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Entertaining, educational and informative interview program hosted by public speaker and communication expert, Con Koutsikas. Con chats with a broad array of guests with unique perspectives and experiences in all areas of life.




Entertaining, educational and informative interview program hosted by public speaker and communication expert, Con Koutsikas. Con chats with a broad array of guests with unique perspectives and experiences in all areas of life.





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A Cuppa with Sabine Christelli, Holistic Sleep and Deep Neuro Rest Scientist

HOW WELL DO YOU SLEEP? We know one of the most important aspects to our overall health is the quality of our sleep, and I know for many out there, a good night’s sleep is either a distant memory or worse, a fantasy. My guest on this episode is Holistic Sleep and deep neuro rest scientist, Sabine Christelli. Sabine also has · Bachelor of Science (Hons) (biochemistry /immunology) and Graduate Research Certificate in Sleep Research. · NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Internationally trained Kundalini Yoga teacher, specializing in breathing, but taught all aspects of this deep yogic practice for nearly 15 years · Podcaster Sleep Easy, keynote speaker, corporate workshops and Available for private sessions and consultation. All contact details and social media handles in the show notes below. We discussed · Currently director of sleep & rejuvenation partnering with lux resort The Reef House Boutique in sunny Palm Cove by the coral sea and the amazing Daintree! · Where does the interest in sleep come from? · Benefits or importance of good quality sleep. It optimizes life. Mental clarity, better digestion, and so much more. · Fair to say poor sleep can be a result of either physical or psychological issues or both. Are you in pain, how is the room temperature and overall bedroom atmosphere? Is it conducive to a good night’s sleep. · Alcohol and coffee consumption, foods to avoid or eat more of? · What do you see as the main causes of poor sleep? Not winding down, stimulants and blue light. · For someone who has very poor sleep patterns, where can they start? You have to listen to this! · Is there a place for drugs and over the counter melatonin? You can email Sabine at hello@sabinechristelli.com - all other links and details are on her website: www.sabinechristelli.com Free download of meditation to wake up with confidence! The best way to start and gather aligned passionate action and then have the energy to learn the unwinding way for deep neuro restful sleep that has you wake up feeling refreshed: https://www.sabinechristelli.com/product-category/meditation/


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A Cuppa with Hayley Osborne, Small Business Growth Strategist, Marketing Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur

Does your business have a marketing plan? Does your content 'talk to' or 'talk with' you consumer? My guest on today’s episode is Digital Marketing Expert, Coach to serviced based businesses, Business strategist, Podcast host, Speaker, Mumma of 2 boys and Wannabe chocolate connoisseur, Hayley Osborne. As a Serial entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant, and Small Business Growth Strategist, Hayley is driven by a passion to empower Australian small businesses by demystifying and simplifying marketing. Hayley Recognizes small businesses as the backbone of our economy, and is dedicated to ensuring owners harness the power of effective marketing strategies to propel their businesses forward. With a track record of working with hundreds of small business owners since her business’s inception, Hayley has facilitated growth through strategic positioning, dynamic lead generation, and converting potential customers into profitable ventures. Not afraid to call BS on marketing tactics and trends that are designed to confuse and offer false hopes to businessowners, her approach has not only won her accolades & deserving recognition but has also been a testament to the tangible success stories of businesses she has transformed. Further testimony to Hayley’s success, she is a highly sought after speaker and commentator having been featured in multiple mainstream media outlets and most recently, Hayley is being featured on Kochie’s Business Builders Show Notes · Let’s talk chocolate! · The power of storytelling. Facts tell stories sell. We need to create an ‘Origin Story’ We need to ‘talk with our audience, NOT talk to them’ · How to position yourself as the go to in your industry. Hayley shared her ‘MAPS’ framework. Market, Audience, Problem you solve and Solution or Transformation your clients will achieve. · How to become a credible source. · Hayley’s best 3 marketing strategies. · The importance of synergy and being aligned in all your touch points. · The value of your data base and how it can potentially add zero’s to the sales price of your business. · Have a plan. Fail to plan, Plan to fail. Email hayley@socialsoul.com.au Web www.hayleyosborne.com Instagram @hayleykosborne Podcast The Hayley Osborne Show


