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Arkadia proudly present "Arkology", a 1 hour radio show brought to you monthly with the best in what dance music music has to offer from around the globe. Arkadia presents the show with new releases, old favourites and anything that is designed to get your heart racing.

Arkadia proudly present "Arkology", a 1 hour radio show brought to you monthly with the best in what dance music music has to offer from around the globe. Arkadia presents the show with new releases, old favourites and anything that is designed to get your heart racing.
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Arkadia proudly present "Arkology", a 1 hour radio show brought to you monthly with the best in what dance music music has to offer from around the globe. Arkadia presents the show with new releases, old favourites and anything that is designed to get your heart racing.




Episode 039

Episode #039 is jammed packed with new music from Dosem, Christian Smith, Wehbba, Sasha & Tvardovsky. The show will now be reverting back to the monthly scheduling from here on in so be sure to check back on the first week of April for Episode 40. Full tracklisting below. Tracklisting: 1/ Minette Jadeck - Lay Of The Land (LoQuai Remix) 2/ Sea - Young Lovers Searching Stars (Stas Drive Remix) 3/ Lambda - Hold On Tight (Wehbba Remix) 4/ Christian Smith - Traction (Paride Saraceni Remix) 5/...

Episode 038

Arkology radio is back for another installment and this time it's bursting at the seams with new music from Markus Homm, Oliver Lieb, Martin Roth, Roman Fluegel & Tiger Stripes. So many great tunes in this weeks show so be sure to listen through the whole mix. Full tracklisting below Tracklisting: 1/ Julian Dep - Ambition Code (Original Mix) 2/ Jelly For The Babies - Cosmopolis (Mohn Remix) 3/ Markus Homm - Magnetic Drum (Original Mix) 4/ Kevin Over - Retrovision (Original Mix) 5/ Roman...


Episode 037

Awesome new show for you all this week with new music from Dosem, Clarian, Soulwerk, Justin Martin & Martin Berger. Hope you've had a great week, full track listing below. Tracklisting: East Cafe - Hurt (GMJ Pain Free Dream) Stage Van H & Rogier - Aura (Namatjira Remix) Ferdy & Daniel van der Zwaag - Emmy (Original Mix) Adir Saraga - Multifocal (Original Mix) Summer Marian - Adventure (Stephen J Kroos Remake) Dr Avalance - Rituals (Martin Berger Remix) Escape - Just Escape (Justin Martin...


Episode 036

There's a long list of regulars on this weeks show with new music from Sebastien Leger, Glenn Morrison, Booka Shade, Petar Dundov & Lane 8. This is one episode not to be missed with some sure fire tunes of summer in the mix. Full track listing below. 1/ Karin Park & Pandora Drive - Hurricane (Booka Shade Remix) 2/ James Gill - Sapphire (Original Mix) 3/ David Hasert & Matteo Luis - Watermelon (Tim Engelhardt Remix) 4/ Sebastien Leger - Pilates (Original Mix) 5/ Supernova - Suite 58 (Tiger...


Episode 035

On this weeks show of Arkology Radio we have new music from Dale Middleton, King Unique, Subandrio and Hugo Ibarra & Uvo. Full tracklisting below. Tracklisting: 1/ Dale Middleton - Engage (Original Mix) 2/ Mononoid - Lack of Evidence (Original Mix) 3/ Subandrio - Fractured Moment (Original Mix) 4/ Fabry Carrasco - Perception (Original Mix) 5/ Tash - Rebirth (Hugo Ibarra & Uvo Remix) 6/ Kobana - Less Is More (Fitomars Remix) 7/ King Unique feat. Natalie Arnold - 7 Hours (Dubspeeka Dub Mix) 8/...


Episode 034

This week is a jam packed episode for you all with new music from Robert Babicz, Guy Mantzur, Hernan Cattaneo, Yuriy From Russia & KANT. Below is a full tracklisting of this weeks show. Tracklisting: 1/ Paji - The Old Gods (Original Mix) 2/ Joel Mull - The Last One (Original Mix) 3/ John Tejada - Two 0 One (Original Mix) 4/ Sotela & Javier Portilla feat. Emalaine - Your Eyes (Original Mix) 5/ Robert Babicz - Mercury Bells (Original Mix) 6/ Dave Seaman - Right Side of Wrong (Guy Mantzur &...

