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Contemporary drama in a rural setting from the world's longest running radio soap opera. Follow the lives of the residents of the fictional farming community of Ambridge.

Contemporary drama in a rural setting from the world's longest running radio soap opera. Follow the lives of the residents of the fictional farming community of Ambridge.
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Contemporary drama in a rural setting from the world's longest running radio soap opera. Follow the lives of the residents of the fictional farming community of Ambridge.





Eddie asks Justin about servicing the portable loo – it hasn’t been emptied since it was donated to the Cider Club – but Justin is clear it’s nothing to do with him. Jill passes on her compliments about the Borchester Land Christmas Tree at St Stephens Church to both Justin and Eddie. Ben shows Ruairi where Brookfield’s new milking parlour will be. Ruairi is stunned it’s going to cost £250,000. They help Jill make stuffing and it’s decided that Ruairi will come to Brookfield for Christmas...



While out shooting, Brian tells Ruairi he can go to Brookfield for Christmas Day if he wants. Meanwhile, the contractors have finished on Low Mead. Ruairi persuades Roy to help with the Brookfield barn repair and angles for him to get Kirsty and Philip along too. Tom and Ruairi hear that Roy’s neighbours, the Kemps, are looking for tenants. Tom is interested. Ruairi leaves and Roy tells Tom that Lexi is being Adam and Ian’s surrogate. Later, Brian tells Roy he’s keen to rent from the Kemps....



Russ finds a stressed Lily who insists on supporting Elizabeth by running Deck The Hall. She reminds him that this time of year is always hard for Elizabeth. Later, Lily arrives late for lunch cooked by Russ and Elizabeth doesn’t show. Russ turns his nose up at Lily’s suggestion he helps out in the Orangery kitchen to earn some money. Shula lets herself in and meets Russ. Back for the school holidays, Ruairi hangs out with Ben and offers to David that he and Ben will find the volunteers...



Lilian pesters Lynda, worrying that Lynda’s low mood is due to her depiction of the Wife of Bath. Lynda admits they can’t use the Brookfield barn for the Tales. Lilian calls in at Home Farm and tells Brian she’s had no luck in finding a 3-bed place for him and Jennifer. Lilian finds Jennifer packing clothes. Kate is spending Christmas in South Africa. Lilian offers space at the Dower House if they don’t find anywhere. Lynda runs into Ben who is bitter about Jill leaving Bess with mince pies....



Lily shows Russ around Deck The Hall and he is impressed with the scale of the operation. Bess has recovered from eating mince pies. Jill takes mince pies to Alistair and insists on sponsoring him for his half marathon. They compare Christmas Day plans – Alistair is at Jim’s with Dan and Jazzer. Jill is tactless about the Brookfield family gathering. Russ tries to persuade Lily to return to Manchester but Lily won’t leave Elizabeth and wants to stay at Lower Loxley over Christmas. Later,...



Kirsty thinks Lynda has lost her spark; Roy knows how Lynda feels. He’s thinking about working on Christmas Day and wonders if he should have taken Phoebe’s advice and proposed to Lexi. Lily opens her birthday presents. Elizabeth still won’t be persuaded to visit Freddie. Natasha delivers a hamper to mark Pat and Tony’s anniversary as well as congratulate them on the farm’s new ventures. Natasha is grateful they have taken her seriously. She joins Tom in planting trees and invites him to her...



Lily brings Elizabeth breakfast in bed. Elizabeth panics about sleeping in but Lily reassures her everything is under control. Lily ignores a call from Russ. Later, Elizabeth tells Lily they can’t go to Les Soeurs Heureuses after all (she forgot to book but gives a cover story) and offers to cook instead. In the end, Elizabeth orders in food from the Orangery, deepening Lily’s disappointment. They both feel weird without Freddie. Elizabeth doesn’t think she can visit Freddie and Lily can’t...



Jill asks Pat what Christine is doing for Christmas as she has turned down an invite to Brookfield but Jill doesn’t know what her plans are instead. Jill goes out Christmas shopping with Shula and returns home to find Bess looking unwell after eating half a dozen mince pies. Shula and Jill take Bess to Alistair who wants to keep her in overnight. Shula asks Alistair about the vet practice sale. It’s going well but Alistair’s not happy they want to wind him down to retirement. After Alistair...



Will is late meeting Joe and Clarrie to help with plucking the turkeys because Poppy had a tantrum about going to Emma’s. David twists Ben’s arm to help him fix the leak in the barn roof and then scarpers at the sight of Lynda, leaving Ben to appease her. Clarrie has been thinking of Nic even more than usual recently. Will doesn’t know how he can stop Poppy from hurting. David tells Lynda the barn’s roof leak is considerable which means The Canterbury Tales can’t be held there. He’s...



