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3D Printing (3DP) & Additive Manufacturing (AM) educational and conversational video podcast. Highlighting positive people, applications, and events in the '3DP & AM Chat' community.


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3D Printing (3DP) & Additive Manufacturing (AM) educational and conversational video podcast. Highlighting positive people, applications, and events in the '3DP & AM Chat' community.



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3DP & AM Chat: Rick Neff | Additive Manufacturing Consulting | hosted by Adam J. Penna | October 12, 2023

Rick Neff from Cincinnati, OH “Your guide to success in Additive Manufacturing. Conference Speaker. Help save time and money for innovators in the additive manufacturing space." 1:00 - Getting started in Sales and Aerospace (Pratt & Whitney) 2:45 - Cincinnati Incorporated experience - Laser specialist - applications 3:17 - Oak Ridge National Labs - Additive Manufacturing - Robots - Lockheed Martin - aerospace tooling 6:04 - Adoption phase of Additive Manufacturing at a company. 8:40 - Working through technology adoption - finding applications 9:35 - Composites processes for building tools - high temperature thermoplastics 12:00 - Firehawk Aerospace hybrid rocket engines 14:22 - AM changes since 2020 - Virtual Events - Live Event energy 17:27 - Overcoming challenges by providing education 18:39 - Successfully adopting AM CAD, DfAM, CAM, Simulation, Post Processing + Utilizing Contract Manufacturers and Maker Space and National Labs and Service Bureaus and Consultants. Rick Neff: *Support local music by Eugene Snowden: Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: 3Degrees | TraceAM software | Mike Vasquez, PhD & Adam J. Penna | May 26, 2021

Happy to have fellow podcaster and founder of 3Degrees consulting, Mike Vasquez stop by and share more details about developing and launching his new TraceAM software while piloting a new educational program in Chicago IL. Topics: 0:00 – Intro – Mike Vasquez 1:05 – AMUG – TraceAM software (teaser) 1:35 – 3Degrees – making 3D printing work for you – beyond materials research – helping qualify the process 5:12 – Developing TraceAM software – materials process database - 3D printing workflow in a production environment – real life information 9:40 – Certifications, Qualifications, Standards – documenting the whole story of the part 13:32 – America Makes materials database project using TraceAM software 18:50 – Podcasting through the pandemic – 3Degrees 24:32 – Chicago, IL pilot student and mentor program – “Westside Forward” jobs and training – intro to 3D printing careers – importance of networking Mike Vasquez: 3Degrees: TraceAM software: Dr. Mike Vasquez is a 3D Printing expert specializing in pushing the boundaries of advanced 3D printing technology. He is the Founder of 3Degrees, a Chicago-based consulting company focused helping companies implement winning 3D Printing solutions through practical insights and materials expertise. He has worked side-by-side with some of the top machine manufacturers, material producers and end users in the industry, consulting with them to identify novel applications, test new materials, and rethink manufacturing approaches to de-risk supply chains and increase flexibility. He completed his PhD in Additive Manufacturing at Loughborough University and received both his Bachelors and Masters from MIT in Materials Science and Engineering. Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: Dyndrite | AMUG Wrap-Up Round Table | Orlando, Florida | May 6, 2021

From AMUG 2021 in Orlando, Florida On Thursday, May 6th in the Orange 'Main Stage' Ballroom during the “last session of the week”. Including special guests from the room, answering questions and reflecting on each other’s related AMUG 2021 highlights. This year was a benchmark conference to remember, and I feel very grateful to be a part of... Dyndrite AMUG Wrap-Up The “lively round table” session included leaders across the Additive Manufacturing ecosystem. Featuring: Anthony Graves – HP Ben Ferrar – Carpenter Additive Michelle Bockman – 3D Control Systems David Tucker – Forecast3D Jen Ferello – HP Kristin Mulherin & Rachael Dalton-Taggart – Dyndrite Moderator: Adam J. Penna - All Digital AM Dyndrite Corporation is composed of mathematicians, software engineers, designers, and mechanical engineers, all with a strong belief in the transformative power of digital manufacturing through new computing technologies. We aim to unlock the promise of emerging fabrication technologies within production-oriented environments across numerous industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, consumer goods, service bureaus and contract manufacturers. The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) origins date back to the early 1990s when the founding industry users group was called 3D Systems North American Stereolithography Users Group, a users group solely focused on the advancement of stereolithography (SL) use with the owners and operators of 3D Systems’ equipment. Today, AMUG educates and supports users of all additive manufacturing technologies. The primary charter of the group remains the same, but its members are much more diversified, global and focused in advancing additive manufacturing technology for rapid manufacturing and prototyping. With AMUG’s expanded range, operators/owners of any commercial technology — stereolithography, selective laser sintering, 3D printing, DMD, DMLS, FDM, LS, SL, SLM, PolyJet, and more * — can benefit from the information exchange and professional network that AMUG offers. Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: Roboze | Performance Super Polymers and Composites | Alessio Lorusso | April 29, 2021

