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A podcast devoted to helping airplane owners reach higher levels of maintenance understanding, along with the inspiration to always continue learning.

A podcast devoted to helping airplane owners reach higher levels of maintenance understanding, along with the inspiration to always continue learning.
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A podcast devoted to helping airplane owners reach higher levels of maintenance understanding, along with the inspiration to always continue learning.




103 – Things I Found On a Cessna 172 Inspection

This week, I inspected a Cessna 172. From a distance it appeared to be a really nice airplane, and it is. But at closer examination, as is often the case, there were a number of issues that needed to be addressed. In today’s episode, we’ll cover those issues and talk about what was discovered. When […]


102 – Bonanza and Baron Landing Gear Motor Stories

Retractable landing gear is an incredible feature when everything works properly. On Bonanzas and Barons, the gear motor is like the heart of the system. And sometimes, a heart repair, or even a “transplant” is necessary. Sometimes, the heart, (or the gear motor,) shows signs and symptoms of poor health, and sometimes, problems become apparent […]


101 – I Busted My Knuckles on an Airplane Engine

Today, I’m sharing with you a story about busting my knuckles trying to remove a locknut from an engine mount bolt. The nut was bottomed out on the shank of the bolt, making it very hard to hold the bolt still while loosening the locknut. I could have avoided all that if I had put […]


100 – An Airplane With Lots of Water in the Fuel Strainers

I had a startling situation this past week at Classic Aviation… water in the fuel strainers on a Piper Twin Comanche… scroll down for some pictures of that one. Also in this episode of the podcast, you can hear about the following: Update on my washing machine… Being an A&P really can prepare you to […]


099 – Is Your Airplane’s Instrument Panel Telling You The Truth?

Hello aviation friends! This week, we’re talking about an airplane’s instrument panel that was NOT telling me the truth. In fact, one of the instruments was lying to me. Listen to the audio to get the details. Here’s the instrument that was lying to me during the pre-inspection runup… it’s a pretty interesting situation. And […]


098 – Airplane Maintenance Can Be Challenging – Just Like Life

It’s been a challenging week of airplane maintenance for me. Here is a sampling of some things I’ve been working on at Classic Aviation: A Beechcraft P-Baron with three issues: Right engine #6 CHT indicates too high in the climb. Right fuel selector valve handle very stiff to turn. Cockpit door warning light comes on […]


097 – How To Leave A Legacy – A Tribute To My Dad

Hello Friends. This episode is different than any other. It’s very personal. A little over two weeks ago, my dad passed away, and I wanted to take some time in this episode to leave a tribute for my dad. My two brothers and I agree that we had a really good dad. Sure, there were […]


096 – The Reason Why Jeremy’s Airplane Engine Was Gasping For Air

Scroll down to see a video about scat hose installation. Recently, I got an email from Jeremy Zawodny, and he told me a story about his Glastar airplane, which is powered by a Lycoming O-320 engine. He experienced a partial power loss soon after takeoff, and when he pulled the carb heat, the power was […]


095 – High Cylinder Head Temps… What Else Can I Do?

Recently, when Oscar, (owner of a Mooney,) and his son stopped in at Classic Aviation, he mentioned that he had been having some trouble with high CHT’s on takeoff and climb, (maybe even in the 420-450 degree range at times.) Everything was fine in cruise. So we talked about the normal things you would think […]


094 – How a Bonanza, a Cessna 310, a Cherokee, and a Mooney All Fit Into My Week

Limited, Introductory Opportunity In Person With Dean – Read to the End. Highlights from this week at Classic Aviation: Meeting Oscar (a podcast listener,) and his son. Talking about high CHT’s on Oscar’s Mooney. Annual Inspection on an N35 Bonanza. A charging system issue, and how previous email information from Justin, a podcast listener, was […]


093 – Hold That Prop!

When you check the cylinder compressions on an airplane engine, it’s important to “Hold That Prop!” And on a twin engine airplane with 6 cylinder Continental engines and 3 bladed props, the prop blades will be positioned in one of two ways, depending on how the prop is installed on the engine. Here’s a Cessna […]


092 – If It Don’t Seem Right, It Probably Ain’t!

Today’s episode is about those times when you notice something on an airplane that doesn’t seem quite right, but you’re not sure what’s going on, and it might take some real digging to get to the bottom of the issue. But before we dig into those stories, I want to acknowledge that I’m super grateful […]


091 – An Engine Failure that Lands a Piper Arrow in a Farm Field

I’m back! I know it’s been a while since I’ve produces a new episode for the podcast, and it’s good to be back. Today, we are talking about an engine failure in a Piper Arrow, that caused an off-airport crash landing in a farm field. Thankfully, in this case, no one was injured. The reason […]


090 – Severe Turbulence and the Baron’s Left Engine Almost Quit!

A couple weeks ago, a Beechcraft Baron owner requested Classic Aviation to take a look at his airplane. He had flown through some severe turbulence, and then the left engine almost quit. Finally, he discovered that if he pulled the left mixture control about half way back, the engine would run. A ground run confirmed […]


089 – What Else Should I Do While My Engine is Removed?

During the engine change, it’s a great time to take care of some other items that are much easier to access when the engine is not in the way. Before we get to that, I want to thank Brad Schmidt for his recent iTunes review. Brad is a friend of Bret Chilcott and he, like […]


088 – No RPM Drop When I Select Left Mag

Ignition system issues and a couple other strange scenarios… that’s what we’ve got for today. Also, if you have not seen Dean’s safety wiring tutorial course, be sure to check out the details here: Click Here for full details. In today’s episode, we talk about three different airplanes, and the issues each one had with their […]


087 – No Nose Gear Down Light in a Piper Arrow

Today, we’re talking about Piper Arrow landing gear. Specifically, an airplane that landed at SHD recently and the nose gear light did not illuminate. Listen to this episode to find out why the light did not come on, and some troubleshooting tips to think about. We also cover several other fun things right in the […]


086 – Never Select “Gear Up” on the Ground!

Can you safety wire your airplane’s oil filter? How about the fuel strainer? If not, here’s a resource that can help you: It’s the new online video course to learn how to perform safety wiring… Click here and read all about it. Retractable landing gear is a truly amazing thing. But if it’s not rigged […]


085 – V-Tail Bonanza Cable Tensions

Cable tensions are a really important part of an airplane’s flight control system. In today’s podcast, we’ll talk about the situation I faced recently on a V-tail Bonanza. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to those who have purchased the “Safety Wire Like A Pro!” video tutorial course. And for those who are […]


084 – I Want You to Question the Safety of Your Airplane

Yep, you heard me right. But don’t worry, it’s not for some weird, fear-driven reason. This is for a good reason… I want you to question the safety of your airplane, so that you will go on a search to find anything that might need some attention. You might be able to do that search […]