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161. Welding Around the World w/ Chandler Vincent

In this week’s episode I’m talking to Chandler Vincent, Owner of CRV Welding and Fabrication, and Welder Made welding kits, Chandler was an international competitor in the world skills welding competition and represented the United States in the 2016 welding competition. His story of how welding has taken him around the world and back is truly amazing. I had a blast talking with him, he is truly passionate about welding. Follow Chandler on Instagram: @chandlervincent Follow his Company...


160. Out of This World Welds w/ Bill Komlos

Today’s episode, at least in my opinion, is freaking awesome. Today’s guest is Bill Komlos, Bill is an English major, turned welder, turned welding engineer and now develops some of the crazies welding procedures, for some of the coolest projects out there. Bill has an amazing story, he’s worked on all kinds of military projects, C B and I, Aerospace and most recently created a welding procedure to weld a man-made metal that had been installed on the Mars rover Perseverance that will be...


159. Specialty Welding w/ Mike Miller President of Arc Services

In todays episode I am chatting with Mike Miller President of Arc Services in Pasadena Texas. Mike and his team work on some really cool projects, and provide services to include specialty welding, field machining, custom product design and fabrication, heat treating, heavy lifting, nondestructive examination (NDE), and complex rigging solutions. They service a wide variety of industries from power generation to LNG, oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace, food and the pharmaceutical...


Weld Wednesday w/AWS Building Your Network

In this months episode of Weld Wednesday with AWS we are talking about building your professional network through the American Welding Society. I couldn’t think of a better group to come and talk about building your network than the individuals in my own network. I met all of today’s guests at an AWS hosted event and since that time, the contacts, friends and acquaintances we have met, have allowed us to take our careers to the next level. Resources: American Welding Society: Website:...


158. A Welders Journey with Jacob HalesWeldi

In today’s episode, I am chatting with Jacob Hales @weld_fearless out of Greater Monroe Area in Louisiana. Jacob had been all over the US and had worked on a ton of different projects. His welding journey started in a High School Agricultural class but it has led him to become an AWS CWI and API 510 Inspector. Join us today as we discuss his journey. Follow Jacob on Instagram: @weld_fearless Arc Junkies Website: Arc junkies Merch:...


157. On a Mission w/ Kristina Mahler

Kristina Mahler is the owner of Steel Toe Consulting and one of the Founding Members of Crew Collab, an initiative to inspire the next generation of tradesmen and women to seek a career in the blue-collar workforce. We also discuss Kristina's welding journey and how she almost gave up on her passion because of her Instructor. Follow the progress of Crew and contact Kristina on Instagram @Kristina_lately Email the Show: Arc Junkies Website: Arc...


156. Great Balls of Fire!!! w/ Jason Marburger

Jason Marburger is the inventor of some of the coolest, most practical fabrication tools in the welding and fabrication industry. He is currently expanding his shop in Washington and we talk about some of things people should think about when not only buying a shop, but planning the space out as well. Follow Jason and Fireball Tool on Instagram: @Fireballtool Check out his YouTube Channel here: You can find his squares, shims, vices and...


155. Welding, Machining and 3-D Printing w/ Brad Frazier

Joining me on the show today is Brad Frazier a.k.a. Hourglass Ingenuity. Brad is a Welder, Machinist and Product Designer. Brad makes products that delivers solutions for problems you don't know you have. His products make the weld life much easier, whether it's his TIG Bracing Fixtures, Helmet Hooks or Torch Holders. Brads Products are the epitome of branding, as soon as you see one of his pieces, you know who's built it. Im sure you all will enjoy this episode. Make sure to check out...


Weld Wednesday w/ AWS Student Sections

Today we're making history on the show, we have 4 guests on to discuss AWS Student Sections. We are joined by Darrill Gashler who is the Senior Manager of Sections and Student Chapters with the AWS, Cindy Galbavy and her Student Byren Stoner from the Helana High School Student Section in Helana Montana and Lyle Palm the Chief Academics Officer at Workshops for Warriors. In this episode we are talking all about AWS Student Sections and how and why you should get involved. This is an...


154. Building Your brand w/ Nate Bowman and Rush Kane

Today's episode is all about building your own brand. I've called in a few of my friends to help answer some listener submitted questions on setting up your own brand as a welder. I get questions all the time from people about setting up their own business so it just made sense to do a full episode on the topic. Make sure to follow Nate Bowman on Instagram @weldscientist You can also follow Rush Kane @KaneKid Be sure to check out Kane Industries and pick up your Arc Defense Sleeves today...