I had the opportunity to chat with Roboze CEO, Alessio Lorusso and learn more about his plans to expand operations to Houston, Texas. Offering both 3D printers and 3D parts with performance super polymers and composites. The Roboze technical ecosystem includes a complete range of advanced 3D printers for high temperature and high strength super plastics, developed with the collaboration of the best global players. It guarantees a real optimization of costs and time along the entire supply chain, while bringing Additive Manufacturing closer to the standards of traditional manufacturing. Topics: 1:20 - Alessio’s journey from production CNC to production 3D printing with accurate repeatable high performance super polymer and composites materials #stronglikemetal 2:48 - Roboze specializes in high temp polymer materials. 4:37 – Production “accuracy and repeatability” and #printstronglikemetal 6:04 - Expanding operations from HQ in Bari, Italy to Houston, Texas 8:30 – Roboze technology “beltless technology” - repeatability and consistency – process materials properly. 12:05 - Business model of both selling machines and also providing printing services with Roboze On-demand parts / service network. (Digital inventory) “connecting the demand with the offering.” 15:47 – Consistency of the parts and quality control in distributed manufacturing. Certification and qualification of parts. 17:52 - Future Plans – additional talent and technology - upcoming event: 20th of May: Webinar to discover how Roboze is supporting the widespread use of additive manufacturing in the SPACE SECTOR to change the future of space missions. “Roboze Goes into Space" with LAIR Group Event by Roboze Online May 20, 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (CDT) Registration link: Roboze: Roboze is re-shaping the manufacturing industry and revolutionizing the world of 3D Printing with the most precise technology, capable of processing super polymers and composite materials for the realization of finished functional parts to be used in the most extreme conditions and sectors. Moreover, Roboze offers the chance to produce custom finished parts On Demand and Just-in-Time through its manufacturing as a service global network, Roboze 3D Parts, that allows companies to reduce cost and time by shortening the steps in their supply chain and digitalizing their inventory. Alessio Lorusso: *Support local music by Eugene Snowden: Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: Anouk Wipprecht | Fashion Tech Design 3D Printing | Maddie Frank | March 2nd, 2021

In celebration of Women's History Month coinciding with All Digital Additive Manufacturing's 50th episode, FashionTech icon Anouk Wipprecht is interviewed by guest host Maddie Frank. Thank you to Maddie for agreeing to be our first guest host and doing the work behind the questions that make this episode so great! Special thanks to Anouk for agreeing to be guest number 50!! WoW…what an inspirational and talent packed episode… Thank You All... Enjoy!! Topics Include: 0:05 – Intro – Guest host, Maddie Frank with guest Anouk Wipprecht 1:08 – STEAM and FashionTech influence in a small town 3:14 – Computer and technology introduction 4:03 – MTV and 90’s influence – Robotics influence 6:16 – Art, Fashion, and Robotics (the early years) 9:22 – Anouk’s lil princess Lumi says hello 😊 10:57 – 1.5yrs in Sweden with Arduino while pursuing art – combining disciplines. 12:53 – Typical day in the life of a creative 13:52 – Location and cultural influence - Zaha Hadid architect 18: 32- Support to be an entrepreneur artist. 20:38 – Dress designs, Spider, Smoke, Synapse – exploring personal space 24:43 – Balancing design and gender and technology 28:55 – Agent Unicorn Project – sensory research for children – Autism, ADHD therapy 37:53 – Getting started with 3D printing – Smoke dress – Software – TPU 41:20 – Materialise – Robotics – Fashion - 3D printing 42:16 – Future of Art, Technology, and Fashion – STEM and STEAM – hybrid approach Anouk Wipprecht: Maddie Frank: Support local music by Eugene Snowden: Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: Satori | Creative Custom Resin 3D Printing | Chengxi Wang | March 3rd, 2021

