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EP27: Project Malawi with Samuel and Christian

Welcome to Episode 27 of the CS@Manchester podcast! This episode features a special interview with Experimental Offier Samuel Walsh from the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and Christian Kinderman, a PhD student from the School of Computer Science. We talk about their experiences representing the University as part of Project Malawi, an initiative with the Charity Ripple Africa to deliver Computer Science workshops in villages in North Malawi. We talk about what initially...


EP.26: UG Graduation 2018 Interviews

The School's latest cohort of final year Undergraduates finished their degrees this summer and celebrated at a the Graduation Ceremony in Mid-July. We caught up with a variety of students and staff as they reflect on reaching the end of this long journey, what have been their highlights and what they have planned for the future. Those featured in this podcast are in order: Sarah Akerman, BSc CSwIE (1:21-5:38) Cameron Allan, BSc CS (5:54-10:00) Dr Sean Bechhoffer, Senior Lecturer and First...


Life at CERN with PhD student Josh Dawes

The CS@Manchester podcast catches up with PhD student and BSc Computer Science University of Manchester graduate Josh Dawes, who is now studying and working at the Large Hadron Collider and CMS experiments at CERN in Switzerland. Josh's PhD is concerned with developing methods for non-intrusive instrumentation and analysis of the computer systems running on the CMS Experiment. As the energy reached by the LHC increases, the volume of data generated reaches an unprecedented scale. It is...


EP.24 - PhD Student & Supervisor Discussion

Episode 24 of the CS@Manchester podcast features a conversation between PhD student Ghader Kurdi from Saudi Arabia and her supervisor Dr Bijan Parsia. We discuss Ghader's initial journey to start her PhD in the UK and then onto her research in writing Multiple Choice questions* examinations and how it has expanded into other research domains and disciplines. Stay in touch with the School of Computer Science by following us on Twitter. *Full abstract from Ghader's paper: Abstract Designing...


EP.22: The Student Social Network

Today's episode of the CS@Manchester podcast features an interview with two of our final year students, Sebastien Masaru and Joshua Langley. Seb and Josh have been heavily involved in the student community in the School and University, with both having roles in the Computer Science Society (http://cssoc.co.uk), helping organise, and presenting at, Hackathons around the country, and hosting regular Staff v Student quizzes inside the School. We talk what the student social network is like,...


EP.21: Graduate Todd Davies - Life at Google

Today's episode features an interview with 2016 BSc Computer Science graduate Todd Davies, who came back to Manchester recently to present a guest lecture to our current Undergraduates. Todd is now working full time as a Software Engineer at the Google Offices in Munich, Germany. After initially undertaking a summer internship, Todd starting working there full time last year. We talk about a range of things, including the google recruitment process, and what his role entails in Munich. We...


EP.20: What is Software Engineering & How do you Teach it?

Today's episode features an extended interview with 2 key academic staff that help shape the Software Engineering course here in the School of Computer Science at The University of Manchester, both at Undergraduate level and at Advanced Computer Science for MSc study. We talk to Dr Bijan Parsia and Dr Suzanne Embury about the many challenges of teaching the subject, what different techniques they use, the importance of team working and collaboration with Industry, and what skill sets they...


EP.19: Graduation 2017 - Student Stories

Episode 19 of the CS@Manchester Podcast features interviews with a range of our Undergraduate students (now graduates!) at our recent summer graduation. Gavin Donald from our Student Support office managed to catch up with graduates in the marquee and lawn outside the Alan Gilbert Common Rooms, whilst celebrating their achievements with family and friends, after the graduation ceremony in the Whitworth Hall. He asks them how they were feeling after graduating, what their highlights have...


E18: To Boldly Go... with Craig Dean (CEO - WebApplicationsUK)

Episode 18 of the CS@Manchester podcast focuses on life in Computer Science from an Industry perspective, with an interview with Craig Dean, the CEO of Web Applications UK: https://www.webapplicationsuk.com. We speak to Craig about his first interest in computers, his fascinating career path, including a life changing experience working for a few years in Africa and his thoughts on computer science education. He tells us why he loves to find out something he doesn't know and acknowledging...


E17: This is CS50. with Prof David J. Malan, Harvard University

Episode 17 of the CS@Manchester features an interview with Professor David J. Malan from Harvard University. We were delighted to be joined by David, who visited Manchester to present to the School and support a student hackathon event organised by our own HackSoc Manchester. We spoke to him about the origins and ethos of CS50, what makes it so unique and how it's delivered on campus at Harvard and the incredible impact it's having on students worldwide. Find out more about CS50 here:...


