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This podcast account features all of the audio clips from the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) educational blog site.

This podcast account features all of the audio clips from the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) educational blog site.
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This podcast account features all of the audio clips from the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) educational blog site.




ACEP EQUAL: ACEP Non-STEMI Clinical Policy (Dr. Tomaszewski and Dr. Ross)

Drs. Christian Tomaszewski and Michael Ross reviews the 2018 ACEP Clinical Policy on Critical Issues in the Evaluation and Management of Emergency Department Patients with Suspected Non–ST-Elevation Acute Coronary Syndromes (NSTEMI). Read the entire policy here: Dr. Tomaszewski was the lead for writing this clinical policy and is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC San Diego. Mr. Ross is a...


ACEP EQUAL: Chest Pain Protocols & Coordinated Care Pathways (Drs. Hess, Peacock, Mahler)

Dr. Erik Hess, Dr. W. Franklin Peacock, and Dr. Simon Mahler discuss complex issues involving chest pain protocols in "ruling-out" low risk chest pain patients. They tackle the issues of: 1. Troponin-Only Pathway: The Era of High Sensitivity Troponins (Hess) 2. Importance of Incorporating Accelerated Diagnostic Protocols (Peacock) 3. How to Get Buy-In and Implement ADPs in the Emergency Department (Mahler) Dr. Hess is the Vice Chair in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University...


ACEP EQUAL: Making Dollars & Sense of Stress Testing (Drs. Newby and Kontos)

Dr. Kristin Newby and Dr. Michael Kontos discuss the pros and cons of various stress testing modalities and imaging for patients presenting with suspected acute coronary syndrome. There are nuanced decisions to be made based on the disease probability, patient characteristics, test characteristics, test availability, and cost. Dr. Newby is a Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology at Duke University. Dr. Kontos is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Internal Medicine,...


ACEP-EQUAL: Opioid Withdrawals & Buprenorphine in the ED (Drs. Strayer and Ketcham)

Dr. Reuben Strayer and Dr. Eric Ketcham discuss the management of patients with opioid withdrawal and initiation of buprenorphine in the Emergency Department for opioid use disorder patients. Dr. Strayer is the Associate Medical Director at the Department of EM at Maimonides Medical Center and author of Dr. Ketcham is the Medical Director for the New Mexico Treatment Services program and is an emergency physician at the San Juan Regional Medical Center in New Mexico. Hosted...


ACEP-EQUAL: Opioid Overdose Prevention & Naloxone Distribution (Drs. Boyle and Bernstein)

Dr. Maureen Boyle and Dr. Edward Bernstein discuss the public health crisis of opioid overdoses, overdose prevention, and home naloxone distribution from systems and operational perspectives. Dr. Boyle is the Chief Scientific Officer for the Addiction Policy Forum and was previously the Chief of Science Policy at NIDA. Dr. Bernstein is a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Vice Chair for Academic Affairs at Boston Medical Center and the Medical Director for the Faster Paths to Treatment...


ACEP-EQUAL: Pain Management for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder (Dr. Andrew Herring)

Dr. Andrew Herring, the Medical Director for the Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program at Highland Hospital and Principal Investigator for the California ED Bridge Emergency Buprenorphine Program, discusses the art and science in managing pain for patients with opioid use disorders. Hosted by Dr. Michelle Lin


ACEP-EQUAL: ALTO Program and the Opioid Initiative (Dr. Alexis LaPietra)

Dr. Alexis LaPietra, the creator of the ALternatives To Opioids (ALTO) program, provides insights into the nuts and bolts of starting an ALTO program at one's local institution. Dr. LaPietra is the Medical Director of the EM Pain Management program at St. Joseph’s and created the Pain Management and Addition Medicine Section for the American College of Emergency Physicians. Hosted by Dr. Michelle Lin


EM Fellowship Match Advice: Ultrasound Fellowship - 2018 Update

Ultrasound fellowship directors discuss recent updates to the EM Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship match process, which now involves the National Resident Match Program (NRMP). Panelists: Dr. Jeremy Boyd (VanderbiltUniversity) Dr. Matt Fields (Kaiser Permanente San Diego) Dr. Arthur Au (Thomas Jefferson University) Co-hosts: Dr. Michael Gisondi (Stanford) and Dr. Michelle Lin (UCSF-SFGH)


PECARN 02 (Dr. Tzimenatos): Urinalysis Accuracy for UTI in Febrile Infants ≤60 Days Old

In this PECARN series, Dr. Jason Woods discusses the sensitivity and specificity of the urinalysis for febrile infants ≤60 days old with the first authors of the 2018 Pediatrics article, Dr. Leah Tzimenatos. Tzimenatos L, Mahajan P, Dayan PS, et al; Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN). Accuracy of the Urinalysis for Urinary Tract Infections in Febrile Infants 60 Days and Younger. Pediatrics. 2018 Feb;141(2).


