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Welcome to Career Crashers, where we tell the stories of those who are not content to wait around following rules and hoping for good things to happen. Great careers aren’t found. They’re forged. It’s time to Crash the party. On weekly episodes, you'll hear from people who have broken free of the conventional path and forged great careers.

Welcome to Career Crashers, where we tell the stories of those who are not content to wait around following rules and hoping for good things to happen. Great careers aren’t found. They’re forged. It’s time to Crash the party. On weekly episodes, you'll hear from people who have broken free of the conventional path and forged great careers.


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Welcome to Career Crashers, where we tell the stories of those who are not content to wait around following rules and hoping for good things to happen. Great careers aren’t found. They’re forged. It’s time to Crash the party. On weekly episodes, you'll hear from people who have broken free of the conventional path and forged great careers.




Let Go of Self-Doubt and Land More Interviews

Standing out on the job hunt is what you need to do to get great opportunities, but humans are hardwired to try and fit in. This time on Career Crashers, Joel is breaking down why you need to let go of your self-doubt, start setting yourself apart on the job hunt, and let go of the voices in your head that are saying you're not good enough. If you're looking for your next great opportunity, head to to get a free 15-minute job hunt consult call!


3 Tips for Succesful Interviews

This time on Career Crashers, Joel is covering 3 tips to stand out in your next job interview. When it comes to job interview tips, you tend to hear a lot of the same old advice: dress well, prepare, ask questions, etc. But when your goal is to stand out, the same old advice isn't going to cut it. From winning the interview with a pitch to following up effectively Joel delivers a few quick gems to help you win your next opportunity. If you're looking for your next great opportunity,...


No More Waiting for Permission

This time on Career Crashers, we're breaking out of the permission mindset. For most of us, 15,000 hours of K-12 schooling has led us to look for permission in everything we do. To follow directions, stand in line, and raise your hand to ask for permission. But when it comes to your career and the job hunt, the path to success is in the permissionless mindset. In this episode, Joel breaks down how to stop waiting for permission and take control of your own job hunt, career, and life. If...


Send an Email, Not a Resume

We take email for granted, but it truly is an incredible tool. So long as you find the right email, and write a pitch that connects, you can connect with almost every person in the world. When it comes to your job hunt, effectively using email can get you off the job application conveyor belt and help you find and win the opportunity that you've been looking for. In this episode of Career Crashers, Joel is breaking down how to find emails and send pitches that will set you apart on the job...


Create More Than You Consume

This time on Career Crashers, Joel is back and diving into creating vs. consuming! There is so much great high-quality content out there that we can fall into the trap of "learning" to avoid "doing". If you're listening to podcasts and reading lots of books, but not seeing the results, it's time to look at the actions you're taking and ask yourself what is your ratio of consumption vs creation? Each Tuesday, going forward we'll have short episodes with motivation and knowledge for...


Building a Career in Sales from Cars to Software

Ljupco Stojanovski Jr. is an account executive at Xplenty, co-host of The Deliberate Dropout Podcast, and a college dropout. One day in a university calculus class on imaginary numbers, Ljupco decided he'd had enough with college and made the call to drop out. In this episode, he shares the journey he took from that moment to finding his first job opportunities, building marketable skills, to now building a flourishing career in software sales. To learn more about Ljupco's journey, check...


What Stops People From Creating Great Careers?

Cameron Sorsby is the CEO of Praxis, where he's worked to help hundreds of people launch careers through apprenticeships at exciting and growing businesses around the US. Through his work Cameron has seen a lot of people make successful career moves, but he's also seen others run into roadblocks, and not be able to win the opportunities they want. So, on this episode, we're diving into what NOT to do when you're starting your career or making a career change, and answering the question...


Breaking into Sports Journalism Before Turning 20 with Harman Dayal

This week on Career Crashers, Harman Dayal of The Athletic joins the show to talk about how he broke into a career in sports journalism while still in his teens. Harman is a staff reporter for The Athletic, where he covers the NHL's Vancouver Canucks and is often featured on radio and TV coverage for Sportnet. Learn how Harman used Twitter, initiative, and free work to start blogging about hockey at 13, get his first paying writing gigs while still in high school, and get hired full...


Jumpstarting Your Career After Dropping Out + The Future of Work with Mitko Karshovski

This week on Career Crashers, Mitko Karshovski joins the show to talk about his story of breaking into a career in marketing and how the explosion of remote work in 2020 should change the way we think about jobs. Mitko is the host of That Remote Life and an entrepreneur focused on helping people build successful location independent businesses and live life on their own terms. Connect with Mitko and learn more about his work...


