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Josie Long’s showcase for delightful and adventurous short documentaries. Each week join Josie as she dives into a world of true stories, brief encounters, radio adventures and found sound.

Josie Long’s showcase for delightful and adventurous short documentaries. Each week join Josie as she dives into a world of true stories, brief encounters, radio adventures and found sound.
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Josie Long’s showcase for delightful and adventurous short documentaries. Each week join Josie as she dives into a world of true stories, brief encounters, radio adventures and found sound.





Josie Long presents short documentaries about food - from congee on a mountaintop to the nightmarish consequences of a family dinner. The writer Jessica J Lee tries to recreate a vivid sensory experience and Australian audio-maker Mike Williams shares a visceral story of a Christmas Eve meal. Mutual Mastication Produced by Steve Urquhart The Nightmare Before Christmas Produced by Mike Williams Congee Dreams Produced by Jessica J Lee Last Requests Produced by Hannah Dean Series Producer:...


The Other Side

Josie Long hears stories of crossing over to the other side - from radio waves permeating political barriers to the migratory routes of eels. Radio 100 Featuring Leslie Rosin, Cornelia Saxe and Gregor Schuster Produced by Leo Hornak The Other Side Featuring Laura Barton The Last Night Featuring Anny Shaw Produced by Andrea Rangecroft Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.


Mistaken Identity

The lust to escape your life, gifts that make you feel misunderstood and a mystery with an elusive man at it's centre - Josie Long unfurls stories of mistaken identity. The writer Nikesh Shukla and his friends, Nick Hearne and Robbie Lingham, talk about the frustrating mysterious character who entered their lives after they sent a lamb chop into space. The Australian producer Natalie Kestecher is horrified by a gift from a close friend and a young woman plots her escape in a call from Laura...


The Watchers

Josie Long hears stories of observation - from glimpsing who you might become to an artist who secretly surveilled her father. Rosalind Jana explores the crackle of possibility and hope in a love story observed across a crowded room, Johanna Heldebro talks about her art project - To Come Within Reach of You - in which she followed and photographed her father, and Sarah Algashgari talks about working at the first football match in Saudi Arabia that allowed female spectators. Deciphering...


Civil Disobedients

A porcine presidential campaign, the feeling of freedom in a communal action and a Danish poet who helps you re-imagine the world - Josie Long hears stories of small radical acts. Comedian and activist Mark Thomas talks about the feeling of liberty on a city street flooded with bicycles, we explore how Inger Christensen's words have fed into the imaginations of Danish activists, and we hear about Pigasus's curtailed political campaign. Pigasus the Immortal Featuring Abe Peck, Jim Lato and...



Josie Long presents short documentaries about creating something out of nothing, fresh starts and the beginning of the end. From a band that existed before they'd ever met each other to the new beginnings which bring sweet, if painful, endings in a relationship between a mother and daughter. The Dandelion Adventure Produced by Geoff Bird Good Year for the Roses Produced by Sophie Townsend Meteor Shower Produced by Nanna Hauge Kristensen Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall A Falling Tree...



A dream-like journey, a man trying to prove he hasn't died and a reflection on a eulogy. Josie Long presents documentaries where words linger long after they're uttered. Featuring the voices of the oral historian Studs Terkel, recorded a couple of years before he passed away, and the writer Julia Cooper, finding the words she wished she could offer her younger self. A Taxi Stops Produced by Rikke Houd Afterwords Featuring Jeremy Lee Bass Produced by Andrea Rangecroft Eulogy Featuring Julia...


Into the Woods

From tree climbing to getting lost in the forest, Josie Long ventures into the woods. Featuring Sook-Yin Lee on the wild forest of her childhood, the musician and radio producer Phil Smith on the love and freedom of clambering amid the branches, and a mother and daughter losing themselves amongst the trees. Climb Featuring Jochen Raiss and Leah Produced by Phil Smith Lost Featuring Rachel and Carolyn Lloyd Produced by Andrea Rangecroft Behind My House Music by Sook-Yin Lee Produced by...



Josie Long hears stories drawn from the silver screen. Luke Skywalker helps Joe Dunthorne reckon with his own mortality, the writer Ross Sutherland explores the hidden history of the audience and Amanda Foster offers an insight into the life of a stuntwoman. Luke Deathbringer Featuring Joe Dunthorne Body Double Featuring Amanda Foster Produced by Andrea Rangecroft Hollywood Forever Featuring Ross Sutherland Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.


The Answer

Josie Long presents short documentaries and stories about the quest for resolution. Years spent in search of a solution to Elgar's Enigma, an adult seeks an answer to a childhood letter and a mother records her young son's responses. The Being Sound Produced by Stephanie Rowden Get Pierced Produced by Duncan Cowles Counter Melody Featuring Bob Padgett (who runs the website The Enigma Theme Unmasked) Produced by Daniel Estrin, Jessi Carrier, Steven Jackson and Nick van der Kolk. Series...


