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Join Chad Chelius and Dax Castro (CHAX) as they chat about important document accessibility topics, trends and maybe even complain a little now and again.

Join Chad Chelius and Dax Castro (CHAX) as they chat about important document accessibility topics, trends and maybe even complain a little now and again.


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Join Chad Chelius and Dax Castro (CHAX) as they chat about important document accessibility topics, trends and maybe even complain a little now and again.




Effective Accessibility Goal Setting for 2022

Start out the new year right by setting your accessibility goals for 2022. Listen in as Chad and Dax talk about how to set your goals by evaluating where you are in some key categories of accessibility and how to set a game plan for growing your accessibility skill set in 2022. Score yourself from 1 to 10 in each of the areas we talk about. Then develop a game plan to improve in those areas and re-evaluate yourself every 3 months to keep accountable.


Automating Alt-text descriptions

In this episode we cover ways to increase productivity when assigning alt-text for large libraries of images. Topics include: • Automating Alt-text • How to make writing Alt-text easier • Storing Alt-text in Meta Data • Creating Alt-text in bulk • Alt-text Object Styles for InDesign • Alt-text Headline, Title and Description • Three ways to set Meta Data • Importing Accessible Styles • Setting default styles for every document


Demystifying Accessibility Compliance Standards

Join Chad Chelius and me, Dax Castro as we unravel the question "What standard to do I follow?" Learn when should I aim for AAA Compliance and the difference between WCAG and PDF/UA. Find out how to know the document is really accessible? We discuss some tips on writing alt-text vs providing alternate formats and be sure to stick around and listen to my first call with Be My Eyes and how it completely failed!


Job in Accessibility: Roles and Salaries

This week Chad and I take a look at the roles companies are hiring for in the field of accessibility. We talk about: We also talk about choosing a company with accessibility as a core value and the importance of properly training your accessibility teams. Bonus Content: The Validity of PDF as a format in Higher Education


Guest Jeff Lawrence: Implementing Accessibility in a Team Environment

Guest Jeff Lawrence, Senior Program Manager of the Creative Services Team at the World Bank talks with Chad and Dax about his journey in implementing accessibility for his team. We discuss the reasons for starting, the struggles along the way and the great progress he and his team have made. Don't miss the our tips for accessible bullets and end notes and I bet you will be surprised at the answer Jeff got when asking the Client to pay more for accessible documents. You definitely want to...


Why Accessibility isn't Black and White

In this week's podcast Chad Chelius and I talk about being part of the IAAP - International Association of Accessibility Professionals Accessible Document Specialist Exam group. We discuss why Accessibility isn't Black and White and the Benefits of PDF/UA with WCAG. We mention Callas PDFgoHTML as and inspection tool for dealing with frustrations of the Table Editor in Acrobat. We take a deep look at accessible Footnotes inside Tables and how the table editor deals with them and finally we...


Accessibility Questions from Adobe MAX

This week we take a closer look at some of the questions we received during the accessibility session at Adobe MAX: L200 Learning the Fundamentals of PDF Accessibility Step by Step. Chad was there during the live session were we had more than 3200 simultaneous attendees listening, watching, commenting and asking questions. Now that we have a few minutes we answer some of these questions with a bit more depth so be sure to listen to the end where Chad and I make a special announcement about...


Testing for Accessibility with a Screen Reader

Testing tables with screen readers ensures a good user experience. Join Chad and Dax as they drop some great shortcut key combos you should know that will help you keep your sanity while exploring how a table is read by a screen reader. See Who's on Twitter and drop a comment on our transcript page to get a free sticker.


Surprising Accessibility Conference Feedback from CEO David Blatner

David Blatner, CEO at Creative Pro Network talks about pivoting the Accessibility Conference from a live to an online and the surprising feedback he received.


Guest: Adobe Director of Engineering Matthew Hardy on Acrobat Liquid Mode

Listen in as Dax and Chad chat with Adobe Director of Engineering Matthew Hardy about the development and implementation of Adobe Acrobat Liquid mode. We also dive into the benefits of PDF/UA and being a member of the PDF Association and having input into the development of future accessibility standards.


