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Your transformation station! A weekly educational program to help you live your best life and accelerate your career!

Your transformation station! A weekly educational program to help you live your best life and accelerate your career!


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Your transformation station! A weekly educational program to help you live your best life and accelerate your career!






PUTTING THE L.O.T.O. ON 3PHASE RADIO / An important announcement to you

Just like putting a Lock Out / Tag Out on a live circuit on a construction project so that important work can be done safely, we are pressing the pause button on the 3PHASE RADIO program until July 2021. This was not an easy decision but is completely necessary so Jeff can focus 100% of his attention on some very important work. Listen in to this episode for all the details. Thank you for your understanding and Jeff sends much gratitude for all the wonderful support of the...


HOW TO BUILD CONFIDENCE! A Quick Win in Leadership Essentials.

Have you ever wished that you had more confidence? Today's 3PHASE QUICK WIN is designed to get you on the right track to becoming a more confident Leader! Sometimes a lack of confidence can be what’s holding us back from getting to our next level. You know, that Self-doubt, those Limiting beliefs and our pesky Ego mind causes us to get in our own way. Approaching a situation, problem or task with confidence is a wonderful feeling and a skill that each of us have and are capable of...


"GOOD MONEY" What does that mean to you?

How often do you hear the term “GOOD MONEY” ? Have you ever gave thought to what that means to you? Today on 3PHASE RADIO, we’re going to redefine that term “GOOD MONEY” to work specifically for you. I’m grateful you're here! CHECK OUT OUR NEW COURSES AND MASTERMIND PROGRAM! Support the show (https://patreon.com/3phaseradio)


SCALING UP & AGING DOWN! Helping 2 FB Group Members with their Biggest Challenge!

What’s up, all of you amazing people?!? Thank you for being here right now! In this final episode of the Q&A series of your January 3PHASE Radio FB Group Live sessions, we answer two great questions: Tune in to get energized and to hear the answers! Don’t forget to join the FB Group so you don’t miss out! Are you ready for transformational career or business coaching? Click HERE! Support the show (https://patreon.com/3phaseradio)


BACKSTAGE PASS Part 2/ FB LIVE Q&A: What’s a Schedule of Values? How Can I Reduce Lower Back Pain?

In this episode, we help one of our 3PHASE Coaching members with his question when we unpack a contract Schedule of Values and how to leverage that as 3 tools for your project. The second question is in the health & wellness realm and may help anyone who suffers from chronic lower back pain. Are you prepared to energize? Listen in now! Are you ready for transformational career or business coaching? Click HERE! Support the show (https://patreon.com/3phaseradio)



If you’re reading this right now, I want you to know two things: #1: I’m grateful for you! #2: Regardless of what you’ve been through or may be going through at the moment, You are EXACTLY where you need to be in life right now! In Today’s episode you get a backstage pass to our 3PHASE RADIO Facebook Live Q&A session from January 6th where we answered two questions from our listeners. The first question was from Shayne, asking about my transition from license to Leader. Funny thing about...



If you’re just starting out in business as a residential and light commercial electrical contractor or an already established business trying to grow and your unfair advantage strategy is price cutting, discounts and working harder than the competition, then you'd better listen up! Today I'm going to help you to reprogram and set up for success! So many Electrical Contractors default to these strategies to secure projects and beat the competition because they see the other guy doing it,...


EMPLOYEE vs. ENTREPRENEUR/ The Pros & Cons of Both

Are you on the fence about making the leap and starting your business? Today, we'll explore some pros and cons of EMPLOYEE vs. ENTREPRENEUR that may help you decide whether to stay put or start planning! Support the show (https://patreon.com/3phaseradio)



This is a bonus training episode taken from the 3PHASE Membership platform archives. If you’re a commercial electrician, this episode is for you! It took years to develop these methods, systems and processes and I want to save you that time and get you closer to where you need to be to running the largest of commercial electrical projects. By condensing decades of experience into easy to consume bite-sized pieces, this episode is built to build your confidence! Listen in to level up! I’m...


WHY DO YOU WORK? A money lesson

Why do you work? The answer may seem obvious at first. Today we’re going to look for that answer through a new lens and you may just change your mind. Warning: If you are only working for the money, this approach can eventually lead to issues such as: It can also lead to burnout from chasing money, one of the top reasons that I hear from electricians that give up their so called business and give into becoming an employee again. These are all negative emotions that will definitely have a...



