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Holler 19 - October 2018

The by now standard homebrew of mangled earscapes, big switches and bass belters. Expect a wonky trip-hop selection on this one, mutant dancehall for the sufferahs and more for the first hour before things fall apart as we lose the run of ourselves with some hot off Soulseek 128kbs 2step selections and rave. Tune in for the good stuff from folks like Andy Mac & Ossia, Mosca, Ital Tek, Lemonick, Wagaon Christ, Simo Cell, Lone, Luke Vibert, TSVI, Laurel Halo, Rufige Kru, Manni Dee and Sophua...


Holer 18 - September 2018

Listen in as Holler celebrated its 18th birthday on Dublin Digital Radio - ddr. To paraphrase Aretha Franklin, we may be “just 18, but we're old men in disguise." So tune in for another bout of ill-prepared mangling. Beardy started off this one with some drone, from the likes of Chra, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Dean Hurley before turning to lush ambient from Dedekind Cut. Watch out for that mournful descent into the gut wrenching poetry of North Yorkshire’s Adelle Stripe. It will hurt. Reddy...


Holler 6 - May 2017

The one that nearly made it across the line, as Ciaran literally eloped with somebody else half-way through. Starting off sound scapey with bits from Sophia Loizou, Fiz, Kuedo and Ital Tek and Mark Pritchard before ramping into the dread bass of Kahn and Neek and creepy crawlers from the likes of Killjoy. Bursts of bruk out from Masika, Lady Chann, Killa P and Daddy Freddy, into junglism from Pessimist. Before sailing home with eye wobble laden piano, hardcore and bleepy numbers. This one...


Holler 3 - December 2016

Chockablocka riotious dancehall, sheer skank, weirdo house and somewhere in the middle a dose of rousing dub poetry via Mataburuka and Bobby Konders.