Satori means "enlightenment” in Japanese Zen. It was a true pleasure to have Satori CEO, Chengxi Wang share her inspirational journey from musician to financial analyst to 3D printing creative leader. Developing professional 3D printers for dentists, engineers, jewelry designers, manufacturers, and innovators around the world... Topics Include: 0:05 – Intro Chengxi Wang – CEO, Satori – Creatives put the "why" in "buy" 1:45 – Behind the creation of Satori – Musical and finance background – 3D printing and the creative process 3:44 – Satori – Empowering the creative user’s experience 4:51 – Customized resin and machine solutions developed from customer feedback. 6:21 – Learning from failure - Embrace the chaos - Water washable resin 9:25 – Dental industry value: aligners – Surgical guides 11:33 – Musician creativity mindset – Team leadership – Discipline 14:14 – Leading a team during the pandemic – Partnership programs 17:11 - Continuing education – User experience – Dental ROI 21:30 – 3D printings special charm – Owning your journey 22:52 – Future plans for Satori 23:37 – Curiosity and a creative mind – Inspiration - Community Chengxi Wang Twitter: LinkedIn: Satori: website: Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: WERK_ | Human Centered Design | Katie Tucker & Adam J. Penna | February 28, 2021

Wonderful to have Katie Tucker, founder of WERK_ stop by to share her experience working with teams and organizations that find themselves in transformation. WERK_offers partnership, consultation, and training designed to empower teams to develop a unified long-term vision, roadmaps for realization, and environmental indicators that improve the synergy inside Advanced Manufacturing ecosystems. Topics Include: 0:05 – Intro WERK_ - Human Centered Design 2:53 – New technology adoption – value chain 5:00 – Company-wide “buy-in” – Organizational excitement, including the supply chain 8:17 – End user identification – shaping the experience – creating value 11:50 – More applications – Concept development – Culture shifting 14:52 – Train the trainer – learn by exploration 16:33 – Company culture and ecosystem 17:45 – Servant leadership, community collaboration 20:20 – Community and shared experience going forward 23:08 – Rethinking the shared experience by combining technology Katie Tucker: WERK_ : Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: HP & Clubhouse | Sales and Networking 2021 | Vivek Krishnamurthy | February 28, 2021

Virtual networking on Zoom and applications such as Clubhouse are great when you can meet people like Vivek Krishnamurthy. On this episode we discuss his journey into sales and the evolution of networking in the past year... Topics Include: 0:05​ – Intro Vivek Krishnamurthy in New Mexico - Additive Manufacturing Business Development at HP 1:05​ - WNY roots – Career journey – never a dull day 2:20​ – 3D Systems – interdisciplinary nature 4:14​ – Industry pushing forward. 4:50​.8 – Evolution of the Sales role in 3D printing through the pandemic – HP virtual demo 7:05​ – Clubhouse app – Group chat – Networking – Community 11:57​ – Build Volume Group in the Clubhouse app 12:31​ – Rooms in Clubhouse – Pancake and Chocolate 3D printing 14:13​ – 2021 forecast – software and hardware intersection 15:27​ – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) & Manufacturing Execution System (MES) 16:05​ – 2021 Industry forecast - consolidation Vivek Krishnamurthy:​ HP Industrial 3D Printers:​ Support local music by Eugene Snowden: Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: UWM Graduate | Creative Engineering and 3DP | Maddie Frank & Adam J. Penna | February 25, 2021

