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A contemporary drama in a rural setting.

A contemporary drama in a rural setting.


London, United Kingdom




A contemporary drama in a rural setting.





Writers, Katie Hims and Helen Aitken Directors, Dave Payne and Marina Caldarone Editor, Jeremy Howe Ben Archer …. Ben Norris Helen Archer …. Louiza Patikas Pip Archer …. Daisy Badger Brian Aldridge …. Charles Collingwood Jennifer Aldridge …. Angela Piper Lee Bryce …. Ryan Early Harrison Burns …. James Cartwright Alice Carter …. Hollie Chapman Chris Carter …. Wilf Scolding Susan Carter …. Charlotte Martin Ruari Donovan …. Arthur Hughes Rex Fairbrother …. Nick Barber Alan Franks …. John Telfer...



Mia asks for Ruairi’s help with her environmental project. Ruairi agrees to be interviewed, but Mia’s wrongfooted when Ben turns up too. She tries to make the conversation just between her and Ruairi but wisecracking Ben chips in, pulling Mia off track. When Ruairi agrees to eat only vegan sweets from now on and Ben clocks Mia’s delight, he points out to Ruairi that Mia has a crush. Ruairi insists their connection is purely on climate change, but Ben warns him he needs to be careful of Mia’s...



Susan recounts to Jennifer, in a not altogether approving manner, Joy’s life modelling exploits. Nevertheless Joy gets Susan’s vote for parish council. Disappointed to hear Jennifer has everything in hand for Martha’s christening, Susan updates Jennifer on her own plans: party favours and Martha-shaped biscuits for every guest. Jennifer insists weakly that she sees them. She declares the biscuits ‘interesting’ and doesn’t need to say any more. Susan understands they’re not what Jennifer was...



Adam demands to know why Brian hasn’t told him Jazzer’s been offered the job at Berrow. Brian explains that’s for Jazzer himself to do. Brian had declared a conflict of interest so Neil and Martyn had the final say on selection. Adam’s cross he hasn’t time to recruit a replacement. Brian’s not in the mood for Adam’s tantrums. He doesn’t believe the demand for the fish will return. Adam accuses him of deliberate manoeuvring to force the aquaponics to close. Brian denies this, but says it’s...



Elizabeth’s shocked to hear Rex plans to sell his pig meat direct to the customer and cut ties with Bridge Fresh. She hopes her refusal to allow his pigs at Lower Loxley didn’t have a bearing on his decision. He reassures her he’d already given it a lot of thought. Elizabeth pushes Rex as to whether he’d thought much about how his pigs might benefit her business. His response intrigues her. He has lots of creative ideas for attracting new visitors, and his suggestion for outside eating...



Eddie wants Ed to give him a lift to collect something, but he’s cagey about what it is. Mia thinks Eddie and Clarrie’s relationship is lovely – soulmates. Ed detects a problem and offers to chat. He reckons teenage boys are pretty simple to work out. Mia admits the boy she’s thinking of doesn’t even know she exists. How can she talk to him? Ed suggests she starts with a topic she’s passionate about, like climate. She just has to be herself. Mia won’t divulge the object of her attentions....



Freddie finds Elizabeth in contemplative mood, and worries she’s going to change her mind about having Rex’s pigs. She changes the subject, asking reluctant Freddie if he can help Russ with the life drawing class next week. She mulls over her pig decision with Vince. She feels Rex would be high maintenance as a tenant. Vince counters that pigs have a certain charm – mayhem more like, smiles Elizabeth. She acknowledges respect for Vince knowing his own mind, and suggests he believes she...



Ben and Ruairi are burying Ben’s time capsule at Brookfield. They take a selfie to mark the occasion. Speculating on their own futures, Ruairi recommends Ben tells his parents his plans sooner rather than later. Ben breaks the news to Ruth and David that the uni course he’s on isn’t really him. He’s considering quitting. He wants to train to be a nurse. His parents wonder whether he’s ready for the hard work it will entail. Ben says he wants to make a difference to people’s lives. He’s...



Tracy visits Jazzer at work and insists on a tour of the aquaponics. Tracy’s impressed but she notices Jazzer is downbeat. She suggests finding another job – there’s one going at Berrow for a start. But Jazzer finds plenty of reasons why he’d prefer to stay at Home Farm. When Tracy says there’s no difference between pigs and fish, Jazzer quickly enthuses about pigs, proving Tracy’s point that he should go for the Berrow job. Jazzer admits his previous knock back from Berrow and Tom’s...



