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YarraBUG radio show is an initiative of the YarraBUG (Bicycle User Group)that explores all the best things about being on a bike!

YarraBUG radio show is an initiative of the YarraBUG (Bicycle User Group)that explores all the best things about being on a bike!
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Melbourne, VIC


YarraBUG radio show is an initiative of the YarraBUG (Bicycle User Group)that explores all the best things about being on a bike!






PO Box 1277 Collingwood Melbourne VIC AUSTRALIA 3066 +61 3 9419 8377


Vale Cameron Frewer & Jonathan Cantwell + Saving Noble Park Velodrome

On this weeks program, it's been a painful couple of days in Melbourne, including the deaths of cycling advocate Cameron Frewer (Drive Safe, Pass Wide) and professional rider Jonathan Cantwell.A donation page has been set up to help Cameron Frewer’s familyDonate to the Jonathan Cantwell Family FundWhere to seek help for mental illnessLast Tuesday saw Cup Day k's at Maurice Kirby Velodrome in Noble Park, refer to previous program: Saving Melbourne's cycling history: talking about Maurice...


Ride to Farm Day + South East Melbourne cycling projects

Chris catches up with David Blom from Melbourne Metro East Bicycle Users Group and Lachlan Cook from Collingwood Childrens Farm.Local news includes The Greens announcement of a 17km multi-lane, separated bike route from Elsternwick Station to Bell Street, Coburg, then a quick recap of last Saturdays Community Action: We need More Trains on the Upfield Line and Extend the Upfield Bike Path, Duplicate the Upfield Line, with over one hundred people attending the first rally.Lachlan talks about...


Bikepacking New Zealand's Old Ghost Road

Val and Faith are joined in the studio today by Aroha Yates and we all share our bike moments to kick things off. We then take a look at cycling news including where you'll find Melbourne's most active commuters, St Kilda bike lanes a vote winner, the Walking and Cycling Conference underway in Bendigo and a cost benefit analysis of bicycle helmets in Germany. We also run through some upcoming events including; Extend the Upfield Bike Path, DDCX Cox Plate, Will Climb for Views, a campaign to...


Allow yourself to have an adventure: talking to Tim Taylor

On this weeks program: Chris talks to Australian endurance cyclist Tim Taylor about his inspirational journey in the previous decade, from unhealthy non-rider to cycling over 100,000km, starting with an anecdote about his unexpected reception at the William Creek Hotel on the Oodnadatta Track, then chatting about Audax Australia rides, first Alpine Classic, bikepacking, and combining Race to the Rock and Indian Pacific Wheelrace routes with a fundraising ride.Local news includes yet another...


The book pile - new books with a cycling bent

Val and Faith take to the studio and kick things off sharing their respective bike moments, in which Val catches a lift up a hill and Faith finds it's the little things that matter. We take a look at both local news and some from further afield with Val's update on the never-ending IOC and Russia saga, the opening of the Djerring Trail in south-eastern Melbourne and the study documenting drivers being distracted 45% of the time. Moving on to our reading lists we take a look at several new...


Four years of missed opportunities for active transport in Victoria

On this weeks program, Chris catches up with Jenica Brooke (Melbourne Commuter) for a free-ranging discussion about four years of missed opportunities for active transport in Victoria since 2014. First up we discuss the Buckley Street LXRA project in Essendon, which has resulted in a poor outcome for pedestrians and cyclists, with ongoing works in the area, inappropriate detours, changing plans and incomplete details. Watch: Youtube Buckley Street Trench (3 October 2018)We touch upon...


A surprise guest, the Mike Hall inquest and other news

Val and Faith are surprised by a visit from a random listener, Allan, so we invite him to join us on the show. We all share our bike moments before kicking off the program with some news. The 30kph trial has started in the City of Yarra while in the Netherlands, Dutch cyclists are facing a mobile phone ban. The Mullum Mullum trail extension has opened and Australia scores a silver at the World Championships. The TAC reinstates cover for cyclists who are involved in accidents with stationary...


Race to the Rock with Nick Skarajew & Adam Lana + local news catch up

On this weeks show, Chris and Steve catch up with Nick Skarajew and Adam Lana about their Race to the Rock reflections at Post #RaceToTheRock Shed Beers, about riding from Cockle Creek, Tasmania to Uluru, or in Adam's case, almost to Uluru.Local news catch up: previous guest Kim Nguyen and local riders (Save Noble Park Velodrome) paying homage to Russell Mockridge 60 years on, by riding to the intersection of Dandenong and Clayton Road, Oakleigh, and another previous guest, Carlton Reid...


Race to the Rock and Victorian Cyclists

Val and Faith kick off the show with their bicycle moments before some news including Sarah Hammond's incredible win of the third Race to the Rock. Check here for the progress of the remaining riders. We also mention the inaugraul Terra Australia ride which has just started. We take a look at Revolution How the Bicycle Reinvented Modern Britain by William Manners, a fascinating book about the bicycle and its impact on society and culture in Victorian Britain. You can check out the author's...


