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LDP015 by DYL - viaggio esoterico

DYL is a Romania based experimental producer with releases on many label like Nord Label, Further Records just to name a few. He has very quickly carved out his own unique sound which can be heard in mixes and sets of some of the most fore-front players in the scene. Enjoy his Viaggio Esoterico delivered for Last Drop Podcast series.


LDP014 by KOICHI - experiments in the club space

Koichi Samuels is an electronic musician, music researcher and event curator, currently based at the Sonic Arts Research Centre. He founded RESIST, the experimental club/art hybrid event and record label based in Belfast. Koichi has released music on Soma Records, Animal Farm, Planet Rhythm and his own imprint RESIST as a solo artist and collaborates with Phil Kieran in duo Spires and visual Helena Hamilton. "Resist the Categories that Define and Divide" pic by Micol Fimiani @koichi...


LDP013 by FILIPPO ZENNA - distant visions

Filippo Zenna, affiliated to Periodica Records roster thanks to 'So you are' release (2016, collaboration with musicians Zampera and Mutto), plays only what he feels in his own soul. Interests spectrum of his music taste is really large: fusion, jazz-funk, balearic, new wave and many other areas of modern electronic music. A long time friend of mine and so I couldn’t not invite him in my podcast series. A person with a sensitive soul, who can easily express his emotions with music, do not...


LDP012 by MARCO FERRETTI - pathos of things

Marco Ferretti, an Italian journalist and music critic. He's currently working on his first book about Ennio Morricone's giallo soundtracks. Since 2013, his blog certifies a great passion for the seven notes and collects a bunch of weird or unknown stories. This mix tries, instead, to give you a sense of stillness paired with transience. Ambient, drone, experimental and field recording sounds try to draw a path that is not only interior which invites the listener to...


LDP011 by IORI - nowhere

Hailing from Okinawa, now-Tokyo-based producer IORI. He started his career as an assistant for David Mancuso’s revered party, The Loft, in New York City, where he learnt a meticulous sonic mentality from his audiophile mentor. During his career as a producer Iori has released music on labels such as Phonica, Prologue, Bitta, Field, Semantica ( he also made a remix for the second release of Last Drop Records by Kiny check here ). In...



Musician and promoter from Rotterdam (Netherlands). He was the founder of Chi (1984-1987), a band that was part of audiovisual performances. The audio/musical part was performed by Chi, while the visual parts were taken care of by Fijko van Leeuwen. The line-up was Michel Banabila (keyboards), Willem Cramer, Hanyo van Oostrom and Koos Derwort. After Chi disbanded Hanyo did several projects under differents monikers. Since 2015 the band has reformed for a series of live shows and recordings....


LDP09 by TOMINORI HOSOYA - dream, morning, night and future

9th episode of Last Drop Podcast - Summer is coming, and there is nothing better than listening to this mix by dreaming of the seashore. Thanks to the producer Tominori Hosoya, for this deep - emotional - soulful journey. This is an exclusive live that includes some of his old tracks and some new stuff from his forthcoming LP (don’t miss it ). So just take a break from this frenetic world and enjoy this mix trough the melodies of Tominori. Pic by Micol Fimiani: For the...


LDP08 by MUSH - fragments

DJ, electronic music teacher, producer and sound designer , owner of @sharivari_rec and co-founder of @chezemile record shop from France, Olivier Mutschler aka @mush-1 has released music on Orlando Voorn Nightvision Records, Kai Alcé NDTAL Records , and remixed legendary artists like Juan Atkins and Alton Miller, to name a few. A refined selection of songs a great musical taste, this is the 8th episode of LDP. Pic by Micol Fimiani: For the tracklist go here:...


LDP07 by IMUGEM ORIHASAM - zero point and appearance

7th episode of LDP series, I am excited to host the japanese producer @Imugem Orihasam! He released on labels like @ilian-tape - @bedouinrecords - @sistrum-recordings @sonuos, to name just a few. This is an exclusive selection of his unreleased tracks, a mix between ambient techno and deep - house music. Enjoy! photo by Kiny Info about Imugem Orihasam:


LDP06 by LOU DRAGO - genetic emancipation

6th episode of Last Drop Podcast. Glad to host Lou Drago who run an amazing radio show called @transience-archive on Cashmere radio. For this podcast Lou gives us an intense and impressive selection and describes this mix as a portrait of a potential future in which humans have been emancipated from biological reproduction. Lou Drago Soundcloud :


LDP05 by FRANCO CANGELLI - robot day dreaming

Here we are with the 5th episode of Last Drop Podcast. I am happy to host one of my favourite underground dj @franco-cangelli , for those who don’t know him, he's also a fine producer and he was the owner of several labels as Aestethik , Mowar and Nowar where were released work by artists like Aubrey - MLZ - Russ Gabriel - Ozka - Claro Intelecto and more . A Dj with a fine technique, eclectic, and an excellent selector of Funk-Disco-House-Techno music. In this podcast he delights us with a...


LDP04 by ABADIR - tribute to qebrus

Fourth episode of Last Drop podcasts series, in which we present @rami-abadir, an Egyptian artist from Cairo. He is passionated about ambient and experimental electronic music. In his approach to music, he treats individual sounds, synthesized sounds, objects, and field recordings as musical instruments. Since 2015 he started his side project @0N4B, a collaboration with the Egyptian based artist Onsy. A co-founder of the audio/visual collective “Mapping Possibilities”, ABADIR has been...


LDP03 by FINN OF TOMLAND - lyftet

Third episode of Last Drop Podcast signed by Finn of Tomland. A low bpm dj since 1994 and label owner of @SonuoS. Previously he was a resident of the infamous club Culture Box, and currently he is the resident dj at the Intonal festival in Malmo. One of the most finest electronic - downtempo dj as you can hear by your own in this very elegant selection. Photo by INVI Instagram: For the tracklist go here:


LDP02 by DOMENICO - si vis pacem

Second episode of Last Drop Podcast series signed by Domenico. He describes this mix as a subliminal journey in which the storms of life are overcome only by finding the inner peace. Put on your headphones, lay back, close your eyes, and let yourself be carried away by the music. Photo By Micol Fimiani Instagram : Follow Domenico Soundcloud: Instagram :


LDP01 by VITOLO/BUONINFANTE - live at basement

First episode of a new podcast series signed by Last Drop Records. Live at the Basement 29/03/2017 is the first excerpt from the collaboration between the italians Luca Buoninfante (objects, field recordings, contact microphones)and Anacleto Vitolo (field recordings, live electronics, processing). The result is an intricate journey through electro-acoustic and electronic music with several influences from Drone, noise, impro and musique concréte. Original Photo By Micol Fimiani Instagram :...