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Mathias and Alma talk consciousness. Together we explore the deeper questions of life – practical and fresh perspectives for direct application in everyday-life. Applied Spirituality for bullshit-free living. Become more of who you really are and unleash your full potential.

Mathias and Alma talk consciousness. Together we explore the deeper questions of life – practical and fresh perspectives for direct application in everyday-life. Applied Spirituality for bullshit-free living. Become more of who you really are and unleash your full potential.
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Mathias and Alma talk consciousness. Together we explore the deeper questions of life – practical and fresh perspectives for direct application in everyday-life. Applied Spirituality for bullshit-free living. Become more of who you really are and unleash your full potential.




Show up and own it

Authentic people are attractive. I feel drawn to these people and for some reason they seem to be polarizing. They are not everybody’s darling. Furthermore, authenticity seems to be effortless and natural. In fact it drains a lot of energy trying to fit in and making it right for the people around you. Showing up as you are and owning it is the easy way. What a great discovery! Follow us on this exploration… Dig deeper on MathiasFritzen.com


Bad habits | Good intentions

We get drunk, smoke, eat too much sugar, stay up late, watch porn and we do all that for a good reason! What if it's true and behind every bad habit lies a good intention? In this episode we explore exactly that. Why are we having these bad habits? How can we stop beating ourselves up for that? Is it possible to develop good habits instead? Follow us in Episode 15! Dig deeper on MathiasFritzen.com


Unleash your full potential

»Unleashing your full potential« is a buzzword these days and surprisingly we find that it is NOT about learning a new method or adding more knowledge to your system. In this episode we explore the possibility that your full potential is right here – in the empty space within you waiting to be (re-)discovered. A painting is manifestation and the empty canvas is pure potential. A song is manifestation and the silence is pure potential. Find out how all of this applies to your everyday-life....


Empathy on steroids

Being an empath is slightly different from »empathy«. In fact it's like empathy on steroids. We dig a little bit deeper into what it means to have the sensitivity of being an empath, what the challenges are and of course: the benefits. This is a great chance to see the boundaries between individuals melting away into a more connected society. Enjoy! Dig deeper on MathiasFritzen.com


Resistance to what is

In this episode we want to share a few stories on resistance with you. There are so many things that we successfully resisted in life - especially those things that are absolutely inevitable once they've happened: being injured, sudden change of weather, delayed trains... sounds familiar to you? Most of the time it's not the situation itself that causes suffering but the resistance that we keep up against it. »Just accept it« is easier said than done but it might still be the key. Dig deeper...


Perfectionism to cover self-doubt

Welcome to Season 2 of our Podcast for Bullshit-Free Living! After a little break we're back! A little more honest. A little more personal. A little more real. In our first episode we discuss how perfectionism can be a defense mechanism to cover up self-doubt. We also discuss how perfectionism can be a great asset. We touch on perfectionism in relation to ambition and why aiming for greatness is actually great as long as you're detached from the outcome. Enjoy! Dig deeper on...


The secret called home

This is for those of you who are longing for feeling at home somewhere. For the ones who travel the world to find that place and for the ones who are done traveling and want to arrive somewhere. I recorded that meditation on the »secret called home« at the beach of Conil de la Frontera in southern Spain. A place where I learned what feeling home means to me. Come follow me for a walk on the beach! Dig deeper on MathiasFritzen.com


Don't give up, give in!

If you're facing a challenge in life you may turn around and run away from it. Experience has shown, that the exact same challenge just in a different disguise shows up again and again. So if turning away aka giving up doesn't work, we advocate for giving in! Giving in or leaning into the challenge in front of you sounds... well... challenging at first! In fact it's not that tough if you do it gently. Let's explore together! Dig deeper on MathiasFritzen.com


Ignorance is NOT bliss

»Ignorance is bliss« – We’re sure you’ve heard that proverb already. Just today we stumbled upon a quote even more outrageous: »Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.« Really? Are you sure? We doubt it. In times where it seems to be most common to ignore severely harmful behaviors out of simple convenience we make a stand that »Ignorance is NOT bliss.« In fact, ignorance is what stands in they way to actually experience bliss fully. Dig deeper on...


How to find balance?

Join us for a well balanced episode on… how to find balance! We discuss why it’s better to carry two shopping bags (paper) instead of only one. Why we need hammocks at the office. Why the idea of work-life balance is BS and – on a slightly more serious note – why you have to tune in and listen to the signals of your body. If the system you’re living and working in puts you off balance – why do you still play along and co-create it? Good question! Let’s go for a walk on the tightrope...


Transformation completed?

»We’re all walking around like living zombies by now, like robots. Everybody should do this self-work. It should be included in everything. If we would all do this work and really do it, there would be no war. I’m 100% sure of it.« I've been working with Alma for a short period of time only and she made some giant leaps already. This podcast episode is a check-in in the midst of her process. We reversed roles so that she's the one answering questions – sharing what true transformation from...


Stop thinking! #mayditation

This is all about meditation. How to stop thinking? How to deal with backpain? What is meditation all about? The benefits seem to be so far away - how can I get to the goal faster? We take time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions around the topic of meditation. We bust the myths and give you an easy start into Alma's meditate-everyday-in-may-challenge. #mayditation Meditation is a tool and this months is the time to experiment with it. Dig deeper on MathiasFritzen.com


Teaching 1 million people how to meditate

Thom Walters meditates for over 35 years and has the declared goal to teach at least 1 million people how to meditate. As the host of over 1.200 podcasts at zencommuter.com he has plenty of insights to share with us on fitness, chillout, church, life, judgments, yoga and of course on his favorite topic: meditation. His next project is working with prisoners in New Hapshire on inner freedom through meditation. Thom and I never met in person. In fact we only talked for about an hour last year...


Learn to fail

As kids, we learned through failures. It seems we forget how to do that when growing up. Instead, we learn how to make perfectionist plans to try and prevent failures altogether. The consequences of avoiding mistakes are serious. They are an important catalyst for growth. That's why, instead of cultivating fear and avoiding life, we encourage you to »fail forward« again. In this podcast episode, we examine what causes failures and why they come with a negative perception. We also explore...


Prioritize yourself without guilt

Is it possible to prioritize yourself without feeling guilty about it? Of course! It's like they say with the oxygen masks on an airplane – you must put your mask on first to ensure that you have the possibility of supporting others around you. Let me paint a picture for you: you’ve had a long day and all you want is to spend a quiet evening by yourself. But you feel obliged to meet with the friend who wanted your help on something. Or you haven’t been getting around to doing something you...


Quit bringing me down!

Someone makes a rude comment or acts in a certain way that triggers the sh*t out of you. You automatically react to it in a way that you later regret. Sound familiar? It happens many times throughout the day. We explore what's actually going on in these situations and what to do when you get triggered by the people around you. Press pause like Neo in Matrix and freeze time to dodge the bullets. Practical advice on how to shift from reacting automatically to responding consciously – exactly...