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Jamie Rhone Turned His Experience Into Ownership in a Defense Company – BtG 026

His business helped win $30M in contracts then he added real estate investments & ownership in a defense contractor. Learn how his network helped all along


After a Distinguished Air Force Career, Jamie Rhone is Building a Successful Consulting Business and Lifestyle – BtG 025

Hear about how Jamie built a successful AF career, then built a consulting business that has helped award over $30M in contracts in his first year.


How Marc Ranger’s Economic Movement in Communities of Color is Transforming Generations – Btg 024

The post How Marc Ranger’s Economic Movement in Communities of Color is Transforming Generations – Btg 024 appeared first on Breaking the Glass.


How KG Super Trainer Survived Cancer and Became a Boxing Trainer to the Stars

Kaleon Green survived cancer & found a home in boxing. He trained with the best then became a trainer. Now he trains all from Denzel Washington to you and me.


How Has Miriam Kudiza Successfully Advised to the top Execs at Google for Nearly 10 Years – BtG 022

The post How Has Miriam Kudiza Successfully Advised to the top Execs at Google for Nearly 10 Years – BtG 022 appeared first on Breaking the Glass.


What Makes a Great Chef? Kyndra McCrary is the Perfect Example – BtG 021

Kyndra was working in sales and cooking for the pleasure of it when she saw how much fun a friend in culinary school was having. She changed careers and went to Le Cordon Bleu to learn the business. After learning in the trenches working for free at the Beverly Hills hotel, she started her own business. She’s now been running a successful catering company for nearly 10 years. Her clients include celebrities like Larenz Tate, Chris Brown, Bill Handel and Debbie Allen as well as big companies,...


Montoya Smith Has a Media Platform That is Changing the Narrative in the Black Community – BtG 020

Topics discussed on his show by Smith, aka Black Socrates, challenge Blacks to improve their thinking to then reposition themselves higher in American society


Path to Entrepreneurship – Russ McCray Sold His Business To Booz Allen for $53 Million – BtG 019

From the military to govt civilian to corporate to partner/owner to big sale to full time entrepreneur, his story is a study in learning & growing step by step


Wakanda and Uganda Together Forever – My Thoughts on Black Panther – BtG 018

I was inspired to love my Ugandan and American heritage. And it sparked conversation on many topics from Africans vs Black Americans to too much Black pride...


Autodidact Ed Hopkins Taught Himself to Be a Millionaire Entrepreneur and Philosopher Then Helped Black Businesses Flourish – BtG 017

Ed taught himself business well enough to build a millionaire business and then studied philosophy before going to law school and building a successful practice


From Being Homeless to Becoming a Dr. Shauntelle Bonman Senkungu is Healing Patients and Communities – BtG 016

At 7, her desire to be a Dr. came as she witnessed conception to birth of her little sister. Delivering babies to diagnosing cancer, now she's impacting lives.


Rodney Bullard Cofounded the Chick-fil-A Foundation and Shares His Secrets to Success and Becoming A Hero in Your Community – BtG 015

As co-founder and Executive Director the Chick-fil-A Foundation, Rodney is a hero and in his book, he teaches you how you can do the same in your local area.


Compassion and Focus Have Guided Judge Tara Doss to a Seat on the Bench – BtG 014

From working in public interest law at her own practice and working for a big firm, Tara learned what it took to be a judge working for kids with special needs


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – BtG 013

As I look forward to 2018, I've learned the overwhelming value of mentorship and the power of excellence.


How Empathy and Discipline Earned Lt Gen John Hopper Three Stars and a Retirement Still Helping Thousands of Air Force Members – BtG 012

Lt Gen Hopper spent 35+ yrs in the Air Force as a pilot and in many command positions. In retirement as CEO of the A.F. Aid Society, he continues to help Airmen.


Shawn Dove Invested Over $200 Million in Black Male Achievement – BtG 011

Shawn has given grants and built partnerships in the US which improve life outcomes for Black males and he inspired President Obama to begin My Brother's Keeper


Phil Dillingham Shows How Listening and Discipline Have Made Him a Successful Airline Pilot and Entrepreneur – BtG 010

Listening to see what opportunities are available & the discipline to follow a plan to take advantage of them is a formula for success Phil shares and follows.


Kelvin King Built an Eight Figure Construction Company Starting from His Basement Using Process and Careful Business Planning – BtG 009

Kelvin wanted to be his own boss. He started a construction company in his basement and built it into an 8 figure business using process, hard work and planning


Beleaf Melanin Has a Successful YouTube Channel With a Mission to Develop and Inspire Fathers all Over the World – BtG 008

Beleaf's mission is to equip fathers, give hope to mothers, and inspire children and he's begun to fulfill his mission by creating a successful show on YouTube.


How Humility and Continuous Learning Made Joycelyn Eason both Lawyer and COO – BtG 007

Jo is an in-house Senior Counsel with Wells Fargo and now COO of a key division. She made it with hard work, always learning something new, and humility.