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News, discussion, features and ideas until midday.




Pulitzer Prize winner opts for life away from the lens

Irish photojournalist Cathal McNaughton gave up the 'best job in the world' for a quieter life in a cottage in the Glens of Antrim after winning a Pulitzer Prize.


'It suits Beijing to have a puppet like Carrie Lam'

Hong Kong-based writer and lawyer Antony Dapiran believes Beijing is keen to re-shape Hong Kong into an image that is a lot more to their liking. And he says they're happy to have a "puppet" like Carrie Lam pulling the strings there.


3MM: Sara Walton on 'the next normal'

Three Minutes Max, succinct opinions from Kiwis on topics of their choice. Associate Professor Sara Walton from Otago University's Business School shares her thoughts on the 'next normal' and building resilience for the future of work.


Niall Ferguson: 'Cold War II is happening now'

Renowned historian and author Niall Ferguson says the increasing toxicity between the US and China is a sure sign that we are living in Cold War II. And he thinks it's likely that things will continue to escalate.


Professor Michael Baker answers your Covid-19 questions

Public health physician from the University of Otago Wellington, Professor Michael Baker has been a constant and reassuring presence on Sunday Morning throughout the Covid-19 lockdown period. He returns to answer your questions.


3MM: Gary McCormick on riding life's wave

Three Minutes Max, succinct opinions from Kiwis on topics of their choice. Broadcaster, raconteur and surfer Gary McCormick discusses the philosophy of having a less tidy life and learning to ride the waves that life brings your way.


Mediawatch for 24 May 2020

Bridges rolled after polls pile on the pressure; Prominent pundit pulls back over Muller link; Media on the block vulnerable to vultures.


Samoan economy rocked, despite no Covid-19 cases

Samoa continues to have no confirmed cases of Covid-19, but like almost everywhere else in the world, the local economy has been hit hard by lockdown restrictions. Chef and restaurateur Joe Lam joins the show from Apia.


How Covid-19 could change public toilets forever

With experts estimating that a 'toilet plume' can travel six feet in every direction, and considering many public toilets aren't even equipped with lids, commercial bathrooms could be forever changed for the better due to Covid-19.


Linda Clark & Richard Harman discuss politics and progress

The change at the top of the National Party's hierarchy and the nation's overall progress under Alert Level 2 are on the agenda for this week's panel discussion, which includes guests Linda Clark and Richard Harman.


Eid al-Fitr: Muslims mark the end of Ramadan amid restrictions

The fasting month of Ramadan ends this weekend with the appearance of the new moon. Auckland University student Zainab Baba discusses how her family will be celebrating Eid and how the lockdown has impacted on things.


Calling Home: Chene Wales-Baillie in Mpumalanga

Chene Wales-Baillie loved her life in New Zealand, and her family remain here to this day, but there was something about the animals and wildlife of the big game parks that ultimately drew her back to the country of her birth.


China looks to send message of control

The annual National People's Congress got underway in Beijing on Friday amid what state media are calling 'wartime measures'. China correspondent Nathan van der Klippe joins the show to discuss this and China's Covid-19 response.


Survey shows Kiwis confident about move to Level 1

Research NZ's ninth weekly report on the impact the Covid-19 virus is having shows that Kiwis are cautiously optimistic about moving forward from Alert Level 2 to Alert Level 1, rather than moving backwards to Alert Level 3 restrictions.


Julia Ebner: Going undercover with extremists

Julia Ebner says creating identities to go undercover and infiltrate extreme groups was like creating characters for a novel. But it didn't always go to plan. She discusses her new book Going Dark, The Secret Social Lives of Extremists.


Professor Emrys Westacott: Covid-19 pandemic 'spells the end of the neoliberal era'

Many have revelled in a return to a simpler life due to Covid-19. Professor Emrys Westacott, who wrote The Wisdom of Frugality, says this is a time to reflect on whether the type of society we had built was the kind of society that we want.


Covid-19: The uncertain future of global air travel

Many airlines grounded their fleets in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, while most others were forced to cancel the majority of their flights. Ian Petchenik is a spokesperson Flightradar24, a global flight-tracking service based in Sweden.


Alaskan hero providing groceries for entire town

Gustavus, Alaska, is home to the world's smallest and most isolated Costco shop. When it was cut off from its supply chain, owner Toshua Parker took matters into his own hands and started loading shipping crates onto a 96-foot barge.


What makes us believe conspiracy theories?

Why do people believe conspiracy theories? And what do conspiracy theories tell us about the way we view the world? Professor Joe Uscinski is a political scientist and author of American Conspiracy Theories. He joins the show to explain.


Professor Michael Baker answers your Covid-19 questions

Professor Michael Baker has been a constant and reassuring presence on Sunday Morning throughout the Covid-19 lockdown period. He returns to answer your questions and ours about the pandemic and the move to Alert Level 2.