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Real People. Real Lives. Real Changes.






Episode 27: Changes with C.A. Sedore: Consciousness Chat - What Is Consciousness?

C.A. Sedore sits with Deborah Thoun, Marjorie Curtiss and Deborah Fercher to discuss various topics. This episode explores how each first learned of consciousness and began their own personal journeys of exploration and discovery.


Episode 25: Innerstanding with Michael T. Dake



Episode 26: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) with Facilitator and Practitioner, Jeroen deWit



Episode 22: Exploring Nature, Healing & the Paranormal with Jill-of-All-Trades, Marjorie Curtiss

A broad-ranging conversation from communicating with nature, working with healing modalities, the nature of human consciousness & encounters with the paranormal including UFOs. Topics Discussed Recorded October 2022


Episode 23: A Conversation with Visionary, Author, Teacher & Therapist, Hydee Tehana



Episode 24: Playing with Consciousness with Heather and Linda of HBPlasma Solutions

Heather and Linda of HBPlasma Solutions share their journey into consciousness, and what they learned along the way. Discussion covers HB stands for Heart Bridge and also happens to be Heather's initials. At, Heather offers 3 levels of potential “Solutions” to assist bridging us into the new earth that we are co-creating:


Episode 21: Holding the Heart with Chiropractor, Samantha Sumayah Joseph



Episode 20: Embracing Positive Change with Brilana Bae



Episode 18: Body as an Intuitive Tool with Pilates & Yoga Teacher, Rya Letham



Epsiode 19: A Conversation on Life with Engineer, Myrrah Medina



Episode 17: The Art of Play with Life Coach & Chiropractor, Dr. Tatiana Agafonova

Explorer of Truth & Beauty, Dr. Tatiana Agafonova shares how she arrived at the Art of Play from her journey as a child in the U.S.S.R. to moving to the United States. Tatiana shares her experiences from changing majors in college, dealing with the collapse of Communism along with moving to a foreign country and becoming a single mother to finding her calling to become a chiropractor and life coach.


Episode 16: A Conversation with Student & Researcher of Consciousness, Deborah Fercher

Deborah and I discuss her personal experiences in out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, altered states of consciousness, and multi-dimensional journeys, along with her childhood and background as a program manager working on international corporate globalization efforts across various industries. This conversation touches upon many topics from frequencies, heart coherence, cognitive anchors and mediumship to earth healing and upcoming global events. Check out for a topic outline and helpful links to find out more on what was discussed.


Episode 15: A Conversation with Spiritual Warrior & Truth Seeker, Jackie Wood

In this last recorded conversation before she passed, Jackie Wood shares her beginnings as an avid student of consciousness, insights gleaned from her Life along with her vast breadth of esoteric knowledge.


Episode 14: Being in Integrity with Spiritual Counselor & Teacher, Krystina Morgainne



Episode 13: Connecting with the Divine with Spiritual Teacher & Soul Facilitator, Anis Lahlou

Anis shares his spiritual journey, which began with a critical question from a high school teacher. Inspired by Rumi, Anis thought such persons were of a time long gone until he met the first of two Sufi guides and teachers who led him on a deeper exploration of himself and connection with the Divine. In this podcast, Anis shares how he became an energy healer and later transitioned into soul healing. The conversation also includes insights on spiritual transmission, sacred sounds, polarity, what veils are, levels of perception, one's original essence & more. Purification means that you are decreasing the density of anything that is negative, and then going to transmute it, and transform it into something that is very positive. Connect with Anis at for sessions, classes, workshops, retreats & more. Recorded July 2021


Episode 12: Changing the Story with ThetaHealing Instructor & Practitioner, Trish Turpel

Trish Turpel shares her personal story of discovering energy work, spiritual exploration, encountering Religious Science, and becoming a ThetaHealing instructor and practitioner. This inspired conversation touches upon the Human-Divine Connection, and how individual beliefs color our approach and experience of Life and relationships. "When one works on oneself, because we are all One, shift is possible because that is how we all impact the planet." Go to to book a session, view upcoming classes or more. Follow Trish on Instragram @trishturpel or Facebook. Recorded July 2021


Episode 11: Permission to Be with Caroline/Atlas Lehan

Caroline/Atlas shares their journey of gender exploration, as they moved past the boundaries of self into who they truly are. We discuss how relationships mirror different aspects of Being, the concept of "the chains of love", how to know when you're living too much in your head, "comparisonitis" & more. Follow Caroline/Atlas on Instagram @clinelehan Recorded June 2021


Episode 10: Navigating through Dark Nights of the Soul with Teacher & Spiritual Guide Surreina Gallegos Gerbman

In this conversation, Surreina shares her humble beginnings as an aerobics and fitness instructor who was then introduced to yoga, meditation, energy and Reiki healing modalities, as she learned to heal her own wounds. The episode features the initiatory passage known as the "dark night of the soul", and how this looked at different points of Surreina's Life, as Surreina grew to become the Reiki Master, spiritual guide and teacher she is today. We discuss how to find purpose in how one lives, inspiring others by embracing who you are, and how the role of trauma and suffering can push us to look beyond our current patterns, look beyond the material world, and evolve as human beings. Contact Recorded June 2021


Episode 8: From Israel to US with Health Coach & Fitness Trainer Shirley Rubin

C.A. sits down with health and fitness coach Shirley Rubin to discuss her move to the United States from Israel in 1999, and how Life sometimes says "No" to provide a detour so one can fulfill their purpose. In this episode, Shirley shares how she followed her innate loves of fitness and animals to become a health and fitness coach and entrepreneur. Connect with Shirley via Instagram @shirleynrg Recorded April 2021


Episode 9: Supporting A Son's Healing Journey with Tracy Chapman

An emergency room visit quickly turns grim when a family is shocked to learn the youngest son's diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) . In this conversation, Tracy Chapman shares her story of supporting her son's healing journey while undergoing a divorce as a young mother with three children, and how humor lightened an otherwise heavy load. We also discuss the role of post traumatic stress, how she was able to recognize and address it, as well as the inspiration and insights gained from the relationships built during that time. Follow Tracy on Instagram @that1gurl Recorded May 2021