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Ep 22 Claire Vaye Watkins and Climate Fiction

Claire Vaye Watkins, author of the cli-fi novel, Gold Fame Citrus, is Peterson Toscano's special guest. Claire talks about her book and the importance of storytelling in this time of climate change. With her writing and imagination, she allows herself to go to places many climate advocates avoid. In doing so, she raises important questions about our work and this critical time in history. Wise, insightful, and witty, hearing this interview will help you hone your own skills as a...


Ep 21 Day Zero - The Cape Town Water Crisis

What happens when a city of four million people suddenly runs out of water? Our host, Peterson Toscano, chats with two Cape Town residents, Helen Moffett and Judy Abrahams. Together they explore "Day Zero," the day when this South African city will turn off the water to the taps. Discover the causes to this crisis and the responses, both ugly and beautiful. Funny, insightful, and well informed, Helen and Judy talk about many aspects of the crisis that is being overlooked in the media....


Ep 19 Promoting Emotional Health and Bee Populations

Being a climate advocate can be an emotional rollercoaster. This is especially true for millennials. From childhood they heard about the many impending dangers threatening their future happiness. How do these feelings affect each of us? How do we cope? How do we move past paralyzing despair to a place of hope and action? Podcast host, Peterson Toscano, shares a conversation he had with Marlo Firme, a Canadian CCL volunteer climate lobbyist. Marlo powerfully reveals the many ways climate...


Ep 18 Aaron Telitz race driving climate advocate

Today on the show you are going to meet an unlikely climate advocate, Aaron Telitz--an Indy car racer. Originally from Birchwood, WI, Aaron grew up at a fishing resort and could filet a bluegill fish in 25 seconds. Wanting to experience the thrill of more speed, Aaron turned to amateur car racing which led to professional racing. This past season he did something radical--he charged himself a carbon fee for all of the oil, gas, and tires he used. Host, Peterson Toscano interviews Aaron...


Ep 17 Resilient Power Puerto Rico

Show host, Peterson Toscano traveled to the island of Manhattan and met with someone engaged in hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. Ofelia Mangen, an Educational Designer and Technologist at New York University, talks about climate change and Resilient Power Puerto Rico. This NY-based project has brought emergency solar power to the Puerto Rico. In addition, they are engaged in a project to provide long-term solar production. Ofelia talks about her own experiences in Rockaway, NY...


Ep 15 Panama Climate Action

An American doctor becomes a sailor which leads her to climate advocacy in Panama. Hear some of Dr. Tami Kellogg's extraordinary journey. Tami sat down with Citizens' Climate Radio host, Peterson Toscano. She explains why she feels hopeful pursuing climate solutions in Central America. Art House Singer Songwriter Anna Fritz is a classically trained cellist. She fuses her artistry with her passions for justice and the environment. The result is a moving duet between this Portland, OR-based...


Ep 13 Pets and Climate Change

Being forever curious about climate change, podcast host Peterson Toscano asks, How are pets affected by global warming? How is pet care a climate issue? In Episode 13 of Citizens' Climate Radio we explore the many ways pets and climate rub up against each other. Veternarian, Dr. Steva Stowell-Hardcastle, sits down with Peterson and explains how global warming is already affecting pets and farm animals. You will learn how to protect your pet in a time of climate change. You will also...


Ep 12 Core Values with Marshall Saunders and Leslie Beatty

Our individual values shape us. They help us make decisions and influence our relationships. They keep us on the right path. Organzitions and movements are also be guided by values. As climate advocates, we come to this work with our own set of values. Citizens' Climate Radio host, Peterson Toscano speaks with marketing researcher and volunteer climate advocate, Lesley Beatty about the Citizens' Climate Lobby's Core Values. CCL founder Marshall Saunders joins in the conversation with a...


Ep 11 Dr Hugh Sealy Engineering Climate Solutions

How do some people land on a path that leads them to climate action? Host, Peterson Toscano explores this question by featuring two passionate climate advocactes. Dr. Hugh Sealy, is an environmental engineer in the Caribbean. He has influenced environmental policy in Barbados, Grenda, St. Lucia, and Dominica. In addition to his work in helping low-lying island nations in a time of climate change, Dr. Sealy also served as a member of the Clean Development Mechanism or CDM for the UN...


