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High pressure washing, calming nerves before a race, dual-sided power meters, and more

In this episode you ask your cycling related questions, and we answer. It's as simple as that. Question 1: I live in an apartment block and have nowhere to clean my bike. I’d rather not get into the shower with it so my only other options are to pay my LBS to wash it, or take it to a car wash and use the high pressure hose. Am I doing more harm than good? Question 2: After riding for a few years I’ve recently taken the plunge into competitive racing. I was wondering if you had any pre...


How to fuel evening rides, going tubeless and choosing the right insoles

In this episode you ask your cycling related questions, and we answer. It's as simple as that. Question 1: I’m finding it hard to work out a good way to fuel my evening rides. How should I approach nutrition throughout the day if I have a training session or event later on? Question 2: I’m thinking about a new set of wheels. Is it a good idea to go tubeless now? Question 3: Should I think about changing the insoles of my cycling shoes? Click here to listen and ask questions at...


Altitude Training for Cyclists Revisited

Back in 2014, on the Semi Pro Cycling Podcast we looked at the arguments for and against the three families of altitude training; Live High Train High, Live Low Train High, and Live High Train Low. What we learned then was that what you decide to be best for you might be completely different the next time you decide to do it. Today we look at the developments in altitude training that have been made in the last 5 years. What has changed and what is now considered to be effective? That’s...


Stages Power meter failure rate, the latest on carboloading, and how to get your confidence back after a crash.

In this episode you ask your cycling related questions, and we answer. It's as simple as that. Question 1: I’ve crashed recently and just don’t feel the same as I did before. What can I do to get my confidence back? Question 2: I’ve been off the bike for the last two months and dread to think how low my power numbers have gone. How should I go about getting back into riding and training? Question 3: I like listening to podcasts and music while riding and feel like it’s a great training...


Life After a Power Meter - Gaining Watts by Going Aero

On a recent episode of the Semi Pro Cycling podcast we had Dean Phllips on the show, a Masters rider who can basically be summed up as a multiple world champion and world record holder. It was Dean’s dedication to finding the ultimate aerodynamic setup that started our journey into aero perfection. Today though, we’re going to take this journey one step further and challenge some aero assumptions and the way things have always been done, which is why we’ve brought in some help from a...


Mental Fitness - Finding Fuel in an Empty Tank

Any athlete can relate to the time old image of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. The angel is telling us to keep going, to push ourselves that extra mile, while the devil is tempting us to quit, telling us it will all be over if we stop.. Are you a quitter? Or do you have the ability to tell yourself to keep going? Is it possible to adapt your brain to tell your body to go harder and further?. In today’s episode we speak to an expert on mental fitness, the ability to...


Understanding Your Headroom to Grow as a Cyclist

To be a great cyclist, there is more to it than having good legs. Many competing cyclists focus on fitness and think that's enough to find a place on a team, or to win bike races.. Having what´s known as “headroom” is a concept that may be unfamiliar to most. It's the idea that a rider possesses, along with fitness and natural talent, the ability to hone certain skills and a mental balance that are the makings of a great cyclist. This episode deals what teams look for in an aspiring pro,...


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