Episode 16: Finishing a PhD with Jon Parkinson

Episode 16 of the CS@Manchester podcast features an interview with Jon Parkinson, a PhD student here coming to the end of the four-year programme. Jon talks to us about why he chose to change his career and study computer science, why he came to choose to study in the area of Machine learning. We talk about how he's enjoyed the course and what it feels like to reach the end of the PhD. I hope you enjoy today's episode. If you have any ideas for what you would like to be featured in this...


Episode 15, Part 2: Live at Student Hack V!

Part two of our Hackathon special episodes features interviews with organisers, sponsors and hackers at the Student Hack V event at Media City. Featured in the episode is second year HCI student Stefania Hristea and Ankur Banerjee from @Accenture, who sponsored the event and set a hack challenge (@ankurb). Also I speak to Luke Beamish, a first year hacking at the event, sponsors Julian Bucknall and Mohammad Azzam from @Barclays bank and finally organiser Ben Possible (@benpossible), a...


Episode 14 - Computing in Schools & Teaching the Teachers

Today's episode features an interview with Dave Ames and Sarah Zaman, two members of the CAS Regional Centre, the North West base of the Computing At School. The Regional Centre is a major new initiative to build regional support for computing in all Primary and Secondary schools. It is run jointly by the University of Manchester (School of Computer Science) and Edge Hill University, and is funded by the Department of Education through BCS (CAS). We talk about the work that they've been...


Episode 13 - Decoding: Computer Science

Today's episode of the CS@Manchester podcast poses the question - 'What exactly IS Computer Science?' to three academics from the School here in Manchester. They are Dr Caroline Jay, Dr Gavin Brown and Dr Eva Navarro-Lopez. We also ask what is unique about the culture here in the School and what reasons a student might consider joining to study at the University of Manchester, the birthplace of Computer Science. If you would like to contact the podcast team then please either email:...


A view from the BBC with UoM CS graduate, Laura Howarth-Kirke

Our latest episode of the CS@Manchester podcast features an interview with Laura Howarth-Kirke from the BBC. Laura graduated from the School of Computer Science in 2013 and won SET Student of the Year. She has since worked at the BBC under firstly their graduate scheme and now as a software developer. We discuss how and why she first became interested in Computer Science, her role and experiences working at the BBC and what future technologies she expects to see in the future that will...


UG Graduation - What's it like to complete a degree in Computer Science?

Our final year Computer Science students graduated last week, which included a formal ceremony followed by a Champagne reception celebration in the Kilburn Building. There were over 400 people in the glorious Manchester sunshine toasting our successful graduates, including many families and friends alongside academics and support staff from the School. We managed to catch up with a few of our students (who are, in order by appearance: George Vanbrugh, Lora Lovchalieva, Veneta Haralampieva...


Life after studying - @csmcr alumni interviews

We interviewed 4 of our recent Computer Science graduates attending a recent Alumni event back at the School of Computer Science at The University of Manchester. Featured in the episode are: Stephanie Cook Software Engineer, BBC Mihai Anca Software Developer, Envoy (Formerly working at Twitter in Silicon Valley) Qasim Ashraf Software Engineer, Appsense Zac Hamid, Graduate Software Developer, IBM


Prof Danielle George - What is an Engineer?

Today's episode of the CS@Manchester podcast features an extended interview Prof Danielle George from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. We talk about her experiences doing the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in 2014, why she thinks the term Engineer is wrongly reflected in society and her thoughts on the crossover between Computer Science and Engineering, and what they can learn from each other. You can follow us on twitter @csmcr @EngineerDG


Human Computer Interaction with Dr Simon Harper

Today's episode of the CS@Manchester podcast features an interview with Dr Simon Harper, a lead academic in the field of Human Computer Interaction and User Experience in the School of Computer Science here at The University of Manchester. Simon talks to us about his journey into academia, he's research interests, the future of our computer use, our behaviour with them and his role as UG Applicant Tutor in the School. You can find out more information about Simon here:...


PG Graduation: What's it like to do an MSc/PhD in CS?

Just before Christmas our MSc and PhD students had their graduation ceremony and we caught up with a few of them at the celebrations to talk about their experiences on the course, what they've enjoyed about Manchester and what they may do in the future. We also spoke to some academic staff members about what the day means to them, where our students might further their careers and their personal highlights supervising student projects. Staff and students featured, in order of appearance:...