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A Cuppa with Karina McDonald, Cerebral Palsy, Special Needs Care Advocate

My guest on this episode described getting divorced and giving birth to her son Jake, with quadriplegic cerebral palsy as the best things that have happened to her. Karina McDonald, has an active family of five, She is a mother to 11-year-old Sienna and Jake 8 and stepmother to 12 year old Jace. Jake lives with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, he in non-verbal, non-mobile, PEG fed, experiences seizures, regular operations, and medical appointments. Karina juggles a team of 14 doctors, specialists, therapists, and support workers to manage Jake's needs, as well as works full time and, family and life stuff. Karina describes Jake as a cheeky, fun-loving boy who loves socialising and going out and about. However, Getting out and experiencing life becomes more difficult as Jake gets older, heavier and his needs become more complex. Rather than miss out on these experiences, Karina co-developed a concept that allows people with disability to get out to events with dignity, hygiene, and respect. Karina also worked with Women's and Children's hospital to change the process for special needs children and family’s management. Some of the questions I asked Karina: · You described getting divorced and giving birth to her son Jake, with quadriplegic cerebral palsy as the best things that have happened to you. · When did you find out about Jakes condition and what were the conversations with the doctors and ex husband? · Your in a relationship since the divorce, how did that all transition? I struggle with my kids let alone someone else’s? · What is PEG fed? · What does a day look like for the family and Jake in particular. How do you find time to work? · How regular are the operations and what are some potentially coming up. · What were some of the glaring shortcomings of the system in relation to Jake? · Tell us about the concept you co-developed and the work you have done with the Womans and Childrens Hospital


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A Cuppa with Leah Baylis, Breast Cancer Survivor, Business Woman

OVER 20,000 WOMEN WILL BE DIAGNOSED WITH BREAST CANCER THIS YEAR AND MORE THAN 3,200 WILL LOSE THEIR BATTLE WITH THIS INSIDIOUS DISEASE. My guest on this episode shared her very personal journey as a wife, mum, business owner and breast cancer survivor to raise awareness and the importance of making your health a priority. Leah Baylis is the Managing Director of Champagne Recruitment, a wife, mum of 3 who at 43 years of age, on October 14th 2022, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hormone Receptive Breast Cancer and a week and half later, she was undergoing her double mastectomy. Leah shared · History of breast cancer in the family. · Was your discovered in a routine check or did you have a concern? · Tell us about the family conversation when you found out. · What is Hormone Receptive Breast Cancer · Recovery time · Plastic / reconstructive surgery · Regular checks And interestingly, 1 in 500 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Leah’s strong words of advice: · Regular check ups · The importance of support. You don’t have to do it alone.


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A Cuppa with Russell Voss, Not Your Typical Relationship Counsellor, Speaker

My guest on this episode is 'not your typical' Relationship Counsellor or personal development Speaker. With over three decades of expertise in psychology, neuroscience, and metaphysics, Russell Voss, affectionately known as Russ, is a transformative force like no other. From his disciplined years in the Royal Australian Navy, earning his Bachelor of Social Work Degree and after a significant life 'correction’ at the age of 40, Russ can transform your relationship like no other. He's worked in crisis centres, healthcare facilities, and even remote regional Australia, bringing hope and healing to individuals and families, wherever he goes. Russ has considerable experience around suicide intervention and prevention and his mission extends much further—to change our culture of disposable relationships and lower Australia's appalling divorce rate. His mission is to ‘help couples avoid divorce in Australia with counselling, and rediscover happiness, so they can be amazing role-models for their kids. Here are some absolute gems Russ dropped: · If its not right before, it won’t be right after. · Relationships are not to be controlled, but to be negotiated. · You can only show love and respect to others to the extent you love and respect yourself. Show Notes · Share about your life prior to 40. Where did the interest / pursuit in psychology, neuroscience, and metaphysics come from? · Tell us about your life ‘correction’ at 40. · Statistically, 30% of marriages will end in divorce and 60% of ‘second time’ marriages will end in divorce. Staggering numbers. Why do you think the figure is higher for ‘second timers’? · Discuss ‘culture of disposable relationships’. Is it easier to get a divorce today than 10-20 years ago? · What are the fundamental issues you see? The 5 main reasons are Commitment, Infidelity, Conflict, marrying too young, Finances, substance abuse and domestic violence. Not root cause? These are perhaps symptoms? · What makes you a transformative force like no other? · How can we lower the divorce rate? Fair to say the relationship didn’t go sour overnight? · Top 3 tips if you feel your marriage is heading in the wrong direction. o Understanding and owning your ‘stuff’ o What the other person says is only a point of view, don’t take it personally. o Any reaction is as a result from your past. To follow Russell and learn more about his work follow the links below: You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHKffK0BVRmW670vKedU9oQ Personal Fb: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100085603443877 Business Fb: https://www.facebook.com/russvosslifecoaching/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russell-voss-b6071b304/


