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The mission of Apologetics.com is to provide cutting-edge resources and training in Christian apologetics to the public through our website and related activities. Challenging believers to think and thinkers to believe.

The mission of Apologetics.com is to provide cutting-edge resources and training in Christian apologetics to the public through our website and related activities. Challenging believers to think and thinkers to believe.
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The mission of Apologetics.com is to provide cutting-edge resources and training in Christian apologetics to the public through our website and related activities. Challenging believers to think and thinkers to believe.




Why I Still Believe

Ex-atheist Mary Jo Sharp joined Lenny in the studio to discuss why her struggles with Christians in the church did not dissuade her from holding onto the truth claims of Christianity. At a time when de-conversion stories have become all too common, Mary Jo's questions ultimately led her to irresistible hope.


Building Your House on the Rock

In this episode, Jason Gallagher, Daniel Adrean and Eddie Anorga discuss the importance of building your thinking and apologetic methodology on the rock solid foundation of Scripture. During our discussion, we hear from a caller with a friend whose birthday adds up to the number 666. It was a great teaching point to show the practical implications and importance of building our thinking on Scripture rather than some mathematical model that turns birth-dates into something that determines a...


Importance of Story in Apologetics

Jon Noyes and the Apologetics Radio team talk about the importance of engaging the skeptic using the power of story.


Live Encounter with a Steamroller

Greg Koukl, in his Tactics book, describes a "steamroller" in the context of an apologetics engagement. A steamroller is a person with whom you disagree about fundamental issues and in the course of a conversation refuses to listen and acknowledge the civil give and take required to achieve fruitful interactions around a subject. Our radio team led by Jon Noyes encountered such a person while we took calls. Listen and discern some of the lessons or techniques employed by the radio team in...


Classic Christian Thinkers

In this episode of the Apologetics.com Radio Show we invite Ken Samples, author and speaker to talk about his latest book Classic Christian Thinkers. Here, in survey fashion, we look at the contributions of the following thinkers: Iranaeus, Athanasius, Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, Martin Luther, Calvin, Pascal and C.S. Lewis.


Answering the Four Horsemen of Atheism: Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris and Dennett

In this show, host Bob Parucha tackles specific objections of the "new atheists" as detailed in the book "The Four Horsemen". They look at the so-called "scientific method" of the new atheists, they discuss the problem of theodicy and the goodness of God. In response, they highlight how the biblical worldview is the only way to make sense of evil, rationally and emotionally, as well as how Christianity is the only true answer to what ails humankind. Listen in and join the conversation online.


Leaving Christianity

This week on Apologetics.com Jon, Eric, and Joel discuss the recent news of Christian author and former pastor Joshua Harris that he was no longer Christian. They briefly look at the timeline of events and discuss how to respond biblically to these kinds of issues.


Helpful Apologetics Methods and Tips

In this episode of the Apologetics.com Radio Show, Lenny Esposito and Dr. Jacob Daniel share their favorite apologetics tips and methods to defend the truth claims of Christianity. Listen and learn how to effectively engage and persuade your listener on ultimate issues pertaining to faith, truth and reason.


A Change of Affection: A Gay Man's Incredible Story of Redemption

In this show we discuss Becket Cook's upcoming book release and how we can go about loving and reaching our LGBTQ neighbors. One key point of discussion is the issue of identity. As Becket shares, we don't see people organizing "greed pride" parades because, although we all struggle with greed, it does not become a person's core identity. With homosexuality, however, it becomes very difficult to repent, or turn away, from something that has become an integral part of who you are as a person....


Columbo Tactic

On this episode of Aplogetics.com Radio Host Jon Noyes is joined by Eric Horne and Chang Yuon as they discuss Greg Koukl's book Tactics: A game plan for discussion your Christian convictions. They focus especially on the Columbo Tactic which helps anyone get into the drivers seat and navigate conversations without feeling any pressure to "seal the deal." Join us as we explore how to talk to the average person about amazing things.


Effective Apologetics

This show recaps some of the topics discussed in the month of June. A caller asks each of our hosts what we consider a good effective apologetics tactic. Listen as Jon Noyes, Leslie Wickman and Harry Edwards respond to the question.


Deconversion Part 2

On this episode we continue with the discussion on deconversion hosted and facilitated by Dr. Jacob Daniel on May 25, 2019. Here we specifically expound on Dr. John Marriott's book "A Recipe for Disaster" in which he explains four factors churches and parents contribute to the process of weakening believer's doubts that ultimately lead to renouncing the Christian faith: over-prepared, ill-prepared, ill-prepared and painfully prepared. This show was hosted by Harry Edwards with panelist...


How Reason Can Lead To God

On this show, Harry Edwards facilitates a conversation between a scientist, Dr. Leslie Wickman and a philosopher, Dr. Joshua Rasmussen on how reason can lead to God. Here you'll find a teaser for Dr. Rasmussen's upcoming book titled "How Reason Can Lead to God." Do you value reason, science, and independent thinking, yet you hope there could be a greater purpose to the universe? Beginning with his own story of losing the belief in any ultimate purpose in life, philosopher Joshua Rasmussen...


Should We Argue God's Existence?

On this episode of Apologetics.com, brought to you by Branch of Hope OPC (www.branchofhope.org), daniel adrean talks to us about talking about God. Should we argue for God's existence? Can we? Should we prove God's existence? Is that possible? He also introduces us to various discussions regarding the "cosmological arguments" and "teleological arguments" for the existence of God and advances the Biblical method of defending our faith.


The Gospel and the First Amendment

Join host Jonathan Noyes and Eric Horne as they recap the Get a Grip presentation by Mike Adams in which he explained three threats to liberty students face on the college campus. From there they discuss the importance of the First Amendment and the protection of free speech, even offensive ones in light of the idea that the Good News is offensive speech.



Why do some people leave their faith? What motivates them to take this step? Do Christians have credible answers to the questions they raise? If you are interested in these questions, and wish to learn about "De-conversion" and how to instill a faith that endures, you will enjoy listening to this episode of the Apologetics.com Radio Show. This show is hosted by Dr. Jacob Daniel. Guests include distinguished scholars and apologists Dr. John Marriott, Dr. Michael Chamberlain, Mr. Finney...


Are We Alone?

Join Jon and Leslie as they discuss the idea that there might be life on other planets. What are the chances? Why? Whats' the significance? These are just some of the questions they address.


Millennials and Spirituality

On this episode of apologetics.com radio host Jason Gallagher and special guest Bob Parucha will be discussing what “spirituality” means to millennials today who do not have the default biblical worldview that previous generations grew up with. They will be comparing it with the definition of the spiritual man/woman as defined by scripture.


Reliability of the Bible

Is the Bible reliable? Where did it come from? Is the Bible’s reliability even important? These are some of the questions Jon, Eric and Steve will be discussing on this episode. Last week Dr. Sean McDowell spoke about Biblical Reliability at the annual Get A Grip conference in Newbury Park. On the show tonight we will carry on the conversation and review what Dr. McDowell taught.


Why Education Matters

Our society today has a functionalist view of education. What that means in popular culture today is education is defined and measured solely on the basis of better job prospects at the end of a process. In other words, one ought to get the best education in order to get the best job, in order to be successful, and so on. We no longer consider and appreciate the formative power that education brings to the imagination, creativity and other social advantages that come along with it. In this...