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Grace Dent presents a series documenting the untold dramas of 21st-century Britain.

Grace Dent presents a series documenting the untold dramas of 21st-century Britain.
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Grace Dent presents a series documenting the untold dramas of 21st-century Britain.




Fernandos v Nandos

On a busy street in Reading - at the front of the shopping centre - you might catch the distinctive smell of peri peri chicken. This is Fernandos. Opened in Autumn 2017, it's a halal restaurant, belonging to Asam Aziz. A huge fan of the ITV dating show, Take Me Out, Asam says he named his restaurant after the fictional island where couples are sent : "the isle of Fernandos". Some customers did wonder whether Nandos might take issue with the name - but "I just couldn't see that. Why would...


Weathering Windrush

Lloyd Grant came to the UK when he was eleven, joining his parents, who had found jobs and set up home here. As a victim of the unfolding Windrush scandal he has suffered greatly. Having worked for London Transport and had four children here, Lloyd was completely unprepared to find himself on the wrong side of what was to become an unfolding immigration nightmare. Within weeks he lost his job, was told that he was ineligible for benefits or even health care: eventually he was forced out of...


Jade's World

Grace Dent follows Jade, a games designer with autism. She's been invited to a world famous games festival in New York. Can she navigate her condition and make the trip a success? Coming to the end of University, Jade is determined to build herself a career in the gaming industry. In the games she designs, players are immersed in a simulation of Jade's experience, they must manage some of the effects of autism to advance to the next level. An opportunity has arisen for her that might be...


The Island Man

One man believes the Isle of Sheppey needs a new town council, but there are many who disagree. Grace Dent follows his campaign to restore an island identity, beyond the mainland. Brian is a retired businessman and coastguard. He's dedicated his life to improving the town of Sheerness, his home for 40 years. He's felt the town he loves had become neglected, and wanted to breathe new life back into the community. So he began a campaign to get a new voice for Sheerness, a Town Council...


In the Driving Seat

Beth has vision in just one eye. Gary is her driving instructor. Can she pass her test? Gary is a former medical rep turned driving instructor who became bored teaching 'ordinary' pupils. He now specialises in lessons for people with particular challenges, whether they have autism, or a missing limb, or - in Beth's case - just one useful eye. Beth's in her early 20s and has Stickler syndrome, a condition which led to the retina in her right eye detaching when she was 11 years old. That eye...


If the Dress Fits

Down a side street in Weston-super-Mare, a tailor is working at his sewing machine. This is Vaughan. "I'm alright, it's everyone else that's the problem." Born in Lancashire, he doesn't mince his words. And he's the go-to for any alteration you might need - particularly prom dresses. He works with the dress shop across the road, making any dress work for any girl. Last year he altered and modified 130 dresses for prom season - but it landed him in hospital with a heart attack, so this year...


After The Bridge

On 22nd March 2017, 25 year old Will Dyson was walking along Westminster Bridge, when a vehicle mounted the pavement and hit him from behind. The Terror Attack left 5 people dead and more than 50 injured. Will was one of the injured. In the lead up to the year anniversary, Will faces up to his changing views of the incident.


Child of Mine

The Untold follows an international child custody case which has caused enormous stress and pain to the Bradford born mother, Tracy, who has not seen her daughter for sixteen months. Grace Dent follows what happens as Tracy seeks access to her little girl, who was taken to the Czech Republic by her former partner during an access visit. He was within his rights to petition the courts there under the Hague Convention, which considers residency based on the length of time spent in an area...


Cutting It Straight

After meeting in prison, two men want to make a fresh start as barbers in a Welsh village. Grace Dent follows them as they strive to make life outside a success in a small community. Tom and Leon met on a prison barbering course in the middle of their prison sentences. They had always shared 'jail talk' of opening a shop together but after being released they decided to make it a reality. Together they invested their money in a barber shop nestled in the Welsh Valleys, new arrivals in...


The Choice

We follow Ruth Bowie as she travels to Ireland to witness the Irish Abortion Referendum.


