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The Love Unlimited Orchestra – Welcome Aboard (Loshmi edit)

Loshmi adds a little bit more horsepower to this leisure-cruiser of an original, which is by a 40 piece orchestra captained by Barry White. It just sort of sails along nicely, granted to removes some of the open water the original version has, but add’s some wonderful details and keeps it on course. Ok, I’ve… The post The Love Unlimited Orchestra – Welcome Aboard (Loshmi edit) appeared first on House of Disco.


France Gall – J’ai Besoin d’Amour (S3A Edit)

S3A understands club music, I first came across him through my friend Nachtbraker’s excellent ‘Quartet Series’ and his productions have been in my bag ever since. This edit of a french original toughens it up and get’s it dolled up for the peak times on the floor. It has a bit of a french house… The post France Gall – J’ai Besoin d’Amour (S3A Edit) appeared first on House of Disco.


Julio Iglesias – La Carretera (The Rabbit King Edit)

This one does take a long time to warm up but once it’s there it’s lovely, sort of a gentle & melty buzz. Poor old Julio didn’t get invited to his own after-party as he’s been removed entirely from this edit, but then again, I doubt it’s his thing. – Magnier Here’s a free download… The post Julio Iglesias – La Carretera (The Rabbit King Edit) appeared first on House of Disco.


Double Exposure – Everyman (The Owl – ‘Nugget’ Rework)

The Owl has been doing edits for a lot longer than most and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down. This revision of a Salsoul classic is an absolute tender beauty. Loving the vocal work in this one, extending the hook is always a good call especially in a vocal so distinct. I’m also… The post Double Exposure – Everyman (The Owl – ‘Nugget’ Rework) appeared first on House of Disco.


Nightlife Unlimited – Just Be Yourself (Admin ‘More Cowbell’ ReTwEAK)

This isn’t the first time I’ve featured the SEO challenged, Bristol based producer ‘Admin’ on here. His productions have wriggled their way into my record bag for nearly every show I’ve played in the last 18 months. Today he’s geared up a ‘Nightlife Unlimited’ original for the Cardiff based basement ravers ‘Teak’, named after the… The post Nightlife Unlimited – Just Be Yourself (Admin ‘More Cowbell’ ReTwEAK) appeared first on House of Disco.


Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Lihaaz Edit)

Editing Pink Floyd is like walking a tightrope. If you fall there’s a river full of knife toothed haters waiting to eat you alive, so it’s a brave call. Lihaaz walks the rope effortlessly with this patient and classy edit levering up the drama and using it to highlight the additional elements. Haters will have… The post Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Lihaaz Edit) appeared first on House of Disco.


Gary Bartz – Gentle Smile (Rudymentaire edit)

Today’s a big day for House of Disco. After years of the grey and pink website we’ve finally done away with it in favour of a totally new design thats fresh on the eyeballs. It’s been a long time coming and finally it’s quality over quantity. Have a look at the site and we’d love…


Barry White – Midnight Groove (Pablo Sanchez Edit)

Treading some pretty common territory today as it’s another revision of ‘Midnight Groove’, still though this one is nice and slow unlike a lot of others, grinding down the pace and keeping it simple works a treat. Perfect for a slow mid-week or if you just need some inner soothing……Barry’s got you covered. – Magnier [...]


Starchman – Spy Fox

It amazes me sometimes the traction that really obviously bland productions get on platforms like Soundcloud while beautiful originals can be totally overlooked and ignored. Today’s freebie from Melbourne based ‘Starchman’ is one of those tracks that deserves a little more, of everything. It’s like taking a sonic bath, from the hazy rhodes keys to [...]


Hotmood – My Name Is Partytime

A dusty slow motion groover today from Hotmood. Originally released on Star Creature and recently unleashed as a freebie this little head nodder sets a lovely pace, never trying to go somewhere unexpected, instead it’s happy and content where it is. Nice little vocal sample too, just incase you didn’t realise what era you were [...]


Hall & Oates – She’s Gone (Dara edit)

This ones been floating around now for a few years but somehow only came across it now. It’s a sleek and sultry revision. Pitched down nicely with the ‘sexy’ dial turned all the way up. Not a lot is known about ‘Dara’ the mysterious producer behind this edit. Rumour has it he found a map [...]


Joan Bibiloni – The Boogie – (Ray Mang Edit)

Ray Mang’s productions are always at the top of the pile for me so getting a rare freebie always gets me giddy. Less is more seems to be the ethos for this one as his edit doesn’t stray too far from the original, instead opting to enhance the production’s strengths and add the odd cosmic [...]


Rufus feat. Chaka Khan – Stay (Frankee More Edit)

A joyous and catchy edit today from Frankie More. This ones part of the ‘That’s Not An Edit’ compilation, a free compilation of sample heavy edits. Frankie pulls a beautiful vocal hook from the original and runs with it pushing it into new territory. It’s a familiar treatment that a lot of edits display so [...]


Plains – Brooklyn

909 heavy house music today from Australian producer Plains. He’s a relative newcomer having only just popped up online but there’s some things to like about this breezy track, although I think it could have done without the siren. Here’s a free download for you:


Wallace Collection – Daydream (M.RUX EDIT)

I just keep coming back to this, along with a lot of M.Rux’s edits. His version of the much emulated Wallace Collection original delicately extracts all the dated bits and slings them in the bin, keeping only the best of the timeless hooky vocals and leaving one of the best bass lines in the business [...]


Rosetta Hightower – Rocking Chair (Dj XS Edit)

Straight up blistering funk for you today as Rosetta Hightower (Daughter of the Police Academy giant…..I swear) gets a re-rub by Dj XS. This is one of those tracks that’s embedded with a warm fuzzy nostalgia. It sounds like a time and place in music history, when R&B was actually R&B and funk ruled the [...]


XX Edits – How Does it Feel?

Ok ok I know, it’s another ‘New Order – Blue Monday’ edit, but don’t be scared this ones pretty good. Coupled with the fact that it is, at time of writing, a Monday in the middle of winter this edit from Luxxury under his XX Edits moniker just feels apt. There are interesting details everywhere [...]


M.Rux – Edits & Cuts – Trio of freebies

An edit treasure haul of three beauties for you today as M.Rux marks the spot. Ok, might have overworked that analogy slightly. Anyway, I first heard of this guy when I came across his vinyl release of edits (get yours here) and I have to say I was blown away by the quality or production [...]


Noar Shulaim – Tzairi Lach Safam (Gal Kadan Edit)

Slightly left of centre disco today as Gal Kadan crafts an edit from a Noar Shulaim track from the 90’s. Glitchy guitar loops and incomprehensible vocals give way to a invigorating chorus (the best bit). It’s not one of those ones that you will always find a use for but hey, variety is the name [...]


Voilaaa – On Te L’avait Dit (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Instrumental)

A rare treat from Dimitri From Paris today as he celebrates a release on Favourite Recordings by giving away an instrumental version (which is my favourite version anyway). Wandering hooky basslines and a barrage of percussion are on the menu and if you need more cowbell after this you need your head checked. – Magnier [...]


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