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5 Ways to Curate Texts That Inspire Readers

Students need to be surrounded by books that inspire them to read and rejoice in books. But how do we curate those texts to inspire our readers? Julie Wright gives practical advice for librarians and all of us teachers (including me) who like to surround students with rich texts that inspire reading. www.coolcatteacher.com/e550 Sponsor: Advancement Courses is today's sponsor From now until September 28, Advancement Courses, an online provider of professional development for K-12 teachers,...


Equity Programs in New York State

Dr. Anael Alston is Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Access, Equity and Community Engagement in the New York State Education Department. He talks about what works to engage young men of color in education and his journey and passion for helping all students engage in school and do their best. If this is your heart's passion, you'll want to hear what Anael has to say. www.coolcatteacher.com/549 Advancement Courses is today's sponsor From now until September 28, Advancement Courses,...


Giving Teachers Choice in their Professional Development

Meredith Akers is a principal who has been using some unconventional methods of teacher PD. In this episode, she talks about the revolutionary way she recently held teacher PD (using video instruction and face to face meetings) and what she learned. Let's give teachers choice in their professional development about what they learn. Of course, we all must continue to improve our craft of teaching and need to learn, but giving choice as to content can make professional development more...


Secrets for Fun, Engaging Computer Science that Changes Kids Lives

Alfred Thompson has secrets that transform Computer Science classrooms. Yet, he shares them openly. Project-based learning. Passion-based learning. Problem-based learning. These three P's of teaching perfection have been a mainstay in Alfred's classroom for many years. In today's episode, Alfred uncovers how his classroom works, the impact it has on student lives, and how his students learn outside their classroom. Congratulations to Alfred for winning the Computer Science award at ISTE - it...


Using Amusement Parks, Mud Runs, and Escape Rooms to Inspire Your Classroom

Student engagement! We need it! Today's guest, John Meehan, shares inspiring stories that help us use amusement parks, mud runs, and escape rooms to inspire exciting lessons in our classroom. John is the author of EDrenaline Rush: Game-changing Student Engagement Inspired by Theme Parks, Mud Runs, and Escape Rooms. Get excited. Let's do this! www.coolcatteacher.com/e546 Advancement Courses is today's sponsor From now until September 28, Advancement Courses, an online provider of...


5 Ways to Step Back from Burnout

In the high-stress, fast-paced job of teaching - burnout can happen to anyone. In today's show, we talk about recognizing burnout, how to get help, and steps to tackle it when it happens. Amber Harper, an expert on the topic of burnout, discusses what we can do to help ourselves be our best for our students and families. www.coolcatteacher.com/e545 Challenge: Take the burnout quiz. Amber Harper - Bio As Submitted Amber is a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator and her mission is to...


Opportunities for Genuine Student Leadership

Students need real leadership opportunities - not just running a note to the office or other tasks that may be called "leadership" but really aren't. Adam Welcome, co-author of Empower our Girls: Opening the Door for Girls to Achieve More www.coolcatteacher.com/e544 After listening to today’s show, I think you will take one of two challenges: 1 - Give students a genuine way to lead in your classroom. 2 - Have a conversation with a colleague about student leadership and how your school is...


Speed Presentations: Help Students Improve Presentation Skills Rapidly

Presentation skills are an essential skill for students to master. How do you help students improve when there are many students in the class. Robert Donatelli has a solution: speed presentations. Learn how to use this technique to help students improve their presentation skills. www.coolcatteacher.com/e543 Professional PD Challenge Today’s challenge is to try speed presentations in your classroom or in your teacher professional development. Rob Donatelli - Bio As Submitted RRob...


How Turning on Location Services Could Save Your Life

Pam Shoemaker is getting ready to retire from teaching. As she and her husband were returning home from looking for places to retire, a storm arose. While location services can be used to perhaps compromise our privacy, in this case, it may have saved Pam's life. Hear her story and learn how to examine your own location settings for safety. www.coolcatteacher.com/e542 Podcast PD Challenge Your challenge today is a safety challenge for you – and one other person of your choosing. Pick a...


Closing the Attitude Gap – Building a Bond from Day One

He didn't like school. But now he's been a principal and written ten books and travels the world helping principals and educators learn how to engage today's students -- especially inner-city youth. Baruti Kafele has inspiring words for us on today's Motivational Monday episode. He has authored ten books, recently the Principal 50: Critical Questions for New and Aspiring School Leaders and Closing the Attitude Gap: How to Fire Up Your Students for...