EM Fellowship Match Advice: Global Health Fellowship

Hosted by Dr. Michael Gisondi and Dr. Michelle Lin, an expert panel of fellowship program directors in global health discuss the nuts and bolts of applying to a global health fellowship in EM. Panelists: Dr. Kristiana Kaufman (Wayne State University), Dr. Rebecca Walker (Stanford University), Dr. Hani Mowafi (Yale University)


PECARN 01: DKA and Cerebral Edema | NEJM authors Dr. Nathan Kuppermann & Dr. Nicole Glaser

Hosted by Dr. Derek Monette (ALiEM Deputy Editor in Chief), this podcast discusses the hot-off-the-press New England Journal of Medicine publication on diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), fluid resuscitation, and cerebral edema. Authors Dr. Nathan Kuppermann and Dr. Nicole Glaser explain the importance of their groundbreaking RCT and challenge the theoretical association between IV fluids and the development of cerebral edema during pediatric DKA treatment. Kuppermann N, Ghetti S, Schunk JE, et...


EM Match Advice: Program Directors Reflect on the 2018 Match

Hosted by Dr. Michael Gisondi and Dr. Michelle Lin, an expert panel of residency program directors reflect on the 2018 Match year. Was it more or less competitive? What was new and what is their advice for the 2019 Match? Panelists: Dr. Elise Lovell (Advocate Christ), Dr. Leslie Oyama (UCSD), Dr. Jeremy Branzetti (NYU-Bellevue


WTT 18: Facebook's EMDocs Founder Dr. K Kay Moody talks about rethinking physician wellness

Facilitated by Dr. Matt Melamed and joined by EM residents Dr. Laila Nasser and Dr. Jon Smart Gende, this podcast covers a broad range of topics with wellness expert and Facebook's EM Docs founder Dr. K Kay Moody. She discusses how EM Docs started, how the opioid epidemic affects the wellness of emergency physicians, pivots in her career which align with her mission to improve physician wellness, and taking a leap of faith by building the Glacier Rock Wellness Ranch in Washington.


WTT 17: Approaching Wellness in the ED with Dr. Shahina Braganza

Facilitated by Dr. Annahieta "AK" Kalantari and joined by EM residents Dr. Alecia Gende and Dr. Adrienne Taren, this podcast covers a broad range of topics with wellness expert Dr. Shahina Braganza from the Gold Coast in Australia. She discusses the concepts behind Emotional Contagion, her published "oneED" program, and the challenges of adopting wellness initiatives in the ED.


WTT 16: Postpartum Mood Disorders with Professional Counselor Allison Loftus

Let's normalize the conversation and talk postpartum mood disorders! These can include postpartum anxiety, depression, and even psychosis. These are more common than you think. When are the timeframes, who is at risk, and how can you as a provider help? Host: Dr. Nicole Battaglioli Wellness Strategist: Dr. Annahieta "AK" Kalantari Expert: ALLISON LOFTUS, MD LPC (Professional Counselor at Flourishing Counseling Center) Key resource: Postpartum Support International...


WTT 15: Performance Psychology for Emergency Physicians with Dr. Jason Brooks

Concepts and pearls in applying performance psychology practices to high-acuity and high-risk cases in the Emergency Department featuring performance psychologist DR. JASON BROOKS, our Wellness Think Tank strategist. Being a medically skilled practitioner does not necessarily mean that we know how to deal with natural human factors and emotional triggers. Left unaddressed, these can fester and lead to physician burnout. Topics covered include: • Emotionally and mentally preparing for...


CRI 23: Shift Routines and New Attending Fears with Dr. Rob Orman

In this corner, former editor of EM:RAP, coproducer of EM Essentials, creator/editor in chief of ERcast, and… the coolest dude you’ve ever known! Dr. Rob Orman! (Applause, Cheering, Etc.) In the opposing corner boring, old, and tired… Your current pre/post shift routine and some of your beliefs about your first year as an attending! Welcome to a sold-out podcast that only VIP’s like you with the link have access to! You’re welcome! Listen as Rob “The Doc” Orman strikes like lightning against...


Management of Intracranial Hemorrhage with ED-neurointensivist Dr. Debbie Yi Madhok

Dr. Debbie Yi Madhok (, an emergency physician and neurointensivist, sat down with Dr. Derek Monette (, the ALiEM Deputy Editor in Chief, to discuss updates in the management of intracranial hemorrhage. This is a podcast following up with her original popular 2017 ALiEM blog post entitled "Update on the ED Management of Intracranial Hemorrhage: Not All Head Bleeds Are the Same"...


06: ACGME's Dr. Stan Hamstra and Competency Based Medical Education

With help from medical education expert Dr. Stan Hamstra, this Faculty Incubator podcast pulls the curtain back on Competency Based Medical Education. Featuring Drs. Teresa Chan, Robert Cooney and Jonathan Sherbino Read more here: And here: Watch the discussion here: Edited by Hari Bhatt


ALiEM Idea Lab Podcast 04– Coaching in Medical Education with Dr. Rick Winters

In this episode of the ALiEM Idea Lab Podcast Dr. Rick Winters shares his experience in coaching physician leaders. In this discussion we touch on: - Differences between mentoring, coaching, and teaching - The chessboard of MedEd leadership - Blind-spots for physician leaders - How to coach a resident who is having issues - How to move MedEd forward through coaching Dr. Winters is an emergency physician and Course Director of the Leadership and Excellence Program for the Mayo Clinic Care...