Pushing the Envelope

Grace Dent follows Alan, the postman who dreams of making it as a professional actor. He has landed a role in a hit stage play, but he will have to overcome his dyslexia in order to succeed. Alan has worked as a postman in Liverpool for years, but he's now ready to pursue his true passion of a career in acting. Things have gotten off to a promising start as he has been cast in a leading role in a professional stage play. The play follows the story of the band Joy Division and is a...


Worcester Woman?

Grace Dent presents the story of Leisa Taylor: a feminist politician with purple hair and piercings who wants to make waves in Worcester. Worcester is a traditional place. It markets itself through Edward Elgar, the Cathedral and its 'Faithful City' status during the Civil War. The local political scene is almost entirely male dominated and - at the moment - Conservative. Leisa is standing for the Women's Equality Party in May's local elections - when the odds are stacked against her,...


The Commonwealth's Youngest Competitor

Anna Hursey has been playing table tennis for as long as she can remember and has managed to combine her school work with extended trips to train in China, where her mother is from and across Europe, where she can challenge herself against the top players. Her success has been remarkable and as her family prepare for the Commonwealth Games they reflect on what it means longer term and how Anna might continue to straddle the world in her quest to compete at the 2020 Olympics.


Cottage Rescue

The nephew of an elderly brother and sister fights to save their home, a thatched cottage near the shores of Lough Foyle that has belonged to their family for over 300 years. Grace Dent tells their story. The Quigley Cottage in Magilligan lies near the shores of Lough Foyle in Northern Ireland. It has belonged to the same family for over 300 years and has listed heritage status. Edward was born in it, and lives there with his elderly sister Eileen, without electricity or an indoor toilet....


Out of Their League

Grace Dent tells the story of Yeovil Town Ladies, a team of part time players who must raise £350,000 in order to turn professional and stay in the top tier of women's football. In November 2016 Yeovil Town Ladies Football Club hit the headlines with a fairy tale story. They were the part time team who had won their way to Women's Super League 1, the highest level of football in the country. A team of students, nurses and firefighters would rub shoulders with Arsenal, Chelsea and...


Out of School

Fourteen year old Mohammed was excluded from school after letting off a firework in a corridor. His Mum has been trying to get him back into education for many months now and as time passes she sees little hope of success. At first she opted to home school him, but with her work and family responsibilities she found this too difficult. She wants him to get a school place but worries about how he will settle and whether he can catch up the months of education that he's missed? Grace Dent...


The Good Fight

One man's bitter battle over his freedom to use a washing machine. Steve Norman - Stormin' Norman to anyone who knows him - is a big, loud, gruff, heavy smoker who's made it his mission to hold the authorities to account. "Facetious, obstinate, difficult - yeah I am. But I think I've got every right to be". At 59, he lives in a council block in the shadow of the M5. The flats are too small for washing machines so the block uses a shared facility, but in 2017 the council began to restrict...


The Toss of the Coin

Jackie Harrison has a 50-50 chance of developing Huntington's disease. Her grandfather, mother and uncle all died young with this devastating, neuro-degenerative disease and she cares for her younger brother who has it too. In December 2017 it seemed that there might have been a breakthrough and there's been a surge of people at risk asking for a predictive test. It's a blood test which simply tells you if you will develop the disease - but currently there is no cure. Jackie has previously...


Looking for Love

Grace Dent follows what happens when 43 year old Sharon embarks on a search for love. With two failed marriages behind her it would be easy to feel disappointed about the possibilities: not Sharon, who is optimistic that the right man is out there somewhere. When nights out at a local club fail to reap rewards Sharon turns to the internet but with mixed success: some of prospective suitors look nothing like their profile photos and whilst one or two prove to be decent, there are others who...


Jay-Z and Me

Kanan is a 30-year-old software consultant in Bristol, but for years he was a struggling musician. A few years ago after 15 years of trying to make it in the music industry, he got a day job. His first solid 9-5. To his surprise, he loved the new structure to his life. His life changed completely - he has stability and he's happy. But his secure life has now been overtaken by unexpected events. Two years ago, he wrote a song in his bedroom about a break-up he was going through. He gave it...