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Introducing INSDIE - Targeted Nutrition

We uncover the reason why the former World Champion would shove two fists full of gummy bears into his mouth immediately after a hard effort and how this is part of a bigger process of targeting nutrition around your exercise. Daniel Healey is going to run through his 6 steps to perfect nutrition using readily available foods that will give you all the energy you need to perform and recover like the best.


Introducing INSIDE

Opening up the professional cycling and sports world. Professional cycling has secrets. No, not the Omertá but the many thousands of people directly involved on the “inside” of cycling. The chef, the massage therapist, the bus driver (and the pros). What do they know about training and performance? Hosts Damian Ruse and Daniel Healey open up the professional cycling and sports world by asking the question “What can we learn from the professional cycling and sports world?” Inside is an...


High pressure washing, calming nerves before a race, dual-sided power meters, and more

In this episode you ask your cycling related questions, and we answer. It's as simple as that. Question 1: I live in an apartment block and have nowhere to clean my bike. I’d rather not get into the shower with it so my only other options are to pay my LBS to wash it, or take it to a car wash and use the high pressure hose. Am I doing more harm than good? Question 2: After riding for a few years I’ve recently taken the plunge into competitive racing. I was wondering if you had any pre race...


How to fuel evening rides, going tubeless and choosing the right insoles

In this episode you ask your cycling related questions, and we answer. It's as simple as that. Question 1: I’m finding it hard to work out a good way to fuel my evening rides. How should I approach nutrition throughout the day if I have a training session or event later on? Question 2: I’m thinking about a new set of wheels. Is it a good idea to go tubeless now? Question 3: Should I think about changing the insoles of my cycling shoes? Click here to listen and ask questions at...


Altitude Training for Cyclists Revisited

Back in 2014, on the Semi Pro Cycling Podcast we looked at the arguments for and against the three families of altitude training; Live High Train High, Live Low Train High, and Live High Train Low. What we learned then was that what you decide to be best for you might be completely different the next time you decide to do it. Today we look at the developments in altitude training that have been made in the last 5 years. What has changed and what is now considered to be effective? That’s...


Stages Power meter failure rate, the latest on carboloading, and how to get your confidence back after a crash.

In this episode you ask your cycling related questions, and we answer. It's as simple as that. Question 1: I’ve crashed recently and just don’t feel the same as I did before. What can I do to get my confidence back? Question 2: I’ve been off the bike for the last two months and dread to think how low my power numbers have gone. How should I go about getting back into riding and training? Question 3: I like listening to podcasts and music while riding and feel like it’s a great training...


Life After a Power Meter - Gaining Watts by Going Aero

On a recent episode of the Semi Pro Cycling podcast we had Dean Phllips on the show, a Masters rider who can basically be summed up as a multiple world champion and world record holder. It was Dean’s dedication to finding the ultimate aerodynamic setup that started our journey into aero perfection. Today though, we’re going to take this journey one step further and challenge some aero assumptions and the way things have always been done, which is why we’ve brought in some help from a...


The Coffee Stop, Ripped Lycra, Foam Rollers, MIPS and more

In this episode you ask your cycling related questions, and we answer. It's as simple as that. Question 1: How much does the Coffee Stop affect my training? Question 2: Is there any way to fix ripped Lycra. I had a crash recently and tore up some of my favourite kit. Question 3: What's the big deal about Foam Rollers. How useful are they and how do I use them? Question 4: Are MIPS helmets worth the extra cash? Question 5: How can I have a successful group ride with so many differences...


Mental Fitness - Finding Fuel in an Empty Tank

Any athlete can relate to the time old image of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. The angel is telling us to keep going, to push ourselves that extra mile, while the devil is tempting us to quit, telling us it will all be over if we stop.. Are you a quitter? Or do you have the ability to tell yourself to keep going? Is it possible to adapt your brain to tell your body to go harder and further?. In today’s episode we speak to an expert on mental fitness, the ability to...


Understanding Your Headroom to Grow as a Cyclist

To be a great cyclist, there is more to it than having good legs. Many competing cyclists focus on fitness and think that's enough to find a place on a team, or to win bike races.. Having what´s known as “headroom” is a concept that may be unfamiliar to most. It's the idea that a rider possesses, along with fitness and natural talent, the ability to hone certain skills and a mental balance that are the makings of a great cyclist. This episode deals what teams look for in an aspiring pro,...


