up recently for being a hot spot for millennials. So we sat down with one of those millennials to see what they are all about. Meet Alyssa. She is an artist and a social media director for a small non profit. She also has a side hustle that will make you grateful she is in COS. A fun show with one of the city's most badass women.


Episode 140: PERA's Funding Shortfall: Trying to Fix Bad Math and Bad Management

One in ten Coloradans have PERA retirement benefits - the retirement option that replaces social security for teachers, state troopers, and other public employees. But, the system is broken. Miscalculations have left the program severely underfunded with Colorado being one of the worst off in the country. Tune in to find out what the Colorado legislature just did about that underfunding and how it will affect many of the people who have chosen to serve our state.


Episode 139: Switchback Coffee Roasters

Grab a cup of joe for this one! We sit down with Switchback Coffee Roasters owner Brandon Delgrosso and talk coffee, small business, Colorado Springs culture, and so much more. Get more information on this episode at and try the avocado toast at Switchback at 330 N Institute St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Episode 138: Who the F is on the Primary Ballot?

You know that mail-in ballot sitting on the kitchen counter that you haven't completed, yet? We got you. We pulled the top two candidates in each category and each party to bring you what they stand for, what they've been saying on the campaign trail, and what has been written about them in the news. Now, you can complete your primary ballot! Yay! Congratulations, Independents, for the first year ever you can vote, too! Just make sure to only vote on ONE BALLOT or your vote won't count. Get...


Episode 137: Road Dieting to the State of Marijuana - A Local News Rundown

This week Darcie and Jeff dive into some local news stories that have been making waves lately, including the proposal to narrow Cascade Avenue near Colorado Colorado and the Old North End, and the controversy over the Cheyenne Canon master plan. Want to feel caught up? This one is for you!


Episode 136: You Share, I Share, We All Love Bike Share

One of the most exciting things to happen to Colorado Springs since we can remember - PIKE RIDE LAUNCHES in just a few short weeks. What is the deal with the majestic purple bikes that will be located all around town? How will it work? How much will it cost? Will they stop abruptly and toss you from the handlebars? We ask Alex Armani-Munn from Downtown Partnership all the details. Get more information on this episode at and share it with someone you want to ride...


Episode 135: Catching Up with Rocky Mountain Food Report and Focus on the Beer

Dionne from Rocky Mountain Food Report and Ryan from Focus on the Beer join Darcie for an in-depth look at food and beer news throughout the city. From the places about to open to the best patios for happy hour, you get it all and just in time for Summer! Be sure to subscribe to The Little London Show on your favorite podcast platform. Get more information on this episode at


Episode 134: The Catamount Institute's Chris Aaby

Christopher Aaby, the Executive Director of the Catamount Institute makes his triumphant return to the Little London Show! Chris and Darcie talk outdoor education, the Catamount Institute and non-profits in Colorado Springs.


Episode 133: The Pink Tax & Why it Costs More to be A Woman

You aren't making it up - it really does cost more to be a woman in our society. Find out the details, how this happens, and what you can do about it in this week's episode. Get more info at and tell us what you think by chatting with @LittleLondonCOS


Episode 132: Sustainability News You May Have Missed

In honor of Earth Week we bring you some sustainability news you might have missed. Where is wind energy headed? How are cities being built to use less energy? What is the future of solar? Tune in to get these stories! Share how you are celebrating Earth Week on social media by finding The Little London Show (LittleLondonCOS).


Episode 131: Pay the Teachers!

West Virginia teachers went on strike, achieved a 5% pay raise and catalyzed a series of strikes across the country. What are the teachers asking for? Is it out of line? Depends on who you ask. Tune in to this episode to hear the details and get the scoop from a variety of perspectives. See the charts and graphs we talk about in this episode at and, as always, we appreciate any and all sharing, commenting and subscribing. Happy listening!


Episode 130: The State of Downtown with the Downtown Partnership

Sarah Humbargar, Vice President of Development Services for the Downtown Partnership, joins us to talk about development goals for downtown, successes and what is on the horizon. Filled with stats and facts, this episode will give you a good look at what is happening in the heart of Colorado Springs. Share your thoughts on this episode on social media and get more information at


Episode 129: Facts, Figures and the Future of the Homeless in COS

This week we sit down with the City of Colorado Springs's new Homeless Prevention and Response Coordinator Andrew Phelps to talk about how the city is addressing the homeless population, where he sees solutions to problems and the facts and figures behind homelessness. A good episode with lots of great information.


Episode 128: The Air Force, Toxic Chemicals and our Water Supply

Listen in as we discuss the water contamination issues in Fountain with Fountain Utilities Director, Curtis Mitchell. What is safe to drink? What are the implications on rate payers? What role does the Air Force play? Find out how this affects our community. Get more information on this episode at