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CyclingTips is an Australian-based podcast that seeks to share the beauty of cycling and to inspire cyclists of all levels to become better and more knowledgeable riders.

CyclingTips is an Australian-based podcast that seeks to share the beauty of cycling and to inspire cyclists of all levels to become better and more knowledgeable riders.


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CyclingTips is an Australian-based podcast that seeks to share the beauty of cycling and to inspire cyclists of all levels to become better and more knowledgeable riders.








Testing gravel bikes in Arizona

This week's episode comes to you from Sedona, Arizona, where much of the CyclingTips crew is currently testing a slew of gravel bikes. James, Abby, Caley, and Dave Rome discuss what exactly these sort of tests look like, plus dig into the week's news.


In the pocket of Big Tubeless

James, Neal, and Abby are back in Vecchio's for this week's episode and kick things off with a rundown of the week's news. Then, James digs into some new rolling resistance data that suggest using latex tubes can be just as fast as a good tubeless tire.


What if schools had a bike mechanic class?

Neal, Dane, Abby, James, and Caley are back in Vecchio's are run through the latest news, including the young stars of cyclocross worlds and San Juan, and then put the Ferrari allegations in context. In this week's Nerd Alert, James brings back a report from the Outdoor Retailer show about a bike mechanic class that's coming to American schools. Finally, we find out which podcast host is the best (and worst) mechanic.


The things we saw at Tour Down Under

Neal, James, Dane, and Caley are back at Vecchio's following a chat through the week's pro cycling news, including discussion of the Tour Down Under, coronavirus, and the craziness at the Vuelta San Juan. Then, James debunks the concerns around racing with disc brakes, once and for all.


Live from TDU: Pro mechanics share their secrets

We're back from the Specialized/Blacksheep Chateau in Adelaide, this time with a pair of pro mechanics and a lot of questions. James Huang and Dave Rome lead this episode, which delves into the world of team mechanics. How do they keep white bar tape clean? How often are they swapping chains? We get tips and tricks to keep your own bike running smoothly.


Live from TDU: Coaching world champions

We're back again from the Specialized/Blacksheep Chateau in Adelaide, this time with Neal Henderson, the head of sports science at Wahoo and a coach who has helped 47 athletes (including Rohan Dennis) win world championships. We ask him about Dennis, how to get Shoddy Dave to the finish line of the Strade Bianche sportive, and about his coaching philosophy and use of data.


Live from TDU: Ruth Winder and Brodie Chapman

This week, the CyclingTips Podcast comes to you live from Adelaide, Australia, where we've set up at the Specialized/Blacksheep Chateau for the Tour Down Under. This episode includes a chat with TDU winner Ruth Winder and one of its key animators, Brodie Chapman.


The band is back together

James, Neal, Caley, Dane, and Abby are all back in Vecchio's for this week's episode, the first of 2020 with the whole CyclingTips Podcast crew. The episode opens with a news roundup, discussing Bernie Eisel's retirement, Lorena Wiebes' contract controversy, and more. Neal sits down with Tim Johnson to discuss the place of national governing bodies in the growth of gravel racing. Matt de Neef calls in from Melbourne, just back from covering Aussie nationals. Finally, James discusses...


Froome, Dennis, and the Movistar Nothingburger

We're back! The first CyclingTips Podcast of 2020 runs through major storylines we're keeping an eye on ahead of the coming race season, including Rohan Dennis opening up about an unhealthy relationship with food, Chris Froome's time at team camp (or lack thereof) and the sponsor search of the world's best women's team. In this week's Nerd Alert, James discusses the value of WorldTour sponsorship for cycling brands following the announcement that SRAM will now sponsor Movistar, ending the...


CyclingTips Awards: The best bikes and riders of the decade

It's awards season! And we're about to click ov er into a new decade. So we put two and two together, and this episode awards the best rides, riders, controversies, and bikes of the twenty-teens. Oh, and we pick a few of the worst things, too.