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A Cuppa with Stefania Puleo, Dating and Relationship Therapist, Coach and Author

On this episode, we are going to try and answer THE question that is on the minds of most men, What do woman really want? To help answer that question is Dating and Relationship Coach/Therapist and acclaimed author of 'Master the Language of Attraction, Stefania Puleo After two decades of absorbing women's intriguing 'man-gossip' as a hairstylist and personal trainer, Stefania seamlessly channels her insights to empower high-achieving men in dating with confidence to attract their ideal partner for harmonious, successful relationships. Drawing from her extensive interactions with thousands of women throughout her career, Stefania keenly sensed their discontent with their men. This awareness inspired her mission to guide accomplished men in attracting partners who value them beyond their financial status. Stefania's expertise has earned her invitations to speak on prestigious stages and podcasts, where she divulges the secrets of 'What Women Want.' She's also a sought-after guest for men's empowerment workshops and events. Show notes: · What a place to research…. The salon and Gym. I actually met my partner in the salon! · What did you learn from these conversations? What were the common themes? · So, What do women want? Men are confused. independence or opening doors? Gender equality boardroom / femininity · What are men doing wrong and what should they be doing more of? · Does she only want me for my money? · Who should pay on the first date? · What is the impact of age? Older men seeking younger women? · Stefania’s top 3 tips: o Don’t take rejection as rejection, its only feedback. o Don’t react, be measured in your actions o Don’t characterise ‘all woman’. Access your free gift here FREE GIFT: 5 Keys To Attract Your Ideal Partner https://freegift.thegentlemensquare.com/ You can follow Stefania on her socials, see her events and reach out by following the links below https://thegentlemensquare.com/ https://www.youtube.com/@TheGentlemenSquare https://www.instagram.com/gentlemens_square/ https://www.facebook.com/thegentlemensquare Facebook Group Successful Men Attracting Their Ideal Partner https://www.facebook.com/groups/4735749366475733 https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefania-puleo-4a025916a/ https://www.tiktok.com/@thegentlemensquare?lang=en Book: Master The Language Of Attraction By Stefania Puleo https://amzn.to/3QKUHVu LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/thegentlemensquare


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A Cuppa with Suzanne Ingleton, Eating Psychology Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist,

ARE YOU AN EMOTIONAL EATER? CAN’T STOP AT ONE TIM TAM, YOU NEED TO EAT THE PACK? My guest on today’s program is Eating Psychology Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist, Suzanne Ingleton. Suzanne has dedicated the last 20 years to helping 1000's of people to be the healthiest versions of themselves by prioritising their mental, physical and emotional wellness. Suzanne Ingleton is from SA Weight Loss Hypnosis and is known as "The Weight Loss Coach", Suzanne is dedicated to helping women and men to break free from the dieting cycle, borne from lived experience that spanned over 40 years. Suzanne specializes in emotional, binge & overeating, and shows people how they CAN have peace and freedom around food and body for good! Suzanne shared: · What were some of her personal challenges with food? · What motivated her to help others? · The global weight loss and weight management diet market size was valued at USD$ 190.35Billion in 2023 and projected to grow to USD$391 Billion. Literally 1’000’s of diets. How much misinformation is being spread? · Why are we emotional eaters? · Moderation is the key. I can’t eat 1 row of chocolate or 1 biscuit from a new pack? · What are some of the core ‘beliefs’ we have around diet and food which don’t serve us? · Explained why weight is not the problem but a symptom and how stress is the biggest blocker to weight loss. · You should avoid eating and screens for at least 3 hours before bed. If you must use a screen look at Blue Light Glasses. · Her 3 top tips o Eat slowly. Be present and enjoy. o Get good quality sleep. An hour on the lounge or broken sleep patterns don’t count. o Your smallest meal should be dinner. To reach out to Suzanne, head to SA Weight Loss Hypnosis


