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A monthly podcast for climate advocates hosted by Peterson Toscano. Become a better climate communicator. The show features Interviews, climate change artists, & a puzzler question. A project of Citizens' Climate Education

A monthly podcast for climate advocates hosted by Peterson Toscano. Become a better climate communicator. The show features Interviews, climate change artists, & a puzzler question. A project of Citizens' Climate Education


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A monthly podcast for climate advocates hosted by Peterson Toscano. Become a better climate communicator. The show features Interviews, climate change artists, & a puzzler question. A project of Citizens' Climate Education






Ep 56 Rev Tony Campolo: A Christian’s Call to Save Creation

Rev. Tony Campolo has written over 50 books on topics that have educated and challenged his Evangelical Christian audience. He has been ahead of his time on a variety of social issues. In 1992 he published the book, How to Rescue the Earth Without Worshiping Nature, A Christian Call to Save Creation. In the book, he seeks to help believers see they have a role to play in caring for creation. Rev. Campolo, who is 85 and has never retired, suffered a stroke in 2020. He is at home recovering...


Ep 55 Climate Change and Creation Care--What Would Jesus Do?

In a followup to our most downloaded episode, What Does the Bible Say About Climate Change?, host, Peterson Toscano speaks with two Christian women about their faith, their commitment to creation care, and why they see Citizens Climate Lobby as a place where they can pursue meaningful solutions. They talk about their values, the Bible, the spiritual charge to do the work of reconciliation, especially in a contentious and politically divided country. They speak with conviction about the need...


Ep 54 Justice, Football, and Talking Trash with Garry Gilliam and Sharona Shnayder

A recent episode of Lew Blaustein’s Green Sports Pod featured a riveting interview with National Football League player, Garry Gilliam. Blaustein writes: "Garry Gilliam experienced this hope-squashing system firsthand during his childhood in the opportunity-deprived section of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Now, the ex-NFL offensive lineman is using his resources and his seemingly boundless energy to try to break that system, replacing it with a more equitable, hopeful one. His system-breaking...


Ep 53 Andrew Stuhl with Lessons from a 1972 Flood and Lynn Neuman is Dancing with Plastic

Andrew Stuhl, an associate professor of environmental studies and sciences at Bucknell University, has been interviewing residents from Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River Valley about what they remember of the fall of 1972. He keeps hearing about the powerful smell of flood mud. This was the pungent odor throughout the Susquehanna Valley after Hurricane Agnes brought historic rainfalls and a massive flood which upended lives and reshaped towns and waterways. “It reminds me of the connection...


Ep 52 Doug Parsons on Adaptation, Resilience, and Bouncing Forward

Doug Parsons, the host of the America Adapts Podcast talks to us about what he has learned from nearly 100 episodes interviewing adaptation experts. He will discuss the difference between adaptation and resiliency. He highlights efforts to adapt to sea level rise, wildfires, and flooding, and points out an impact of climate change that will affect almost everyone at some point in their lives—extreme heat. You will also hear an excerpt from a conversation Doug Parsons has with s Dr. Carolyn...


Ep 51 Art and Identity in a Time of Climate Change

Artists take on a unique role in helping the public better understand the many issues connected to climate change. They also play an important part in helping us process our strong emotions about our rapidly changing world. Poet and climate advocate Clara Fang shares her powerful and moving poem, The Children on Why They are Striking for the Climate. She also tells us about the poetry she reads and how it connects her to the natural world. Clara serves as Citizens’ Climate Lobby Student...


Ep 50 Big Climate Problems Require Even Bigger Global Solutions

Think of this as a patchwork quilt. Instead of one long main segment, the Art House, and the Puzzler Question, we have sewed together five shorter segments from around the world that each stand alone. Together they tell a larger story. Olivia Oguadinma in Nigeria discusses the role of storytelling in motivating her peers to meaningful action. Through her Gems on Earth podcast she reaches young people throughout Western Africa and beyond. Doerte Wihan, a mother of five and a kindergarten...


Ep 49 Unleashing Our Imagination with Hannah Pickard, Dr. Natasha DeJarnett, and Sean Dague

As climate change advocates, our ability to imagine a better future sometimes requires supernatural skills. Still engaging our imagination is essential to stirring up the kind of hope and excitement that inspires others to action. We need to articulate what it is we are fighting for? What is the world we want to create? Through a mind-expanding thought experiment, three guests join us to help unleash our imagination potential. Imagine a world without fossil fuels. What does it look like?...


Ep 48 Republicans Ready to Tackle Climate Change

For a long time climate advocates faced skepticism and resistance coming from Republican lawmakers. That is changing. In February Citizens Climate Radio host Peterson Toscano traveled to Washington DC for the first ever Conservative Climate Training and Lobby Days. Nearly 100 people showed up from all over the country, young and older. They met with Republican staff and members of congress to talk about climate change and a path forward. In this episode you will hear excerpts from interviews...


