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A Podcast devoted to the sharing of information and ideas relating to EMS.

A Podcast devoted to the sharing of information and ideas relating to EMS.
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A Podcast devoted to the sharing of information and ideas relating to EMS.






Episode 005 - Spontaneous Responders or Bystanders

In this episode, we discuss the dynamic of identifying the difference between Spontaneous Responders and Bystanders. Is there a difference? I believe that there is. As first responders how can we identify the difference? How can we more effectively utilize Spontaneous Responders on large scale incidents and what are some considerations we have a moral obligation to consider? We'll explore this topic in more detail, as well as review some programs in place that are driving the discussion, on...


Episode 004 - Pre-Hospital Pain Management with Dr. Parkolap

Being able to provide pain management to your patients, is an essential part of pre-hospital medicine. Although, there is a balance to maintain between reducing a patient's pain level and reducing the patient's mentation, making continued care in the ED difficult. On this Episode, I talk to Dr. Parkolap, ER Medical Director at Westside Regional Hospital and Medical Director for Plantation Fire Department about the important considerations involved in pre-hospital pain management, the outcome...


Episode 003 - Dr. Roach - Emerging Interventions

In this discussion with the Chief Medical Officer for Broward County Sheriff's Office Fire Rescue, Dr. Roach, we explore the use of Whole Blood, pre-hospital, for the Hemorrhagic Shock patient. This intervention is currently being used on the Sheriff's Office Air Rescue Unit. There are discussions taking place to expand the program in the future to ground units. Dr. Roach also briefly discusses the use of TXA for the Traumatic Brain Injury patient. We also briefly discuss Heads-Up CPR and...


Episode 001 - Purpose

It is now more important than ever, for the EMS community to share information. This includes data which is essential for the evolution of EMS in this country, across all systems, regardless of their composition. Information sharing allows us to develop best practices, update and evolve our protocols, track changes and relevant data for interventions, and share our collective experiences. We strive to provide this information on this Podcast. www.EMS.gov has a great 2-minute video on its...


Episode 002 - Life after EMS

At some point, each of us will have to hang up our gloves and trauma sleeves and move on. How do we do that, EMS is a calling, it's not easy to just start from scratch. What's that transition like? On this episode, I talk to my friend Theresa Curbelo, who not only retired from a 30 year EMS career but remains involved in the EMS community through fundraising and assisting in organizing in EMS related conferences and events. Web sites we discussed: Firefighter Cancer Initiative Fire...