Intern extraordinaire turned graduate and guest host, Maddie Frank stopped by to share her inspiring journey into 3D printing through Engineering and Applied Science as well her reflections and forecast for the future... Topics Include: 0:05​ - intro Maddie Frank, recent electrical engineering graduate, TIPE 2021 Youth track leader, intern extraordinaire 6:35​ - 2019 AMUG, Technical competition for advanced finishing – 3D printed Cello – Combining passions 10:52​ - Timo Gallery - Workspace/Showcase | Facebook =​ 12:07​ – How the 3D printed Cello played in comparison to a real Cello, creative process 14:37​ – Manufacturing and melding different disciplines 15:58​ – Finding the applications for Additive Manufacturing 17:13​ – Bring additive manufacturing to the mainstream – continual learning 20:25​ – Remaining teachable 20:51​ - First guest host: Maddie Frank will be interviewing Anouk Wipprecht on All Digital Additive Manufacturing, combining technology with the human element, stay tuned! Maddie Frank:​ Anouk Wipprecht: Support local music by Eugene Snowden: Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: 9T Labs | Digital Composites Production | Yannick Willemin & Adam Penna | January 20, 2021

Great to have Yannick Willemin from 9T Labs in Switzerland stop by to discuss digital composites production and his journey into Additive Manufacturing… Topics include: 0:05 – Intro - starting in 2020 with 9T Labs, Switzerland 2:56 - Customer attention and overcoming obstacles during pandemic as a Start-up 6:10 – USP’s for 9T Labs. Software automation for composites 11:08 – “It’s about serial production not about prototyping“ 11:30 – The Machine itself – Build & Fusion modules 13:48 – Part & process quote from Yannick 15:07 - 9T Labs support focus, long term education service 17:38 – Speed of innovation 19:11 – Materials, thermoplastics, sustainability 22:00 – Case Studies, advantages of composites in Aerospace & Medical 27:27 – Forecast for 2021 Yannick Willemin: 9T Labs Empowering all manufacturers to mass produce carbon fiber composites easily by providing an all-in-one solution of advanced software, automated manufacturing equipment and industry standard material. Support local music by Eugene Snowden: Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: Design Intent | Art to Medical | Wilbert Pierce & Adam J. Penna | January 7th, 2021

Design intent and the creative process are fun to chat about with this week's guest Wilbert Pierce of Wilbert Pierce Designs and medical device company Longeviti Neuro Solutions. From art to Iron Man to Medical design for 3D printing, it was a blast learning about is journey and outlook on 2021... 0:05​- Intro - DfAM art applied to the Medical industry – 3D modeling to printing 3:02​ – Design intent – optimizing time 4:07​ – Art and Engineering – drawing talent - “construction of life” 5:50​ – Home SLA 3D printer line up – FDM & SLA Iron Man masks 7:48​ – MARVEL childhood memories 8:48​ – Discovering Iron Man (on guitar) 9:23​ – Design thinking – Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts experience – CAD intro – 3D sculpting 12:30​ – Words of wisdom 18:48​ – Intentionality lessons 22:13​ – Medical 3D printing design intent – SLA to PolyJet 24:36​ – Medical projects – cranial implant – start-up milestones – open collaboration 29:24​ – What Wilbert enjoys the most about Additive Manufacturing 32:41​ -- Benefit of AM 34:54​ – The power of networking 37:56​ – Home hobbies 43:21​ – Forecast for 2021, consolidation, diving in with medical design Longeviti is taking a holistic approach to the most challenging dilemmas facing the various fields of neuro-technology Longeviti has created , with its collaborators, a multi-disciplined portfolio merging Robotics, Navigation, Machine/Brain Interface, Wireless Technology, Cranial Reconstruction, and Functional Neurosurgical Devices. Together, Longeviti and its partners are changing the evolution of neuro-technology. Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: 3DP4ME | The Gift of Hearing | Jason Szolomayer & Gregor Ash | January 26, 2021

