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Drugs, Addiction & Mental Health. A focus on Psychedelics and other illegal drugs. Discussion on Benefits vs. Dangers, and everything in between.

Drugs, Addiction & Mental Health. A focus on Psychedelics and other illegal drugs. Discussion on Benefits vs. Dangers, and everything in between.




Drugs, Addiction & Mental Health. A focus on Psychedelics and other illegal drugs. Discussion on Benefits vs. Dangers, and everything in between.






Richie Olgulnick - Iboga & Addiction

Richie joins me to share his 25 years of knowledge about the powerful psychedelic drug Iboga, A.K.A. Ibogaine. The substance has amazing properties when it comes to treating physical addiction to opiates specifically, such as heroin, Oxycontin, morphine, fentanyl, etc. But, as Richie points out, there's a lot more to kicking a heroin habit than just treating the physical addiction. It was a great conversation, thanks Richie!! Richie continues working with Iboga, and invites anyone interested...


Dick Khan - 600 DMT Doses & Meeting Entities

Dick Khan joins me from England to discuss his personal research with the powerful psychedelic drug DMT, or dimethyltryptamine. It's the same ingredient in the Amazonian brew Ayahuasca. When smoked instead of brewed however, the experiences are fast and powerful. Many who have tried DMT report encountering entities of varying descriptions, and Mr. Khan is no different. He has had many of these such encounters and this is something we discuss in depth in this conversation. Many thanks to Dick...


Zach & Jess Poitra - Ayahuasca Stories, Rheumatoid Arthritis, & Diet

Zach and his wife Jess join me to speak about the Ayahuasca retreats they host in Guatemala. We talk all things Ayahuasca, including Dietas, Traditional vs. Modern approaches, cost of retreats, and even the little fairy-like plant spirits called Doctorcito's (little doctors) who are called in to help people during ceremonies. First Zach joins me, and then halfway through Jess sits down to explain how she had the auto-immune condition rheumatoid arthritis and after medication made her worse,...


Sergey Baranov - Scientific Dogma & The Psychedelic Individual

Sergey joins me a second time. He has a new book out called The Mescaline Confessions which details his experimentation with different substances as a young person. From using Ecstacy/MDMA for years, to trying a large dose of anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals. We talk about all this in the podcast, and eventually get to his present day work with the Huachuma cactus. He works in Peru with this substance, which contains Mescaline, as does Peyote. Some of the most interesting parts for myself in...


John Vervaeke - Cognitive Science of Wisdom, Meaning, & Psilocybin Mushrooms

John and I sit down to talk about different types of knowledge, and how we decipher the world around us. We discuss Self-Deception, Flow States, Mystical Experience, and where we go to find Wisdom and Meaning in our lives. John is a professor of Cognitive Science and Psychology at the University of Toronto. He's also studied in Buddhism and Tai Chi. He hopes to organize a psilocybin micro-dosing study at the University, and he talks about the difficulties in his way when it comes to getting...


Will Johnson - How to Use Marijuana Effectively

Will joins me from Costa Rica to talk about his ideas integrating Buddhist practices with Marijuana use. Traditional Buddhism encourages abstinence from intoxicants. While Will does also teach in this traditional manner, he points to the Hindu God Shiva as an alternative representation of how the use of Marijuana can be very well suited to some of the physical practices Buddhists use. Much of our conversation is about how to use Marijuana effectively when it comes to the physical body and...


Danny Nemu - Savantism & Hotboxing the Tabernacle

Danny's latest book, Neuro-Apocalypse, deals with how individuals perceive things differently. He breaks this down in many ways, including how the Japanese language shapes the minds of those who speak it differently than English does. He's also studied autism, and the extreme cases of autistic savants who have perspectives on the world much different than the regular person. We talk about all of this in the podcast, in addition to Danny's research on the possibility of psychoactive drugs...


Phil Gatensby - Language, Love, & The Separation Blues

Phil and I sit down to record a conversation for a second time. The first time we began with Phil's own background and tumultuous time as a young man. This time around we dive right into the big ideas. All we knew beforehand was that we wanted to break down Spirituality and what that was. We end up speaking a lot about Language, how we separate ourselves from the world around us because of it, and why we are actually far more connected than many of us realize. Other subjects include respect,...


Ruth Lera - Energy, Choice, & Non-Duality

Ruth and I break down some of the ideas put forward in her book: Walking the Soul Path. These include: Energy, Healing, Intention, Mindfulness, Meditation, Visualization, and other randomly interesting things such as Non-Duality, Psychedelic Drugs, Sleeping Better, and more! :) A large part of the discussion centers around moving our focus and awareness out of our busy minds, and into our physical bodies and moment to moment awareness. It was a lot of fun, so huge thanks to Ruth for...


Carolyn Green - Holotropic Breathwork & Psychedelic States

Carolyn just lead a Holotropic Breathwork workshop in Whitehorse which I attended. We break down this experience as well as Carolyn's own Holotropic sessions in the past. There is a lot to unpack when speaking about these mysterious states of mind, and so we tackle many subjects here including some comparison between psychedelic drugs and the similar effects they can have on a person's psyche. Check out Carolyn Green's website for upcoming workshops and more: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: www....


