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Learn to speak English fluently and confidently with the help of expert trainers from BM English Speaking Institute

Learn to speak English fluently and confidently with the help of expert trainers from BM English Speaking Institute
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Learn to speak English fluently and confidently with the help of expert trainers from BM English Speaking Institute






10 Business English Phrases for Finance Professionals

Piyush: So now that the business is running on autopilot, can we have a look at new business to expand? Vishaal: Oh absolutely, I have been researching the online teaching business and from what I can see they’re doing quite well and seem to be making good profits. Piyush: I agree, we must grow our online business quickly. Vishaal: You know, I was a bit unsure about online business, but how can we keep our costs low as we grow? Do you use these simple words during your financial...


10 Business English Phrases for Customer Service

Vishaal: Hello, ABC, Inc. Vishaal speaking. Piyush: Yes, hello. I have a question about my bill. (Silence on the other end of the line) Piyush: Hello? Are you still there? Vishaal: Yes, but I don’t deal with that. I am transferring you to the billing department. It is not a crime to be new on the job or to get a call that you do not know how to handle. It is part of the job. However, just knowing the right words to use can make all the difference in such situations. Remember the...


15 Business English Phrases for Power Packed Presentations

The benefits of Phrases in a Presentation: • helps to create an impact • brings structure • communicate with clarity • helps express your ideas / accurately My name is Piyush Bhatia and I am the Founder and CEO of BM English Speaking Institute Pvt. Ltd. With me, we have Vishal Lazarus who is a trainer with BM English Speaking and also a Corporate Soft Skills Trainer. Hi Vishal… We welcome you to the Season 2 of BM English Speaking Radio Channel. BUSINESS ENGLISH. Today is this 8th...


10 Business English Phrases for Conference Calls

10 Business English Phrases for Conference Calls Piyush: Are we all on the call? Vishaal: Yes Piyush: Who is this? Vishaal: This is Vishaal. Piyush: Which office are you from? Vishaal: I am from Andheri office. Do some members in your conference call speak like this? There is a certain language or terminology that has to be used in a conference call. My name is Piyush Bhatia and I am the Founder and CEO of BM English Speaking Institute Pvt. Ltd. With me, we have Vishal Lazarus who...


10 Business English Phrases for Sales Professionals

Vishaal: Hello Piyush. I am sure you have heard of BM English Speaking. Piyush: Not really. Vishaal: Well, we are a company that specializes in English Training. We have a line of products that are suitable for all your needs. Piyush: Tell me a little more Vishaal: Well, our training solutions range from classroom training to one on one, to Business, Leadership and Corporate training. Piyush: How expensive are these training? Budget is a constraint. Vishaal: We aim to come in low so...


10 Business English Phrases for Meetings

Piyush: Hi Vishaal Vishaal: Hello Piyush, thank you for setting up the meeting so quickly after our Introduction a few days ago. Piyush: No problems, It’s just that we had to hold this meeting on a Saturday. Vishaal: That is not a problem Piyush: So, let’s call this meeting to order as we are all here now. I would like to open the meeting by welcoming you to our office. Vishaal: Thank you. Piyush: Where did you tell me you worked as a Trainer? Vishaal: Well, I work at BM English...


10 Business English Phrases for Impressive Emails

10 Business English Phrases for Impressive Emails 1) Opening an Email Let me introduce myself… Thank you for taking the time to [write to us/give us some feedback etc — something the customer has done for us] 2) Explaining Why You're Writing This email is to confirm that... (e.g. This email is to confirm that we've received your payment.) I'm writing to remind you about... 3) Making a Request We would appreciate it if you would ... Would it be possible to...? (e.g. Would it be...


10 Business English Phrases for Marketing Professionals

Prologue: Hello listeners, idioms and phrases in Marketing can really help us impress our managers and customers. It is important to use them as the customers then understand that we know our product well and are more convinced to purchase. In the following conversation, we have added some idioms and phrases. Listen and read from the transcript. Script: Piyush: Hello Vishaal, times are changing and digital media is taking over, so, we need to make changes across the Board in our...


10 Business English Phrases for Job Interviews

Purpose: The purpose of this Roleplay is to show listeners how to properly answer questions during a job interview. We teach them, however, if they listen, they will learn how to answer with the proper pauses and intonation. Piyush: Hello Vishaal, thanks for coming today. Vishaal: Thank you for having me for the interview. Piyush: Now, why don’t you start by telling me about your employment background? Vishaal: Sure. I have been a Training professional for the last ten years. I have...