It was a true pleasure to have Jason Szolomayer & Gregor Ash stop by to share their path to overcoming obstacles on their mission of changing lives by bringing modern personalized 3D printed hearing-aid solutions to people with hearing loss in underserved communities in the Middle East. Harnessing the power of patient specific customization and scan to print, 3DP4ME is working with partners on fundraising efforts to make this dream a reality in 2021... "We change lives by bringing modern solutions to people with hearing loss in low-income countries." - 0:05 – Intro – Impact of 3D Printing serving human needs as a non-profit 1:28 – = Giving the gift of hearing – Jason's 3DP journey – mentor relationship 3:42 - “The leg that fits” - Gregor's roots – Center for Design Based Innovation – custom orthopedic solution 5:32 – Patient specific – Scan to Print process precision 7:46 – Pivoting from prosthetics to hearing aids – technologies that bring access – end-to-end solution – process improvement 9:44 – Scan to fit process simplicity– end-to-end solution scalability – medical 3DP Rosetta Stone – converting data into a model 13:24 – Jason's inspiration – stories about giving the gift of hearing – overcoming obstacles 15:24 – Goal =12,000 hearing aids to 8.000 clients in Jordan. 16:27 – Legacy of Jason's mentor, brother Andrew De Carpentier. 18:05 – New facility and 5-year plan for assisted devices and AM production facility serving humanitarian needs. 22:11 – Passion behind the process to provide local collaboration for launching the pilot. Fundraising 25:50 – Overcoming barriers to entry in Jordan to provide lower cost solutions for hearing aids 27:14 – 3D scan to print hearing aid custom iterations for growing children. 27:41 – Pilot project short term and long-term goals – digital thread – service delivery model 29:12 - ERP system – Google Cloud – set up for success 31:52 – University collaborations – technology transfer – fellowship program - “It takes a village” 33:31 – Plans for 2021 – year of realization 36:55 – works from donations Jason Szolomayer - Gregor Ash - - 3DP4ME- “3D Printing for ME (Middle East)” Jason Szolomayer, is the point person for the Hearing ExpressTM Project in Jordan. Currently, fundraising for the new lab space, staff, materials, and training. Planning to establish and cultivate a reproducible, sustainable, social enterprise model leveraging 3D printing and 3D ear scanning technology. Overall Project Goals: To provide 12,000 hearing aids to 4,000 individuals who are in need of mono-lateral fitting (1/3) and 4,000 individuals who are in need of bi-lateral fitting (2/3). To enable children who are hard-of-hearing to enroll in mainstream education and improve the potential for future employability, and to facilitate inclusion, employment and full participation in society by elderly persons who are hard-of-hearing. To dramatically boost the hope of living a functional life for children and adults who are hard-of-hearing, thereby enabling them to better contribute to the wealth of the nation. Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: MakerGirl | 3D Printing Education | Mary Hadley & Adam J. Penna | December 16, 2020

Mary Hadley - CEO, MakerGirl stopped in from Chicago IL right before Christmas to discuss expanding STEM curriculum programs for 3D printing education. MakerGirl educates girls 7-10 on how to 3D print and design using CAD. You can also catch Mary at the TIPE conference.... Topics Include: 0:05​ - Mary Hadley – CEO, MakerGirl - Chicago IL 0:40​ - Virtual 3D printing sessions reach 1:48​ – 2020 timeline agility - STEM videos and live virtual sessions 2:48​ - Next Gen excitement – Girl Scouts, e-Nable, Helping Hands project 4:09​ – Creative analytical theme – projects during pandemic 5:10​ - Education importance at all ages – working with the next gen 7:03​ – Mary’s journey with 3D printing and MakerGirl’s beginnings – road trip 9:00​ – Virtual sessions and overcoming challenges 10:56​ – Future goals with MakerGirl - expanding the curriculum 12:55​ – Print project highlights 14:41​ - Importance of Mentorship 15:18​ – Piloting level two curriculum - TIPE conference Youth track – Wi3DP Next Gen project 16:36​ – MakerGirl mission to education 10,000 girls by 2023. MakerGirl -​ Mary Hadley -​ TIPE conference -​ MakerGirl's mission is to educate the next generation of female makers to be unstoppable forces that say “Yes!” to the challenges of tomorrow. Shared through STEM education sessions led by University women and men. MakerGirl educates girls on how to 3D print and CAD, focusing on girls aged 7-10. All of our sessions inspire girls to be creative and technical through 3D printing and other cutting-edge technologies. Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: Tactile Report | Photopolymers | Stephanie Benight & Adam J. Penna | January 13, 2021

