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Breaking Beats Episode 40

Welcome back to Breaking Beats Episode 40. Got a pack show full of Awesome Goodies for your Audible Senses From the Likes of Treex, Dawn Wall, Nostre, Cnof, Arcatype, Total Science, Zero T, Emperor, Levela and Bert H. As always Thank you for the Continued Support and i hope you enjoy this one All the best Lee (Breaking Beats) Tracklist: Treex - Since I Saw You Bert H - Blackhouse The Invaderz - Limelight Dawn Wall - Nomad Artificial Intelligence - 1000 Souls Cnof - Heartfelt...


Breaking Beats Episode 39

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 39. Got a packed show Full of top tunes from the likes of, Anthony Kasper, Logistics, Duoscience, Ownglow, Sustance, Facing Jinx, Low r, Rafau Etamski, Bert H and GLXY, all rolled into a nice little mix for your Audible Pleasure Zones, as always hope you enjoy as much as i did making it. Big thanks to all the Listeners, supporters and followers of Breaking Beats its Much appreciated, Thank you Tracklist: Sustance - No Love Lost Surreal -...


Breaking Beats Episode 36

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 36. On this Episode we’ve got some absolute Awesome Tracks from the Likes Of Walk R, Dualistic, Jrumhand Phil osophy, Nelver, Monroe, Voltage, Tremah, Pe-Rex, Mystical Sound , Need For Mirrors and Boston to name a few, all rolled up in a lovely little mix for your Audible listening pleasure. As always big thank you to everyone who takes the time to listen, download etc to my humble little podcast its always appreciated, thank you Hope you...


Breaking Beats Episode 35

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 35, On this Show we’ve got some absolute real treats instore for your Listening pleasure, with Tracks from the likes of Treex, The Vanguard Project , Pola & Bryson Artificial Intelligence, Soul Savaz, R1CO, Chaser and Jazzatron taking you on an Audible journey through the Drum and Bass Genre. As Always Hope you Enjoy all the best Lee (Breaking Beats) Tracklist: Treex - Hopefully The Vanguard Project - 12 Hours Pola & Bryson - Delphic...


Breaking Beats Guestmix - Treex

Welcome back to Breaking Beats Guestmix. On this Episode we have Treex rolling out some audio goodness for your audible pleasure zones. Hailing from Paris Treex is No Stranger to the Drum and Bass scene with his Funk laiden Melodies and Rollin beats, your in for a real treat Thanks to Treex for taking the time out of his busy schedule to bring us this As always hope you enjoy Tracklist: Anthony Kasper - The Low Road Bo Dem Caminho - Flowrian Long Distance - Malaky Msdos Like it is...


Breaking Beats Episode 34

Welcome back to Breaking Beats Episode 34 Been awhile, but back now bringing you some of the finest (in my opinion anyway) drum and bass around. Got an episode packed full of Varied audio goodies for your Audible Pleasure Zones all wrapped up in my style of Mixing. As always Hope you enjoy Icarus Wish - Treex Clouded - Diztort Turning - DVICE ONE Waineke Wine Club - Foreign Concept Kushmeer - Original Version Promenade Viridian - Hugh Hardie Enigma - Keeno Monza - FD Old Town...


Breaking Beats Guestmix - Unit Grooves

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Guestmix. On this Instalment We Have UNIT GROOVES taking us on a Journey of Deep Liquid Dnb, those of you who frequent Mixcloud will be no stranger to Units Highly Popular “Liquid Licks Series” so your definItely in for a treat. Few words about the man at begining then were off… As always Hope you Enjoy Special Thanks to Unit Grooves for coming onboard and all the listeners and followers. Tracklist: Bulb - Distictions Of The Same (feat Tiiu) Quantum...


Breaking Beats Episode 33

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 33. On this instalment weve got Tracks From the Likes Of, Jrumhand, Satl, Nymfo, High Contrast, Racicall, Need for Mirrors, Joakuim, Greekboy and Anthony Kasper to name a few. As always Big Thanks to everyone who listens and Downloads and subscribes its much appreciated Enjoy Tracklist: Jrumhand - Enchanted By The Groove RoyGreen - Carpaccio Funk Sototek - Feels Good Flaco - You Get Lonely Satl - Kisses In The Rah Furney - The End Anthony...


Breaking Beats Episode 32

Welcome back to Breaking Beats Episode 32 On This Episode we’ve got some awesome Tracks from the likes of Lenzman, DRS, Treex, Kasper, Phil Tangent, Dave Owen, Mojoman, Silence Groove, Skeletone and Deskai to name a few As always hope you Enjoy and thank you for Listening and Following. Tracklist: DRS - This Ain’t Love Vdns - Changes Enea - Yellow Moon Funkware - Left Behinds Treex - Kindness Anthony Kasper - in The Sun Still A Friend - Silence Groove & Skeletone The Vanguard...


Breaking Beats - Episode 31

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats episode 31. Happy new year to all the Listeners and followers of my show. Kicking off 2017 with Episode 31, Included in this episode we have Tracks from the Likes of Big Bud,Basic Forces, Treex, A Sides, Command Strange, Liquitek, Drum Force 1, GLXY, Inside Man To name a few, Also a Promo From Mystic Trips new EP (The Right Time EP) curtesy of Rotation Deep uk (Thank you). As Always Hope you Enjoy Tracklist: Big Bud - Gospodi Beat Spectrum - Drum...