David goes through the safety hazards for The Canterbury Tales in the barn at Brookfield. Inside the barn, Jazzer relays to Harrison how frazzled David is about the risk assessment for the show. Harrison and Kirsty go off to look at the stunt bottom Fallon has made for them. Roy continues to worry about the questions Lexi is being asked about how long she is staying in Ambridge. Will asks Roy’s advice about Poppy being up and down and Roy tries to put him at ease. Lynda is on the brink of...



Helen bumps into Lee at The Laurels and she shares her worries about going to France. Later, at karate, Helen tells Lee about the Bridge Farm Christmas Tree tradition. Lee won’t be seeing his kids until after Christmas. After the class, Lee catches up with Helen to say thank you for the handmade card from Henry. He also urges her to make the most of her time in France and then talks her through a breathing technique which will help her relax. Back at home, Helen has the The Da Vinci Code to...



Lily encourages Elizabeth to talk to the new manager, Glen. Elizabeth delegates birthday present shopping for Freddie to Lily. Phoebe is a sympathetic ear for Lily. Jolene gives Harrison a box of props which might be useful for The Canterbury Tales. Will talks to Jolene about Martyn Gibson ordering him to supply a Christmas Tree in BL colours to the Christmas Tree Festival at the church. Jolene tries to get him to see the positives. Lily finds Elizabeth feeling stressed after having to call...



Brian is being chased for an answer to the buyer’s request to have the house sale done by Christmas. He thinks they could wait for another offer but Jennifer impresses on him how much they need the money. The buyers compromise on the sale being done by New Year. Later, Jennifer has worked out that it will just be her and Brian, Ruairi and Kate over Christmas so they’ll put most of their stuff into storage on the farm and make do for the festivities. Kirsty and Phoebe persuade heartbroken Roy...



Feeling under the weather, Elizabeth delegates showing new manager, Glen, around Lower Loxley to Lily. The buyer for Home Farm wants the sale to completed by Christmas which Lilian thinks is ridiculous. Jennifer is trying to hold things together under the stress of it all. They know nothing about the buyer except that they are called Gill. Rex has a taxi job to Deck the Hall and catches up with Lily. Glen has settled in quickly. Lily’s looking forward to going back to university but she...



Tom and Helen discuss how Lower Loxley is expecting a low turnout for Deck the Hall this year. Pat has been getting compliments since Natasha’s make-up gift. Susan’s miffed about losing her “manager” title with the end of kefir. Helen admits it was Tom’s excitement about agroforestry that pushed her into buying the Montbeliardes. Jill wants to make Christmas special – it’ll be Rosie’s first and suggests to Pip and Ben that all the family should come to Brookfield for Christmas Day lunch....



Tom teases Jazzer about chasing women from his milk round. Jazzer counters that he has his eye on a more serious relationship. But Jazzer won’t name the lady in question for fear of jinxing it. Later, Johnny complains about being kept awake at night. He tells Jazzer, in confidence, that Tom and Hannah are sleeping together. Later, Tom happily reports to Jazzer that Natasha has finally answered his calls. Jazzer asks where this fits in with sleeping with Hannah. Jazzer can’t bear the idea...



Tom thanks Hannah for encouraging him to tell Natasha about their “arrangement”. Natasha was totally brilliant about it – as far as she’s concerned the past is in the past. Hannah tries to be happy for them. Later, Hannah gets very drunk at The Bull. Jazzer tries to walk her home, but she refuses to go. Natasha is staying over. Jazzer realises that the only option is to invite Hannah to sleep at Greenacres. Brian and Jennifer’s house hunting isn’t going well. Jennifer is trying to convince...



Tom gives Natasha a tour of his tiny home. There’s an awkward moment when Hannah overhears them joking about how messy she is. Hannah encourages Tom to tell Natasha about their “friends with benefits” arrangement. Tom isn’t sure this is a good idea. Hannah argues that it might look like a massive deception if Natasha finds out later. Tom takes her point, and does it straight away. Natasha is surprised, but impressed by his honesty. She’s heard of other people trying a similar arrangement,...



Lily’s decided not to visit Freddie on Friday. She’s gutted, but she’s too busy with Deck the Hall. If she stays, then Elizabeth doesn’t have to miss out again. Kenton’s very impressed with the way Lily has taken on the responsibility. But he’s keen to make sure they hire a new manager soon, letting Lily return to uni. Kenton reveals that he knows about Russ. Lily’s feeling guilty about leaving him for so long. Kenton points out that he’s an adult – he ought to understand. Lily defends Russ,...



As Neil suspects, Hannah hasn’t always been filling the trucks when she sends away consignments of pigs from Berrow. Neil gently reprimands her, but Hannah explains that the rising cost of feed has actually made this approach more economical. She’s run it by Justin, and he agreed. Neil finally concedes she has a point; he just wishes she’d explained it sooner. Later, Susan observes to deflated Neil that as the manager, it’s a win win for him. If the idea works, he was right to listen to...