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Re:sound is a remix of music, documentaries, found sound, sound bites, and little audio surprises we find all over the world.

Re:sound is a remix of music, documentaries, found sound, sound bites, and little audio surprises we find all over the world.
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Re:sound is a remix of music, documentaries, found sound, sound bites, and little audio surprises we find all over the world.




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Re:sound #263 Meat Music

This hour we’re all about honesty. An honest look at fat, and an honest answer to this burning question, “What are the real lyrics to ‘Louie Louie’????” The Host’s Fat By Jonathan Zenti for Meat As an overweight man, Jonanthan Zenti explains how his shape and his diets often cause him to question his identity… but not to lose it. Louie Louie: the strange journey of the dirtiest song never written By David Weinberg, Nick White and Myke Dodge Weiskopf for KCRW’s Lost Notes An FBI...


Re:sound #262 Moo and Man

This hour, a single commercial that ran for twenty-five years and two women who’ve been running from each other for even longer. Moo and Oink By Cher Vincent for The Nod from Gimlet Media With a long-running TV commercial featuring a dancing cow and pig, Moo and Oink grocery stores were a staple for Chicago’s black South Side communities. But producer Cher Vincent digs a little deeper into the origins of these iconic stores. Man Choubam (I am good) By Sharon Mashihi for KCRW’s...


Re:sound #261 No Bad News

This hour, we go into a hypnotherapists office and come out with a story of international intrigue. No Bad News By Sarah Geis for Love+Radio from Radiotopia Three decades ago, American hypnotist Larry Garrett committed himself to abstaining from the news. So, in 2001, when he received a phone call inviting him to Iraq, he didn’t think twice about saying ‘Yes’. This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk


Re:sound #260 Princess Buzz

Today we go back in time to try and heal old wounds and revisit history. Buzz By hosted and produced by Jonathan Goldstein and with Wendy Dorr, Chris Neary, and Kalila Holt for *Heavyweight* from Gimlet Media Buzz (Jonathan Goldstein’s father) and Sheldon (his uncle) are brothers in their eighties who have been estranged for decades. With Jonathan’s encouragement, Buzz visits Sheldon to see if there’s still a relationship left to salvage. Sandi And Princess Di By Arwen Nicks for *How...


Re:sound #259 Divided We Payphone

This hour, we trot across middle America, with a story from a Nashville neighbourhood, and a Missouri payphone that won’t stop ringing. The Great Divide By Meribah Knight for The Promise from Nashville Public Radio (2018) Big Man, a public housing resident from Nashville’s Cayce Homes, walks across the street to meet the wealthy couple who live in the fancy new home on the hill. In many ways, their lives couldn’t be more different, but in breaking the silence between the two sides of...


Re:sound #258 Tsunami Song

This hour, a deep dive into the anthem of the Confederacy, two different kinds of waves and a modern take on Romeo & Juliet. The Song By producers Chris Neary, Chiquita Paschal, and Saidu Tejan-Thomas and hosted by Jack Hitt and Chenjerai Kumanyika for Uncivil from Gimlet Media (2017) On this episode, the *Uncivil* team dig deep into ‘Dixie’, the anthem of the Confederacy only to find out that everything we thought we knew about the history of the song… was wrong. Migraines &...


Re:sound #257 Skateboarding Beatles

This hour, the most famous chord in pop music, swimming pools, skateboarders and more! The Pool and the Stream by Avery Trufelman for 99% Invisible (2017) A story in three acts, that connects one idea, born in Northern Europe, to a four-wheeled phenomenon in 1970s Southern California. Magical Mystery Chord by Joel Werner for Sum of All Parts (2017) The opening chord to The Beatles ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ is one of the most iconic sounds in pop music history. But for decades, no one...


Re:sound #256 Toccata in Dream Murder

This hour more of our faves, including Gloria Gaynor, a seventeen year-old retiree, and two spoofs: one microbiological and one murderous. Episode 1: A Perfect Murder by Katy Yeiser, David Sidorov, Ryan Natoli, and Fran Hoepfner for A Very Fatal Murder from The Onion In the first episode of “A Very Fatal Murder,” longtime Onion Public Radio reporter David Pascall, who has searched tirelessly for the most resonant true-crime podcast that is also about middle America, heads to Bluff...


Re:sound #255 Taxidermied Cows

This hour, a teenage taxidermist, a community of medical migrants who settled in Snowflake, Arizona, and, a day in the life of a sacred cow. A Cow A Day by Pejk Malinovski for Falling Tree Productions and Between the Ears from BBC Radio 3 At sunrise, on the banks of the Ganges river, the poet and radio producer Pejk Malinovski picks out a cow at random and starts to follow her. He continues to follow her until sunset. A meditative journey unfolds within the sonic backdrop of the ancient...


Re:sound #254 Pinball Poets

This hour: lawyers-turned-pinball wizards, two extraordinary minds meeting in a field of poetry and, forty years after the phrase was coined, the skinny on 420. Geis & Geis: Pinball Machine Distributors by Sarah Geis for Falling Tree Productions' Short Cuts on BBC Radio 4 When Sarah was 10-years-old, her lawyer parents decided to quit their jobs and and take a spin in the world of pinball. 420 by Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer for Criminal The Colorado Department of Transportation...


