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Book Talk Radio Club interviews authors about their books and the inspiration behind their writing and genre. Authors range from Thriller genres to Self-Help and everything inbetween. Book Talk radio Club is hosted by Claire Perkins

Book Talk Radio Club interviews authors about their books and the inspiration behind their writing and genre. Authors range from Thriller genres to Self-Help and everything inbetween. Book Talk radio Club is hosted by Claire Perkins


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Book Talk Radio Club interviews authors about their books and the inspiration behind their writing and genre. Authors range from Thriller genres to Self-Help and everything inbetween. Book Talk radio Club is hosted by Claire Perkins








Tanya Vanderham Interview Cowgirl Pt I 14 Jan 2022

I'm talking to author Tanya Vanderham about her memoir Cowgirl - her life growing up on and then running a dairy farm. This is part one; part two will b aired this coming week along with Tanya's children's books Alex The Sock Monkey Has a Secret, Tippy Toes The Turtle and Patty's Favourite Shoes. These have been received very well by both reviewers on Amazon and her Grandchildren! You can find out more at


Jennifer Geiger Interview 06 Jan 2022

I'm talking to author Jennifer Geiger on Book Talk Radio Club. Spring of 2021 I interviewed Jennifer about her book Witness - a story about life with Jesus as told through the eyes of the disciple He loved. Accompanying “Witness,” she completed a companion workbook along with a video that could be used in an eight-session in-depth Bible study. However, this interview, we will be discussing her second book Patmos: God works through adversity in the lives of those who are faithful which can be...


John Stedman Interview 09 December 2021

I'm talking to author John Stedman on Book Talk Radio Club. John is the author of The Language Secret: How to Learn a Foreign Language: Or. How to Speak 10 Languages. Badly. John speaks 10 languages, but he never went to university – to the disappointment and disgust of his begowned and mortar-board-wearing masters at the highly-traditional Chatham House Grammar School. Like most English schoolchildren he never learned the grammar of his own language. In fact, he was not absolutely sure what...


B.C. Harris Interview 03 December 2021

I'm talking to Bev Harris on Book Talk Radio Club. Bev writes under the pen name of B.C. Harris. Conspiracy of Cats is Bev’s debut novel and is a supernatural murder mystery set in northern Tanzania. The book is already receiving great reviews on Amazon! You can listen in and find out more at


Harry A Milman Interview 24 Nov 2021

I'm talking to multi-genre author Harry Milman on Book Talk Radio Club. Harry is the author of Soyuz: The Final Flight, a Sci-Fi novel, A Death at Camp David, a political ‘whodunnit’ that won Best in Mysteries in Book Talk Radio Club’s 2018 Awards and his most recently published book: Forensics: The Science Behind the Death of Famous People. Forensics is an analysis and description of how coroners determine the cause and manner of death. An investigation of twenty-three deaths of famous...


Tyler Snyder Interview 18 Nov 2021

I'm talking to Tyler Snyder on Book Talk Radio Club. Tyler’s debut book is titled Romancing the Darkness and is a novel in the Fantasy genre full of monsters of mythical proportion, worlds of magic and power, forbidden love and DEATH. Sounds good! You can listen in and find out more at


Gillian Holland Interview 03 Nov 2021

I'm talking to poetess and spiritualist medium Gillian Holland on Book Talk Radio Club. If you’ve ever felt you don’t quite belong, and have spent your life conforming to other people’s expectations, this could be for you. The Wisdom Within is Gillian’s first booklet penned during the 2020 United Kingdom Lockdown. It's a collection of 21 poems, and other shorter quotes, all inspired by her daily walks in nature, as she reflected on the very early loss of her Father, and the abuse she...


Anita Allen interview 28 October 2021

I'm talking to author Anita Allen on Book Talk Radio Club. Anita was born in what was called Rhodesia and is now Zimbabwe. At the age of thirty-two Anita moved to the UK. Unfortunately, she got involved in what can only be described as a tumultuous relationship with entirely the wrong man that lasted fourteen years. Anita says "I walked into that relationship a confident young woman and came out the other side an emotional wreck." Her life finally changed when she rescued an Aussie Shepherd...


Cathy Mayes Interview 27 Oct 2021

I'm talking to Cathy Mayes. Cathy is the author of Out of the Quill Box: Came Secrets of a family I had never known. This is the wonderful story of her search to learn about her past, her heritage, and her culture. Cathy, brought up in a ‘comfortable’ home in the 1950s, was, at the age of seven, suddenly told that she had been adopted as a baby and assured by her mum that the other mother who had given birth to her loved her, but had made the difficult decision that she would be better off...


Nathan Bush Interview 23 October 2021

I'm talking to Nathan Bush on Book Talk Radio Club. Nathan is the author of The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District, what he calls a faith-based crime series, with an attitude. Nathan has been writing since middle/high school, where he was involved with the school newspaper and literary magazine but didn't publish his first full length novel until 2016. His goal in writing is simply to entertain his readers and to grow a loyal fan base to spread the word about his stories. Last...