Stephanie Benight from Tactile Materials Solutions stopped by to share the knowledge on photopolymers and her newly released Tactile Report. She will also be sharing more at the TIPE conference on January 27-28. Don't miss it... 0:00 – Intro – Stephanie Benight, PhD Materials Science Tactile Report = Photopolymers in 3D printing – 2:14 - Materials industry insight – 3D printing for real applications - nasal swabs, PPE, equipment – hybrid materials – increasing thermal performance 5:38 – Tactile Materials Solutions – - Stratasys/Origin consolidation. 7:02– speaking on a panel at the TIPE conference – stop by All Digital Additive Manufacturing table – Remo virtual tradeshow platform evolution – virtual networking 9:38 – Production ready material / technology / company comparison in the Tactile Report 11:50 – Stephanie’s journey into applied material science – pre & post PhD 14:81 – Importance of career fairs – understanding material failure and having communication plan 17:48 – Intention of Tactile Report 20:58– Sustainability – recycle-ability 21:34 – Polymers used in present day – core polymers – innovation in the polymer space – applications 24:12 – Standardization – ASTM committee – litigation – regulatory certification process 28:20 – Medical polymer applications- standards 29:52 - Photopolymers meet or exceed injection molding materials today Tactile Report - Tactile Materials Solutions - TIPE Conference - Stephanie Benight - Dr. Stephanie Benight is a leader in Materials with technical background in chemistry and materials characterization and a demonstrated track record in business development and strategic partnerships. She has led and conducted root cause and failure analysis investigations of plastics, adhesives, and coatings (e.g. inks, paints) used in commercial products such as building materials (e.g. flooring), consumer electronics, medical devices, equipment components, and wind turbine blades, among others. Dr. Benight is experienced with several materials characterization techniques including FTIR, DSC/TGA, mass spectrometry, microscopy, chemical compatibility testing, mechanical property testing (e.g. tensile strength, nanoindentation) and accelerated end-use testing of materials. She has employed these methods routinely in her investigations and research. Dr. Benight also has performed research in the areas of liquid crystals, photonics, electro-optic materials, organic electronics (e.g. sensors, transistors), semiconductors, next generation computing (e.g. optical computing), and additive manufacturing (3D printing). Tactile Material Solutions - As the world continues to face unprecedented hurdles, one thing is certain – advanced materials and polymers will continue to play a vital role in current generation products and next-generation technology. Leveraging our background in materials science, chemistry, and business, Tactile Materials Solution’s mission is to provide well-informed insight and sharp technical analysis to empower innovators to meet these challenges head-on. Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: TRUMPF | Metal AM Aerospace & Medical | Eliana Fu & Adam J. Penna

Eliana Fu, Aerospace & Medical Industry Manager at TRUMPF North America, stopped by to discuss her new opportunities in Metal AM with Aerospace & Medical as well as a sneak peek into her upcoming talk in the Youth track, January 28th at the TIPE conference. Topics Include: 0:00 – Intro – Description of TRUMPF – Industry Manager Aerospace & Medical 4:49 – Work from home success – Overcoming time zone challenges - LPBF/LMF – DED/LMD 6:26 – Aerospace supply chain – TIMET – SpaceX 8:18 – PhD Material Science – Space, the final frontier! - 3D printing market – Supply chains 11:52 – “The offspring of casting and welding” 12:19 – Perspective from both sides of the supply chain – Customer / Supplier Partnership 13:35 – Aerospace to Medical – PPE, Point of Care, On-Demand, Education, Security 15:53 – Medical AM and Metal AM is ramping up, and it's exciting! 18:40 – Job market hope – Making the most of time to re-invent yourself as “more intentional” 24:06 – Lifelong student – MIT X Pro – Leadership – Continual education 26:34 – Next Gen – 3DP curriculum – TIPE conference 27:55 – Speaking in the Youth track, January 28th at the TIPE conference 29:47 – Positive reflection – Mentorship – Networking Eliana Fu: TIPE Conference: TRUMPF: TRUMPF Additive production systems: 3D printing shapes the future of industrial production. Through additive processes, components are created from powder and light alone using 3D printers for metals. Highly productive laser processing machines enable innovative applications in the fields of coating and repair through laser metal deposition. For additive manufacturing, TRUMPF provides you with solutions in both relevant laser technologies: laser metal fusion (LMF) and laser metal deposition (LMD). Depending on the application, we offer the right 3D printer or laser processing machine for your industrial manufacturing processes. For the industrialization of 3D metal printing, we offer you a complete solution comprising digitalization, services, and additive production systems. As a pioneer in additive technology with around 20 years of experience, we will pass on our expertise to you, so that you benefit from robust and reliable laser 3D printers, as well as highly productive laser processing machines for industrial series production. Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: LEO Lane | Distributed AM Security SaaS | Lee-Bath Nelson and Adam J. Penna