Tell Your Story (Not Your Status) with John Kratz

This week on Career Crashers Joel is joined by John Kratz, co-founder of STORYseekers, where he helps people sell, lead, and influence with stories. At Crash, we know the power your story has when launching your career, so we're excited to have John share his career story and how young professionals can win opportunities by telling better stories. Learn more about John and his work at Connect with John at


Mindset: From Wealth Building to Job Hunting with Sarry Ibrahim

This week on Career Crashers, Joel is joined by Sarry Ibrahim! Sarry's business is helping high-net-worth individuals grow and protect their wealth. He helps people plan for retirement, find more liquidity in their business, or become their own source of financing for their investments. Sarry shares how he got started in his career, what drew him to entrepreneurship, and how young professionals should think about growing wealth and growing their income as they start their careers! Books...


Do Free Work on Your Own Terms with Charlie Hoehn

This week on Career Crashers Joel is joined by Charlie Hoehn! Charlie is an author, speaker, coach, and head of Multimedia for Scribe. Charlie was also formerly Tim Ferriss’ “Director of Special Projects.” Charlie shares his career journey from the realization that the traditional job search wasn't working to pitching and offering free work to win a once in a lifetime experience with Tim Ferriss and build a unique career. Get in touch with Charlie through his email [hi AT...


The Ripple Effects of Pitching with Jackson Sullivan

At age 17, Jackson opted out of the traditional education path and joined the Praxis Bootcamp! He learned the basics of value creation on the job and created a video editing business that allowed him to work and travel the U.S. and world. Now, he's based in Austin, and has started, The Gift, a company that creates and runs celebratory experiences. Throughout his career journey Jackson has used pitches to create opportunities and today we're diving into his journey and how a recent...


Be Hungry, Don't Be Boring with Nick Black

Last week on Career Crasher's we heard Hunter Casillas' story of winning an opportunity at GoodUnited with a unique pitch. This week we're hearing the other side of the story and talking with Nick Black, founder and CEO of GoodUnited, to find out what receiving that pitch was like from the business side. We also learn about Nick's backstory as an entrepreneur, his dedication to helping veterans, and supporting non-profit organizations. Connect with Nick on LinkedIn:...


Flipping off a Trampoline to Get a Job with Hunter Casillas

This week on Career Crashers Joel is joined by Hunter Casillas to talk about how his ability to backflip helped him land a job at GoodUnited. Hunter is a junior product manager at GoodUnited and broke into his career without college through self-taught skills and a Praxis apprenticeship. In the episode, Hunter shares the backstory on his unique pitch that won him his job, how he's learned and grown on the job, and his advice for others on the job hunt. Next week on the podcast we are...


Make Crash Pitching Easy and Fun

This week on Career Crashers, Joel is diving into how to make Crash pitching easy and fun! When we think about the job hunt, we tend to think about hard and not fun work, but it doesn't have to be that way! Finding a company you like, telling them why you love what they're doing, and making something small that has value to them will blow away most companies. It will put you in the top 1% of job hunters and more than that it will help you have a lot more fun on your job hunt!


Meet Fast: the Company Building One-Click Checkout for the Entire Web!

If you’ve ever struggled with the checkout process while trying to buy something online, this company is for you. Fast is a tech company founded in early 2019 with the mission of making buying online faster, safer and easier for everyone. In two short years they’ve raised over $120 million from investors and grown to over 100 people even through the pandemic. It all started when their CEO and cofounder, Domm Holland, watched his wife’s grandmother not be able to order groceries online,...


Custom Project Ideas for Digital Marketing with Brad Matthews

This week on Career Crashers, Joel is joined by Brad Matthews to talk about creating great marketing projects. Brad is a growth marketer at Go Digital China and a Crash user. Brad shares his experience of successfully using Crash video pitches to find opportunities and breaks down how to come up with project ideas to use as part of a pitch. Learn more about Brad at:


Meet Circle: the Modern Community Platform for Creators

Back in 2019, three friends named Sid, Rudy, and Andy wanted to build a company to empower creators. They spent much of that year talking to every creator they knew about their challenges and needs, and uncovering patterns among them all. Online creators earn a living by monetizing their products, talents, and content. If you’ve read a blog post, watched videos on TikTok or YouTube, taken an online course, subscribed to someone’s newsletter, or listened to a podcast, you’ve participated...


Forging a Path from Ski Pro to Marketing Pro with Andrew Flynn

Andrew Flynn is a growth marketing advisor with a fascinating career crash story, going from pro skier to a thriving marketing career. Isaac and Andrew breakdown Andrew's journey and the lessons he learned along the way, covering how Andrew got his start building websites to how he prioritizes learning now that he is running his own marketing company. Connect with Andrew: