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We take in sick, neglected, unwanted and surrendered farm animals. I hope you enjoy finding out what we do, why we do it and how we do it!

We take in sick, neglected, unwanted and surrendered farm animals. I hope you enjoy finding out what we do, why we do it and how we do it!
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We take in sick, neglected, unwanted and surrendered farm animals. I hope you enjoy finding out what we do, why we do it and how we do it!






the big news

We have big news this podcast.... spoiler alert- Brandon quit his job! We talk about being a full time Papa and all the stereotypes associated with it. His identity goes beyond a box and label that often times we all find ourselves in. Being true to yourself and the people you care about. Brandon also talks about plans on helping grow the sanctuary, and working the land to eat for free. we also discuss a few things related to animals because after all, we are a farm sanctuary. -Alice Cooper...


Free range chickens that camp out on mountain sides

Sorry about the delay for putting this one out. We talk about events coming up... that actually happened today... so maybe the title should be "back to the future" topics discussed and argued - Winters Night song by Mystical Beasts - Veg expo (that happened today) - Arguing amongst a married couple - Ice bowl is finally over and spring is here - Truck talk!!! yippee!!!! - New shavings are killing it in the barn! - Miss piggy is soooo happy - Volunteer training day - Electric fund to reduce...


suck it NPR, we're making money this time

I'm getting this podcast done and sent out very quickly in appreciation of the urgency of needing more funds to get our electric done in the barn. Due to the quick turn around with producing this episode, the the quality may not be up to the normal standards as previously heard on other episodes. I'm sure you've all heard around the water cooler people talking about it.... or maybe in the halls of school, it's what all the kids talk about these days as stated below- "it's great quality"...


Brandon's write.. he's always write

Hey gang! Winter is still here and it shows as we hear Brandon's mind slowly go as he gets sicker and sicker... but Alyssa carries him through the hour. - Alyssa admits to hand holding on Valentine's Day - Amazon wish list - Fighting roosters - Pigeons intake - Week late weather report - Cargill - How big do you want to get - The Untold story segment featuring Scooter tooter


this podcast has no title

Hey all!!! so you've stuck around this long and hopefully listened to why we are rated the #1 farm sanctuary podcast of all time!! (unless another farm sanctuary is doing this.. then we are still rated the #1 Brandon and Alyssa babbling podcast of all time!!! anyway... here our discussed topics- -pros and cons of dumping animals (yes there is a silver lining and his name is my very best friend Lumpy:) -our latest "quacky" addition to the farm -Truck Talk, Talkin' Trucks goes viral (but...


inner ramblings of two people

Brandon and Alyssa make corrections from previous episodes, only further proving that these are intact, inner ramblings of two people. -regrets in life -The Week Late Weather Report (our first official returning segment) -animal dumping pros and cons (jk, no pros) -how to decide who to vote for with conflicting morals and ethics -Brandon claims he's trying to eat healthy while drinking wine -unexpected journeys in life you find unexpectedly -muck water (yummy) -and wrap it up with the silver...


Third times a charm 1:13:19

We try three times to record the third podcast but interruptions make recording difficult... we discuss - -people taking animal meds -discussion about taking in a cow -listen to Alyssa talk to herself about chickens -cold weather -thank our patreon members -the hardest and easiest animals to care for -what to do with a million dollars -and hard hitting questions overthought and over analyzed by Brandon


Farmers in pajamas drinking wine 01-06-19

In this our second ever podcast, Brandon and Alyssa drink too much wine and talk about- -Percy Kitten's personal masseuse -more holiday food difficulties -attempting to catch a fox -DIESEL TALK (Alyssa's favorite part) -patreon membership -highlights from 2018 -Miss Piggy -difference between vegan and plant based -events coming up that we will be at


Farmers in pajamas drinking coffee 11-24-18

This is our first podcast! It's been produced by me (Brandon Herbst) so I apologize about the sound quality, I hope to make future podcasts sound quality better. In this, our first ever podcast, we talk about -drinking coffee -animals passing away and how we deal with it often on a regular basis -the fire department coming to the farm unexpectedly -the camper we rent out -animals escaping and being caught on a security camera -Alyssa has the worlds greatest pun -how we got our start -new...