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Join Chad Chelius and Dax Castro (CHAX) as they chat about important document accessibility topics, trends and maybe even complain a little now and again.

Join Chad Chelius and Dax Castro (CHAX) as they chat about important document accessibility topics, trends and maybe even complain a little now and again.


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Join Chad Chelius and Dax Castro (CHAX) as they chat about important document accessibility topics, trends and maybe even complain a little now and again.




What level of Accessibility risk are you willing to accept?

Join Chad and Dax as they reveal several hidden techniques like disabling MS Word's Automatic Alt-text. Do you know what a Graphical Object is? Make sure you listen in and hear them explain some key principles of accessible color that many people misinterpret. Listen to Chad explain how accessibility is like a hole in a piece of paper. This is definitely an episode packed full of nuggets of wisdom.


What Alt-text and Indoor Mapping have in common

Join us and our guests from Goodmaps, Evelyn Tichenor, Chief of Staff & Mike May, Chief Evangelist as we talk about indoor mapping and the challenges of too little or too much information. We discuss the struggles of the visual world and how our brains are constantly artifacting items all around us. Goodmaps is a smartphone camera-based application that allows you to navigate a pre-mapped indoor environment. Do not miss Mike May talking about how travel is completely different for someone...


Multiple Languages for Screen Readers

Join us this week as we talk with Amanda Mace, one of two Australia-based W3C evangelists and Office Manager for the W3C's Australian Western Region and Vice President of Australasia for AbleDocs. In this episode we cover how to deal with multiple languages with a screen reader like NVDA and JAWS. Other topics include: • The nuances of English-US, English-AU, English-CA and English-UK • Install NVDA and JAWS language packs • The initial shock of always-on screen readers • How to silence...


Native AT User Perspective: Chris Smart

Chris Smart brings a unique perspective as a native Assistive Technology user to the world of document accessibility. Listen in as Chad Chelius and Dax Castro, ADS dive into some of the struggles of using assistive technology and balancing features versus clear navigation. Additional topics include: • Creative Pro Week One-Two Punch • Guest Chris Smart Native AT User and Accessibility Tester • Accessible Form Frustrations • Scanned PDFs vs Print to PDF • Forms Mode Experiences • The...


WCAG Explained PDF Download, Accessible Money and More

Do not miss the details on how to get the free downloadable PDF entitled WCAG in Plain English that covers the principles you need to know for document accessibility. Chad and Dax recap their CSUN Assistive Technology Conference and how Chad ran into Stevie Wonder. Catch their discussion on Accessible Tables with Colors, the Drawbacks of Excel for Accessibility, Accessible Money and foreign currency with a screen reader.


Live from CSUN Assistive Tech Conference

If you didn't get to see us live at the Center on Disabilities at CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, or get to watch the video, here is the audio podcast version of the show. It is PACKED with tons of info and almost a full hour long!!!! We even answered questions from our online and live audience. Topics include: • Dealing with Math Symbols in your documents • Missing spaces between words • Answering questions from listeners • Nothing about us without us: The best part of CSUN. •...


Document Accessibility amidst COVID

Tune in this week to hear our guest Jeremy Seda from North Idaho College as we discuss some of the struggles of accessibility awareness at the college level and the ongoing state of document accessibility amidst the COVID Pandemic. This episode we discuss: Pave the Way for Global Accessibility Awareness Day (PWGAAD) - April 20, 2022 • Funkify Disability Simulation Plugin • How Jujitsu applies to Document Accessibility • Covid Cases or Inaccessible Information: Which grew faster? • How...


Document Accessibility in Higher Education

Join Chad and Dax as they preview their upcoming session at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference on Document Accessibility in Higher Education. They discuss the problems with multiple source files, HTML as a 'more accessible' version of digital content as well as 4 things you can do today to create more accessible content. Be sure to stick around as they talk about WCAG and the PAC checker and when it is okay to delete a tag from the tags tree without triggering untagged content errors.


What are the PDF/UA Standards I need for Accessibility

Did you miss yesterday's NEW ACCESSIBILITY PODCAST Episode on PDF/UA Standards? We cover which standard to use and why. Do you know the difference between a block-level and inline-level element? We unravel the mystery. We even give you some great tips on how to use guides like 14289-1, the Matterhorn Protocol and the PDF/UA Syntax Guide to help further evaluate your documents for accessibility.


