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A HellMart Halloween 2018

The Pumpkin King has returned! Will he battle Jimmy to the death? Probably not.


I have a New Show!

Thoreau here! I made a new show! It's called 1994 and it's premiering September 17th, 2018, but for now here's the very frist teaser trailer! If you like HellMart I think you'll like 1994. It stars James Oliva, Jordan Cobb, Paul Miscavage, Julia Schifini, Sarah Golding, Graham Rowat and many more! Head on over to htt:// for more info or simply search for "1994" In the podcast app you're currently using to subscribe! Thank you HellMart Shoppers! Spotify iTunes


July Special: Chet and Danny Blow Stuff Up!

Independence day is approaching in Strickland and there's trouble in the basement. With special guest star Sarah Golding as Regional Manager Melinda Ashe. Follow us on Twitter @thehellomart Like us on Facebook at HellMart Podcast Go to to get bonus episodes and tons of other great stuff!


Scenes From A HellMart: Meat Cute

Attention HellMart Shoppers! We have a brand new Mini-Episode just for you! This tells the tale of (not so) young love in the meat department of HelloMart. We are also just dollars away from making our first Patreon goal. We briefly slipped past it in November, and so I had to make a Christmas Episode. If we can get above $200 again, by June 11th, I'll produce a full length 4th of July episode! So tell your friends, tell your family, tell the guy that's squatting in your tool shed. You...


April Announcement

Attention HellMart Shoppers! Hi everyone, Thoreau here. This is just a quick post to let you all know about two new things we've got going on in the HelloMart this month. First, we have an Easter Episode available for you to listen to. It’s a patreon exclusive, but you can hear it now for free! Just go to or follow the link in the show notes. It's currently available for all to hear for free, but only in our patreon! And secondly, we now...


Episode 16: There's No Place Like Hell

SEASON 1 FINALE! It's the big showdown at the Hell Gates! Chet makes a choice, Jake has something to crow about and Daniel says stuff that makes people upset. Don't skip out early, the after credits teaser has a very special guest star, and a taste of what season 2 has in store with the one and only Sarah Golding of The Audio Drama Production Podcast and other innumerable productions. Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Visit our Website Attention HellMart Shoppers! is part of...


Episode 15: Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My TV

After the big heist the gang is on the run. Chet reaches out to an old adversary, and Merle gets to go for a ride. This is the penultimate episode of season one. With guest star Paul Sating as Sherrif McCoy. Attention HellMart Shoppers! is Patron Supported. Follow us on twitter, like us on facebook or leave us a review on itunes.


Episode 14: Jimmy's Eleven

Jimmy and his crew stage a heist. Chet also does a thing...kind of. This Episode features Jake Song as Security Guy 1, Laura Bramblette as Security Guy 2, and Jesse Hall as Security Guy 3. Help support the show on Patreon Attention HellMart Shoppers! is part of the fatecrafters network.


Episode 13: Working Stiffs

Chet interviews some prospective employees and Daniel and Emily pay a visit to Billy Ray, the Leprechaun. Attention HellMart Shoppers! is listener supported. Go to OUR PATREON to pledge your support. For just $1 a month you can help us stay in business. For $5 and up you get BONUS CONTENT! This episode featured special guest star Paul Sating as Jeff. Attention HellMart Shoppers is a part of the fatecrafters network. Check out other fatecrafters shows like Lake Clarity.


Episode 12 : Chet and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Chet deals with customers, employees, family, and his own shortcomings as manager. Please support us on PATREON! Go to to get bonus episodes, early access to new episodes, Stickers, Wallpapers, Music and more! Follow us on social media!


A Cold Christmas In Hell

It's Christmas Eve and Emily arrives in town with no money, no job and a terrible apartment. Will a christmas miracle solve all her problems? Maybe she'll be visited by jolly old St. Nick! It's another holiday flashback episode and this one has special guests! Rob and Slim from The Rob and Slim Show are here as KHEL Drivetime DJs. You can find them at Robert Chauncey, creator of The Tunnels Podcast, guest voices...


Holiday Schedule Announcement

Attention HellMart Shoppers! Thoreau here! This is just a quick update on our schedule for the holidays and the remainder of season 1. Our Christmas special is coming Monday, December 18th, and will be the only episode released in December, and our last episode of 2017. That does not include patreon bonus mini episodes. Or patrons will continue to get bonus Episodes through December! As for regular episodes, our next release, Episode 12, is coming January 8th, and we will then resume our...


Episode 11: Chicken Little Big Man

Daniel uncovers a nefarious scheme at the chicken farm, but is it too late for him to escape? We are entirely listener supported. Help support us and get great bonus content at follow us on twitter @thehellomart like us on facebook at


Episode 10: All The Unborn Chicken Voices In My Head

Daniel struggles to make friends at his new job. Plus more chickens. We are listener supported! visit our patreon for tons of great bonus content! follow us on twitter @thehellomart like us on facebook at


Chet's (Mini) Halloween Spooktacular! 3

Chet must face the Pumpkin Kng one last time...alone! Visit our patreon to see all the great bonus content available to you now! Follow us on twitter @thehellomart Like us on facebook at


Jimmy and Chets (Mini) Halloween Spooktacular 2

Guess who's back! Jimmy and Chet face the Pumpkin King again. Will it be a grim battle to the death? Probably not. Go to our Patreon to get extra episodes and tons of great perks and merchandise! Follow us on twitter @thehellomart Like us on


Jimmy and Chet's Halloween Spooktacular!

It's 2005 and Halloween brings a visitor and a new employee. With special guest star Rhiannon McAfee! We are Listener supported! Visit You too can get bonus episodes, early acces to new episodes and so much more! Attention HellMart Shoppers is part of the Fatecrafters Network. Visit for more info. If you like our show, check out Lake Clarity.


Big News!

Big News, Everyone! We are launching our PATREON! I love making this show. It's a true passion of mine, and I'd like to make as much of it as I can! That's where you come in! What do you get out of becoming a Patron? BONUS EPISODESMERCHANDISEMUSICHD WallpapersScriptsMORE Plus we have goals! Would you like a full series spin-off of the show? Would you like to get the show in your ears weekly and hear all new shows? Well, you can help make all of that happenby contributing at...


Episode 9: Mommy's Little Monster

The gang is interviewed about the goings on at the store. Jimmy has a choice to make and Emily prepares for the joys of motherhood. Stay tuned, our PATREON launches in ONE WEEK! Keep up to date by following us on twitter @thehellomart Like us on Attention HellMart Shoppers! is part of the Fatecrafters Network, as is Atheist Apocalypse. You can find Atheist Apocalypse at or wherever you listen to podcasts. ind...


Episode 8: Dante's Disco Inferno - Part II

Zombie Dance Party! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on twitter! Go to Attention Hellmart Shoppers! is a part of the Fatecrafters Network. We reccomend other high quality and entertaining Fatecrafters shows such as The Tunnels!