Lee-Bath Nelson, co-Founder and VP of Business at LEO Lane will be speaking about AM entrepreneurship at TIPE January 28th at 10:30am CST in the Economics track. In this episode of ‘3DP & AM Chat’ Lee joins me from Israel to discuss AM SaaS software security for digital inventory to distributed manufacturing. Topics: 0:00 – LEO Lane background – repeatable, consistent 3D printing with a secure SaaS - protect and enforce digital assets. 3:18 – blockchain ready – securing distributed manufacturing – process specification – Limited Edition Object (LEO) 6:93 - “Whatever is not controlled by software, we can't control” - defining and securing the digital thread 8:12 – Digital inventory – Making secure digital asset decisions in the value chain 18:02 – information allowed in a secure way – Contract Manufacturer and Consultant value 20:66 – Recipe – protecting transparency – automation 21:07 – LEO Lane adjustments through the pandemic – Moving to a secure digital supply chain 26:12 – Improving the virtual tradeshow experience – solving the visitor experience 27:86 – LEO Lane blog post – Go Digital 28:84 – Future goals for LEO Lane – ecosystem collaboration 30:09 – Tooling spotlight application for additive manufacturing LEO Lane: Lee-Bath Nelson: ' TIPE conference: LEO stands for Limited Edition Object. LEOs are digital assets (files) that protect and preserve a digital product or part design by controlling how it is produced on behalf of the enterprise/brand that owns it. The brand's intent is preserved (by specifying material, compatible additive manufacturing technology, scaling allowed, etc) and the brand can specify how many items (instances) can be 3D printed from a particular LEO file. The LEO Lane service also tracks all LEOs providing a dashboard showing when, where, and how each item was produced. Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: SPEE3D | Supersonic 3D Deposition | Byron Kennedy & Adam J. Penna

Byron Kennedy, CEO of SPEE3D stopped by All Digital Additive Manufacturing to discuss the power of supersonic 3D disposition, incorporating production ready robotics, to make metal parts easy. Harnessing the power of kinetic energy, with flexibility of metal 3D printing at normal production costs, to produce the most affordable metal additive manufacturing process in the world. Guest: Byron Kennedy (Australia) CEO of SPEE3D Topics Include: 0:00 – Intro 1:26 – Supersonic 3D Deposition incorporating production ready robotics – Background of SPEE3D – Make manufacturing easier 2:49 – The journey of the manufacturer is tough – strong manufacturing foundation for 3D printing success 4:41 – Cold Spray technology foundation – software solution – real parts 5:58 - Integrating nine technologies for production ready manufacturing solutions 8:01 – The software 9:16 – Not limited to being just a 3D printer – coating with activated copper to kill viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19) 14:31 – 3D printing improving logistics in the Defense Industry - August 5, 2020 - Phillips Federal adds SPEE3D Additive Manufacturing capabilities to US Army’s Rock Island Arsenal – Defense partnerships – expedition capability – build parts in field 21:43 – Materials to watch: copper, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel 23:21 – What's new for 2021 – repair, new printer targeting heavy industry 24:15 – Outer space and Cold Spray’s big opportunity – helium on the moon Byron Kennedy: SPEE3D metal cold spray technology Our mission is to make it easier. SPEE3D printers enable the most affordable metal additive manufacturing process in the world. They make metal parts the fastest way possible, leveraging metal cold spray technology to produce industrial quality metal parts in just minutes, rather than days or weeks. The process harnesses the power of kinetic energy, rather than relying on high-power lasers and expensive gasses. And for the first time it allows the flexibility of metal 3D printing at normal production costs. Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: Hyperganic | DfAM with AI and Nature | Lin Kayser & Adam Penna | November 24, 2020