Jazzer turns up at Grey Gables while Tracy’s working. She’s been researching topics of conversation for when she goes to Greenacres for dinner tonight. She doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as Jade. Later, at the dinner table, Tracy shows off her knowledge of Ancient Greece but then realises it wasn’t necessary. She explains to Jim how keen she is to make a good impression with him and Alistair now she’s Jazzer’s other half. Stranded in Borchester, Lily calls on Rex and his taxi to get...



Inspired by Ben’s call for items for the time capsule, Lilian unearths some boxes of mementoes from her past. Justin is less than impressed – the capsule should have items from the present not the past. He’d prefer Lilian to stop rummaging through jumble and focus on thinking about their new business venture. But then amongst Lilian’s things is a box of Justin’s. Lilian’s eager to look through it. She finds a school play programme with Justin listed in the cast. She also finds a photograph...



Alice seeks out Harrison to apologise for her drunken behaviour last week. She wants it to all be forgotten but Harrison says can’t lie to Fallon. When Harrison repeats some of the things Alice said, she insists she didn’t mean any of it. Neil hopes Jazzer will apply for the job at Berrow now the outdoor unit’s up and running, but Jazzer’s reluctant to give up his cosy polytunnel for the hard graft of pig work. They’re interrupted by Neil’s phone – some of the new pigs have already escaped!...



Helen has to drag Lee away from Tony and his model railway. Later, Lee brings Tony a coffee and quizzes him some more. He’s envious of the escapism the hobby affords. Tony lets Lee have a go with the controls, and Lee reveals his superhero collection probably developed from childhood gifts from his much absent dad. Tony gets it; this model railway started with the discovery of The Flying Scotsman that had been John’s. Helen interrupts them, wondering where Lee has got to. She’s pleased he...



At the shop Jim takes on the assembly of a tricky display box that’s stumped Susan. She bombards him with community ideas – she’d like to run for parish council. Jim is relieved to inform her that she’s missed the deadline for putting herself forward. Tracy apologises to Jazzer for lying to Susan about their date. She explains now she’s told her children and her dad, Susan can be told. With Susan gossiping about Martha’s godparents, Tracy suggests Jazzer should have been in the running,...



Kate rages to Jennifer about Brian giving her a hard time over her interest in moving Spiritual Home to rewilding land. Jennifer wants to concentrate on planning the catering for Martha’s christening – with Fallon a godparent she’ll be busy on the day. This is news to Kate which only riles her further. Fallon arrives to chat christening menus with Jennifer but finds herself caught in the crossfire between Jennifer and Kate. As things escalate Fallon makes her excuses and leaves. Harrison...



Jazzer’s out to impress while christening plans leave Alice ragged.



Kirsty’s had a brainwave after receiving a letter from Philip’s solicitor. Philip wants Kirsty to keep living in the Beechwood house for now, but she doesn’t want to, so she suggests Helen, Lee and the kids move in and rent it. Lee and Helen are excited as they tour the garden, planning veg patches and climbing frames. Helen worries it’s too good to be true, but Kirsty reassures them it’s all legal and above board, and they accept her offer. Alice is repentant but Chris is unforgiving; he...



It’s George’s sixteenth birthday and Emma grumbles to Chris she hopes he’ll be back in time for the dinner she and Clarrie have slaved over. Will appears as they wait for Alice to arrive and together they reminisce about their own teenage tearaway years. As Martha sleeps, Chris admits he feels anxious for her but Emma says that’s normal with a first baby. When Alice still doesn’t arrive, Chris becomes nervous; she isn’t replying to his texts. He jumps when a phone pings but it isn’t Alice,...



Jazzer and Chris chat proudly about Martha. Jazzer’s struggling to find the right words for an important text but he’ll go to visit Martha soon. He gives up on the text and turns up on Tracy’s doorstep. After offering her the smellies that Jade rejected, he thanks her again for her help and admits he wouldn’t find it easy if she had a new boyfriend because he really likes her. Tracy is affronted – he’s going out with Jade! Jazzer explains he’s dumped Jade – but Tracy isn’t flattered by...



Feeling lonely in a deserted Grey Gables, Kirsty calls Helen. She feels weird after Philip and Gavin’s sentencing and her difficult year. After work, she pops round to Helen’s and returns a wedding present Pat and Tony gave her; she doesn’t want any reminders of her marriage. She feels lost she admits, nothing in her life has worked out as she imagined. Helen counsels Kirsty that setting up her own business helped her win back self-confidence. Why doesn’t Kirsty go freelance as a...