Remembering Russell Mockridge

Faith and Val take to the studio on a Monday morning and kick off the show sharing their bike (or bikeless) moments. While waiting for our guest we talk about the end of an era with the retirement of Peter Moore at Abbotsford Cycles, a Melbourne institution. We also touch on the start of the Race to the Rock over the weekend and the progress of riders as the first to complete the Tasmanian section make it to Melbournewith listeners sending through photos of Sarah Hammond at Melbourne Town...


Saving Melbourne's cycling history: talking about Maurice Kirby Velodrome

On this weeks program Chris interviews Kim Nguyen, a resident in Melbourne's south-east about discovering a Noble Park velodrome with a big history.Kim talks about discovering a hidden cycling gem, the historic Maurice Kirby velodrome, earlier this year, only to find out literally by chance, that the entire area is slated for demolition by City of Greater Dandenong. This is the only velodrome remaining in the region and the council have no plans to resurface, rebuild or replace the historic...


Melbourne Grand Prix of Cyclocross

Faith and Val are joined in the studio by Colin Bell, president of the Sunbury Cycling Club and dream builder at Essendon Fields Cyclocross. We share some news including the launch of Overlander by Rupert Guiness and the ICAN Noble Peace Ride as well as our respective bike moments. Talk turns to this weekend's Melbourne Grand Prix of Cyclocross and the community that has grown around the event both here and overseas. The coming weekend includes a Women's Forum on the Friday evening and...

Vulnerable road users & behaviour change: new 30kph speed trial in Yarra

On this weeks show: first up Chris discusses vulnerable road users, behaviour change and floating signifiers in the aftermath of two young women's deaths in New York and South Yarra, including the Coburg hit and run incident involving a teenage girl from last year.Thanks for 30: Yarra City Council will soon be trialling a 30km/h speed limit in a pocket of Fitzroy and Collingwood, Adam Ferrante from The Rose St. Artists’ Market talks about growing up, living and working in Fitzroy and how he...


Lewis Ciddor rides the Tour Divide

Faith and Val are joined in the studio by endurance cyclist Lewis Ciddor. We swap bicycle moments before taking a look at local and overseas cycling news, particularly that affecting your transport options. Moreland Council have released their Draft Integrated Transport and Parking Strategy for feedback, but hurry, consultaion closes August 17th. Partially separated bike paths form part of the latest proposal for Sydney Road and the Walmer Street Bridge campaign is promised $200,000.00...


Australian Walk Bike Conference in Bendigo + MTF Yarra Transport Forum

Two interviews on this weeks program where Chris speaks to Rob Kretschmer and Cr Jackie Fristacky from City of Yarra.First up Rob Kretschmer from Bike Bendigo provides an update about the upcoming Australian Walking and Cycling Conference to be held in Bendigo in October 2018, with Melissa and Chris Bruntlett from Modacity announced as keynote speakers.Cr Jackie Fristacky discusses Metropolitan Transport Forum's series of town hall-style public conversations with local politicians about...


Air Quality in our cities

Nic and Val talk to how the air quality in cities is now coming into focus. How do we and other cities regulate emissions. When the air in our cities has serious effects on our health, the young and older hit hardest, what will we do. Melbourne Council asking for ideas on pricing transport. https://participate.melbourne.vic.gov.au/transportstrategy/transport-pricing?_ga=2.65914798.1886274446.1532644353-1671899498.1531350850


Making Melbourne transport more fun & equitable

On this week's program, Chris speaks to Penelope Bennett about her recent European trip, including the Study Tour Transport innovation in the Netherlands.Penelope talks about creating a more joyful image for cycling, especially riding for transport, infrastructure for different abilities, creating opportunities for mix mode transport, translating European cycling innovations for an Australian context and what future vision we really want for Melbourne, is it unhappy mega-road dominance or...


City of Melbourne Transport Discussion Paper. Who has the last say on streets of Melbourne.

Nic Dow from Melbourne BUG and Val talk to the recently released Melbourne City Council Transport Strategy Discusion Paper.https://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/news-and-media/pages/car-priority-putting-the-brakes-on-melbourne.aspx. Nic gives a first hand account of the new roundabout on Moray St. South Melbourne. Hamburg becomes first city to ban diesal cars and trucks from...


Building Bridges: talking to Mike Waller about Walmer Street Bridge Coalition campaign

In fantastic 3CR Radiothon news: we've made OVER our target for Yarra Bicycle users Group Radio, thank you so much to everyone who donated!On this weeks program, Chris welcomes Mike Waller from the Walmer Street Bridge Coalition back to the 3CR studio for a catch up on this long running local campaign. Mike explains changes to the Salta site, recent history, what's needed to get a fit for purpose connection between Abbotsford and Kew and the community campaign that consists of Yarra and...


Shame and empowerment: comparing how we feel about bicycle repairs

Val and Faith kick off the show with studio guest Margot Abord of Universite de Lyon and we all share our bicycle moments, both rural and urban. We thank some more recent and very generous donatiuons from our listeners towards our Radiothon total. We take a look at recent news including; Lewis Ciddor's brilliant Tour Divide ride, Moray St bike infrastructure improvements sending some into a spin, the City of Melbourne Bicycle Transport Strategy discussion and City of Yarra feedback on local...