Hyperganic builds software to design objects that are as complex, functional, elegant and sustainable as Nature. Lin Kayser, the Hyperganic CEO and manufacturing visionary, joins us from the art and engineering metropolis of Munich, Germany to discuss Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and nature... 0:00 – Intro - Lin Kayser CEO, Hyperganic in Munich, Germany 1:29 – Journey into AM - Artist father / aerospace uncle. Coding to image processing to engineering 4:13 – Future happened much slower than I thought it would – pc innovation 5:59 – Could AM bring Moore's Law into innovation of physical objects? - AM software ecosystem that dramatically accelerates innovation of physical objects = Hyperganic 6:59 – Advantages Hyperganic offers within generative design – Design from Nature 10:22 – Lets move atoms in space – new geometry kernel – only software that can model everything you can 3D print at the resolution of the 3D printer or higher. 11:57 – Rocket Combustion Chamber example part on the build plate – print anything on any printer. 13:14 – Algorithm iteration power, a blueprint to create objects. 14:27 – Three sweet spots for Hyperganic - complex objects - Heat Exchanger example – customization – natures design intent – algorithm optimization 17:30 – Bicycle helmet example – scan to print – power of mass customization with algorithms 22:00 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) - how can you speed up simulation? 29:22 – Ask a precise question and let the computer do the manual work of the engineer – innovation of physical products to create radical change quickly 33:14 – Heat exchanger example – partnering for training and education 35:11 – Tilting industries toward additive manufacturing with accelerated innovation from AI and generative design 37:06 – Future plans for Hyperganic and AM – opening up the platform – technology, hardware, economics – automation Hyperganic: Lin Kayser: Support local music by Eugene Snowden: Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: TIPE Conference Jan 27-28, 2021 | Wi3DP | Nora Toure & Adam Penna | December 16, 2020

As proud media partner of TIPE Conference January 27-28, 2021. It was an honor to wrap up 2020 with a visit from Women in 3D Printing founder Nora Toure. We reflected on 2020, community, women leaders, role models, mentors, and the importance of 3D printing curriculum availability, now and for the next generation. Topics Include: 0:00 – Intro – Community support - 2020 retrospective 1:42 – Planning the Wi3DP TIPE 3D Printing Conference 130+ Female Speakers – men and women welcome 5:13 – Fast Radius - Director, Sales & Service Factory Operations – learning with a remote team – reality 2020 8:20 - Reality of mitigating factory worker risk during the pandemic – reaching out - 10:55 - 2020 reflection – PPE – 3D printing goes mainstream (again) - supply chain education 13:47 –Technology Industry People Economics and Youth – Youth Track details – Next Gen – female role models – curriculum 21:42 – Next Gen programs with ambassadors around the world. Pilot program in the USA, distribute program to the world 25:09 – First all women speaker series in 3D printing - 2 days, 5 tracks, 1 virtual networking stage 33:30 – Welcoming the newcomer – advocating and mentoring – connecting 38:47 – Digital thread – prototype iteration 40:46 – Generational value and working together 43:28 – TIPE Conference January 27-28, 2021 Nora Toure: TIPE Conference January 27-28, 2021 Women in 3D Printing: Support local music by Eugene Snowden: Support this podcast at —


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3DP & AM Chat: Wi3DP Education and Policy | Karina Popovich & Adam Penna | September 28, 2020

Karina Popovich is an inspiring young leader in STEM and 3D printing. Wi3DP has launched a Youth Initiative with her as Head of Education & Policy. Currently, a sophomore at Cornell, Karina has a passion for entrepreneurship, business, engineering, and is only getting started... Topics Include: 0:00 – Intro –New York - fall weather 2:47 – Harnessing energy towards positive action – Youth initiatives Wi3DP 3:45 – Brooklyn Technical High School -– educational digital design program – 3D printing – entrepreneurship 5:37 – Sophomore year at Cornell – freshman during the pandemic 6:02 – Re-wiring your personal digital network – mindset of college motivation – PPE - Wi3DP youth program 8:32 – Makers for COVID-19 – PPE program – February/March flashback 11:33 - Distributing 3DP - PPE in NYC – trends 14:07 – - open-source resource 15:30 – Wear Alpha clothing line – new opportunities – social impact 3D printing – Wi3DP Youth Program initiatives 17:44 – Youth Program with Women in 3D Printing – STEM - 3D printing curriculum creative lens 22:57 - Exploring economics and marketing at Cornell – working to combine and improve skills 25-17 – Who do you want to be when you grow up? - Beauty of exploring multiple interests 26:42 – How Katrina got started in 3D printing - $200-$300 printer collection – chocolate 3D printing – cheers to the future! Karina Popovich - Youth Program with Women in 3D Printing - Support this podcast at —