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Super Duty Tough Work is a hip-hop podcast featuring MC/Producer Blueprint and Dj Rare Groove where we offer our unique (and usually funny) perspective on current events in hip-hop. No shuckin', no jivin', and no bullshit. Subscribe, bitches.

Super Duty Tough Work is a hip-hop podcast featuring MC/Producer Blueprint and Dj Rare Groove where we offer our unique (and usually funny) perspective on current events in hip-hop. No shuckin', no jivin', and no bullshit. Subscribe, bitches.
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Super Duty Tough Work is a hip-hop podcast featuring MC/Producer Blueprint and Dj Rare Groove where we offer our unique (and usually funny) perspective on current events in hip-hop. No shuckin', no jivin', and no bullshit. Subscribe, bitches.




171: Why Artists Need Money

No matter how dope you are as an artist, there will always be one factor that plays more of a role in your success more than you would like--money. Many of the most talented artists have their success limited by their financial means, while many of the lesser-talented artists with big budgets seem to succeed. While this makes perfect sense to us, we are always surprised by the number of artists who believe that they don't need money and their talent alone will make them successful. In this...


170: The Social Media Cheat Code

For most regular people, social media is an escape and source of fun. But for most artists, social media is a source of pressure and anxiety. This is because we have to use it to promote our careers and engage with fans without being too pushy, which can be a tough balancing act. In this episode, we break down ten simple ways to get more engagement on social media; what we call the Social Media Cheat Code. This episode will sound and look a little different because it was recorded in front...


169: An Artists Perfect Team

No matter how talented and productive an artist is, they eventually reach the point where they realize that they cannot do everything on their own. A team is needed to make it to the next level. While building a team is necessary, most artists have no idea exactly what pieces they need to build their perfect team. In this episode of the most infamous podcast on planet earth, we break down the seven members that make up an artists dream team. Let's go!


168: This Week in Hip-Hop

It's been a long time since we've commented on any current events in hip-hop, but with so much going on this week, we figured it's about time to give our unique take on a few notable topics. This week we give our unique take on five current stories in hip-hop that include Tupac at the workplace, MF Doom vs Freddie Gibbs, producers not chopping samples anymore, a rap festival that charged white people double, and more. Let's go!


167: What Booking Agents Are Looking For

One of the pieces that can have a profound impact on an independent artist's trajectory is having a booking agent that helps them book shows and tours. Unfortunately, booking agents are rarely seen or given a chance to speak. In this episode, Blueprint interviews his booking agent Tony Caferro about how he became a booking agent, what he looks for in the artists he books, and how artists should pitch themselves to booking agents. Let's go!


166: How to Return From a Long Layoff

No matter how active you are in your craft, there will come a time when you need to take a break. And whether that break lasts a month, a year, or ten years--the way you return from that layoff could decide how successful you are moving forward. In this episode, we break down ten strategies that will help you return from a long layoff with a bang! Word!


165: Why We Don't Tell People We Rap

Once upon a time, very few would call themselves MCs. Back then, anyone who took on the title was serious about their craft and was held in high respect. Boy have things changed. So much that, even as accomplished rappers, we rarely tell people we meet that we rap any more. In this episode we break down ten reasons why we don't tell people we rap anymore. Let's go!


164: Building Bridges with Cesar Comanche

As a founding member of North Carolina's Justus League crew--which includes Phonte, Little Brother, 9th Wonder, Big Dho, and many others--Cesar Comanche is veteran MC who has toured the world. Along the way, he founded the Building Bridges tour, where he brought up-and-coming artists together to setup shows amongst each other in different cities, helping many get on the road for the first time. In this episode, we interview Cesar about his building bridges concept, what he's learned doing...


163: The Difference Between a Producer and a Beat-Maker

Once upon a time, hip-hop production was a mysterious art, known only to those deep inside the music industry. However, as technology as advanced, making beats has become easier than ever, with even casual hip-hop fans dabbling in it. This explosion in popularity has caused many to be confused about what the roles of a producer should actually be. In this episode, we break down the difference between someone who is a producer and someone who is a beat-maker.