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A Cuppa with Louise Bedford, Share Market Trading Expert, Best Selling Author and Speaker

My guest on this episode is one of Australia’s most compelling speakers on the share market and best-selling author of six books on investing and trading. Louise Bedford has been trading the markets since 1990 and has trained thousands of people to maximise their own trading potential. Louise is a behavioural finance expert and has degrees in Psychology and Business. Known as ‘the corporate executive who lost the use of her arms and achieved financial freedom by trading with a pen in her mouth’ – Louise inspires people to achieve their trading best. Her presentations are not about vague concepts that don’t work in the real world. They are about incredibly practical, time-saving strategies that you need to implement in order to become an extremely successful trader. Her key areas of focus are using candlestick charts, trading psychology, pattern detection, the impact of neuropsychology on trading decisions and trading crisis management. Officially crowned as Australia’s ‘Candlestick Queen’, she’s known as the trader that brought this fascinating technique to Australia. She’s been running the 6-month repeat-for-free www.tradinggame.com.au Mentor Program since the year 2000, and she’s also the founder of www.talkingtrading.com.au, a free weekly trading podcast. Show Notes · What is a ‘behavioural finance expert’? · Let’s go back to the beginning and tell us how your trading journey started. · It’s been said that trading is basically looking into a crystal ball…..how does the past define the future? · Warren Buffet famously bet a million dollars with a high-profile fund manager that he could create a better 10 year return purely by investing in a mutual fund and won the bet. · Let’s look at the key components: · Trading psychology · Pattern detection. · the impact of neuropsychology on trading decisions · trading crisis management. · Fair to say day trading is not for the faint hearted / risk averse? · Where should we start? · What amount is a practical starting point? · Louise’s top 3 tips 1. Be careful who you associate with. 2. Be willing to ‘self-assess’. You have to be honest with yourself with where you are at. 3. Find an unreasonable friend. A friend who will be honest with you. For more information about Louise, podcast, resources, and her programs, follow the links below. www.tradinggame.com.au www.talkingtrading.com.au


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A Cuppa with Rik Schnabel, Australia's #1 Brain Untrainer, How Mindset Magnifies Money

HOW IS YOUR BANK ACCOUNT LOOKING? For many, it’s not anywhere near as abundant as they would like it to be. So, how would you feel if I told you there is a direct relationship between your mindset and your bank account… Your mindset in fact, magnifies money. My guest on this episode to share his knowledge and expertise is one of Australia’s leading transformational coaches, Rik Schnabel. Rik is a businessman, leader, mentor, author, and coach with his transformative company, Life Beyond Limits. Coaches from all over the world respect his expertise and flock to be trained and mentored by him. When you’re looking for a behavioural expert, Rik IS the man. With over 38,000+ coaching hours, Rik turns the impossible into possible and the ‘cant’s’ into ‘cans.’ Rik is not just theory, he is in fact, living proof. Back in 2002, he was about to be fired and at the bottom of the sales ladder when he had an epiphany. An epiphany which had him become the best salesperson in the company’s history! He effectively untrained his own brain and today, he coaches others to design their best life and ultimately live out their dreams. Rik dropped gold nuggets throughout the interview and shared: 1. His background and life around money leading up to 2002. 2. With $27 in his bank account and a child on the way, he was sick and tired of being sick and tired. He shared his thoughts and painted a picture, his mindset / state leading up to the epiphany? We are only motivated by Pain or Pleasure. 3. We talk about ‘we are only 1 decision away from a different life’ What decision did you make? What path /actions did you subsequently take? 4. He explained the relationship between your mind set and money. Does it work both ways? Your mindset in fact, magnifies money, both abundance and lack. 5. People don’t work for money; they worry for Money! That blew me away. 6. Its not what you think about but HOW you think about it. 7. The comment he often gets from people. ‘Oh, but you don’t understand, my circumstances are different…… 8. How and when was our brain trained and how do we ‘untrain’? 9. What are some tools / strategies the audience can start to implement now? Rik shared and explained his ADD concept. Accept, Decide, Detach To learn more about the amazing work Rik does and how he can help you, check out his website here: https://lifebeyondlimits.com.au/


