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News, discussion, features and ideas until midday.




Ross Wilson on the real meaning behind 'Eagle Rock'

It's 30 years since 'Eagle Rock' reached number one on the New Zealand charts, 19 years after its release. Daddy Cool frontman Ross Wilson joins the show.


How Facebook groups are destroying America

New research shows privacy and community are often exploited by bad actors, foreign and domestic, to spread false information and conspiracies. Nina Jankowicz is the disinformation fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC.


New book examines assisted dying ahead of 2020 referendum

Later this year New Zealanders will be able to cast their vote on whether euthanasia should be legal as the long-debated End of Life Choice Bill goes to referendum. Journalist Caralise Trayes interviewed lawyers, doctors, ethicists and clerics about assisted dying for her debut book The Final Choice.


How memory is a game of all or nothing

New research by psychologists at the University of York looks at those highly irritating and often embarrassing moments such as forgetting where you parked the car.


Key to self-control is working smarter, not harder

University of Wyoming psychologist Laverl Z. Williamson's research shows that if you want to improve your self-control, you need to focus on proactively reducing, rather than reactively overpowering temptation.


How to use stress for your own benefit

Stanford University lecturer and health psychologist Dr. Kelly McGonigal is a long-time stress advocate who says adjusting the way you think about stress can actually change the way your body responds to it.


Australian troops assisting in Melbourne Covid-19 hot spots

Australian correspondent Rebekah Holt joins the show from the inner north of Melbourne, which has the city's highest community transmission rates, with the latest.


Why movie multiplexes are becoming a thing of the past

Veteran film critic Richard Brody from The New Yorker is with us to discuss whether the movies need multiplexes anymore as we negotiate a brave new world with Covid-19.


Media watch: Sunday 28 June 2020

Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Hayden Donnell.


'Hong Kong can no longer ignore that we are a part of China'

Lawyer and scholar Christine Loh Kung-wai joins the show to discuss unease surrounding new national security legislation which largely being kept under wraps by top Chinese lawmakers.


The Panel with Linda Clark & Richard Harman

David Clark supposedly throwing Ashley Bloomfield under the bus, New Zealand First's tactics, political polls and the rest of the world and Covid-19 - and what it means for New Zealand - are on the agenda for our Sunday Morning panellists Linda Clark and Richard Harman.


Why are we still catching colds?

Director of the Immunisation Advisory Centre, Dr Nikki Turner, explains why we are still seeing a lot of winter illnesses, despite all the hand washing, and backs an inquiry into NZ's pandemic response.


The House for Sunday 28 June 2020

Parliament is moving through the motions as the Government tries to tick off as many bills as possible before September's general election. The House looks at what a motion is and how they move it.


The Service: Episode Three

This true spy story has topped the podcast charts for the past few weeks… how New Zealand spies worked with MI6 to break into the Czechoslovakian embassy in Wellington back in 1986 and the Cold War tensions and nuclear arms race that led up to it. Guyon Espiner and John Daniell host The Service.


Pandemic highlights 'urgent need' for national health agency in NZ

Professor Michael Baker has been a constant and reassuring presence on Sunday Morning in recent months. He returns to discuss how the landscape has changed in the light of the recent positive Covid-19 cases that broke a 24-day stretch.


Kiwi runner to resume US marathon after near-death hit-and-run

When Kiwi Nick Ashill was mowed down by a ute while attempting to run 5000km across America, doctors wondered if he would walk again. But after a long rehabilitation and a number of surgeries, he is set to finish the epic run in 2021.


Study finds ketogenic diet alters gut microbes in humans

A new study out of UC San Francisco has found that low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diets have a dramatic impact on the microbes residing in the human guts.


How Covid-19 is impacting organised crime

Underworld investigator Misha Glenny says the Covid-19 pandemic is going to change the nature of the drug-dealing business, working against the big organised crime cartels who traditionally control the drugs trade.


The story behind the biggest TV game show scandal of all time

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? fans will remember the case of 'coughing Major' Charles Ingram in 2001. James Graham is the writer of a new miniseries about the saga, Quiz, which is about to premiere on New Zealand television.


How beautiful young women are used to boost the status of men

Dr. Ashley Mears is a former fashion model turned academic sociologist. Her new book Very Important People looks at how clubs and restaurants pay promoters to recruit beautiful young women to their venues to get men to spend big.