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Advice on applying to business, grad, law, and medical school.


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Advice on applying to business, grad, law, and medical school.






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All About Duke’s Top-Ranked PA Program

What is Duke's physician assistant program looking for in applicants? [Show summary] April Stouder, Associate Program Director and Chair of the Admissions Committee for Duke’s PA program, explores what’s unique about this top-ranked program and what applicants can do to be competitive. A focus on primary care makes Duke's PA program unique [Show notes] Are you preparing to become a PA, or even just considering the field? Are you wondering how to apply successfully? Our guest today is the...


What Happened to the LSAT-Flex?

Everything you need to know to about the latest incarnation of the LSAT [Show summary] LSAT prep expert Steve Schwartz returns to the Admissions Straight Talk to discuss the demise of the LSAT-Flex, the future of the LSAT, and essential test prep tips for law school applicants. How to prep right and crush the LSAT! [Show notes] LSAC recently announced new test dates, the demise of LSAT-Flex, and the return of the LSAT, but remotely. Let's get the low-down from LSAT expert Steve Schwartz of...


An Inside Look at USC’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry

Do you fit with USC’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry?[Show summary] Dr. Anita Tourah, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs at Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, offers an inside look at the dental student experience and admissions process. How an emphasis on research, education and patient care makes USC’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry unique [Show notes] Are you thinking of a career in dentistry? Worried about how to get in? Wondering what a dental education...


What It’s Like to Apply for a Master’s in Finance or MBA in 2021

Are you considering a Master’s in Finance or MBA degree? [Show summary] Admissions veteran and Accepted consultant Dr. Christie St-John explores the latest in MBA admissions and provides insights for those applying for a master’s in finance. Read on for must-know admissions insights! [Show notes] In May of 2020, admissions veteran Dr. Christie St-John joined Accepted as an MBA and graduate admissions consultant. Today, I'm going to speak with her about MBA admissions and about master’s in...


Life as a Dental Student at UCLA

Ellisa's non-traditional path to dentistry [Show summary] Ellisa Soberon, a dental student at UCLA with a nontraditional path to dentistry, shares her insights on the dental school admissions process and life at UCLA. What makes UCLA School of Dentistry unique... and the perfect fit for this dental student! [Show notes] So, you want to go to dental school? Let's hear from a UCLA dental student how she got in and how she likes it. Our guest today, Ellisa Soberon, is a first-year dental...


Encore: Application Trends to Watch in 2021, and a Look Back at 2020

Thanks for joining me for the 411th episode of Admissions Straight Talk. I am taking a week off for family time this week. As a result I decided to air an encore of our most popular podcast so far in 2021. It actually is a solo podcast that I did for our 400th episode back in January entitled Application Trends to Watch in 2021, and a Look Back at 2020. As one application cycle winds down to a close and the next one starts up, It’s a good time to review some of the points I raised in that...


What to Know About Applying for a PhD in STEM

Are you considering a PhD, either in the United States or abroad? [Show summary] Dr. Eva Lantsoght, a professor of civil engineering who has lived and studied all over the globe, shares her insights on applying to PhD programs in STEM fields. What to expect when applying to domestic and international PhD programs. [Show notes] Would you like to attend a US or UK master’s or PhD program in a STEM field? Are you concerned about the process of both applying to and completing the degree? Dr. Eva...


What’s New at MIT Sloan’s Competitive Full-Time MBA

Need-to-know information about MIT Sloan [Show summary] Dawna Levenson, Assistant Dean of Admissions at MIT Sloan School of Management, shares the latest from the school’s full-time MBA program, including why it’s chosen to go test-optional and how the pandemic is shaping the classroom experience. Do you see yourself at MIT Sloan? Read on for the inside admissions scoop. [Show notes] This is one of the most competitive MBA application cycles in memory. Today, I'm interviewing the Assistant...


An Accepted Student’s Advice for Reapplying to Medical School

A tale of med school reapplication success [Show summary] After getting rejected from medical schools the first time around, Nicole Stephens bounced back and reapplied. Now happily anticipating the start of med school, she shares her advice for fellow reapplicants. How to apply stronger the second time around [Show notes] Were you rejected from this year's med school cycle? Is the deafening silence from medical schools causing you to fear rejection? Are you starting to think about...


What to Expect from the MBA Experience at Cambridge Judge Business School

What makes the Cambridge Judge MBA experience unique? [Show summary] Charlotte Russell-Green, Head of MBA Recruitment and Admissions at Cambridge Judge Business School, explores the one-of-a-kind experience students can expect from the full-time MBA program at Cambridge Judge’s historic campus. What Cambridge Judge is looking for... and what it can offer YOU [Show notes] Are you intrigued by the innovative and venerated Cambridge Judge Business School? Interested in an immersive one-year MBA...