153. Setting Goals and Checking Boxes w/ Jimmy McKnight

Today I’m wrapping up 2020 with the Blue Collar Voice of Detroit Jimmy McKnight. It just made perfect sense to bring Jimmy back on the show to help me close out 2020. Jimmy and i are very similar in the fact that we enjoy the pain of continual growth. In this episode, we discuss setting goals and growing both professionally and personally in our lives. We talk about several different resources that we both use on a regular basis to help ourselves grow. One of Jimmy’s most recent goals is to...


152. Hot Tapping and Live Lines w/ Klay Chesham

Todays guest is none other than Klay Chesham all the way from Sydney Australia. Klay is a rig welder who runs his own business working on desalination, petrol, and chemical piping. He does everything from new installs to replace and repair on all things pipe related. Once again, we're looking at some of the similarities and differences of welding state side and how it's done across the globe. Follow Klay Chesham on Instagram: @Cheshamwelding Arc Junkies Website: Arc...


151. Four Inch Fillets and Grooves w/ the Weld Zombie

Today I am talking to the one and only Weld Zombie. I am a huge fan of structural steel and the Weld Zombie takes it to the extreme. I had a great time talking about how he assembles these monster size I beams and some of the methods he uses to get the job done. You can follow him on Instagram: @weld_zombie Friends of the Show: Everlast Welders Instagram: @everlastwelders YouTube: Everlast Welders Online: Use Codeword ARCJUNKIES at checkout to get upgraded to a...


150. It Must Be Nice w/ Nate Bowman

Today we're talking with Nate Bowman about setting goals and crushing them. What does it take to get what you want in life? It may not be the answer you're looking for. Hopefully everyone will be able to take something away from this episode, that helps them along their journey. Follow Nate Bowman on Instagram @weldscientist Donate to Workshops for Warriors here: Friends of the Show: Everlast Welders Instagram: @everlastwelders YouTube:...


Weld Wednesday with AWS The Foundation

Today I am chatting with John Douglas with the AWS Foundation about Scholarships and additional resources provided by the AWS that you may not be aware of. Theres something in this episode for everyone to include students, educators, schools, professional welders etc. We also discuss the impact that these scholarships and resources can have with Shane Goslin, a past recipient of an AWS National and District Scholarship. For more information on the AWS go to For Scholarship...


149. Maintenance Welding with Rockmount Welding

Today I am chatting with Pat Adams from Rockmount Welding. They make some really cool welding rods and wires designed for the real world use. Im talking after that beautiful piece of machinery leaves the factory and gets put into service and is now covered in oil, grease, mud and paint, what's the best rod to use to make a repair? Well its not the first rod you're thinking of. They have exactly what you need to get your equipment back in action. Follow Rockmount on Instagram...


148. The Way of the Arc w. Dusty James of pacific Arc TIG Welding

Dusty James is a weld artist. He makes some rally cool pieces using the GTAW process over on his YouTube channel. He's putting a completely new spin on welding art. Today we talk about his journey into art work and welding as well as the classes he provides. Check out his YouTube Channel here: Follow Dusty on Instagram: @Pacificarctigwelding Donate to Workshops for Warriors here:...


147. Keeping Your HogOn w/ Joe Brown

Joe Brown is a welder, fabricator and entrepreneur. He was on the show previously and discussed his path to welding. We are checking back in with him today to see what he's been up to. We talk about his new endeavor of converting shipping containers into your dream space. We also talk about the mindset needed to be an entrepreneur. Follow Joe on Instagram: @HogOnWelding Donate to Workshops for Warriors here: Friends of the Show: Everlast...


146. Welding Across the Border with Max Ceron of the CWB

In this weeks Episode, I am chatting with Max Ceron with the Canadian Welding Bureau. Max is also a welding instructor at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Max and I discuss some of the differences and similarities between welding in the United States, and welding in Canada. Follow Max on Instagram: @askmax75 Friends of the Show: Everlast Welders Instagram: @everlastwelders YouTube: Everlast Welders Online: Use Codeword ARCJUNKIES at checkout to get upgraded to a free...


Weld Wednesday with AWS Arc 2 Art w/ Stephanie Hoffman and Barbie the Welder

In this month's episode of Weld Wednesday I am chatting with the ladies behind the all new Arc 2 Art Sculpture. Once completed the sculpture will tour the U.S. in the AWS Careers in Welding Trailer. The sculpture is the collaborated work of Artists Stephanie Hoffman and Barbie the Welder. What makes this sculpture so unique is that each artist is working on it from two separate locations. Barbie is in New York Building the Sculpture, and Stephanie is in New Jersey building the stand, welding...