Dr. Richard Miller - Psychedelic Medicine

Dr. Miller has been working as a clinical psychologist for over 50 years. He's also been researching psychedelic drugs and tools for therapy for just as long. We discuss specific substances such as MDMA, LSD, and Psilocybin and how each can be used in effective ways for people's benefit. We also discuss the use of natural Hot Springs for healing effects near the end of this podcast. Richard also has a new book out: Psychedelic Medicine: The Healing Powers of LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin and...


Peter Sjöstedt-H - Distilling Reality through Psychedelics & Philosophy

Peter joins me to talk about what is real. Peter has been studying consciousness and philosophy, and is also an advocate for the responsible use of psychedelics. Peter's main area of interest is on how much of what is real, or true, is filtered out through our senses. We break this down and look at how psychedelics seem to have potential in this area of study. Other topics include morality, power, Friedrich Nietzsche, and more. Find Peter at his website: INSTAGRAM:...


Kerrie & Alice - Cultivating Awareness & Working with Psilocybin

Alice and Kerrie run the website and promote approaching psychedelic drugs from a more educated and intentional perspective. They live in Portugal where drugs have been decriminalized, but are planning a retreat in the Netherlands working with Psilocybin mushrooms. They were a pleasure to speak with. Very warm and compassionate, which was great because I was feeling a bit nervous in my new setup! Find out more about them at: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: www. FACEBOOK: Intro song:...


Tricia Eastman - Iboga, 5-MeO-DMT, & Raising Frequencies

Tricia and I begin speaking about the psychedelic substance Iboga. Where it comes from, past traditions, and current uses of the African root and its extract ibogaine. From there we look at 5-MeO-DMT which is another powerful psychedelic agent, both of which Tricia has been working with for many years. Lots of good info in this one! Thanks to Tricia for being super fun to talk to! Find Tricia at: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: www. FACEBOOK: Intro song: "Lovin' Your Neighbour" by Phat Bollard Check...


John Tribe - Guns, Drugs, & Ram Dass

In our first Podcast together John and I share our experience taking Ayahuasca together in Peru, as well as his time in Iraq in the military. This time we talk mostly about Gun Control, but touch on many other things including Ram Dass, Philosophy, Spirituality, the War on Drugs, Gangs, Raising Children, Relationships, and more. Find John at: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: www. FACEBOOK: Intro song: "Lovin' Your Neighbour" by Phat Bollard Check Them out: And buy their music!...


Sergey Baranov - Psychedelic Spirituality, Shamanism and the Way Forward

Sergey leads ceremonies every other day near Cusco, Peru with the psychedelic known as Huachuma, or San Pedro cactus. We talk about his views on shamanism as well as individual responsibility, drug laws, truth, and much more. Sergey has written a book called Path: Seeking Truth in a World of Lies, detailing his journey starting in Russia to a California Cult called Fellowship of Friends, and eventually where he lives now in Peru. Find more from Sergey at his website: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: www....


Julian Vayne - Creating Psychedelic Ceremony to Get Higher

Julian Vayne wrote a book called Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony. We talk about ideas such as how to create an authentic & meaningful ceremony, techniques for getting more from the psychedelic experience, and rituals we take for granted in our everyday life. We also talk about what to do if, during one of these ceremonies, you feel you are in fact Jesus himself. It was fun! Check out Julian's book:...


Caitlin Thompson - Calming Consciousness, Gut Health, Nervous Systems, & Psychedelic Drugs

Caitlin creates supplements to help people regulate their state of mind with her company EntheoZen. We talk about the balancing act between physical and mental states, and how products like hers work in the body. From gut health and serotonin levels, to mood disorders and silent meditation retreats, we cover quite a bit! Check out Caitlin's website: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: www. FACEBOOK: Intro song: "Lovin' Your Neighbour" by Phat Bollard Check Them out: And buy their music!...


Jeff Swarthout - Psychedelics & Philosophy, the Subconscious Mind, & UFO's

Jeff runs a facebook group called Psychedelics & Philosophy which has nearly 200,000 members. We spend some time talking about the group, and the many subjects they discuss there. We get into things like the subconscious mind and the habits we develop so easily in our lives, as well as topics like dreams, science vs. spirituality, and UFO's. Check out Jeff's group here: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: www. FACEBOOK: Intro song: "Lovin' Your...


Oliver - Evolving Psychedelic Work & Crypto Currency

Olli joins me a third time! Oliver continues to evolve his practice helping people navigate the psychedelic states of mind. He's once again gone smaller, now almost exclusively working 1 on 1 with people. We talk about this and much more, specifically Olli schools me on why crypto currencies could change the world by freeing us from the banks. Find Oliver at: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: www. FACEBOOK: Intro song: "Lovin' Your Neighbour" by Phat Bollard Check Them out: And buy their music!...