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A contemporary drama in a rural setting.

A contemporary drama in a rural setting.


London, United Kingdom




A contemporary drama in a rural setting.





Josh has hesitated before telling his dad he won’t be taking the offer at Home Farm, or getting the spraying licence. He wasn’t sure he’d understand. He doesn’t want to be a hired hand for the rest of his life. At least he neatly fulfilled his task to get the harvester mended, courtesy of his contact Miserable Mick. And telling David about his decision was so much easier after that – even if he did have to put up with his dreadful taste in music, and his bad guitar playing. No, ‘Disco Dave’...



Josh has some decisions to make. Who to vote for in the cricket captaincy battle? Tracy’s great fun, and Harrison might be well organised and up for picking him for the team, but his style is boring and predictable. Josh knows who his dad would favour. At least the discussion had got them off the topic of the forage harvester. As he drills linseed, Josh wonders whether he should consider getting the spraying certificates Brian’s recommending. He’ll get more work from Adam; his dad thinks...



Tracy’s making a video – Brad reckons she should call it a vlog, but she doesn’t want to look a prat does she? Not when she’s delivering the first of ‘Tracy’s team talks’. Congratulating herself on her part in Emma and Ed’s reunion, Tracy feels it’s this sort of straight talking that the cricket team needs at its helm. They need to be practising in their gardens and discussing tactics until they can play together again. And nice guys don’t get you to the top of the league. They need her as...



David’s at the top of Lakey Hill, clearing his head. As he looks down on Ambridge he observes how life in the village has changed in recent times. Brookfield’s new business with their barn venue has gone on hold. Both Kirsty and Philip’s engagement party and Stephanie Casey’s wedding have been postponed. While a lot of things have changed, the larks and the ewes still provide their bucolic backdrop. He tries not to stress about getting the silage in; the forage harvester broke while Josh was...


Returning to Ambridge

From Monday 25 May, there will be new episodes of The Archers.


The Archers returns

New episodes of The Archers return on Monday 25 May.


An Announcement From The Archers

Things are happening a little differently in Ambridge at the moment, which means there will be no new episodes of The Archers until 25th May. But don’t worry! Until then, we will be revisiting some of the programme’s most memorable moments, with specially selected episodes from the past twenty years. Ambridge is celebrating this week. Join in different festivities each day as the village marks its great annual traditions. There’s controversy at the Flower and Produce Show, drama at the Hunt...


An Announcement From The Archers

Things are happening a little differently in Ambridge at the moment, which means there will be no new episodes of The Archers until 25th May. But don’t worry! Until then, we will be revisiting some of the programme’s most memorable moments, with specially selected episodes from the past twenty years. There’s no place like home, as the good people of Ambridge well know. This week, we’ll listen in to moments that tested each of the family farms. There will be sad farewells, an emotional...


An Announcement From The Archers

Things are happening a little differently in Ambridge at the moment, which means there will be no new episodes of The Archers until 25th May. But don’t worry! Until then, we will be revisiting some of the programme’s most memorable moments, with specially selected episodes from the past twenty years. This week, we’re attending notable matches and dispatches in Ambridge. Dust off your hats and gloves and join the guests at four unforgettable Archers’ weddings. Have you ever wondered why...



Writer, Liz John Directors, Kim Greengrass & Peter Leslie Wild Editor, Jeremy Howe Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Harrison Burns ….. James Cartwright Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Ed Grundy ….. Barry Farrimond Emma Grundy ….. Emerald O’Hanrahan Eddie Grundy ….. Trevor Harrison Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Adam Macy ….. Andrew Wincott Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Philip Moss ….. Andy Hockley Gavin Moss ….. Gareth Pierce...



Ed meets Robert in Borchester – Robert’s collecting Lynda’s medication Ed’s looking forward to shearing season and Jazzer is fully on board now. Leonie rings Robert after hearing he’ll be opening then B&B again. She thinks it’s too much work for him as well as looking after Lynda but Robert won’t be persuaded otherwise. Leonie then speaks to Lynda about taking on B&B guests and insists that she comes to help them. She’ll also bring Mungo who is desperate to see Lynda. Eddie keeps Ed busy...