Ep 47 Eco-Grief in a Time of Coronavirus Mourning

How are the impacts of climate change similar to what we are experiencing with the Coronavirus global pandemic? Eight women talk about working through grief to a place of action. They use their expertise to connect the impacts of climate change to what we are now seeing with Covid-19. Guests include: --Dr. Nathasha DeJarnett, Interim Associate Director Program & Partnership Development National Environmental Health Association --Dr. Lise VanSusteren, an American psychiatrist in private...


Ep 46 Coronavirus, Climate Adaptation, and a Resilient Tomorrow

The issue on most everyone’s mind right now is Coronavirus or Covid-19. We are witnessing a massive social and political transformation as we respond to the outbreak of the virus. Individuals have rapidly and radically changed their behaviors—from washing hands to self-isolating. Nations and local authorities are each taking their part to stop the spread of this disease. We see in real time how quickly and effectively we can adapt to a crisis. We also are discovering where we have failed to...


Ep 45 How to Engage Young People in Your Climate Group--A New Jersey Success Story

Concerned about climate change, Princeton University student, Jonathan Lu, and his friends became excited about a particular solution: Carbon Fee and Dividend. Through Citizens Climate Lobby they learned about a proposed national policy to price carbon and give the revenue back to households. That inspired them to ask, Could this be done in New Jersey? Having a good idea is one thing, but doing all the hard work to make it a reality is quite another. Jonathan and his friends realized they...


Ep 44 The Extraordinary Marshall Saunders

On October 20th 2007, after having a revelation about the severity of climate change, Marshall Saunders launched Citizens Climate Lobby. He then inspired over one hundred thousand everyday citizens to appeal directly to members of congress. He helped empower them to offer a bold and straight forward solution to address climate change. Everyone who met Marshall, heard him speak, and worked beside him walked way with determination and a deeper belief in their own ability to change in the...


Ep 43 From the Oil Fields in Venezuela to Climate Justice in the USA—Solemi Hernandez

In this episode you will meet a fellow climate action figure. Solemi Hernandez finds great joy and fulfillment in the climate work she does. In hearing some of her own story, we hope it inspires you in your own. Originally from Venezuela, Solemi has lived in the US state of Florida for the past 17 years. She seeks to improve conditions for immigrant farm workers. She is also raising her two sons, and Solemi has taken on a very big mission. She wants to save the world starting in her own...


Ep 42 Better Angels Bridging the Political Divide

Adam Rosenbalm and Austin Ramsey study at East Tennessee State University (ETSU.) After the 2016 election it seemed the country was more polarized than ever. Conversations quickly became debates that led to arguments. Both Adam and Austin wanted to do something about the partisan divide between Conservative and Liberal Americans. Fortunately they learned about a new group called Better Angels. After attending a Better Angels’ event, Adam and Austin decided to bring the Better Angels’ style...


Ep 41 Tuskegee University Research Breakthrough

Tuskegee University is a historically Black University in Alabama founded in 1881. From the early work of George Washington Carver, Tuskegee has trained generations of researchers who are unraveling mysteries from the natural world. Dr. Carver wrote, “I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.” Two researchers have been tuning in and made a series of extraordinary discoveries all from agricultural waste....


Ep 40 Fashion and Climate Change with Tatiana Schlossberg and Climate Poetry with Catherine Pierce

Tatiana Schlossberg is the author of the new book, Inconspicuous Consumption. She highlights just how good we are at being bad, and outlines how much polluting happens in four major industries, Fuel, Food, Internet, and Fashion. In looking at the vast world of fashion, Tatiana focuses on specific sectors. First she dives into the world of denim and synthetics. She also talks about the growing industry of fast fashion. The Art House Poet Catherine Pierce...


Ep 39 Envisioning and Communicating Climate Success

Climate Communication experts Blair Bazdarich from the San Francisco Zoo and Hannah Pickard at Boston's New England Aquarium share proven insider tips about effective communication strategies. They are both leaders at NNOCCI, the National Network of Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation. They train aquarium and zoo professionals how to speak about climate change. NNOCCI is a network of individuals and organizations in informal education, the social sciences, and climate sciences. They are...


Ep 38 Lew Blaustein and the Green Sports Movement

Lew Blaustien, editor of Green Sports Blog, is very concerned about climate change. A sports nut since childhood, Lew began a career in sportscasting, and eventually settled into the marketing side of professional sports. There was nothing in his background to suggest he would turn into a passionate climate advocate. The 911 attacks on New York City in 2001 though changed everything for him. You will hear about how that traumatic event set him on a new career path. In this lively interview...


Ep 37 Baseball and Circus with MLB pitcher Brent Suter and circus artist Eliana Dunlap

We feature two people with very unconventional jobs. Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, Brent Suter is concerned about climate change. He is using his platform to speak out. Circus artist and podcaster, Eliana Dunlap, "does circus" and is using circus arts to raise awareness about climate change. Brent Suter received a scholarship to play baseball at Harvard University, where he studied environmental science. He learned about the effects of climate change and what how we need to drastically reduce...