Romy Fuchs Interview 06 Oct 2021

I'm talking to Orit Fuchs on Book Talk Radio Club. Orit is the mother of the late Romy Fuchs, a highly talented children’s author, painter and photographer. Romy unfortunately passed away at the age of twenty-two. She had a special love for children and volunteered for a long time with refugee children in south Tel Aviv, Israel, helping them with everything they needed from assisting them with homework to going with them to the beach. Children loved her very much and her dream was to write...


Bob Pierce Interview 29 September 2021

I'm talking to author Bob Pierce on Book Talk Radio Club. Bob says about his books.. “My books are typically set in real places and enveloped in real history. Though I hesitate to use the term, they can each be categorized as “historical fiction” of one sort or other. From the old west to rural New England to the streets of Prague, Moscow, New York and the troubles of Northern Ireland, each one is a tour of good and evil, bravery and triumph and reviews frequently repeat that they are...


Bob Seay Interview 26 September 2021

I'm talking to author Bob Seay on Book Talk Radio Club. Bob is the author of The Band Room which is based on some of his experiences as a classroom teacher and ‘Dad’, which is more personal and the book we will be talking about during the interview. While ‘Dad’ is fiction, the story draws heavily from his family's experiences as their parents got older. Bob is quoted as saying “In both books, I am interested in family dynamics, our compassion towards others, and the idea that everyone is...


Jim Terminiello Interview Sept 2021

I'm talking to author Jim Terminiello on Book Talk Radio Club. Jim has a fascination of ancient Rome and this is reflected in his three-book series; Caligula's Kitchen, The Oracle and the Satyress and Roman Embers; all equally well-written and full of wit and humour. You can listen in and find out more at


Andrea Johns Interview 15 September 2021

I'm talking to author Andrea Johns on Book Talk Radio Club. Andrea is the author of Like a Dandelion in the Wind. Her memoir of her life while travelling around Australia with her lovable rascal of a father. She was taught cunning, survival, love, gambling, hunting and fishing, unlike any education you get from sitting in a classroom. Taken out of school at thirteen, married at sixteen and a mother at seventeen; war and a traumatic birth of her second child only made her stronger. Evacuated...


Moeez Hatanian Interview 01 Sept 2021

I'm talking to fantasy author Moeez Hatanian on Book Talk Radio Club. Moeez is the author of Echoes For Celia and The Rise of the Omega Empress. Echoes for Celia tells of an oppressed young woman with secret powers. Just as she is about to express her love for her supportive and loving boyfriend, a shimmering portal appears, sucks them in and sends them on an interstellar epic adventure that will find Celia learning the truth about her past while attempting to fulfil her destiny as the only...


Crissie Ann Leonard Interview 26 August 2021

I'm talking to author Crissie Ann Leonard on Book Talk Radio Club. Crissie’s debut novel Letters to My Father is already receiving high praise. The novel is a touching, heartwarming, and uplifting novel about God and holding on to Him while you are in despair. Wiletta Jayne is a God-loving woman in the midst of a spiritual drought. Her strong relationship with God has been disrupted by her chaotic lifestyle, and she feels lonely and lost. Wiletta feels a strong pull to visit a garage sale,...


JD Penley Interview 18 August 2021

I'm talking to author JD Penley on Book Talk Radio Club. JD lives in North Carolina with his wife, and daughter who served as the inspiration for two of the characters in his first book titled No Peace in Death. Since the first book was published, the Penley’s added a little boy to their family. JD enjoys writing fantasy stories, with particular focus on the supernatural such as vampires and magic or immortality. He has just recently published the second book of ‘The Book of The Immortals’...


Andrea Couture Interview 29 July 2021

I'm talking to author Andrea Couture on Book Talk Radio Club. Andrea is the author of Embracing What Remains - A beautifully written memoir that delves into the complex emotions and experiences of loving someone with Alzheimer's Disease. Denial and devastation colour her life when she learns her father, Richard, a recently retired surgeon, is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of sixty-seven. Andrea rides an unpredictable wave of tears, frustration, laughter, irony, and surprising joy as...


Frances Nobles Interview 21 July 2021

I'm talking to author F.B. Nobles on Book Talk Radio Club. She Wolfe in the Shadows is Frances’ debut novel and its tag line is ‘If you poke the Wolfe, you get the fangs.’ Doctor Ava Wolfe has it all: beauty, brains, and extraordinary wealth. When “Mac” MacIntosh discovers Ava’s world, he courts her, hoping to accumulate his own wealth and independence. Ava realizes the hard, cold truth: Mac doesn’t love her. He only wants her social status and wealth. Determined to regain control of her...