Jolene and Emma discuss plans for VE Day and Emma thanks Jolene for putting her in touch with a friend who’s helping her get her life back on track. Roy, who’s found his phone, has had an odd message from the DJ for Philip and Kirsty’s wedding reception. Kirsty will return the call. she’s also made some decisions about flowers. Later, Kirsty reprimands Roy for cancelling the DJ and shows him the message the DJ received from Roy earlier in the week. Roy explains he couldn’t have sent it then...



Adam finds Pip at the playground while out for fresh air with Xander – Rosie’s enjoying the sandpit. They discuss Justin withdrawing investment from Pip, Rex and Phoebe’s idea to convert some derelict barns. Pip thinks it’s distracting them from their main rewilding project but Adam points out it’s a venture that fits nicely with their ethos. Pip decides to ask Lilian for advice on how to deal with Justin. Roy looks worse for wear after last night and what’s more he’s lost his new phone....



Philip tells Gavin that Robert turned up to apologise. Gavin wonders if the Snells will cause them any problems but Philip reckons they’ve got enough on coping with Lynda’s injuries. When Gavin suggests finding out what Roy’s thinking while they’re on Philip’s stag tonight, Philip warns him to tread carefully. Roy’s not sure he should go to Philip’s stag after the scene he caused last week. Kirsty insists it’s all forgotten and that he should go. Meanwhile, Tracy reminds Roy about cricket...



Kenton collects Shula from her Bishop’s Advisory Panel as a way of saying sorry for their row last week. Shula is pleased to see him the weekend has been full on. She’s pleased with how it went but now has to wait two weeks for the outcome. Robert has a heart to heart with Jim at The Bull. He’s finding it hard with Lynda at home when she’s keen to do things herself and get back to normal. Lynda wants Robert to apologise to Philip which he’s not looking forward to. Jim advises to do it for...



Philip catches up with Gavin who’s fed up of doing the building work and looking after Blake. Gavin’s not sure if Blake did as he was told in his interview with police and he wonders if they should get rid of him. But Philip’s adamant that they have to keep everything normal until it blows over. Later, Kirsty relays to Philip that the Snells would like to see him. Gavin doesn’t think Philip should meet them but Philip says he’s got no reason to avoid them. Robert tries to persuade Lynda to...



Tracy bombards Jolene with details of the training session she’s organised for the cricket team. Jolene’s wise that Tracy may be trying to put her off but holds her own and asks if Tracy will be giving up smoking. At Tracy’s request, Lee pushes everyone hard at the cricket training session. Tracy adds to the pressure by shouting through a megaphone. Harrison and Jolene both perform badly. After Lee’s fitness session, Tracy moves everyone onto fielding practice. Roman gives the cricket...



To stop Kirsty fretting about his interview with the police, Philip has invited Helen and Roy round for dinner tonight – he’s cooking a curry. Once dinner is served, Philip suggests that he and Kirsty have stag and hen nights. Roy asks if Philip wants to invite any family to his stag night. When Philip says it wouldn’t possible with them all in Wales, Roy asks about his nephew, Blake. Philip explains that he’s not actually Blake’s uncle, but he told the hospital he was so that they would...



Roy’s preoccupied with the fact that the investigation into the Grey Gables fire found that Blake had lit the grill. He offloads to Phoebe and asks her to promise not to share the information with anyone else. Roy doesn’t think Philip should take the blame if the cause of the explosion was down to the recklessness of one of his workers. Lynda refuses breakfast and chastises Robert for taking her right into the middle of the Easter Festival yesterday. He didn’t consider her feelings and she...



At the Easter Festival, Kenton asks Emma, who’s running craft sessions for kids, to join in when he’ll mark Lynda’s arrival with a special announcement over the PA. When Lynda, with sunglasses and hat, arrives at the Easter Festival, Chris asks how she is but struggles to find the right words. Lynda wants to stay on the edge of the event but when Kenton announces Lynda’s arrival over the PA, which makes her heart sink, Robert pushes her wheelchair closer to the action. At the unveiling of...