The Two-Sides of Pro Cycling with Phil Gaimon (Part 2)

Today we return for the second part of our interview with Phil Gaimon. If you missed out on the last episode have a listen here In this part of the podcast we have some important lessons to be learnt for anyone even considering what it´s like to be a pro cyclist. It’s not just about cycling or trying to be a pro though, there are great lessons here about following your dreams and getting the most out of where you end up, that anyone can learn from. Click here to listen and ask questions...


The Two-Sides of Pro Cycling with Phil Gaimon

Is being a pro cyclist all it´s cracked up to be? Does riding your bike for a living, being paid to travel, being handed top of the line kit, or even just being recognised as a pro sound like a dream job to you? Cycling can be just as shitty as any other high-profile profession, where you get taken advantage of for money, for time and sometimes your ambition -- but hey, if you want to live the pro cycling dream, you have to take the good with the bad. And that’s what today’s show is about...


In Defence of the Mamil (and Why They Are Complex Creatures)

What drives middle aged men to wake up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday or Sunday morning, while the rest of the world snoozes, to squeeze every inch of themselves into brightly coloured, tight-fitting cycling gear, open up a bottle of chain lube and take themselves off on a 100km adventure. Is it a personal challenge, for health and fitness, a social thing? In this episode I examine the raison d'être of the Middle Aged Man in Lycra and the motivations as to why they do what they...


The Relentless Pursuit of Cycling Aerodynamics

Cycling Aerodynamics account for anywhere between 70 to 90 percent of a cyclist’s effort (when not climbing a steep grade). Anyone—hardened pro and new rider alike—who is interested in riding faster or further has a vested interest in improving their aerodynamics. It’s that simple. Determining which bicycles, components, and positions are truly the most aerodynamic for you, however, is anything but simple. Today’s show is about masters rider Dean Phillip's quest for speed, world...


Broken Arm Riding, Trainer Mats & How to Brake with Carbon Rims

Question 1: Broke my arm. Would like to keep riding indoors if possible. Is this feasible or will it be too rough with one arm for 6-8 weeks? Question 2: Moving into a new apartment in a few weeks and will be starting a training block. Looking for a mat that does a decent job reducing or dampening the noise and also keeping sweat off my floors. Question 3: I am going to commit full on to the trainer this winter. I am cat 4 and want to make it to cat 3 next year, my plan is to buy a KICKR....


How to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes, What’s the Step up to Masters Like & What is the Single Most Important Thing You Can do to Reduce Sick Days?

How to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes, What’s the Step up to Masters Like, What is the Single Most Important Thing You Can do to Reduce Sick Days, What are the Must Have Full Maintenance Tools & Can You Change from a Climber to a Sprinter?--------Claim your spot for our free online workshop on How to Maximise Your Training Time: 3 Steps to High-Performance Fitness in Less Time


Should You Run, Can You Use an Enduro Bike for Racing & Should You Ditch Your Garmin for Better Results?

Should You Run, Can You Use an Enduro Bike for Racing, How Do I Train For Fixed Gear Criteriums (or Any Crit) & Should You Ditch Your Garmin for Better Results?


SPC141 - Why You Are Fit And Unhealthy & What to do About It

This episode, why you are fit and unhealthy, and what this has to do with longevity. Sure in the world of high performance, athletes might actually be better off in the long run, but in the world of everybody else, what risks are you taking by not looking after your health, and what can do about it? This is part 2 of the 3 part series on longevity. In part one I gave you my take on how to ride forever, with the idea of setting yourself challenges that you can build towards with regular...


How to Lose Fat, Plan For a Cyclocross Series & Are Dual Suspension Bikes Inefficient?

How to lose fat? How to plan for a cyclocross series? Are dual suspension mountain bikes inefficient? What are some recommendations for nice short finger gloves?


SPC140 - Finding Longevity in Cycling (How to Ride Forever)

It's hard to stay motivated once you stop racing. On the surface, this is about maintaining the benefits of cycling, things like, how do not put on extra weight after you stop racing, it’s also about moving away from goal-orientated thinking, and finally, it’s about still being competitive once your racing days are behind you. This the first of a 3-part series on longevity. Covering ways to stay motivated, healthy and get help through the process. Episode sponsor: To support the show please...