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Building Blox Podcast - Re-Defining Real Estate

Building Blox Podcast - Re-Defining Real Estate


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Building Blox Podcast - Re-Defining Real Estate






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The Power Of Now

Welcome back friends to another empowering episode of Building Blox! The power of now and taking action today, are the fundamental underpinnings of being an Entrepreneur and growing a business. Don't wait to start your dream career, begin with the small the step of starting NOW. How will you begin your journey?


Could A Second Career In Real Estate Be Good For You?

Welcome back friends to another great episode! Join us as Sarah Richardson, Tru Founder and CEO, highlights the types of personalities, traits and characteristics of individuals looking at real estate as their second career or simply making the switch to real estate. Could this be you?


Smarter Consumers need Smarter Real Estate Agents

Welcome back to another episode of Building Blox! How can real estate agents do better when client expectations are at the highest they've ever been? With resources at their fingertips that are prevalent, clients are becoming more savvy and their needs increasing, today we'll be discussing about how agents can do better.


Choosing Your Brokerage

Whether you're new to the Real Estate Industry or an experienced agent, what do you think about brokerage choices? What do you look for in a brokerage that will help you in your success? In today's topic Sarah will be discussing the importance of choosing the right brokerage and how that impacts the longevity of your real estate career.


What Every Real Estate Agent Parent Should Know

Welcome back to Building Blox, a podcast where we talk about all things Real Estate, designed for Real Estate Agents, Teams, Brokers, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and Young Hustlers trying to build a career in Real Estate or scale their business. Join us as we discuss all the advantages to becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent while still in college. Our conversation will be about educating and training college students to leverage Real Estate as a first career option. Stability, security and...


Student Real Estate Agents: The Beginning of Your Journey

Building Blox, a podcast about all things real estate designed for real estate agents, teams, brokers, lifestyle entrepreneurs and young hustlers trying to build a career in real estate or scale their business. Each episode sees industry veteran Sarah Richardson take a journey through the latest and greatest in real estate, alongside a host of inspiring industry leading pioneers, as special guests have dedicated their time to research and provide easily digestible and highly relevant...