Re:sound #253 Naked Strangers

This hour an unlikely best-seller, a colorful hero and the legends of burlesque. “Naked Came the Stranger”: an oral history By Sam Kim for PRI’s Studio360 In 1969, the erotic potboiler “Naked Came the Stranger” climbed The New York Times bestseller list. According to the back cover, it was written by a “demure Long Island housewife” named Penelope Ashe. Except… that wasn’t the whole story. Becoming Barbara by Natalie Kestecher for Short Cuts on BBC Radio 4 When Natalie found herself...


Re:sound #252 Analog

This hour, three stories from the annals of analog. ‘Second Side Up’ By David Waters with Asst. Producer Robbie MacInnes and Exec. Producer Francesca Panetta for Between the Ears on BBC Radio 3 (2017) For over four decades, Mark Talbot recorded scenes from his life and used them to create a cassette radio show, which he called Second Side Up. Complete with music, interviews and phone-ins, Second Side Up sounded like professional work, but not a single episode was ever broadcast. The...


Re:sound #251 Jesse & Joe

This hour, we remember the audio work of two brilliant producers who recently passed away — Jesse Cox & Joe Frank. Part 1: Jesse Cox (5 September 1986 – 18 December 2017) ‘Keep Them Guessing’ [excerpt] by Jesse Cox for ABC RN’s 360Documentaries (2013) As a young boy, producer Jesse Cox discovered a set of old cassette tapes which turned out to be a hugely popular BBC radio show featuring his grandparents performing telepathically. The tapes had been sitting in the front room of his...


Re:sound #250 Our 250th Show

This hour, we look back on some of our favorite moments from the past 14 years of Re:sound. With former producers Katia Dunn, Roman Mars, Delaney Hall and Katie Mingle, we listen to excerpts of memorable Re:sound moments and episodes: The Karaoke Tupperware ShowThe Confessions ShowThe Phone ShowThe Transmissions ShowThe Feedback ShowThe Music of Everyday Things ShowThe Night ShowThe Centenarians ShowThe Stories from Childhood ShowThe Driving ShowThe Odd Couples Show This episode of...


Re:sound #249 The Pocket Conference Show Part 2

This hour we're going behind-the-scenes at two top podcasts: The Daily and 99% Invisible . Bringing Together Narrative and News [EXCERPT] presented by Lisa Tobin and Michael Barbaro of The Daily from The New York Times When the New York Times got into the podcast business in 2017, they hired producer Lisa Tobin, a public radio veteran, as executive producer. Lisa and her team went in thinking they would make one type of podcast and came out with something completely different. The form...


Third Coast's 2017 Audio Recap

Before the end of a busy and exciting year for radio and podcasts, the Third Coast staff got together to recap and reflect on 2017. Johanna, Maya, Gwen, Dennis and Isabel discussed the shows and moments in the audio world from 2017 that they won't soon forget... and talked about what they look forward to hearing more of in 2018 and beyond. What we won’t forget from 2017: Johanna: How much everyone wanted to talk (debate, and reconsider, and take some more) about S-Town. Isabel: The rise...


Re:sound #248 The Twisted Xmas Show

This hour, Third Coast’s take on the holidays. No Santa By John Biewen for Scene on Radio (2015) A father turns on a recorder while tucking in his 7-year-old, having no idea he’s about to capture a poignant growing-up moment in his son’s life. (Advisory: This episode is not suitable for some young children.) Vince Guaraldi: A Charlie Brown Christmas By Ben Manilla for Inside the National Recording Registry for Studio360 (2012) The soundtrack of the holidays is lousy with annoying songs...


Best of the Best 2017 (Part 2)

This hour, some of the winners of our annual documentary competition, including the Best Documentary: Gold Award winner. The Discussion — Best New Artist by Rosa Gollan for PocketDocs from ABC Radio National For some friends there's no subject too secret, or content too confronting. Rosa and Ryan have that kind of friendship. But five years after they first met, Rosa realized there was still one discussion left to have, and it wasn't going to be easy. Los Cassettes del Exilio — Best...


Best of the Best 2017 (Part 1)

This hour, some of the winners of our annual documentary competition. Featuring... Quiet Revolution — Best New Artist Award by Laura Irving for This autobiographical account follows a middle-aged woman embarking on an unconventional new hobby of roller skating. Is she a fearless warrior against age and gender stereotypes? Standing Out from the Crowd at a Trump Rally — Best News Feature Award by Ike Sriskandarajah for Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and...


Re:sound #247 The Meet the Composer Show

This hour, we're diving deep into the strange, beautiful world of modern music composition. The Producer By Alex Overington for WXQR's *Meet the Composer* (2017) Staff paper and key signatures are great for concertos and sonatas, but the composers in this story don’t think that way… in fact most of them aren’t even sure they should be called composers at all. That includes producer Alex Overington who takes us on a road trip to unravel the creative process of those who write without a...