10 Business English Phrases for Introductions

Purpose: The purpose of this Roleplay is to show listeners how to meet people for the first time. The conversation need not be long, but it can flow and be quite fulfilling if done correctly using Business English Phrases for an Impressive Introduction. Vishaal: Hello, my name is Vishaal. PIYUSH: Hello Vishaal, I’m Piyush. Vishaal: Nice to meet you Piyush. PIYUSH: What do you do for work Vishaal? Vishaal: I am an English Trainer and I help students learn English quickly and easily....


Importance of Word Stress

What is word stress? In English, every word is made up of “parts” or what is technically called “syllables”. we do not say each syllable with the same force or strength. In one word, we stress ONE syllable. We say one syllable very loudly (big, strong, important) and all the other syllables very quietly. Let's take 3 words: photograph, photographer and photographic. Do they sound the same when spoken? No. Because we accentuate (stress) ONE syllable in each word. And it is not always the...


How to Speak Like a European

I want to speak like a brit, is it easy? Speaking with a British accent can be one of the easiest things to do as our accent is closest to theirs. How can I speak like a Brit? You need to Master 4 Sounds to Speak with a British accent. Shall we have a look? Here are a few aspects to look at: 1. The-U’s While in American English the “u” is often pronounced as oo, in British English it is pronounced more as ew with an emphasis on the last letter. For example: The word “tune” is...


5 Tips to Speak Like an American

I want to speak like an American, is it easy? Speaking with an American accent can be hard for many reasons but the biggest challenge for some English learners is because certain sounds in Spoken American English are not found in other languages (and vice versa). For us Indians, we need to master certain sounds that Americans have that we don't have. (Because our accent is closer to the British accent. How can I speak like an American? You need to Master 5 Sounds to Speak with an...


How to Understand US_UK_Aus Accent

What is an accent? An accent is a way a person or a group puts emphasis on different parts of a word. It also refers to the rhythm with which a person or a group speaks ANY language. It can also refer to the speed at which a person speaks So how many types of accents are there? Well, there are a lot. There are a large array of different accents within primarily English speaking countries, like the US and England, and there are a large array of foreign English accents. Can I learn an...


Techniques to Eliminate Your MTI

How to remove MTI? There are certain sounds that we must practice in order to remove our MTI. As mentioned earlier, we need to identify from where we come in order to understand which part of MTI we need to remove. Let’s look at the most common sound errors: If we are from North Or West India, we have a problem with the S and SH soundसश. Before we move on to words, we MUST practice the sounds. In order to make the S sound, We must place the tongue flat on the roof of the mouth,...


7 Tips for Voice Modulation

What is voice modulation? Voice modulation is the skill which helps you to emotion into the message you want to convey. It helps you to decorate your sentence with the expression, proper emotions and perfect use of the pitch. What's the difference between accent, pronunciation, and voice modulation? Are they all the same or different? An accent is a way a person or a group puts emphasis on different parts of a word. It also refers to the rhythm with which a person or a group speaks ANY...


Common Indianisms

What are Indianisms? It is a fact well known and acknowledged that while we Indians don’t exactly speak the Queen’s English, the educated Indian’s grasp of the language per se is reasonably strong. Most Indians are bilingual (at the very least), speaking their mother tongue as well as English. As a result, due to the brain-to-tongue translation process, some uniquely Indian phrases have been born Indianism refers to a word or phrase which is a characteristic of Indian English....


Understanding Intonations

What is intonation? All languages have their own distinct melody or music. This music of languages is called intonation, and it’s something you probably don’t even think about when speaking your native language. Intonation is the rise and fall of your voice when you speak. Many times, it’s just as important as your words in expressing what you want to say. For example when you are angry your voice gets louder and when you are scared you voice gets softer or when you want to tell a...


How to Eliminate Pronunciation Errors

What is pronunciation? Pronunciation is the way in which a word or a language is spoken. This may refer to generally agreed-upon sequences of sounds used in speaking a given word or language in a specific dialect ("correct pronunciation"), or simply the way a particular individual speaks a word or language Why do we have pronunciation errors? We come from a region where there is no fuss about pronunciation. Maatraas make it easier. We have a well-defined structure of phonetics in Indian...


All about Mother Tongue Influence

What is Mother Tongue influence? Mother tongue influence is a global term that is used. The correct full form for MTI as we locally call it is Mother Tongue Interference, but we refer to it in our day to day life as Mother tongue influence. Mother Tongue interference is the base or our native language that interferes with our English Speaking. Do only Indians only have Mother Tongue Influence? Not at all, and this is something that we all think that only we Indians have this, but,...