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Exploring all things cannabis. Discussions with industry professionals and people with stories to tell. We delve into cultivation and agronomy, business, legal frameworks, patient stories, genetics and many other hot topics.

Exploring all things cannabis. Discussions with industry professionals and people with stories to tell. We delve into cultivation and agronomy, business, legal frameworks, patient stories, genetics and many other hot topics.




Exploring all things cannabis. Discussions with industry professionals and people with stories to tell. We delve into cultivation and agronomy, business, legal frameworks, patient stories, genetics and many other hot topics.




Jeff The 420 chef

A shorter episode here but a really interesting taste of the world of edibles. Jeff Danzer has turned cannabis culinary and discovered how to remove the chlorophyll taste from cannabis edibles. Jeff creates a culinary experience for his guests and gives us the scoop on how it works.


Cannter Chat with Medical Director of Cannaponics, Dr Stephen Chalk

Scott heads to the Cannaponics Head Office to chat with their Medical Director, Dr Stephen Chalk. Dr Chalk covers a range of topics currently pertinent for the Australian medical space, including driving and cannabis as a first choice medication.


Cannter Chat with World Class IPM Specialist, Matthew Gates, aka Synchangel!!

Scott sits down with highly respected IPM specialist Matthew Gates to discuss all things IPM. Want to know how to approach the dreaded white fly or spider mites? Matthew lends a helping hand whilst covering a whole range of topics pertinent to managing a crop. This is an episode that we were trying to make happen for some time and we are proud to add Matthew to our list of guests!


Darin Hickman, CEO of AphriHelios Global Chats With Cannter

Scott is joined by Darin Hickman, CEO of AphriHelios Global, to discuss his journey from Wall Street investment banker to CEO of an African cannabis startup. Darin discusses the challenges he faced in making a move into the cannabis space and his vision of Africa becoming a global player in the cannabis space.


Jan Discusses Green House Powder Feeding and His Travels In the States!

We sit down with good mate Jan to discuss his travels through the US and some new developments with Greenhouse Powder Feeding! There is always a good energy when chatting with Jan and it was a pleasure having him on the show again!


Arjan Roskam and Joa Helms Talk the Rise of Greenhouse and Give Us a World First Scoop About Strain Hunters!

Arjan Roskam, aka the King of Cannabis, and Joa Helms, CEO of Greenhouse Coffeeshops, both join us for a decent length chat about the history of Greenhouse. We talk about the very real potential of tourists being excluded from Amsterdam's coffeeshop scene and discuss the humble beginnings of the world famous Greenhouse Coffeeshops. We also have an emotional chat with the guys about the late Franco Loja, an industry superstar who was taken too young and was greatly loved.


Predictions for the Cannabis Industry in 2021 with Rhys Cohen: Industry Consultant and Journalist!

What's in store for the cannabis industry in 2021? Join us as we sit down with Rhys Cohen, cannabis Industry consultant and journalist, to discuss what to expect for the cannabis industry in 2021. Rhys discusses his involvement in the industry over the past 4 years since legalisation, including his work at the famous Lambert Initiative!


Australian Medicinal Cannabis with Dr. Matty Moore: General Practitioner and Industry Personality!

Dr Matty Moore is a passionate advocate for medicinal cannabis and an experienced authorised prescriber. Dr Moore tells us about some of his most touching experiences as a prescriber and gives us a decent rundown of how the system works in Australia. Matty is an emerging voice in the cannabis space and his voice should be heard!


Horticultural Research Scientist, Emily Rigby of CANNATREK, Discusses Australian Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation

We have a chat about the Australian cannabis scene, running a commercial medicinal facility to Australian standards and being with a company from startup with one of Australia's most prominent and knowledgeable industry personalities, Emily Rigby of Cannatrek. Emily is a horticultural research scientist and is Head of Research & Development for Cannatrek and Director of Research Programs for the AIMC – Australian Institute for Medical Cannabis Inc. Emily is a passionate advocate for Medical...


Tad Hussey, Our Favourite Cannabis Industry Podcaster, talks Organics, Blumats, Cover Crops and Compost Teas

Scott and Adam get to sit down with their own favourite cannabis industry podcaster, Tad Hussey! Tad is the host of Cannabis Cultivation and Science and also the owner of KIS Organics. Tad chats about Blumat drip irrigation systems, compost teas and his stance on cover crops amongst other topics. Tad is an absolute asset to the cannabis community!