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A Cuppa with Rachael Treasure, Australia's Best Selling Author and Regenerative Agriculturist

On This episode, I am joined by literary royalty, My guest is Australia’s bestselling author and regenerative agriculturalist, Rachael Treasure Rachael has been dubbed an agricultural activist, farm feminist and literary pioneer and has worked as a rural journalist, radio broadcaster, jillaroo, professional wool classer, veterinary nurse, stock camp cook, high country cattle drover, truffle sniffer dog handler and family farm manager. Rachael sparked a publishing boom in 2002 when her first novel Jillaroo woke the world up to contemporary women’s stories beyond the city lights ‘Jillaroo’ has become an iconic work of contemporary fiction, changing the face of Australian publishing, and kick-starting a boom of rural women’s fiction. Her 8th novel “Milking Time” is due for release in May 2024 She is also co-founder of Ripple Farm Landscape Healing Hub, a 100-acre regenerative farm in Southern Tasmania that showcases Natural Sequence Farming, soil health principles, ecological restoration, and holistic farming. Rachael shared: Milking Time To learn more about Rachael, her views on agriculture and to buy her products, head to her website https://www.rachaeltreasure.com/


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A Cuppa with Samantha Boardman, Personal Budgeting Expert, Author, Radio Host

We are constantly being reminded of inflation and the cost of living crisis. My guest on this episode is Personal Budgeting Queen, Author and Radio Host, Samantha Boardman. Samantha founded ‘Spending Made Easy’ in July 2016, after being made redundant from her corporate job 12 months before. At Spending Made Easy they are experts at budgeting, and they take all of the stress, worry, panic, uncertainty, and often sleepless nights out of your mundane and tedious day-to-day finances and budgeting. Sam absolutely LOVES what she does and has even written a book called “Budgeting Is Crap” (because it is, right?). Sam is on a mission to get as many people as possible with a Spending Plan! Spending Plans change lives! Sam is also a regular contributor on a new internet radio station; “Podcast City Radio” Sam shared the following: · How it all started. · Budgeting is crap. Samantha explains why. · The ‘a cost-of-living crisis’ · What are some of the biggest challenges people have when they come to you. · Buy now, pay later, Afterpay etc. instant gratification. Parent s did not buy until they had saved the money. · The danger of payday loans · The importance of couple’s communication and working toward a common goal. Also, transparency And Sam shared her top 3 tips. 1. Always start with your outgoings NOT your income. 2. Don’t be embarrassed, ask for help! 3. Have a plan. (Fail to plan, plan to fail) To reach out to Samantha, here are her details. Website; https://www.spendingmadeeasy.com.au/ Email; sam@spendingmadeeasy.com.au Click below to follow her on her social media. Facebook Instagram Podcast


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A Cuppa with Theo Venter, Miracle Survivor, Author, Speaker, Safety Advocate

Theo Venter is the only person known to have survived 22,000 volts and 1,200 amps through the heart and lived to see another day. When Theo removed his insulated gloves while working on a damaged transmission pole, he made a decision that would impact himself and his family in ways he couldn’t have imagined. But why did Theo, an experienced linesman, make what the safety industry would tell us was a poor decision? As a result of his experience, Theo’s purpose was clear……….to save others from having to experience something so horrific. Theo has formed the six bedrock foundation pillars, extricated from his story, that will transform a workplace culture on a deeper cellular level. “Just Another Day” takes an in-depth look at the way in which workplace culture dictates safety, breaking through the many myths and misunderstandings associated with our safety industry. Theo is also the co-author of Get Real and Convenience Kills. Here is what we chatted about.: Tell us a bit about your background and how you became a Linesman? Its February 13th, 2006.Tell us about ‘that day’ The obvious question is ‘why’?Were there any circumstances which impacted or influenced your decision?Talk us through what followed. The impact on his relationship.What work did you do to defeat the black dog? He chose to believe there was hope.What are your 6 bedrock foundation pillars?You subsequently did significant research speaking to thousands of employees, senior leaders including executive leaders and hundreds of incident investigation, what did you find? How much pressure is there for people to make ‘expedient’ choices?Theo also shared his '6 Pillars' For more information about Theo and his unbelievable story, head to his website at https://theoventer.com/


