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News, discussion, features and ideas until midday.




How 'emotional inflammation' could impact your mental health

Stacey Colino is the co-author of Emotional Inflammation: Discover your Triggers and Reclaim Your Equilibrium During Anxious Times. She likens emotional inflammation to living in a snow globe that's being continuously shaken up.


Kiwi in Bethlehem: 'We can only pray that the situation will ease'

The death toll continues to rise as Israel presses ahead with a fierce military offensive in the Gaza Strip. New Zealander Peter Bray is the vice-chancellor of the only university in the West Bank, Bethlehem University.


The travel world through Anthony Bourdain's eyes

Laurie Woolever met Anthony Bourdain in 2002, when she was hired to edit and test the recipes for his Les Halles Cookbook. In 2017 the pair discussed writing a travel guide. After his untimely death Laurie continued with the book.


My Current Song: Malcolm Black, 'Julia'

Two years on from the passing of Netherworld Dancing Toys frontman Malcolm Black, his family has just released his posthumous album 'Songs for the Family.' Longtime friend and guitarist Jeff Dickie joins the show to discuss the project.


Covid-19 in Peru: 'vaccine' made from guinea pig poop

Kiwi Patrick Emanuel is a pathologist who is based in Lima. We've spoken to him before about the situation with Covid-19 in Peru, and now things are looking bad there with next door neighbours Brazil set to pass the 400,000 fatality mark.


Alice Cooper: 'Covid-19 was like being hit by a truck'

Alice Cooper is a survivor in every sense of the word, having given up an addiction to alcohol and cocaine almost 40 years ago Now at 73-years-old, Alice is still beating the odds, having recently recovered from contracting Covid-19.


Artist posed as billionaire to gain access to NYC's best views

Andi Schmied is an artist who found herself fascinated with the views offered from luxury apartments in NYC. In order to gain access to these premium locations and take some incredible photos, she pretended to be a very wealthy buyer.


The Weekend Panel with Mike Williams and Lavina Good

Joining the Weekend Panel this morning are Mike Williams and Lavina Good. They discuss NZ Rugby's alternative to the Silver Lakes deal, the police position on speed tolerance, and the possibility of Jacinda Ardern taking over at the UN.


Vegetarians have healthier biomarker profiles than meat-eaters

New research suggests people on a vegetarian diet have healthier levels of disease markers than people who eat meat. Otago University's Dr Ali Hill joins the show to explain what biomarkers are, and what this research might reveal.


Why we should embrace our fidgeting tendencies

The fidget spinner craze has come and gone, and now bubble poppers are doing the rounds, but it's not just kids who are doing the fidgeting. Children and adults alike use fidget devices of some sort. Harriet Dempsey-Jones explains why.


Calling Home: Dr Lisa Fletcher in Kathmandu

Lisa Fletcher moved to Kathmandu with her husband, Leighton, and their children, Annabel and Elliot, in 2019. Eight months later the pandemic struck, and now Nepal, like India, is in the midst of a very serious outbreak. .


US correspondent's wrap of the week

US correspondent Karen Kasler joins the show to discuss the big stories of the week, including Joe Biden's assertion that Israel has a right to defend itself and issues with growing migrant numbers at the southern border.


Dr Nicola Lee: Harm caused by meth on the rise

The Drug Foundation organised a symposium at Parliament this week and one of the keynote speakers was Professor Nicole Lee from the National Drug Research Institute in Australia. She discusses the rising harm caused by meth.


Al Gillespie - China and its treatment of Uyghurs

Waikato University's international law expert Al Gillespie joins the show to discuss the treatment of the Uyghur people by China, and the New Zealand parliament's decision to label that treatment as 'severe human rights abuses'.


Sue Kedgley: 50 years at the feminist coalface

Pioneering New Zealand feminist, activist and former Green MP Sue Kedgley first came to public attention in the 1970s as an early, outspoken women's liberationist for femism. Her new book, Fifty Years a Feminist, details her journey and shares lessons drawn from her 50 years at the feminist coalface and the difficulties in changing attitudes that are almost embedded in our DNA.


Cruising Kiwis' adventures continue despite Covid

In 2018 Rob Hamill and his wide Rachel packed up their home, fostered their dog and took their three sons, Finn, Declan and Ivan out of school to go on the adventure of a lifetime aboard a 43 foot catamaran. But with Covid and closed borders, that's in abeyance. And now the 'Cruising Kiwis' have spent a year longer than they thought sailing around Australia. Rob and Rachel join the show for an update on their journey.


Richard Langston's heartfelt Mother's Day poem

Born to a Lebanese immigrant family in Dunedin, and a 'Country Calendar' director by trade, Richard Langston is constantly refreshing his acquaintance with the country he calls home through the form of poetry. He joins the show on Mother's Day to recite a poem to his own mother -- titled 'There' -- from his recently-released book of poems, 'Five O'Clock Shadows'


The Musical Chair: Rob McCallum

Last month, New Zealander Rob McCallum became the deepest diving Kiwi ever after achieving a preliminary depth of 10,925 metres (35,843 ft) at the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trump southwest of Guam. To put that distance into perspective, McCallum and his Australian dive partner spared a thought for Sir Ed Hillary when they descended through 8,850 metres [29,035 feet, the equivalent of Everest] and still had another couple of kilometres to go. He's in the Musical Chair.


Could consuming more mushrooms reduce cancer risk?

A meta-analysis of 17 observational studies has found that higher mushroom consumption is associated with a lower risk of cancer. Along with being rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, mushrooms are a great dietary source of two antioxidants -- ergothioneine and glutathione, and it is believed the former may have a protective role against cancer. Co-author John Richie, a Penn State Cancer Institute researcher and professor of public health sciences and pharmacology, joins the show to explain.


The Weekend Panel with Ali Jones and Brigitte Morten

Joining us on this special Mother's Day edition of the Weekend Panel today are Ali Jones and Brigitte Morten. Among other issues, they'll be discussing Speaker Trevor Mallard's conduct and calls for him to resign, Mother's Day, the new Maori Health Authority and what our panelists' favourite television sitcoms of all time are.