Breaking Beats 70 Tune 1hr Christmas Special

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats 1hr Christmas Bonanza, Decided to do a little christmas mix to get you in the mood for all the up and coming partying. This Mix has Seventy tracks rolling thru, taking you on a fast and furious Journey, hope you enjoy. i would like to thank all the listeners, subscribers and downloaders a very Happy Christmas and an Awesome new year, all the best Lee Breaking Beats


Breaking Beats - Episode 30

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 30 On this Instalment we’ve got some real top tune treats for your audible pleasure Zones from the likes of LSB, Marvel Cinema, Spective, Donkai Kong, Soultec, A Sides, Silence Groove, Digital Organix and High Performance to name a few. As always Hope you Enjoy and please feel free to leave comments Special Thanks to Frank Leppard for the photo Tracklist: LSB- Missing You In - Deed - Just Ain’t The Same Mohican Sun - Lost Village Marvel...


Breaking Beats - Moments Vol 2

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Continuing on with the Moments Series and bringing you some of those classic Tunes from yester Year, that defined my Journey through Drum and Bass and im sure yours too. As always hope you Enjoy Thanks for tuning in. Tracklist: Future Bound - Sorrow Expressions Pt- 1 (Tango Remix)- Dave Wallace Bringing Me Down - Tayla Let You In - DJ Pulse Everything - Higher Sense Heaven - Carlito Trippin’ On Broken Beats (Carlito Mix) High Times - Big...


Breaking Beats Episode 29

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 29 On This Episode we’ve got some Awesome Tracks From the Likes Of Bert H, Oddsoul, GLXY, Lenzman, Radicall, Twintone, Kitcha, Hidden Wave, Control Change & Need For Mirrors to name a few. Special Thanks to everyone who follows and listens to the show and as usual Hope you Enjoy Tracklist: Deep Inside - Bert H Nightfall - Oddsoul Unfinished Business - Cosmology Dakota - Twintone Soul Deep - Furney Make It Through - Karma Luminescence -...


Breaking Beats - Moments Vol 1

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats, Got a Brand new series for you “Moments” Playing some Classic Tracks and less well known gems from days gone by. These are all tracks that inspired my Journey through drum and Bass. Hope you enjoy this series Tracklist: Camouflage - Seba Continental - Drift Nookie Circle T - Power Elysian Fields - Artemis Transamazonia (LTJ Bukem remix) - The Shamen Feenin LTJ Bukem Mix - Jodeci Who Are You - Omni Trio Soul 2000 - Seba One a Only - PFM Wanna...


Breaking Beats Episode 28

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 28 on This Episode we have some absolutely Beautifally crafted Tracks from the likes of Mitekiss, Payback, GLXY, Humanature, Jazzatron, Actraiser, Azhot, Degster, Furney and Nelver to name a few. As usual i hope you enjoy and i really appreciate the followers and positive comments that i recieve. Tracklist: Spencer - Mitekiss Drawing With Light - Actraiser Feel It Comin’ - Azhot Antihero - Technimatic One More Time - Humanature Second Sign...


Breaking Beats Episode 27

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 27 Been a bit longer than usual, busy doing Life Etc, Anyway got a packed show for you, with some Awesome Tracks From the Likes of Basic Forces, Nu Logic, Silence Groove, Pola & Bryson, Nymfo, Marcus Intalex, Phil Tangent, Marga Man, Ed it, Joakuim to name a few. Please feel free to comment and as usual hope you Enjoy Tracklist: Pauszek & Gushito(Basic Forces Remix) - Airy Monday Nu Logic - Watercolours Logistics - Tell Me True Silence Groove -...


Breaking Beats Liquid Drum and Bass Mixshow-Episode 26

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 26. On this Instalment we’ve got some of the Smoothest tracks around at the mo and few im sure you know, from the likes of Random movement, Basic Forces, Silence Groove, Sektor Low 5, The Harmonist, Locksmith, Duoscience and Zero T to name a few. As always hope you Enjoy Tracklist: Side Hustle - Technimatic Fly Away - Madcap Magic Moments - Locksmith Stolen Soul - Javano I Know Astral - Valley Voyager - Calibre Wave Rhythm - Noulan Metro -...


Breaking Beats Guestmix - Radicall

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Guestmix. On this Episode we have a real treat instore for you with Producer/Dj **Radicall** laying down some absolute Beauty’s taking you on a Sonic Journey through the DnB Landscape, this is one mix your gonna deffo come back to time and time again. As always Thanks to all the Followers and Listeners on the various platforms. Hope you Enjoy Tracklist: Radicall - Rainy Season (Disturbed) Mortem - Whispers (IM:LTD) Radicall - Omniture (Celsius) Amoss -...


Breaking Beats Episode 25

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 25. On this Episode we got some Lush tunes from the Likes Of, Philth, Satl, Makoto, PFM, Villem, Mcleod, Radicall, Mojoman and Proktah to Name a few. As always hope you Enjoy Tracklist: Get That Feeling - PFM YGMYC - Makoto Far from Home - Avalon Rays Gonna Be - Rho Air - Philth Seamless - Villem, Mcleod, Zero T Rendez Vous - Malaky Satl Driftwood - The Vanguard Project Anyway - Radicall Mirror - Mojoman Elephant March - Proktah Track 8 -...