Accessible Bookmarks

Who knew there were this many facets of Bookmarks for Accessibility. Listen in as Chad and Dax dissect the nuances of accessible bookmarks! I guarantee you will learn at least one thing you didn't know. • Accessible Bookmarks • Keyboard Accessibility Gymnastics • Benefits of Bookmarks • When Are Bookmarks Required for Accessibility? • Do Headings Follow Bookmarks? • Designing your Documents with Bookmarks in Mind • WCAG SC 2.4.6 Heading and Labels • Leveraging AI to Detect...


Risk: The Accessibility Elephant in the Room

Join Chad and Dax as they have a candid discussion about a topic many shy away from: Risk. They answer the tough questions almost every accessibility specialist gets from their boss or client. "Who is gonna check anyway?" and "Isn't this enough?" and the ever-amazing kicker of a statement "There are not that many blind people who are gonna want this document." If you are struggling with answering these questions or just want to feel like someone else feels your pain, this episode is for you....


The use of Color in Tables

Listen in as Chad and Dax talk about some creative solutions to using color coding inside tables while still meeting accessibility. Be sure to catch us at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in Anaheim this March! This eposide includes the following:


Effective Accessibility Goal Setting for 2022

Start out the new year right by setting your accessibility goals for 2022. Listen in as Chad and Dax talk about how to set your goals by evaluating where you are in some key categories of accessibility and how to set a game plan for growing your accessibility skill set in 2022. Score yourself from 1 to 10 in each of the areas we talk about. Then develop a game plan to improve in those areas and re-evaluate yourself every 3 months to keep accountable.


Automating Alt-text descriptions

In this episode we cover ways to increase productivity when assigning alt-text for large libraries of images. Topics include: • Automating Alt-text • How to make writing Alt-text easier • Storing Alt-text in Meta Data • Creating Alt-text in bulk • Alt-text Object Styles for InDesign • Alt-text Headline, Title and Description • Three ways to set Meta Data • Importing Accessible Styles • Setting default styles for every document


Demystifying Accessibility Compliance Standards

Join Chad Chelius and me, Dax Castro as we unravel the question "What standard to do I follow?" Learn when should I aim for AAA Compliance and the difference between WCAG and PDF/UA. Find out how to know the document is really accessible? We discuss some tips on writing alt-text vs providing alternate formats and be sure to stick around and listen to my first call with Be My Eyes and how it completely failed!


Job in Accessibility: Roles and Salaries

This week Chad and I take a look at the roles companies are hiring for in the field of accessibility. We talk about: We also talk about choosing a company with accessibility as a core value and the importance of properly training your accessibility teams. Bonus Content: The Validity of PDF as a format in Higher Education


Guest Jeff Lawrence: Implementing Accessibility in a Team Environment

Guest Jeff Lawrence, Senior Program Manager of the Creative Services Team at the World Bank talks with Chad and Dax about his journey in implementing accessibility for his team. We discuss the reasons for starting, the struggles along the way and the great progress he and his team have made. Don't miss the our tips for accessible bullets and end notes and I bet you will be surprised at the answer Jeff got when asking the Client to pay more for accessible documents. You definitely want to...


Why Accessibility isn't Black and White

In this week's podcast Chad Chelius and I talk about being part of the IAAP - International Association of Accessibility Professionals Accessible Document Specialist Exam group. We discuss why Accessibility isn't Black and White and the Benefits of PDF/UA with WCAG. We mention Callas PDFgoHTML as and inspection tool for dealing with frustrations of the Table Editor in Acrobat. We take a deep look at accessible Footnotes inside Tables and how the table editor deals with them and finally we...


Accessibility Questions from Adobe MAX

This week we take a closer look at some of the questions we received during the accessibility session at Adobe MAX: L200 Learning the Fundamentals of PDF Accessibility Step by Step. Chad was there during the live session were we had more than 3200 simultaneous attendees listening, watching, commenting and asking questions. Now that we have a few minutes we answer some of these questions with a bit more depth so be sure to listen to the end where Chad and I make a special announcement about...


Testing for Accessibility with a Screen Reader

Testing tables with screen readers ensures a good user experience. Join Chad and Dax as they drop some great shortcut key combos you should know that will help you keep your sanity while exploring how a table is read by a screen reader. See Who's on Twitter and drop a comment on our transcript page to get a free sticker.