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A Cuppa with Rebekah King, 'The Brain Changer', NLP Master, Speaker and Coach

A recent study by the mental Health Foundation in the UK found that in the past year, a staggering 74% of people have been so stressed that they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. My guest on this episode is Rebekah King, The Brain Changer. Rebekah is a · Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)Master Practitioner · Hypnotherapist · Speaker and life coach. As a former corporate professional who, for years, navigated depression and anxiety. Rebekah reached what seemed like an insurmountable low. A pivotal encounter with a renowned Australian Coach, led Rebekah to delve deep in to understanding her mind's mechanisms, where she embarked on a transformative journey to rewire her thinking. Her own remarkable journey inspired Rebekah to effect radical shifts in her life, becoming a source of strength and inspiration to others seeking liberation from anxiety and self-limiting beliefs. Drawing from her experiences and coupled with her impressive qualifications, she now guides people in retraining their brains, facilitating immediate and profound transformations, earning her the moniker, ‘The Brain Changer’. Her clients have seen incredible shifts that have completely transformed the trajectory of their lives for the better, moving from feeling stuck, anxious and unhappy to motivated, calm and confident. Unlocking your beliefs: the key to personal and professional transformation Manage stress amid anxiety and sort out your life. The essential ABC to retrain your brain The power of language: eliminate anxiety and transform your life through words Unlock the secrets of behaviour change with neuroscience. We discussed: "I didn't want to live, but I knew I didn't want to die".Rebekah's ABC , To learn more about Rebekah's work or to reach out, here are her links Email rebekah@moonbeammonday.com.au Website https://www.moonbeammonday.com.au/


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A Cuppa with Nick Lee, Founder and Chairman of The Jodi Lee foundation, Corporate health expert, co-director and partner of Healthy Minds.

THIS EPISODE MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE………BOWEL CANCER….. Now that I have your attention, once considered an old persons disease, there is an alarming increase in both diagnosis and death in younger people. Here are some frightening statistics: 1. Bowel Cancer is now the #1 death by cancer of 25-30 year olds 2. This is up from #9, 40 years ago. 3. Now the 4th most common cancer, there has been an 11% increase in under 50’s My guest on this episode of ‘A Cuppa with The Con Versationalist’ is Nick Lee, Chairman of The Jodi Lee foundation, corporate health expert and co-director and partner of Healthy Minds. With a beautiful family and working as a director of multi-national consumer goods company, Nick Lee had good reason to be happy and optimistic about his future. That changed in an instant when his wife Jodi was diagnosed with stage IV bowel cancer at the age of 39. After battling with the disease for 2 years, Jodi passed away in 2010. We all face critical hurdles in our lives, but when we do it is how we react that determines our future health and happiness. After Jodi’s death Nick made the brave decision to leave his job and use his experience to do all he could to stop others suffering a similar experience. He established The Jodi Lee Foundation to inspire others to protect themselves against bowel cancer and make positive choices to improve their health. The work of the Foundation has saved many Australian lives. Nick was a 2015 SA Australian of the Year finalist, and was awarded the 2013 Social Entrepreneur of the Year (Central Region) by Ernst and Young. In 2022 Nick was awarded The Medal of the Order of Australia. Nick receives this recognition for his service to the community through the not-for-profit sector (Jodi Lee Foundation) and commitment to raising awareness for the early detection and prevention of bowel cancer. During this eye opening and captivating interview, · Nick shared his story. · What were the symptoms and what you should be looking out for. · Was there a delay in diagnosis and is there an ‘age barrier’ to diagnosis? · The dramatic increase in cases and deaths in under 50’s and even more alarmingly, under 30’s · The valuable work of the foundation through research, education and support. · There is a 99% survival rate if there is early detection. · The importance of screening and questioning your doctor. For more information about the life saving work the Jodie Lee Foundation do, head to their website at https://jodileefoundation.org.au/