Micro-mobility in the age of ebikes (and scooters)

This week's episode opens with discussions of the latest news, including Rohan Dennis' move to Ineos, the new Women's WorldTour teams, and WADA's move against Russia. Then, Jonathan Vaughters talks about his attempt to hire the winner of Dirty Kanza. In this week's Nerd Alert, James dives into the subject of micro-mobility, and we talk scooters and ebikes.


Sneak preview: Nerd Alert podcast

This is a sneak preview of our new Nerd Alert podcast, so if you like what you hear, make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Although we’ve done all-tech podcasts in the past, the new Nerd Alert will now come to you on a more regular basis — every other week — and will be co-hosted by global tech editor James Huang, Australian tech editor Dave Rome, editor-in-chief Caley Fretz, and professional mechanic Zach Edwards, who owns and operates Boulder Grupetto in Boulder,...


Doping in the women's peloton and a chat with JV

This week's episode features special guest Jonathan Vaughters of EF-Education First. He's in town ahead of his impending Flagstaff climbing showdown with Neal Rogers. The show opens with a discussion of Egan Bernal's decision to race the Giro and Tour, and then pivots to Sofie de Vuyst and doping in the women's peloton. Finally, James laments the lack of winterized helmet options on the market.


What is RED-S? And why does it matter?

This is the first episode of Freewheeling, a new podcast from Abby Mickey and the editors of CyclingTips. Please note that Freewheeling will exist on the regular CyclingTips Podcast channel this week only. In the future, you'll have to subscribe to Freewheeling separately. This episode tackles important angles on athlete health and nutrition, and delves into RED-S, or Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports. Abby speaks with Ruth Winder, current US National Road Champion, about her fight to...


Carbon forks keep breaking. Why?

This week's episode opens with a discussion of team allocations for the Tokyo Olympics, then delves into the proper pronunciation of Mads Pedersen. In this week's Nerd Alert, James speaks with a carbon expert about carbon fiber fork steerer failures - sparked by last week's BMC recall. Is the push for integration making bikes less safe?


Poulidor, mandatory helmets, and a Shimano gearbox

This week's show opens with a remembrance of Raymond Poulidor, who passed away this week. Then, we dive headfirst into the tribunal of Richard Freeman and the sordid testimony this week of Shane Sutton. In this week's Nerd Alert, we discuss mandatory helmet laws and a patent for a Shimano gearbox.


California's hiatus and pro mechanic's toolboxes

The Tour of California is going on hiatus - or is it done for good? Caley and Neal discuss the news that America's biggest road race won't happen in 2020. Former Team Sky and British Cycling doctor Richard Freeman is finally testifying. What do we expect to hear? In this week's Nerd Alert, Dave Rome talks through a pro mechanic's toolbox - what they use, what they don't, and why. And then Caley's true feelings about torque wrenches slip out.


A Tour de France for millennials

The 2020 Tour de France is low on sprint stages, low on time trials, low on long stages, and is full of climbs from end to end. It's a Tour that looks more like a Vuelta - more dynamic, less formulaic. It's a great match for today's ever-shortening attention spans. Is that a good thing? In this week's Nerd Alert, James looks into some strange moves at Strava and the failure of cars to stop when they're supposed to.


Finding the right saddle and disqualifying Zwifters

This week's episode opens with a discussion of the British Zwift eRacing national champion who had his title stripped and was given a 6-month ban after he cheated on his way to his national title. Then, we look ahead to Lombardia, the last of the Monuments. Finally, James takes a look at a new system from WTB that claims it can guess which saddle you need based on, of all things, the width of your wrists.


What NASA knows about tires

This week's episode opens with our final thoughts on the World Championships, including the controversy surrounding the disqualification of Nils Eekhoff in the men's U23 race. In this week's Nerd Alert, James pulls out a study from NASA that provides some insight into why some tires might be better than others on wet roads.