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Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.

Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.
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Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.




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Seg. 1: India's View of KC. Seg. 2: Holographs Train Med Students. Seg. 3: Bernie Sanders on Kansas.

Segment 1: Does Kansas City have a bad reputation with the Indian community? Indian nationals coming to America often have to worry about immigration hurdles and racism. Two violent incidents since 2017 in the Kansas City metro have added violence to their list of concerns. Most recently, Sharath Koppu, a UMKC student from India was shot and killed during a robbery at the restaurant where he worked. Today, representatives of the Indian community revealed their views of living here. Ravi...


Seg. 1: When Should Police Use Lethal Force? Seg. 2: State Of Mental Healthcare In Kansas City Area

Segment 1: Witness says suspect killed in Kansas City Police Department shooting "was a very troubled individual." In a re-broadcast of a segment that aired June 19, 2018, we discussed the Kansas City, Missouri, police shooting death of a sword-wielding woman and the role mental illness may have played in the encounter. We examined when deadly force by law enforcement is warranted. Grant Braaten, eyewitness Dennis Kenney , John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor Segment 2, beginning...


Seg. 1: Should KCK Voters Renew Public Safety Tax? Seg. 2: The Women Who Ingregrated U.S. Schools.

Segment 1: Kansas City, Kansas, Public Safety and Neighborhood Infrastructure Sales Tax up for renewal. A three-eighth-cent sales tax that passed with 70 percent of the vote in 2010 has collected more than $50 million devoted to public safety and neighborhood projects in Wyandotte County. This August, voters there get to decide if the sales tax has been worth the money. The levy is set to expire in 2020 unless it is approved for renewal. Today, we discussed the projects that the tax has...


Commentary: Kansas City Royals Record Has Fans Singing Dog Day Blues

Here’s a newsflash: It’s hot. The sky is blue. The grass is brown. And the Kansas City Royals are really, really bad. Commentator Victor Wishna doesn’t need to elaborate, but he does in this July edition of 'A Fan’s Notes.' Ah, the dog days of summer. The heat. The humidity. The sense of powerlessness and impending doom. And that’s just for local sports fans. There’s not all that much we can do right now. The summer’s marquee moments have mostly passed. Wimbledon just wrapped up and even the...


Seg. 1: Kobach's Stamp On Secretary Of State. Seg. 2: Sports Post-World Cup

Segment 1: How Kris Kobach changed the Secretary of State's office in Kansas. After winning the bid for Kansas Secretary of State with 59 percent of the vote in 2011, Kris Kobach recieved national attention for his controversial voter I.D. laws and anti-immigration stance. Most recently he's making headlines with his Kansas gubernatorial campaign. Today, we reflected on the changes the former law professor has brought to the Secretary of State's office and whether the transformation Kobach...


Seg. 1: Kansas City's 'Healthy Homes' Initiative. Seg. 2: Will Missouri Remain Right-To-Work?

Segment 1: "Healthy homes" ballot initiative addresses rental property inspections. Kansas City, Missouri, voters will have the opportunity to weigh in on a "healthy homes" initiative this August 7. If the measure is approved, rental properties in town will be subject to health department inspections if community members complain about their condition. Today, we learned why supporters think the measure will hold landlords more accountable, while those against it think the initiative will...


Seg. 1: Former Kansas Governor John Carlin. Seg. 2: The Tragedies Of The USS Indianapolis

Segment 1: Former Kansas Democratic governor on the approaching midterm elections. In 1979 John Carlin began the first of two terms as Kansas governor. He went on to work as the Eighth Archivist of the United States by appointment of President Bill Clinton. Today, as a Kansas State University professor and leading figure in local civic engagement, he's still heavily involved in state and the state of politics. We got his take on the race for his former office. John Carlin , former governor...


Seg. 1: Powell Gardens Fights Cattle Feed Operation. Seg. 2: Legacy Of Activist Lucile Bluford.

Segment 1: Lone Jack animal feed operation expansion concerns Powell Gardens. Nearly 7,000 cows might be moving next door to Powell Gardens, and the botanical garden is worried. Located three miles from the gardens on Highway 50, Valley Oaks Steak Company was approved for a permit last month. The permit will allow the feedlot and slaughtering plant to expand from its current 950 cattle up to 6,999. Powell Gardens is seeking an administrative appeal of the decision to grant the permit. Today,...


Seg. 1: The Plight Of Missouri Municipal Courts. Seg. 2: Book Critics' Summer Reading Picks.

Segment 1: Missouri's 2015 reform bill means fewer defendants bother to appear in court for traffic violations. In the wake of Ferguson, then-Missouri governor Jay Nixon signed a sweeping court reform bill to cut down on percieved predatory traffic stops that burdened the poor unduly. Today a judge and a criminal defense attorney questioned the bill's efficacy that has fewer Missourians showing up for their court dates and has created greater workloads for court clerks and support staff....


Seg. 1: Status Of Central City Sales Tax. Seg. 2: Teen Sexuality And Private Social Media.

Segment 1: How and when will Kansas City use funds from Central City Economic Development Sales Tax? It's been over a year since Kansas City voters approved a citywide one-eighth-cent sales tax intended to support economic development along the Prospect Avenue corridor. Expected to provide $10 million annually, members of the community have a lot of ideas for how the money could be used. The board overseeing the distribution of the funds plans to submit those ideas it supports to the city...