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A Cuppa with Dr Tim Mahlberg Sie, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Director Stone and Chalk SA

Innovation is the future. Innovations in Green Technologies, Space and Artificial Intelligence are impacting our world. Stone and Chalk at Lot 14 in Adelaide South Australia is at the forefront of innovation and it’s having impact on a global scale. My guest on this episode of ‘A Cuppa with The Con Versationalist’ is Innovator, entrepreneur and impact -driven Director of Ecosystems at Stone and Chalk, Dr Tim Mahlberg Sie With a curiosity for people and culture, a passion for community, and a dedication to creating impact, Tim has had a diverse career spanning corporate, non-profit, higher education, startups, and service industries. Qualified as an organisational psychologist, he’s been developing individuals and organisations for nearly 20 years. He has a doctorate from The University of Sydney which explored new ways of working with purpose to drive innovation in large institutions. At Stone & Chalk, Tim is the General Manager for South Australia, where he is working to grow our innovation ecosystem and inspire the next generation of innovators. The Adelaide Hub of Stone and Chalk has a population of 200 residents, has supported over 100 startups who have created over 1000 jobs in emerging tech, and are now valued at over $250 million We chatted about: · Tim’s work in such diverse sectors, and what lead him into those industries. · What makes Stone and Chalk so successful and unique. · The great work by April Hobbs to highlight innovations in South Australia through her book, ‘Innovate Adelaide’ You can view on line here https://bit.ly/3OLrh8q or to get your copy, reach out to April at Innovations of the World at april@innovationsoftheworld.com · Tall Poppy syndrome. · The amazing technologies in South Australia. There are over 100 space companies here! · Key Innovation into the future. To see some of Tim’s thesis, follow the links below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOeS-5U7d7E https://ses.library.usyd.edu.au/bitstream/handle/2123/24269/mahlberg_tj_thesis%20%281%29.pdf To see more about Stone Chalk follow the link below. https://www.stoneandchalk.com.au/


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A Cuppa with Dr Tom Nehmy PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Global Speaker

DR TOM NEHMY IS A CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST WITH MORE THAN 20 YEARS’EXPERIENCE. His passion is preventing psychological problems in people of all ages while also enhancing resilience and wellbeing. His doctoral research in developing the Healthy Minds Program produced the world’s first prevention program to prevent the onset of symptoms of depression, and anxiety while also reducing risk for eating disorders. He was subsequently awarded the 2015 Flinders University Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. Tom is a prolific public speaker and corporate Trainer across Australia and overseas and has coauthored ten scholarly articles in peer-reviewed scientific publications. He is the author of the book 'Apples for the Mind: Creating emotional balance, peak performance and lifelong wellbeing', and his work has been featured on Triple J, ABC Radio, 7 News, Power FM, Radio Adelaide, in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Advertiser, and beyond. See below all the links to reach out to Tom and purchase his book. We discussed: · Where his interest in psychology began. · There is an increasing higher level of community awareness of mental health. Is it becoming a bigger problem or are we just talking about it more? · Are we more stressed or do we have more to be stressed about? · The impact Covid had on our mental health was well documented. What good, if any , came out of Covid? · Developing the Healthy Minds Program which produced the world’s first prevention program to prevent the onset of symptoms of depression and anxiety while also reducing risk for eating disorders. · Self Esteem vs Self Compassion. · The bullying in schools as a result of social media and how parents and teachers can help the children and also themselves. · We have choice. · Steps we can all take to help with out mental well being. To learn more about his work or to reach out to Dr Tom Nehmy follow the links below: www.healthymindsprogram.com www.tomnehmy.com Get a copy of his book, ‘Apples For The Mind, Creating emotional balance, peak performance and lifelong wellbeing.’ With this link: https://books2read.com/u/3Jye0J


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A Cuppa with Maggie Yarak, Patent and Trademark Expert, Commercial Lawyer

