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CALM Podcast: Episode 36 - Looking for mentors? Advice on what to look for

In this episode, I talk about the strategies that I use and the advice that I give when looking for a mentor. It is so important to identify good mentors throughout our lives. Sometimes we need different things from a mentor and that is part of what it is critical to know. This episode is primarily for students who are starting to look for mentors or graduate school programs. Still, the advice is useful when looking for mentors in any domain of life.


CALM Podcast: Episode 35 - Small things to survive the chaotic start of a new year

Three weeks into the new year and things feel pretty chaotic. How are you keeping a positive mindset? In this episode, I talk about the strategies that I am using to focus on the things I can control. You can read more about this episode and others at


CALM Podcast: Episode 34 - Preparing for the New Year

In this new episode, I talk about this wacky week in between Christmas and New Year's where it's hard to know what day it is - what time it is. I try to use the time off to 1) Reflect 2) Plan and 3) Get Organized for the New Year.


CALM Podcast: Episode 33 - Emerging from the pandemic into our new reality

As we officially begin the summer of 2021, the world is starting to look different here in the United States. We have reached a new stage of the pandemic and we are beginning to emerge from our homes more and more. What parts of pandemic life do you want to hold on to? What parts of pre-pandemic life are you most excited to get back to? How does all this change feel? We are all going through a range of emotions as we go through this journey. In this week's episode, I talk about this issue...


CALM Podcast: Episode 32 - Don't look back, you're not going that way

In this episode, I talk about how there are many different paths that we can take in life. The path that we each choose for ourself is unique to us. We can look to others for guidance and advice, but ultimately, we need to follow our own internal voice. We also need to remember that each decision is a learning opportunity; we grow through each transition phase. Ultimately, there are few wrong decisions. We need to focus on making the next right decision for right now.


CALM Podcast: Episode 31 - Essentialism - sounds boring, but wow was I wrong

This is my first 'Book Club' episode. I absolutely loved the book "Essentialism - The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" by Greg McKeown. I know that people are busy and may not have a chance to read it, so I decided to tell you all the things that I love about it. There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this book and so in this episode, I pulled out my favorite one from each chapter. The big takeaway of essentialism is that if we can learn to do less, but better, we will have avoid a life of being...


CALM Podcast: Episode 30 - We all need a little perspective

As the impact of the pandemic begins to change around different parts of the world, the importance of perspective and empathy grows. Our ability to be good leaders as well as members of our local and global community relies on our emotional intelligence. For some, optimism and hope and positivity are the reality, while for others, the situation is still dire and in some cases even apocalyptic. In this week's episode, I discuss the strategies that I am using to be intentional about keeping...


CALM Podcast: Episode 29 - Dealing with growth and change

This week, I am talking about growth and change. Sometimes things change too slowly. Sometimes we have seasons of growth and then we take steps backwards. Sometimes we grow and then have seasons where nothing changes - we need these times too. Growth and change are important and normal aspects to life. Still, they bring about various challenges for all of us. In this episode, I share some of the strategies that I use to embrace growth and change.


CALM Podcast: Episode 28 - Burnout (part 2)

In this week's episode, I build upon the discussion from last week where I discussed burnout and why it happens to us. This week, I talk about the strategies that I use for burnout prevention and burnout treatment. Burnout is real and it happens to so many of us. But if we can come up with routines that help us prevent it, we will live a happier, more harmonious life.


CALM Podcast: Episode 27 - Burnout (part 1)

Have you ever suffered from burnout? Do you feel it right now? Have you ever thought about why? In this week's episode, I talk about burnout; how it feels and why it happens. I share a story about my own burnout and the point when I started to recover from being a workaholic. This episode is part 1 of a two-part series. This week is focused on thinking about why we burnout, why we overwork and over schedule ourselves. Part 2 will focus on tactical strategies to prevent burnout before it...


CALM Podcast: Episode 26 - A Day in the Life

In this episode, I discuss what the structure of my typical weekday and weekend day look like. How do I find time to do a gratitude practice and exercise? When do I sleep? How do I manage my time? After several folks asked me about how I spend my days, I kept track and summarized into different time blocks throughout the day. I share with you what that looks like in the hope that it will be helpful to you for finding time for everything you hope to accomplish.


CALM Podcast: Episode 25 - Reflections at the 1 year anniversary of the pandemic

In this episode, I discuss the mindset that I have been in this week. The beginning of March marks the one year anniversary of the shelter-in-place orders for the coronavirus pandemic. It is difficult to believe that one year has passed already. To wrap my head around this surreal time, I am 1) giving myself time to grieve, 2) focusing on the positive changes that this year has brought about, and 3) thinking about what parts of "normal" I want to go back to.


CALM Podcast: Episode 24 - Productivity Hacks

In this episode, I provide 10 productivity hacks that I use in my life. The goal is not necessarily to get more done; it is to get the most important things done. When you are looking for ways to be more productive, try to add some of these hacks into your flow.


CALM Podcast: Episode 23 - Publication strategies

In the world of academia, publishing our work is a key element of our career. There are a lot of things to consider: How do you know when you have enough data for a paper? What should you do with negative results? Should you write one large paper for a high impact journal or two smaller papers for specialty journals? How do you decide about authorship? How do you choose a journal? What do you do when you get "Writer's Block"? In this week's episode, I discuss my philosophy, tactics, and...


CALM Podcast - Episode 22: The 10 List: 10 things saving my life right now

In this week's episode, I talk about the ten things that are saving my life right now. This idea is inspired by Jen Hatmaker who asks this question at the end of her podcast every week. The question originated with Barbara Brown Taylor. As 2021 has gotten off to a rocky start, I wanted to share the things that I am doing to try to stay calm and sane. These strategies are all things that you can do safely in the comfort of home.


CALM Podcast: Episode 21 - New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!! I love to spend time during this season thinking about the past year and planning for the new year. In this episode, I break down my annual activity: Reflect, Imagine, Set goals, Execute a plan. I hope that 2021 brings calm and peace to all of us.


CALM Podcast: Episode 20 - Holiday Survival Guide

In this episode, I discuss my strategies for surviving the holiday season, especially when it's a pandemic holiday season. Episode 20 will be the final episode for 2020 - that feels right doesn't it? Talk to you some more in 2021!


CALM Podcast: Episode 19 - What does success in 2020 even look like?

In this episode, I talk about how we need to redefine what success looks like this year. 2020 has been so different and our ability to meet our usual goals and definition of success may not be possible. Instead of feeling like we are failing, we need to redefine success for ourselves.


CALM Podcast: Episode 18 - Surge Capacity

Are you hitting a wall? Me too! Life during a pandemic overdraws from our resilience bank accounts. In this week's episode, I talk about why we feel like we are exhausted and some strategies to deal with the ongoing survival mode of 2020.


CALM Podcast: Episode 17 - Using the enneagram to learn about ourselves and our people

In this week's episode, I talk about the personality tool called the enneagram. It is a fascinating tool to learn about ourselves and the people around us. At a time when life is incredibly stressful, the enneagram can help us understand why we and others are responding to the stress so differently. Links on my website to read more from the sources that I discussed.