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Continuing where TRILL left off, this mix rides that triple chill vibe with a slightly upbeat blend of tracks, ranging from different genres that reflect the overall mood of this mix. Enjoy. Brown Sugar- D'Angelo Lady- D'Angelo Blowed Away- B Rezell Unthinkable- Alicia Keys Steal Away- Mary J. Blige It's Alright- Ledisi Call- Ashanti I Still Love You- 702 Love's Taken Over- Chante Moore Bump It- Erykah Badu Love Of My Life- Erykah Badu Don't You Forget It- Glenn Lewis Love Calls(Remix)-...


Dope School 4(Carter's Lane)

Even though raised in Cali, I spent a lot of time down South in the sticks of Virginia. It was there that I learned appreciation for family......through games of spades, tonk, and horseshoe, eating fried catfish and Utz potato chips with OldBay, swimming in the local lake, and of course those favorite backyard bbq jams we used to's a few of my faves. Touch Me- Solo Happy Dayz- Silk It's Not Deep Enough- Jewel Right Here(Human Nature Remix)- SWV Anything(rmx)-SWV w/WuTang...


Dope School(Ladies First)

There's something missing from the radio today. The time when ladies ruled the airwaves. Especially in R&B. This is dedicated to those who kept our heads nodding and rocking with a mini-mix salute and homage to the QUEEN. Make It Hot- Nicole Hot Boyz- Missy Elliot w/Lil Mo, Nas, and Eve Call Me- Tweet Can We- SWV What About Us?- Total Happy- Ashanti I'm Real- J-Lo w/Ja Rule Let Me Blow Your Mind- Eve w/Gwen Stefani No One Else- Mary J. Blige Family Afair- Mary J. Blige You Used To Love Me-...


Dope School 2(New Jack Groove)

There was a period in the '90's that I always loved....the emergence of New Jack Swing. Created by Teddy Riley, it mixed funk and rap with an R&B twist. I remember the haircuts, Cross Colours, Timbos, LA Gear, Overalls, Shiny Boots, and all other fashions that time period brought forth. It Was Dope. This is just a few of the jams I used to bump back then.....enjoy! You're Not My Kind Of Girl- New Edition If It Isn't Love- New Edition Sensitivity- Ralph Tresvant I Adore You- Caron Wheeler...


Dope School(Tha Groove)

Remember how dope R&B was in the '80's and '90's? If not, this mix should help. Here are some of my favorite classic and slept on goodies from the past all blended into one dope mix by me. Enjoy. Fairplay- Soul II Soul Something On Your Mind- D-Train All My Love- Phil Perry w/Renee Diggs Never Stop- Brand New Heavies Wrap My Body Tight- Johnny Gill Wanna Hold You Tight- Tara Kemp Mystery For Two- Jon B. Spending Money- R. Kelly Money Can't Buy You Love- Ralph Tresvant Slow Down- Loose Ends...


Tra99ed......The Final Twerk....?

Tra99ed is nothing short of EPIC. Enough grooves to either twerk or b-boy to, you choose. Another one of my favorites, I hope it becomes yours, too. There is still one more left in the TRAPPED series, however, I hope this satisfies your tastebuds until the FINALE. Thank you for your support.

Trapped.....Ten Minus Three

A little more noisy, clashing drums and cymbals, hypnotic we continue along this thing called TRAPPED. Shout out to!! 1. Intro- DJ LaZ-EyE 2. Eight- Marshvll w/Sevnty 3. Affection- $aturn 4. Stolen Levels- Beazy Tymes 5. 100% No Sick Wubs- BOZO 6. XL- Eliminate w/SoL Raze 7. Rotten Chains- $aturn 8. Surrender- Duwell 9. Rollin- GAWTBASS 10. Escape The Trap- Komander 11. IED- Oiki 12. Buyate- Robosteel 13. LA- Sevnty 14. Escapade- Skrux 15. Critics- Tincup 16. Hot...


Trapped......Twerkin' AIN'T Dead.

The sixth in the series.........ok,ok,ok.....I said it was dead, Miley killed it, wack ass videos filmed at home looking like rejected Bud'z House Youtube videos killed it.....but some folks got creative. And well let's just say if you don't move a buttcheek or two on the low or out loud, then I f*cked up. But in reality, You will move a buttcheek or two. Trust me. See Cover for Tracklist.


Trapped.....5teps Ahead

The fifth of the series. I must say I'm getting a little better with the sound. Sick bass drops and drums, pulsating stabs, and an all around groove that will make you bounce where ever you may be!


Trapped....4 A Minute.

Part 4 early reviews say this is the best one of the whole series. It is a little hypnotizing.....dope drums, smashing keys, sultry singing, famous movie lines, all kinds of sickness!!! Grab this bad boy immediately!!! See cover for track listing.


Trapped......Twerking Iz Dead.

Part 3......a little more upbeat. Got all the twerk out my system.......or did I? Ladies will be grooving to this one while working out that Apple Bottom. Trust!! DJ LaZ-EyE Certified!!