ARE YOUR TRADEMARKS, PATENTS AND IP (Intellectual Property) PROTECTED? HOW VULNERABLE ARE YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS FROM ILLEGAL USE OF YOUR IP? WHAT WOULD THE COST BE IF YOUR IP WAS COMPROMISED? On this episode I chatted with experienced commercial lawyer, trademark and patent expert, Maggie Yarak. Maggie has over 20 years experience in both the private and corporate sectors including banking, outdoor media, franchising, consumer and aviation and having negotiated international contracts to the value of $400 million. We discussed: · What lead her into law. · The challenges she faces running a business with 2 boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder. · What is the difference between copyright, trademark and patent? · When should a business consider protecting their IP. · We discussed a recent case of an Australian woman whose website, product and all images including those of her children was completely copied. · How can business best protect themselves. · The most common, ongoing issues she sees and how they can be avoided. · How you can check if your ideas are new and can be protected. For more information, to follow her on social and to get in touch with Maggie, follow the links below. https://yourlegalpartner.com.au/ https://yourlegalpartner.com.au/free-resources/ https://www.facebook.com/ylplegal https://www.instagram.com/ylplegal/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/ylplegal/


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A Cuppa with Darren Fleming, Global Speaker, Trainer and Author

HAVE YOU EVER HAD TROUBLE CONCENTRATING? Perhaps your focus isn't as good as you'd like it to be. Or do you have one of those inner voices that constantly berates you and holds you back? The good news is you're not alone. Everyone has these issues. It's how they deal with them that determines their level of success. My guest on this episode of ‘A Cuppa with The Con Versationalist’ is Darren Fleming. Darren is a speaker, author and trainer to some of the largest companies in Australia and around the world including CISCO, Caterpillar and Komatsu. His latest book Mindset Mastery was published earlier this year and is currently being translated into Japanese. In it he shows you how to deactivate distracting thoughts, quieten that inner voice so you can have the concentration and focus you need to get through the day. Darren has studied psychology at UniSA and philosophy at Oxford. And each year he puts himself through a 10-day silent meditation retreat which he says teaches him more than any university course ever could. In this jam-packed episode, Darren shared his insights on: · The conflicting information is popular self-help books and the one common aspect of them all. · We spend 20 minutes convincing ourselves we want chocolate then when we finally give in, we spend the next 20 minutes berating ourselves. Sound familiar? · Some people are open to sharing success such as new cars holidays on social media, yet some don’t. Darren shared his thought process around eventually sharing his childhood dream which he recently achieved. · Imposter syndrome, fear of failure and procrastination. To learn more about Darren and his work, head to his website at https://www.darrenfleming.com.au/mindset-mastery.


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A Cuppa with Jodie Atkinson, Grief Recovery Specialist, Speaker, Author and Entertainer

HER HUSBAND PASSED AWAY 37 DAYS AFTER DIAGNOSIS. On this episode, Jodie Atkinson shared her journey which rose from the ashes of devastation after losing her husband to Pancreatic Cancer only 37 days after diagnosis. Being acutely aware of her own lack of preparedness to face her grief, she not only sought help for herself but a deep desire to help others. From becoming a' Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist' to her work with community organisations to writing her book, 'Have You Met My Grief' to amazingly having her book transformed into an Award Winning Cabaret Show which premiered at the 2023 Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival, her journey has been nothing short of inspirational. I last spoke to Jodie over 2 and half years ago and lots has happened! We talked about: If you are looking for a speaker for your community, have been touched by loss or would like to know more about Jodie's work, reach out to her at info@jodie-atkinson.com.au


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A Cuppa with Derrick McManus, Former Star Force, Speaker, Trainer, Founder Centre for Human Durability

Doctors told him that he shouldn't have lived! Shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds from a semi-automatic weapon, he lay bleeding for 3 hours before he could be rescued. As if this is not unbelievable enough, he returned back to FULL duties within 2 1/2 years. On this episode, I chat with former Elite Star Force officer, Derrick McManus. He shared his harrowing story and how it lead him to a career as a renowned keynote speaker, trainer and founding 'The Centre for Human Durability' where his programs provide tools to go beyond resilience, to sustainable Optimal Performance. We don't all face the prospect of being shot multiple times in our working days but the lessons Derrick shared benefit managers, leaders and business owners to be prepared and perform at an optimal level. Derrick spoke about: Oh and don't miss his story at 10:30.........putting his thumb between a trigger on a pistol whilst wrestling with an offender! To learn more about Derrick's story and his work, head to his website at https://humandurability.com.au/