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Financial therapist, coach, mamapreneur, founder of Art of Money, author of The Art of Money book.

Financial therapist, coach, mamapreneur, founder of Art of Money, author of The Art of Money book.
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Financial therapist, coach, mamapreneur, founder of Art of Money, author of The Art of Money book.




How this one simple tool saved my butt on stage, and how it can change your money life for good.

How this one simple tool saved my butt on stage, and how it can change your money life for good. by Bari Tessler


What happens when money meets social justice with Rachel Robasciotti.

My jaw dropped when I heard this term: Social justice investing. I was already intimately familiar with SRI - socially responsible investing. But social justice investing?! This is a whole new level of leveraging money for social change. I knew I had to talk to the woman who coined the phrase: Rachel Robasciotti. Rachel is a pioneer in the money field in many different ways. She’s a young, queer woman of color in a field that’s 68% male and 77% white. She became a financial planner at a very...


Racheal Cook on pricing, biz models and revenue streams for your business.

Racheal Cook is an award-winning business strategist who believes entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be so complicated. Through her signature online mastermind Sweet Spot Strategy, she helps women entrepreneurs to simplify business and amplify results by designing a business around what works best, for you. In this interview, we discuss bootstrapping your business, how to design your income streams and business models, how to come to profitability and sustainability as well as the 3 phases of...


Money pioneer Saundra Davis opens up about race, the wealth gap, and what real change takes.

Today I have the honor of introducing you to one of the pioneers in this conscious money field: Saundra Davis. We discuss: - How she found herself in a brand-new profession (Financial Planning) at 44. - Why she decided personal finance was THE way she could make real change, particularly in the black community. - How she brings the intuitive, spiritual side of her life into money coaching. - Intersectionality, the income and wealth gaps, how the women’s movement has been different for black...


What to do when you’re in financial fight-flight-freeze. My bathtub story.

Today, I’d like to tell you the real, from-the-trenches story of a big financial trauma I faced — and exactly how I worked through it, in the middle of the afternoon … in my bathtub.


The True Story of How I Hired + Fired a CFO in 3 Weeks Flat

The True Story of How I Hired + Fired a CFO in 3 Weeks Flat by Bari Tessler


Growing up in a wealthy family has its own set of pain points. Rebecca articulates these so openly.

Growing up in a wealthy family has its own set of challenges and pain points, and Rebecca articulates these so beautifully and openly. Plus, hear the stages of her money journey and how she relates to her “inner teenager,” especially when she shows up at the Apple Store (so helpful!).


Kate Swoboda gets intimate about growing up poor and growing a successful coaching business.

Kate’s a well-known, successful coach and entrepreneur, and in this no-holds-barred, incredibly intimate conversation, she gets SO real about growing up poor: the challenges and incredible gifts. She talks about her fire to fight, the personal Money Healing Ritual she concocted, and how her money work has shifted and evolved as she’s grown her business.


Here’s what a decade of deep money work looks like.

Listen to Patricia’s Money Memoir and find out how a decade of deep money work has impacted her life. In this deep yet playful conversation, Patricia shares openly and vividly about: - What inspired her to begin this work 10 years ago. - How money work has helped her forgive her challenging father. - Why she kept coming back to this work, even when it was tough (I love her metaphor of “little sips”). - How she’s claimed her value, let go of shame, and deepened her self-compassion. - How...


How Alethea’s claiming her value as a mother and creative entrepreneur.

Cozy up with a cuppa and listen to Alethea’s Money Memoir about motherhood, meaning, multiple incomes, and more. She shares personal stories and insights about: What it was like to leave her high-paying architecture career to pursue more meaningful work when her kids were little. How motherhood helped her claim her own value — regardless of the paycheck. How the money dynamics in her marriage changed when she stayed home with the kids — and how they worked through this. The gifts and...


Money lessons from lifelong entrepreneur Racheal Cook

Hear what an award-winning biz strategist wishes more people knew about money (and much more) in this Money Memoir. In her uplifting and clear way, Racheal shares: - The unusual money gifts and challenges her entrepreneurial lineage endowed her with - The money blindspots she sees over and over with entrepreneurs - How she does bookkeeping as a person how hates the “hard slog” of details - The surprising upsides of actually looking at her numbers How she and her husband do money together —...


How speaking her truth helped Keisha create a fresh money legacy.

Hear Keisha’s fabulous Money Memoir about standing in her truth and redefining money legacy. Keisha has done her money work, and it shows! She shares: - The REAL money issues facing her high-earning luxury branding clients - Why she got brave and shared a truth she’d kept hidden -- and how it impacted her income - The money messages she learned as a black woman in the Deep South - How she “chutzpah’ed” her way into earning $90K at 19 - What it’s taken for her to let go of the “good girl”...


Why money pioneer Vicki Robin’s classic work is more relevant than ever {Money Memoir}

Hear my talk with the one ’n only Vicki Robin: matriarch of minimalism and conscious money work. Vicki is a master of both the micro and macro sides of money. You’ll hear: How she lived on $5K per YEAR in the 80’s (and more importantly, WHY) The practices I still vividly remember from her book - a wakeup call in a flash Her “10 mile diet” experiment and why she treats sustainability as an “extreme sport” Why she was (unknowingly!) named the “Eve” of the “FIRE” movement (Financial...


How to answer the BIG money questions.

In the following audio of my keynote speech, you’ll hear me share: - 4 “money koans” from my own life and what they taught me - The 3 elegant steps I recommend for solving your own Big Money Riddles - The exact set of questions I used when my child was born (big money koan!!) and how it revolutionized my business model - How I bring my body into my money koans.


What it really takes to earn more money: 3 rockstar Guest Teachers drop the mic.

In this episode, 3 amazing Art of Money guest teachers share: - The top subconscious fears that sabotage people’s earning - Why wanting to “earn more” isn’t enough — and what to do instead - One simple practice to uncover the roots of your under-earning (and see what’s really been holding you back) - The “click” high earners all share — and how to get there - The un-blueprint method for building a thriving business that includes your “crazy bits” And more!


Bring more meaning to your money with this simple tool.

You can be savvy about money AND make it come alive with your deepest values, creativity, and playfulness. When you infuse money with your deepest values, big change starts to happen. Resistance melts away and you start feeling more coherence and peace around money. The best news? You can start making this shift today with my simple tool: Values-Based Bookkeeping. Pour yourself a cuppa and relax while I tell you the story of Values-Based Bookkeeping: a simple, profound practice you can start...


Will those money emotions ever go away?

Listen to this brand-new teaching about emotions + money and learn: - How to decode your fight-flight-freeze fear responses around money - 7 things deep money work actually can help you do, with your emotions (yes, there’s hope!) - The vulnerability my husband had about his own money emotions (so good) - My favorite, trusty tool to help you respond to money emotions when they inevitably arise.


Why most mainstream money methods just don’t work. (And my 3-phase remedy)

In this Money Mocha, you'll hear an overview of my 3 phase methodology and how it solves the problem of fractured money approaches, why the "just do it!" approach to money never sticks for long (it's not a lack of willpower), and more!


Keynote at Gaia Women Lead

In this brand-new keynote speech, I share 4 of my personal “money koans” and the steps I’ve used to solve them.


When financial “tough love” didn’t work for her, here’s what did.

When financial “tough love” didn’t work for her, here’s what did. by Bari Tessler