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A nerd talking to others nerds in bands.

A nerd talking to others nerds in bands.
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A nerd talking to others nerds in bands.




Alma Martyr-Episode 9-Evan Engisch (SPACE X)

Evan Engisch SPACE X Recorded July 16th, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA The first day at Space X and the Ramones Vermont, Problem Child, and Stay Home Music and Astronauts and Jazz Mechanical engineering from RPI. Hayabusa2, the Japanese led team lands on the Ryugu asteroid and collects samples Planetary resources and astro-mining for water Designing a hybrid race car from...


Alma Martyr-Episode 8-Alfred Brown IV (DANGERS)-creative writing, photography, coaching.

Alfred Brown IV MFA Columbia, BFA Princeton, PhD USC (?) Lead Singer of DANGERS Fiction writer, photographer, teacher, gym and soccer coach, and Recorded July 15th, 2019 at Gate 14 in El Segundo, CA


Alma Martyr-Episode 7-Dan Gonyea (Future-breed)-XBOX, photography, computer sciences.

Dan Gonyea Photographer, Future-Breed, XBOX programer. Recorded July 12, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA. What we talk about: Dan Gonyea is mainly a live concert photography. Works at Xbox as a software developer. Grew up in small town Goshen, NH. Started shooting photographs at 15. Sneaking in cameras to warped tour. The story behind the name “Future-Breed,” circa 2004. 2006: Start at North Eastern: Double Major in Multimedia Studies and Computer Sciences. Became a ‘game engineer’ for...


Alma Martyr-Episode 6-Dan Yemin (Paint It Black, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite)-Psychology

Dan Yemin Recorded March 3, 2019 at Dan’s house in West Philadelphia In 1986, Dan Yemen went to college at U. Michigan in Ann Arbor. Laughing Hyena’s was the biggest band in Ann Arbor at the time, no one was interested in playing fast / hardcore at the time in Michigan. Seeing Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Swans, and Dinosaur Jr. at the Blind Pig in Michigan, a very small venue, but would go home to NYC on vacations to go see Gorilla Biscuits and Anthrax. Why U. Michigan?…that seemed “the...


Alma Martyr-Episode 5-Blake Farber (OLDE YORK)- DIRECTING/FILMMAKING

Blake Farber Director / Film Maker and Guitarist of Olde Yorke Recorded 3/20/19 at the Eliot Hotel in Boston, MA in snow storm. Blake had just flew in from Singapore the nigh before, gave a talk the Berkley college of music, and then was just about to fly back to New York. What we talk about: Blake played guitar in Olde York. Played Europe, Japan, all over the states. Always lived in Manhattan. Born and Raised. One of Blake’s first show was Youth Brigade at...


Alma Martyr-Episode 4- Hayden Menzies (METZ)- Art / Painting

Hayden Menzies Artist and Drummer of the Band METZ Holds his BFA with Honors from Concordia University in Montreal. Recorded February 2, 2019 in Montreal Quebec. What we talk about: Montreal: What a weird city. Canadians are different people. They really are. Hayden was born in Winnipeg and was an army brat. The Phoenix Coyotes in Kingston? Hayden started out as a science nerd, dabbled in Biochemistry…but science is an all or none...


Alma Martyr-Episode 3-Patrick Flynn (Have Heart / Fiddelhead)- History / Education

Patrick Flynn History Teacher and Singer of the band Have Heart Fiddlehead Recorded March 14, 2019 Introduction by Luke Kelly and The Action Taken. What we talk about: We are in Pat’s Classroom, he teaches the following courses: AP World History Modern world History Holocaust and Human Behavior. Pat does not consider himself a musician. Why we decided to redo this episode: Have Heart sold out 4 shows around the world in 2 minutes when they first announced their reunion shows this...


Alma Martyr-Episode 2-Milo Aukerman (Descendents)-Biochemistry

Dr. Milo Auckerman (Biochemistry / Plant Biology) Recorded Saturday October 27th, 2018. Music by The Ventures What we talk about: 1982: The album “Milo goes to College” is released and 19 year old Milo actually starts college at UC San Diego (graduated high school in 1981). The Descendents were still based in LA at that point, Milo was commuting from SD to LA for shows. “Are you a Scientist or are you a Musician?” The vision to go to college for science came from a high school book...


Alma Martyr-Episode 1-Ross Farrar (Ceremony)-Poetry/Creative Writing.

Ross Farrar. Singer of the band Ceremony. Also a published author and poet. Recorded. May 18th, 2018 at Syracuse University where Ross is pursuing his studies in the Department of English there. What we talk about: Ross is actually French. We are in Syracuse in NY. Orange Men. Ross the Writer. Article in Nosey about Ranking of Ceremony’s records. Society Verse and the L shaped man books. Ross moved to San Francisco in 2005. Music really got Ross into writing. Why poetry over...