Accessible Tables, Table Summaries and Table Myths

Take a deep dive into the world of accessible tables with Chad and I. We cover blank cells, cell structure and where MS Word falls short. We also discuss why table summaries are not required to meet accessibility standards anywhere. To be fair, we also mention they still improve accessibility. Join us as we spiral down the hole of table formatting and what makes a table accessible this week on Chax Chat where we unravel accessibility for you.


Heading Pitfalls, MS Office Bug and a Free Accessibility Script!

Check out this episode where we reveal a newly discovered bug in the latest release of MS Office plugin for Adobe Acrobat Export PDF. Chad and I also talk about the typical pitfalls of pasting content from one document to another and how phantom heading tags can be misapplied. Hear our best practices for walking the tags tree and why you can forget dealing with those pesky span tags. Be sure to tune in so you can get the FREE InDesign Accessibility Tool Chad just developed! Do things like...


More Adobe Acrobat Preflight Panel Tools you need to know

Join Dax Castro and Chad Chelius as they reveal their favorite accessibility fixups in the Adobe Acrobat Preflight Panel and a few alternatives for multi-line hyperlinks. Stay tuned for our unique opinions on the Preflight Fixup for "Creating Content for Link Annotations" and why they are important. And of course make sure you do not miss this episode's "Who's on Twitter" from Kenya.


Acrobat Action Wizard and Dealing with Scanned Content

In this accessibility podcast Chad and I discuss the merits of the Adobe Acrobat Action Wizard for accessibility and when you should and shouldn't use it. We also talk about dealing with making scanned documents accessible using Acrobat as well as advanced options like Abbyy Fine Reader. You definitely want to stick around to find out Who's on Twitter. This episode's feature comes from Scotland!


Guest: Guy van der Kolk - Accessibility Automation and the journey

Chad and I talked with Typefi Product Manager Guy van der Kolk about large-scale document automation and the journey of mastering accessibility. This episode is jam packed with accessibility tips and inspirational hope for those who are new to accessibility.


Guest Leonard Rosenethol - Content Authenticity, Liquid Mode and Read Order

Join us this week where we talk to Leonard Rosenthol, Senior Principal Scientist with Adobe Systems. Leonard introduces us to the field of Content Authenticity and tamper evident files. We also discuss the real meaning of the PDF/UA Identifier and why the status is always unverified. Chad and I send out a plea to NVDA and JAWS to participate in the accessibility standards development and Leonard reminds us that Liquid Mode in Adobe Acrobat Mobile has been active for more than a year! Learn...


Guest Adam Spencer: Large-scale accessibility, PDF Association, the AxesPDF table editor and overcoming bad design for accessibility

Chad Chelius and I take an opportunity to talk to Adam Spencer, CEO of AbleDocs about large-scale document accessibility, being a member of the PDF Association and the struggles of overcoming bad design for improved accessibility.


Guest Colleen Gratzer: Common Client Roadblocks with Accessible Design

Listen in as Chad and I talk to our guest Colleen Gratzer of Gratzer Graphics and host of the Design Domination Podcast. We discuss common roadblocks when talking with clients about accessibility and how to navigate through things like changing colors for compliance and using tools like color.adobe.com, bulleted lists and the proper way to map and use styles.


Accessibility Scripts and Tools for Acrobat and InDesign

Join Chad and I as we review several accessibility scripts and tools for Acrobat and Adobe InDesign you should be using when you need to remediate documents or edit the source files. Do not miss our review section on WCAG 1.4.1 Color only as well. There are some tips and tricks in there you should know.


Understanding Accessibility Guidelines: WCAG, PDF/UA, Matterhorn Protocol

Join Chad and I as we talk about what's new in WCAG 2.1. This information-packed episode covers several different accessibility standards documents you should be referencing like the Matterhorn Protocol, Tagged PDF Best Practice Guide, ISO-32000-1, ISO 14289-1 and PDF/UA. Make sure you don't miss our discussion about the myths about minimum font size and the upcoming mobile accessibility advancement- Adobe PDF Liquid Mode.