Making the LSAT Learnable with Blueprint Prep

How Blueprint Prep can help YOU crush the LSAT [Show summary] Blueprint Prep’s Sena Maruflu, who aced the LSAT and now coaches aspiring law students, shares why and how the LSAT can be a learnable test for dedicated students of any background. A stellar LSAT score can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection at top law schools. Learn how YOU can achieve the score of your dreams! [Show notes] Are you prepping for the LSAT? Planning to apply to law school? Blueprint's Sena Maruflu,...


All About BU School of Medicine, a Social Justice-Minded Med School

Looking to apply to a social justice-focused medical school? Find out if BUSM is a good fit for you. [Show summary] Dr. Kristen Goodell, Associate Dean of Admissions at Boston University School of Medicine, explores student life at BUSM and its social justice-focused approach to medical education, as well as her advice to applicants on navigating its competitive admissions process. Who gets accepted to BUSM? [Show notes] Do you have your eye on BU's medical school? Would you love to attend...


What Post-MBA Life Is Like, During COVID and Beyond

Applying the lessons of MBA school to the reality of COVID-19 [Show summary] Al Dea, a tech product manager who earned his MBA from UNC, dives deep into what life is like after business school, including how the pandemic has impacted the post-MBA experience. What steps can businesses take to help employees thrive during COVID? How can MBA programs help students thrive during this time? [Show notes] Our guest today is a tech product manager, member of the UNC MBA class of 2015, host of the...


Is a Postbac Program Right for You?

Understanding postbac programs, and how they can help YOU apply to medical school successfully [Show summary] Accepted consultant Dr. Barry Rothman offers an overview of postbac programs to help prospective med school applicants discern if the postbac experience is the next best step for them, along with tips for postbac applicants. How postbac programs help applicants apply at their best [Show notes] Are you applying to medical school but concerned about your undergraduate record? Or, did...


Why These GMAT Experts Approach Test-Taking With Empathy

How can you ace the GMAT, the EA or any test required at your dream school? [Show summary] Mike Diamond of Apex GMAT shares his advice for acing the GMAT, prepping for graduate program tests of all kinds, and why empathy is central to Apex’s approach to test-coaching. Mike Diamond, Director of Curriculum Development at Apex GMAT talks test prep [Show notes] How can you ace the GMAT, the EA, or any tests that may be required at the school you have your heart set on? Today’s guest has your...


What a Law Career Is Really Like

Need help deciding if law school and a legal career are right for YOU? [Show summary] Christopher Melcher, a celebrity family lawyer and teacher of law, offers an unvarnished look at a lawyer’s day-to-day and what a career in law can look like. Considering law school? Read on to learn what a career as a lawyer can look like. [Show notes] What's being a lawyer truly like? Our guest today, a divorce attorney to the stars, is going to tell us. Some of you may wonder, what does celebrity family...


Application Trends to Watch in 2021, and a Look Back at 2020

Can the lessons of 2020 help us forge a better 2021? [Show summary] For Admissions Straight Talk’s 400th episode, Linda Abraham reflects on a turbulent year and identifies the most important trends in higher ed admissions to watch in 2021. Applying to graduate school: A journey of self-improvement [Show notes] We’ve reached Episode 400! I feel it's a milestone, and I've decided to do a little bit of a different kind of a show. I'm going to discuss two important developments of 2020 and their...


What Life at Icahn Is Like as a Med Student, Parent, and More

How this non-traditional medical student transitioned into medicine as a second career [Show summary] Efrat Bruck is an M4 at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, as well as a parent and MCAT video creator for Khan Academy with a nontraditional path to medicine. She shares how the program has given her the flexibility and support to balance these responsibilities and thrive in medical school. Listen to the show >> A career-switcher's journey from teacher to medical student [Show notes]...


Encore: An Admissions Expert’s Top Tips for Business School Applicants

I am swamped at this time of year with clients facing early January deadlines so I decided to end 2020 with one of our most popular shows of the year, my interview with Accepted’s own Esmeralda Cardenal. For you MBA applicants applying during this very tough cycle or planning to apply in the next cycle- take advantage of Esmeralda’s experience, both as an MBA admission director and experienced MBA admission consultant for Accepted. Here are a few of the questions she addresses: What are your...


ENCORE Mary Mahoney Writing a Compelling Personal Statement

It’s a busy time of year now. We here at Accepted are busy helping applicants with the end-of-the-year application crunch and normally I would be enjoying the company of extended family at this joyous time of year. Thanks to COVID, however, our extended family is not gathering in person. I suspect that your celebrations are also somewhat muted this year. However, depending on where you’re at in the application process, you may still have a move to plan after hearing of an acceptance,...