Silent Night

A quiet walk through an abandoned prison camp in darkness, late night ambient sound in the Maasai Mara - Josie Long listens for sounds in the hush of the night. Silent Night Featuring Carl Cattermole Produced by Thomas Glasser and based on his documentary for National Prison Radio, Sounds Inside Crickets - Night - Maasai Mara Produced by Jonathan Zenti Ambient Sir Featuring Jordan Scott Jordan Scott's writing can be found at his website Lanterns at Guantánamo Produced by Jess Shane Series...



Josie Long presents short documentaries and stories about unearthly happenings - from the myths surrounding Lake Stechlin, which is said to boil whenever a major catastrophic event happens anywhere in the world, to an uneasy evening at a conference for exorcists. Possession Produced by Geoff Bird Psychic Blob Originally made for KCRW's Radio Race Music by The Black Spot Produced by Jeff Entman Lake Stechlin Featuring Jessica J Lee Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall A Falling Tree production...



Blue skies, a rainbow of strangers and lipstick shades weave through today's short documentaries about colour. Josie Long explores how it affects the way we experience the world. Blue Featuring Laura Barton Lipstick Featuring Davia Nelson Produced by Benjamen Walker I Know Light Now Featuring Vanessa Potter Produced by Leila Hussain Ring a Rainbow Produced by Dennis Funk Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.



From an island which resists invasion to a beloved city in which you can't be free - Josie Long presents a series of short documentaries where the landscape becomes a character. Ribbon Gums Produced by Sophie Townsend Resistance Featuring Lars Christian Kofoed Romer and Viola Produced by Rikke Houd Mosul Eye Produced by Andrea Rangecroft Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.


Never Let Me Go

Love lost and found, a lingering goodbye and the after image of a loved one - Josie Long presents stories of holding on. From the echoes of a partner that linger after their death to an extraordinary tale of love regained after fifty years apart. Her Name Was Jean Featuring Dennis Vinar, Karen Lehmann Vinar and Jean Voxland Produced by Andrea Rangecroft The Awkward Goodbye Produced by Duncan Cowles After Image Featuring Dr Jacqueline Hayes Produced by Edward Lawrenson Series Producer:...



A two-decade long commitment to writing a new Christmas standard, an Icelandic documentary fairytale and the comedian Mark Thomas feature in Josie Long's festive documentary special. The Night Before the Night Before Christmas Featuring Seymour Sarnoff Song performed by Jennifer Sheehan, arranged by Peter Millrose and written by Seymour Sarnoff Produced by Alex Lewis Solla Decorates for Christmas Produced by Rikke Houd Dad's Christmas Featuring Mark Thomas Produced by Sarah Cuddon Series...



Josie Long explores the way our collections and accidental archives define us. Diving into a head full of palindromes, love letters, artistic accidents and family recipes. Featuring the writer Nikesh Shukla, the illustrator Ralph Steadman, love letter writer extraordinaire Janet Gallen, and Martin Clear, the winner of the World Palindrome Championship. Janet Gallen Interview by Lina Misitzis Originally broadcast in The Heart episode Love Letters produced by Kaitlin Prest...


Long Distance

Falling from a great height and last words across a telephone line - Josie Long hears stories of relationships stretched across space. From the crossover between skydiving, Soren Kierkegaard and falling in love, to the final words uttered into the ear of a loved one on another continent. Rafadan Yumurta Produced by Phil Smith On Top Produced by Maria Donvang Alfred and Katie Featuring Dr Alfred Aidoo and Katie Stakolich Produced by Andrea Rangecroft Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall A...


The Insider

Josie Long hears stories from within hidden worlds - a doctor living in quarantine, the founder of a time travellers convention and a radio DJ offering a lifeline to prisoners. On The Inside Featuring Bruce Aitken Produced by Eliza Lomas The Time Traveller's Convention Produced by Jeff Emtman Originally made for KCRW's Here Be Monsters Music by The Black Spot Quarantine Featuring Dr Adaora Okoli Produced by Andrea Rangecroft Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall A...



Josie Long hears stories spell craft, poetry and art coming to life. What can a poet learn from a consultant sorcerer? Ross Sutherland explores the poetic possibilities of spell craft. A fragment of Sappho's poetic longing is unpicked alongside a reading by Anne Carson. And at night, in a gallery, art springs to life. Incantations Featuring Ross Sutherland and Dr Alexander Cummins After Fragment 31 Featuring Anne Carson and Jennifer Metsker Produced by Stephanie Rowden and Jennifer Metsker...