5 Strategies for Coaching Instructional Excellence

Sherry St. Clair gives us principles for effective instructional coaching. Targeted to both administrators, instructional coaches, and technology coaches - Sherry has five practical ideas to get us started. Sherry is the author of Coaching Redefined: A Guide to Leading Meaningful Instructional Growth. www.coolcatteacher.com/e540 Today's Challenge Today I challenge you follow Sherry's advice and build relationships. If you want some ideas, many people have shared their ideas on this tweet...


Effective Grouping Strategies in the Classroom

Today, you’ll get advice for creating grouping strategies for your classroom from an expert teacher and author on the subject. Barry Hoonan, author of What Are You Grouping For? (Grades 3-8 - how to Guide Small Groups Based on Readers, Not the Book)helps us understand how to start our school year with a plan for grouping students in reading groups that works. www.coolcatteacher.com/e539 Your challenge today is to plan several ways you can make groups 1 – Try thought partners 2 – If you...


Breakout EDU in Adult PD and College Education

BreakoutEDU is a box with locks that also can be a great educational experience. In today's show, Lucy Manley shares how breakout boxes are becoming an exciting part of her college's educational experiences including Freshmen orientation. www.coolcatteacher.com/e538 Today, your Podcast PD challenge is to create a breakout EDU experience with your students. I’ve written a post to give you 5 ideas for bringing breakout EDU into your classroom along with free links to free Breakout edu...


STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Tyler - a 7th Grade App Builder Spurred on By Genius Hour

Today, you’ll listen to a young man who became an entrepreneur as a result of his school’s genius hour. Listen with a purpose and prepare to get your daily challenge at the end and a link to the blog post I’ve written inspired by this show “7 Ideas for Student Genius Hour and Passion Projects” www.coolcatteacher.com/e537 Bonus Material: I’ve linked to Tyler’s app at coolcatteacher.com/dna - Your challenge today is to plan one genius hour experience for your students this year. Put it on...


Motivation to Thrive Your First Few Years of Teaching

Today, let’s make our profession better by focusing on how we can encourage new teachers and each other. Edwin Thomas Minguela reflects upon his first two years of teaching. As you listen to what he has learned and his encouragement for teachers, reflect upon your early years of teaching and how you can help new teachers in the profession. www.coolcatteacher.com/e536 Along with this episode I’ve released a new blog post “8 Ways to Help New Teachers Thrive” – check the show notes and stay...


The Human Side of Change in Education

Change has a human component. In fact, without helping people change - there isn't any change. Today, Julie Wilson, author of The Human Side of Changing Education shares how we can supercharge change by helping people become part of it. www.coolcatteacher.com/e535 Prepare for your classroom for the fall with one of two free webinars from Linda Kardamis, select a free class on classroom management or one on Respectful, Responsible and Engaged Students in this series targeted to Christian...


What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Teen Dating Abuse

One in four teens will experience teen dating abuse. Teen dating abuse is on the rise and is being compounded by the pressure on teens to portray a "perfect relationship" on social media. So, when a teen admits what is happening, sometimes people don't believe her or him. Today Ashley Bendiksen talks about teen dating abuse including the surprising signs and what teachers and administrators should know. Check out the challenges and notes at www.coolcatteacher.com/e534 Sponsor: Prepare...


Math Class PBL: Create Memorable Learning with Projects

Math teacher Lauren Harris had a problem. Students weren't remembering important concepts from the previous year that she knew she had taught. How could she help students remember? Her answer is that she includes meaningful projects in her curriculum. In today's show, Lauren gives us a quick overview, how-to, and ideas for planning your own projects that will help students learn and remember. www.coolcatteacher.com/e533 Sponsor: This post is sponsored by Times 10 publications, publisher of...


8 Epic Edtech Tools to Try This School Year

Innovate and try some new apps. Today, Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers, talks about eight edtech apps that you should try. (He also shares a bonus fitness opportunity for educators.) Listen to the show and learn how it is used and follow the links in the show notes below. www.coolcatteacher.com/e532 Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Times 10 publications, publisher of Sanée Bell's new book, Be Excellent On Purpose, Intentional Strategies for Impactful Leadership....


11 Principles for an Amazing School Year

Back to school is here! We're starting up the year with principal Dr. Sanée Bell, author of the new book, Be Excellent On Purpose, Intentional Strategies for Impactful Leadership. Today, Sanée shares her eleven principles from the book and gets us motivated for an epic school year. (We've also included the transcript.) Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Sanée's publisher, Times 10 Education publisher of the Hack Learning series and the new Lead Forward Series of which Sanée's book is the...