162: Scarcity Mentality Versus Abundance Mentality

While talent and opportunity will always be important factors in achieving success, a person's mindset should never be underestimated. Some people, through their positive mindset, are able to achieve great success. Others, held back by their limiting beliefs, seem to never reach their fullest potential. In this episode, we break down the Scarcity Mindset versus the Abundance Mindset and explain the impact they can have on everything you do.


161: The Best and Worst of Hip-Hop Fashion

Since it's inception, Hip-hop has always been a powerful tool in starting many fashion trends. Some of these were good, some of these were bad, and some still confuse us. As two guys who have been around for many different eras of hip-hop, we've seen it all. In this episode of the most infamous podcast on planet earth, we dive deep into fifteen fashion trends that hip-hop started and decide which were the best and which were the worst.


160: The Genius Marketing of Run The Jewels

When El-P and Killer Mike debuted their Run The Jewels collaboration back in 2013, their runaway success seemed like a perfect storm. While both artists were successful in their own right, Run the Jewels took them to new heights. To the casual eye, their success might simply seem like the result of great timing and great music, but there is much more to it than that. In this episode, we break down the marketing genius of Run the Jewels and explain how their success snowballed so quickly and...


159: Behind The Studio Remodel

Those who have watched the video-version of our podcast have noticed that we have upgraded the set and production quality of the show a couple weeks ago. This upgrade has sparked many questions from our listeners about the studio remodel. In this episode, we dive deep into the remodel to explain every detail--from hiring contractors, to sound design, to the cost--in hopes that this episode will prepare anybody interested in doing the same.


158: How to Survive a Recession

Anyone who has worked in this country understands how trying it can be to find a job, let alone keep a job you already have. Even for those who are model employees, circumstances beyond your control can leave you jobless and unsure where your next paycheck is going to come from. In this episode, we take on a listener suggested topic and talk about how to survive a recession, so you can stay on top even when times get tough.


157: The Carnage Cheat Code

If you've paid attention to the Minneapolis hip-hop scene as long as we have, then have probably heard of MC and Beatboxer Carnage the Executioner. A close friend and collaborator with Eyedea, and a part of the extended Rhymesayers crew, Carnage has been tearing up stages for a long time. This week on the most infamous podcast on planet earth, we dive deep into his history, and breakdown the traits that have made Carnage successful. Lets go!


156: Why Jay Electronica Will Never Release an Album

When Jay Electronica first burst onto the hip-hop scene, his talent on the mic caused many people to predict that he would be the next great MC, following the path of Biggie, Nas, & Jay Z. Since then, he has signed to Roc Nation management, done some high-profile collaborations, and dropped a few singles here and there--but no album has been released. It has now been ten years since his classic single "Exhibit C" has been released and many of his fans are frustrated. In this episode, we...


155: Dealing With Hecklers

If you've ever done anything in public--from live performances, to public speaking--you have probably had nightmares about a heckler showing up and ruining it. As touring artists, we have had our fair share of random strangers and so-called fans try to derail our performances with heckling. In this episode, we share stories of our worst experiences and explain what we've learned from it. These stories and lessons may be music-related, but they apply to life in general. Let's go!


154: How to Be Patient With Yourself

If you've worked on any project long enough, you know how frustrating it can be when your progress slows down tremendously. During these moments, it's very easy to lose patience with yourself. Whether it's negative inner-dialog, or considering quitting altogether, a lack of patience can be destructive to our work. In this episode, we talk about six things that will help you develop the patience necessary to make it thru these times of slow progress.


153: How Artists Get Jerked

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, you've probably been in a situation where you felt you were taken advantage of. In the music industry, there are so many stories about artists getting jerked by record labels and managers that people don't even bat an eye at it anymore. In this episode of the most infamous podcast on planet earth, we dive deep into ten things artists mistakenly do that increase the likelihood they will get jerked in their business dealings. Let's go!


152: The J-Zone Cheat Code

If you've been a fan of underground hip-hop as long as we have, then you probably know who MC/Producer J-Zone is. After releasing his 2011 book, Root for the Villain, which detailed the collapse of his rap career, he began his transition from a hip-hop artist into a full-time drummer. This week on the most infamous podcast on planet earth, we dive deep into his journey and breakdown the traits that have made J-Zone successful. This is one for the books. Lets go!