Episode 033

It's the last week of January and there have been some fantastic new releases this month. To round out the month we have new music this week from Lonya, Luis Junior, Ewan Rill and more. Please find a full tracklisting below: 1/ Ewan Rill - Balance (Original Mix) 2/ Wej - Connected (Lonya Remix) 3/ Anthony Attalla - Stranger (Luis Junior Remix) 4/ Ben Diry - The Brink (Original Mix) 5/ Bill Frana - Time To Back (Original Mix) 6/ DemmyBoy - MDMA (Original Mix) 7/ Ady Knotts - Nyla (Original...


Episode 032

On this weeks show we have a cracking line up of new releases from M.A.N.D.Y, Steve Bug, Luis Junior, Agoria and Cid Inc. Full tracklisting below. Tracklisting: 1/ Pentatones - Karma Game (Steve Bug Retouch) 2/ Fraternal Bee - TechNOS4Berkin (Luis Junior Rework) 3/ Michael A - Milktea (Original Mix) 4/ Michael A - Frankield (Original Mix) 5/ Hunter & Game - Hexagon (Original Mix) 6/ Steve & Menta - Letters From Nowhere (Original Mix) 7/ Cristian R & Kasall - Perseverance (Original Mix) 8/...


Episode 031

Another Arkology Radio all lined up and ready to go this week with new music from Rango, Ewan Rill, Alex Kenji & Derek Howell. Full tracklisting of this weeks show below. Tracklisting: 1/ Lucas Hache & Net Son - Sogno (Zan Prevee Remix) 2/ Ale Salas - Menta (Original Mix) 3/ Alex Kenji & DJ PP - Jungle (Jack Mood & Solarc Remix) 4/ DKnow - Flatline Shuffle (Original Mix) 5/ Manu Riga - Tai Chi Girl (Samotarev Remix) 6/ Juls - Magnet (Original Mix) 7/ Phoebus & SeamLess Beat - Wherever You...


Episode 030

Back again for another edition of Arkology Radio and this is a ripper show with new music from Derek Howell, SQL, Paride Saraceni & Khen. Check out the full tracklisting below. Tracklisting 1/ Derek Howell - Red Dwarf (Original Mix) 2/ Will Atkinson - Sharpshooter (Khen Remix) 3/ Julian Rodriguez - Estado De Conciencia (Ilya Geruss Long Road Remix) 4/ Andre Sobota - Involved (Rodrigo Deem Remix) 5/ Stage Van H & Rogier - Agora (Ewan Rill Remix) 6/ Nora En Pure & Sons Of Maria - Uruguay...

Episode 029

Happy New Year! 2015 is here and what better way to kick off the year with the show now going weekly. In the first episode for the year there's new music from Henry Saiz, Sezer Uysal, Eelke Kleijn, Sasha Braemer, Manik. Full tracklisting below. Tracklisting 1/ Beat Maniacs - Jellyfish (Original Mix) 2/ Baunder - Neptunia (Sunday Morning Mix) 3/ Masaya - Angel (Petar Dundov Remix) 4/ Florian Meindl - Step Back (Original Mix) 5/ MANIK - Mulberry (Original Mix) 6/ Troste - Konsequent...


Episode 028

Last episode for 2014 and it's a big one! New music from Deetron, Cid Inc, Inkfish, Da Fresh, Tvardovsky and many more. I look forward to bringing you the show in 2015 and have some exciting new developments for the show to share with you all in the new year. For now though, enjoy this months episode and I hope you have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. See full tracklisting below: Tracklisting: 1/ Alex Niggemann feat Bon Homme - Sorrow (Deetron Remix) 2/ Matan Caspi - Make A Move...


Episode 027

It's been a great month for new releases this month with new tunes coming from Guy J, Dusty Kid, Alex Niggeman, Stephan Bodzin and many more. I'd also like to welcome on board DNA Radio with supporting the show. The Argentinian based digital station will be airing the show fortnightly on Friday evenings 8:00pm local time (-3GMT). See below for a full track listing. Tracklisting 1/ Guy J - Lonely Color (Original Mix) 2/ Silinder - 2121 (Original Mix) 3/ Nicolas Petracca - We Can (Original...