Seg. 1: KCK Public Schools Fight Student Homelessness. Seg. 2: Police De-escalation Tactics.

Segment 1: How local activists are reducing student homelessness on the Kansas side of the Metro. Over the last several years a coalition of social services groups in Kansas City, operating under the banner Impact Wednesday, have been working to cut the number of homeless families in the Kansas City, Kansas school district in half. Today, we heard how KCK public schools is collaborating with Impact Wednesday and volunteer teachers to reach zero homelessness among students by 2020. Jessica...


Seg. 1: KCPS Didn't Get District Map It Wanted. Seg. 2: Was Kicking Out Sarah Sanders Ethical?

Segment 1: New Kansas City Public Schools sub-district map creates controversy. The state mandated Kansas City Public Schools reduce their Board of Education from nine to seven members by April 2019. The Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners, charged with driving the process, released the final boundary map last month which was not the map endorsed by the school district. Today, we talked about the new boundary lines and how they may not be representative of the diverse area the...


Seg. 1: Kris Kobach On His Campaign For Kansas Governor. Seg. 2: Summer Music in Kansas City.

Segment 1: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach looks to step up to governor. As one of two Republican frontrunners in the Kansas gubernatorial election, Kris Kobach brings his reputation for controversy with him. His campaign made national headlines for the use of a faux machine gun during Kobach's appearance in a Shawnee, Kansas, parade. Today, he outlined his plans for higher office and compared his style of leadership and that of President Donald Trump. Kris Kobach , Republican...


Seg. 1: Kansas Court Says School Funding Plan Comes Up Short. Seg. 2: Washington's Runaway Slave.

Segment 1: Kansas Supreme Court rules new school funding plan lacks sufficient money but gives legislature another year to eliminate shortfall. In order to avoid school shutdowns, the Kansas Legislature recently added $522 million to the education budget over the next five years. Still, critics argue this will not be enough and more needs to be added for inflation. Today, we looked at this latest development in the longstanding Gannon case and its implications for the future of public...


Seg. 1: Former Kansas Ag Secretary's Run For Governor. Seg. 2: Is Being Black A Health Risk?

Segment 1: Former four-term state representative and agriculture secretary Josh Svaty wants the state's top job. Josh Svaty stepped into politics as a 22-year-old Kansas state representative. The Democrat grabbed his seat from a Republican incumbent in the heart of the state, and went on to serve three full terms in the House. He started a fourth, but left the Legislature to become Kansas secretary of agriculture. Today, the farmer and businessman told us about his gubernatorial hopes, and...


Seg.1: Pundits Discuss Race For Kansas City Mayor. Seg. 2: Surveillance Tech & Inequality.

Segment 1: The latest in state and Kansas City politics. Jason Kander announced on Monday his candidacy for mayor of Kansas City, making him the ninth person to enter what's sure to be a closely-watched race. Today, our panel of pundits shared their take on the coming mayoral elections, the Kansas primaries, and the Missouri Senate race that is garnering national attention. Dave Helling , Kansas City Star political reporter Burdett Loomis , University of Kansas political science professor...


Seg. 1: The ACLU's Latest In Kansas and Missouri. Seg. 2: Maternal Mortality Rates Rising.

Segment 1: Leaders of the Kansas and Missouri chapters of the ACLU discuss their organizations' goings-on. With a federal court ruling Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's voter I.D. laws unconstitutional, the ACLU has something to celebrate. In the meantime, they're still fighting restrictive abortion laws in Missouri and for more funding of the state's public defender's office. Today, they updated us on these lawsuits and more. Micah Kubic , ACLU of Kansas executive director Jeffrey...


Seg. 1: Life For Immigrants In American Detention Centers. Seg. 2: Why Pseudo Science Persists.

Segment 1: The mindset of asylum-seekers in Trump's America. Sticking to his campaign promise of strictly enforcing the law at our southern border, President Trump's immigration policies resulted in thousands of migrant children being seperated from their parents. Though he ended that policy with an executive order last week, families crossing illegally are still being detained with children. Today, we heard a first-hand account of what it's like living in a family detention center. Madeline...


Seg. 1: State Sen. Laura Kelly Wants Kansas' Top Job. Seg. 2: Residential Segregation & Inequality.

Segment 1: State Sen. Laura Kelly makes her case in the race for Kansas governor. In Kansas' crowded field of candidates for governor, there is a lone woman running. Today, we met Laura Kelly, the Senate Minority Whip whose district stretches along Highway 24 from Wamego to Topeka. She discussed her multi-continental childhood, her passion for education and her plans to bring the state back from the financial brink. Sen. Laura Kelly , Democratic candidate for Kansas governor Segment 2,...


Seg. 1: A Former State Senator's Bid For Kansas Governor. Seg. 2: The Indie Film Critics.

Segment 1: Former Kansas state senator Jim Barnett is throwing his hat back in the political arena. In 2006, Jim Barnett wanted to be governor of Kansas, but lost the job to Kathleen Sebelius. Now, he's back to campaign again for the highest office in the state, this time with a new running mate. Today, we learned how he feels about school finacing, medical marijuana legalization and why he picked his wife to be his running mate. Jim Barnett , Republican gubernatorial candidate Segment 2,...