CO2 Extraction Methods, Delta-10 THC and Rare Cannabinoids and Terpenes with Lo Friesen: CEO and Chief Extractor of Heylo!

Upon obtaining a degree in Environmental Chemistry from Northwestern University, Lo followed a passion for medicine to work in a renown gastroenterology lab in Chicago, IL. After working with two other cannabis processors, Lo launched Heylo in 2017 with a mission to provide clean and great tasting oil with production transparency. Join us as we discuss the in's and out's of Co2 extraction, along with rare cannabinoids and terpenes!


Cannabis Law Reform and the Power of People with Joshua Alb: Biologist, Researcher and Advocate!

New Jersey based researcher, biologist, educator and advocate, Joshua Alb, aka @TheAblchemist, is a young up and coming personality on the cannabis scene. He joins us for what is sure to be the first of many chats to discuss his views and experiences in the cannabis space to date. Josh is a very engaging personality, clearly full of passion for the plant with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. We believe Josh has a very bright future in the industry and really enjoyed this chat!


Cannabis Software and the Importance of Data Gathering with Helkin Berg; CEO of Strimo

Join Scott and Adam as they sit down with the highly intelligent Helkin Berg, CEO of world class cannabis industry software developer, Strimo! Perhaps not given enough credit by the uninitiated, Scott and Adam have a newfound appreciation of the importance of quality software for those establishing a new facility after this quality chat.


Cannabis and Driving: Psychopharmacologist Dr. Thomas Arkell Discusses his Breakthrough Study!

In this episode Scott and Adam chat with Dr. Thomas Arkell of the Lambert Initiative about his recently published study into the effects of CBD and THC on driving and impairment. This is a groundbreaking clinical trial which holds global ramifications for policy makers. Dr. Arkell's study has raised serious questions about roadside drug testing policy and this hour long chat is well worth a listen!


Jeff Lowenfels, Legendary Author of the "Teaming" Series, Discusses the Soil Food Web and Teaming With Microbes

Scott and Adam sit down with world famous author, Jeff Lowenfels! Affectionately known as the Lord of the Roots, Jeff's book "Teaming with Microbes" is a colourful continuation of the amazing Dr Elaine Ingham's soil food web teachings. Jeff's passion is undeniable as he explains the basics of the soil food web and how to "team with microbes" to get the best out of your garden! A superstar guest that we can't wait to chat with again, Jeff provides a very strong argument for organic farming.


Frenchy Cannoli Presents the History of Hash and Concentrates

Scott and Adam turn down their mics for this one as the charismatic Frenchy Cannoli presents the history of hash and concentrates. Frenchy takes us through the origins of cannabis and traces it's journey across the planet. We learn the history of hash making and move on to the modern concentrate scene. Frenchy stresses the differences between hash and modern concentrates and gives us insight into his evolving views on modern methods of extraction.


Frenchy Cannoli Discusses Hash History, Parvati Valley, Regional Hash Intricacies and His Nomadic Lifestyle!

World renowned hashishin Frenchy Cannoli joins us to talk hash! Frenchy discusses leaving France as a teenager to travel through producing countries, including Morocco to Mexico, to Nepal, Pakistan, and India, where he spent eight growing seasons living in caves and harvesting cannabis resin with Parvati Valley cultivators.


Dr. M.J. Coco Explains the Science Behind Grow Lights; PPF, μmol/j and Other Important Aspects of Lighting!

Listen before purchasing your next grow light! In this episode Dr. M.J. Coco explains the science behind grow lights, gives an understanding of correctly and sufficiently lighting your grow space, explains grow light nomenclature and lets us know what to look out for when purchasing a grow light!


Jan of Greenhouse Powderfeed Talks Keeping it Simple!

Director of Sales and Research and Development for Greenhouse Powderfeed, Jan, talks keeping it simple. Jan runs us through the entire lineup including the amazing Bio Feed products. We discuss the advantages of a single part dry product and Jan gives us pointers on getting the most out of his products. Finally, Jan discusses some of his travels with the Greenhouse crew.


Robert Connell Clarke Explains the Proposed Cannabis Classification System!

In this episode we sit down with our friend Robert Connell Clarke, author of “The Botany and Ecology of Cannabis”, “Marijuana Botany”, “HASHISH!”, and “Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany”. Learn about the proposed cannabis classification system; a modern age classification that moves away from the traditional Indica and Sativa titles.