Episode 026

Brand new edition of Arkology Radio featuring awesome tunes from Tiger Stripes, Martin Roth, Silinder & Roman Fluegel. Also included in this months show is a new remix from myself out now on LuPS Recordings. See below for a full track listing. Tracklisting 1/ Doomwork - Favorite Pain (Original Mix) 2/ Peter Van Der - Liquid Future (Eze Ramirez Remix) 3/ Andrez - In Your Afterglow (Jaap Ligthart Remix) 4/ Nick Muir & John Digweed - Gigawave (Fairmont Remix) 5/ Oliver Lieb - Caldera...

Episode 025

Jam packed episode this month with new music from Dosem, Alex Niggemann, Liuis Junior, Inkfish and many more. See below for a full tracklisting Tracklist 1/ Dar Dor - BluePop (Original Mix) 2/ Teenage Mutants, EdOne & Bodden - Anthem (Original Mix) 3/ Secret Cinema & Max DLoved - Martina (Original Mix) 4/ Tvardovsky - Warp (Original Mix) 5/ Tim Engelhardt - Immer (Original Mix) 6/ Jerome IsmaAe & Max Freegrant - Thrill Me (Slow Fish Remix) 7/ Dosem - Tell Me (Original Mix) 8/ Jakub Rene &...

Episode 024

This months show has a variety of new music from artists such as Dosem, Adam Beyer, Hernan Cattaneo, Kassey Voorn and more. Below is a full tracklisting of this months show. Enjoy! Tracklisting 1/ Junge Maedchen - Bei Meyers Im Garten (Sascha Braemer Remix) 2/ Ewan Rill & Anton TTX - Reason to Live (Hugo Ibarra & Uvo Remix) 3/ Wej - Connected (Original Mix) 4/ Talul - Arythmika (Original Mix) 5/ Flowers And Sea Creatures - Overworld (Original Mix) 6/ Paul Hazendonk & Noraj Cue feat Alice...


Episode 023

Back once again for another installment of the Arkology podcast this time with new music from Hot Since 82, Eelke Kleijn, Matt Lang, Yuriy From Russia and two new originals from myself which will be out July 14th on Beatport. Below is a full track listing for this months show Tracklisting 1/ Max Cooper - Woven Ancestry (Lusine Remix) 2/ Talul - Like an Angel (Rico Puestel Remix) 3/ Okain & Cuartero - Cameleon (Hot Since 82 Remix) 4/ Kassey Voorn - Search and Destroy (SQL Remix) 5/ Martin...

Episode 022

A massive show lined up for you all this month with new music from Cid Inc, Dosem, Henry Saiz, 16 Bit Lolitas and Sezer Uysal. Be sure to jump on Twitter and let me know what you think of this months show at @arkadiaofficial. Full track listing below. Tracklisting: 1/ Cid Inc - Seeker (Original Mix) 2/ Alex Niggemann - Primary (Original Mix) 3/ Dosem - Message (Original Mix) 4/ Roger Martinez - Totality Symbol (Original Mix) 5/ Joyce Muniz - Sleepless (Wehbba Remix) 6/ 16 Bit Lolitas - From...


Episode 021

Back once again for another episode of the Arkology Podcast and I'm feeling much better this month. A few techno vibes creep into this episode with some awesome new music from Andrea Roma, Solee, Martin Roth, Dusty Kid and many more. Full track listing below. Tracklisting: 1/ Lane 8, Patrick Baker - The One (Bhok Remix) [Anjunadeep] 2/ Danny Fontana - Evolution (Andrea Roma Remix) [Human Garden Music] 3/ E-Spectro - Black Light (Original Mix) [Parquet Recordings] 4/ Mashk - Last Breath...

Episode 020

On this months show I wasn't feeling the best when doing the announcements so I decided to just let the show run as a 1 hour continuous mix. In there is new music from Andre Sobota, Sezer Uysal, Kris Menace, Yuriy from Russia, Dosem and a new remix I did for Greenhouse Recordings on Tommy S - Mirage. Below is the full tracklisting for this months show. Tracklisting: 1/ LiPolymer - Absolute Remesso (Original Mix) 2/ Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Infoxication (Guy Mantzur & Lonya Remix) 3/...