Happy New Year! This is an episode to help you on your journey to develop your development skills, both in life and in your career and explains how we learn best. Here you’ll learn: Remember, I’m here for you! With love and gratitude, Jeffrey Mort Support the show (https://patreon.com/3phaseradio)


WHY RESOLUTIONS FAIL & How to Create Permanent Change

With the new year in our sights, millions of people resolve to make personal or professional improvements but most fail by February. In today's episode, I’ll help you unlock the door and step into your true and full potential for the upcoming new year! Are you ready? In this episode, you’ll learn: I wish you all a successful and prosperous new year! LINKS: 3PHASE Radio Episode 23 Mud/Wtr Coffee alternative Support the show (https://patreon.com/3phaseradio)


HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Why The 3 Wise Men Were Wise

Happy Holidays! I'm grateful for all of your support this year and hope you enjoy this festive episode! Don't forget to ASK JEFF your questions for the January FB Lives every Wednesday! Support the show (https://patreon.com/3phaseradio)


COVID IMPACTS ON MENTAL HEALTH: What Businesses & Leaders can do for their people.

It's no surprise that the pandemic is mentally taxing. In today's episode, I'll bring to you real statistics on the Mental Health impact from covid-19 and some solutions for what Business Leaders can do to be resilient and to help their people stay physically and mentally healthy. Contact the NAMI HelpLine to find out what services and supports are available in your community. The NAMI HelpLine can be reached Monday through Friday, 10 am–6 pm, ET. 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or...


LEADERSHIP: START-STOP-KEEP / 3 Questions That Make a Better Leader!

If you’re as passionate about personal and professional development as I am, you’ll love today’s program because I have 3 questions that I use as an effective tool to become a better Leader, both at home and in the workplace. Have you tried Mud\Wtr yet? What are you waiting for? It's an amazing and healthy alternative to coffee. Get yours today! Support the show (https://patreon.com/3phaseradio)


HOW TAI CHI MADE ME A BETTER LEADER & The First 3 Lessons I Learned

I often mention my extra curricular practice of becoming a tai chi athlete and today, in this Health &Wellness episode, I’ll share an ancient secret about the first three lessons I learned, how those made me a better leader, parent, friend and how it all helped me to live my best life & accelerate my career! Show sponsor: Mud\Wtr Support 3PHASE RADIO with your purchase! Support the show (https://patreon.com/3phaseradio)


THANKSGIVING 2020 SPECIAL: How to Attract Opportunity with Gratitude!

I am GRATEFUL FOR YOU! With the thanksgiving holiday in our sights, I want to express my gratitude to you for listening by sharing my number 1 tool that was given to me for attracting new and amazing opportunities into my life! In this episode you’ll learn: The first step to get unstuck and move towards living the real dreamUnderstanding one of the 7 laws of the UniverseAn energy dynamic you will not learn in schoolA 5-Step plan to attract new opportunitiesHow to avoid failureA successful...


HOW TO MANAGE STRESS OF 2020: An Essential Health Protocol

With the holidays rapidly approaching this time of year can become super stressful under normal circumstances. 2020 has certainly added a new level of stress to most people’s lives. In this episode, your Host and health & wellness enthusiast, Jeffrey Mort guides you through his journey and lets you borrow the tools he used to manage his stress from a once level 10 down to a level zero. Today you’ll learn: What brought Jeff’s stress to a level-10 and him to the ERWhat stress does to the...


3PHASE RADIO 2.0 Clarifying the Message

Today is like an open house at 3PR, and Jeff is going to revisit one of the most downloaded episodes and showcase the WHY and purpose of the platform to clarify his message and spotlight the intent of the program. In this episode, you’ll learn: You’ll also hear why Jeffrey Mort is all in on investing his efforts to serve and to elevate you with his mastery of craft and business skills, Leadership and most of all, health & wellness. Listen now! Mentioned...


THE ILLUSION OF CONTROL: A Principle of Self Leadership

In this mini-episode, Jeff brings to you a lesson of self-mastery that he hopes will be as powerful of a tool for you as it is for him. Listen in now! Support the show (https://patreon.com/3phaseradio)