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session #093 – Mo Kolours

‘Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, charm and gaiety to life and everything.’ – Mo Kolours. Half-Mauritian, half-British, the music producer, percussionist and vocalist returned to the land of his father to grace us with an exclusive set that highlights his unique mastery of rhythms. Part hip-hop, part funk, part dub, part electronic, this session will take you around the world while you will still be dreaming of chilling in...


session #092 – Jazzcat (Nepetalakton series)

Master mix by Massimiliano Conti aka Jazzcat; passionate music explorer and DJ, perfect match for the curious ode to jazz: the Nepetalakton Series. The Italian wizard has over 500 mixcloud releases under his belt and featured in countless festivals; now delivers a sumptuous selection from his crates. Are your eardrums and pineal glands ready for the glide? Just download, hit play and work that smile wide.


electrocaïne session #088 – K15

Hailing from Tottenham, Kieron Ifill or K15, as you know him, has solidly shaped a journey full of impressive releases for over a decade with features on the likes of Wild Oats, WotNot Music and the latest this year on Eglo records. Whether as dj or producer his colorful music sends positive vibes and knows […]


electrocaïne session #087 – iyer

In the scope of fusion music, there is the art of merging genres and then there is iyer. Head of Phyla Digital records, our latest anniversary session emerges from the San Francisco based artist, whose sonic library ranges and fuses from oriental textures to the uptempo morals of electronic. iyer also shares with us about […]


electrocaïne session #086 – Basic Soul Unit

Propelling his audience to alternate levels of mood and space; Basic Soul Unit lays the essentials of selection through textured versatility of choice, blending people and music on our latest anniversary session. Based in Toronto, the Hong-Kong born dj and producer made himself heard through releases on labels such as Iwanai Music, Ostgut Ton, Crème […]


electrocaïne session #085 – Gr◯un土

Our following podcast comes to us by the methods of GROUND a.k.a GrOun土, delivering a sleek one and a half hour of music coming of his own creative repertoire of productions. Based in Osaka, Japan, Ground is an artist that started his way by mixing records since his teenage days and got into production later […]


electrocaïne session #084 – CLSR

Having a music affair with electrocaïne since long and behind some of our notable releases, the podcast anniversary series features CLSR, one who’s always bringing you steps closer to the world he creates with his music. CLSR is the alter-ego of Frank Valat, producer and DJ taking back from the late 90’s, known for his […]


electrocaïne session #083 – Alma Negra

From Basel (SUI), with varied and cross cultural backgrounds from around the world; the four djs and producers, walking in-arms and releasing through labels such as Sofrito, Basic Fingers, Dimension recordings and also featured on Boiler Room debuts, the collective Alma Negra drops on our anniversary podcast with a unique curation influenced from many; including […]


electrocaïne session #082 – Rivet

In the light of the God Goes Deep event, techno maestro Rivet comes up with a special set and ventures beyond his conventionals on a relentless 90mins ambient-carved set, for our anniversary podcast, recorded in the mighty acoustics of the Cathedral Domkirken of Copenhagen. Releasing his first productions to the world since 2003, under monickers […]


electrocaïne session #081 – José Manuel

Founder of Black Pepper and Frisky Disco records, berlin-based dj and producer José Manuel turns up with a thrilling set of free-spirited electronic music, for more than an hour of both a high-toned and low-thrummed listening experience. Over the years, José Manuel has been putting out to the world countless music productions that’ll range from […]


electrocaïne session #080 – Fatoosan

Deeming the tone on our 10years anniversary podcast series – Brussels-based artist, Fatoosan, conveys her knowledge and connection to hip hop through an hour-long mix; effortlessly merging rare genres along the lines. Hailing member of Belgium’s trendsetting Supafly Collective, you’re advised to an unconform selection, influenced by a musically enriched lifetime experience and lots of […]


electrocaïne session #079 – Jeanne

Music that makes you daydream seems to be the very music that actually renews the self. Tone down and modulate to this very special set of tunes that extends to lengths you’ll ephemerally reach on this one-hour gem put together by one of our esteemed trendsetters. The london-based artist, also our recent guest at the […]


electrocaïne session #078 – Funky Notes

Taking shape from vinyl archives and hailing as one of the swiftest beatmakers from Switzerland, Funky Notes brings along his record crate to our 10yrs anniversary podcast and be assured; that the groovement you’ll be put onto this one-hour gem is not just a series of coincidences but an intended endeavour by one of our […]


electrocaïne session #077 – Cream Cracker

What could beat fresh waves, by a ‘non conform-to-norms’ podcast with Mauritian groovecrafter and DJ, Cream Cracker; whose influence ranges from Detroit’s heavy bass to light djembes from Africa. This podcast is in short, all that one need to a non-stop bounce, brace up! Discover more about him through our lil’ chat below. Where, When and How was this mix recorded? The mix was done at my place using time code and some rare vinyls. How would you describe it to us? Well it’s actually what I...


electrocaïne session #076 – RAH

Kickin’ again after many festivities, our 10th anniversary podcast series follows its course with the unique Farah Azizan better known as RAH. It’s all about a set ranging from jazz aspects to some rare sounds of the world and more. Being a core member of the Darker Than Wax collective, RAH’s got the right wavelengths from around the world to tune you up for an exclusive listening experience. More than an electronic maneuver, it’s an eclectic gem! Discover more about her path on our short...


electrocaïne session #075 – Jason Rault

Mauritius-based DJ and producer, Jason Rault, features on our anniversary podcast and he’s down with some serious grips. With this house & techno oriented podcast, he sets the pace to get you movin’ n groovin’ your day off… so better take off your slippers and let the tunes flow your way. When, Where and How was this mix recorded? This mix was recorded on a Sunday afternoon in the comfort of my home in Florida. I used my home setup with 2 CDJ 2000s, 2 Technics turntables and a Xone:92, no...