Ep 10 Aaron Thier Global Warming Storyteller

Storytelling is a vital skill to have when talking about climate change. In this episode podcst host, Peterson Toscano, introduces you to Aaron Thier, a master storyteller. In his book Mr. Eternity, novelist Aaron Thier takes readers on a 1,000 year odyssey. The main character calls himself Daniel Defoe. We never learn his real name. Old Dan can't seem to die. Five different narrators in five different periods from 1500 to 2500 bump into this traveler. The book is brilliant, hilarious,...


Ep 9 Rebel or Advocate with Eileen Flanagan

So much protesting, marching, and disruption happening these days. What are the best ways to get governments to address pollution and the effects of global warming? Eileen Flanagan, a writer, a social change teacher, a Quaker, and an activist, chats with host, Peterson Toscano about the four different roles people have traditionally taken in change movements. Are you a rebel, an advocate, an organizer, or a helper? Maybe a little bit of each. How do these models apply to organizations....


Ep 7 A Conservative Approach to Climate Change

When addressing climate change, we need all hands on deck including citizens and lawmakers who are politically conservative. Host, Peterson Toscano interviews Chandler Green, a graduate student at American University researching strategic communications. Chandler shares her insights about climate communication and the need for Republican voices in the USA. She also tells us about the growing #PutAPriceOnIt Campaign on college campuses. Then to model climate communication for conservatives,...


Ep 6 Heath, Climate, Community

On a rapidly changing planet we are already seeing risks to public health. Dr. Natasha DeJarnett from the American Public Health Association sits down with Peterson Toscano to outline some of these risks, but also the community building opportunity. We will also hear from Dr. Jalonne White-Newsome, senior program officer from the Kresge Foundation who provides a new framework for looking at resiliency. As a special feature we will also hear voices from the 2016 Citizens’ Climate...


Ep 5 Diving Into Denial

Ah, Climate Denial, a constant companion. Climate advocates have sought for the silver bullet, that one talking point that will extinguish all climate doubts and dismissals. In this episode host, Peterson Toscano, brings in climate advocates from around the world and climate communication experts to explore what might be behind the denial and how to respond. Main Section Climate denial has distracted climate advocates and slowed down the public discussion and political action. As a result,...


Ep 4 Katharine Heyhoe and Communication Myths

Want to be a better climate change communicator? Then listen to this episode! Learn essential lessons about connecting with others about climate change as host, inspired by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Peterson Toscano leads you through an exercise that connects climate change to passions and people in your life. Main Section She is not only an internationally renowned climate scientist, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is a brilliant climate change communicator. Peterson revisits Dr. Hayhoe’s excellent...


Ep 3 Cloud of Witnesses

Climate Change—what’s faith got to do with it? To dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and respond to a rapidly changing planet, people of faith and religious leaders play essential roles. Citizens’ Climate Radio host, Peterson Toscano, introduces you to two people of faith who are active climate advocates. Main Section Rachel Lamb, an American, is the national organizer and spokesperson with Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. David Michael Terungwa, a Catholic from Nigeria, is...


Ep 2 Duh, We Are the Children

For those of us who want to motivate our friends to climate advocacy, we are often looking for a silver bullet—that perfect talking point that will get people on board. One of the most popular is, “We need to think about future generations. We must act on behalf of the children and the grandchildren.” In this episode we explore this climate pitch. Main Section Host Peterson Toscano speaks with three women whose lives have been affected by pollution particularly in their childhood. Piper...


Ep 1 Beginnings and Transformations

Welcome to the first episode of Citizens Climate Radio. In this podcast we highlight people’s stories, we celebrate your successes, and together we share strategies for talking about climate change. Our theme this month is Beginnings and Transformations. We bring you an intimate, moving, and at times hilarious conversation with Marshall Saunders, founder of Citizens Climate Lobby, and Mark Reynolds, the executive director. They reveal their origin stories. Highly ambitions and successful...


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