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Ep 50: GeoGebra: Free math apps that level the playing field worldwide - Class Dismissed

GeoGebra's mission is simple. They want to put dynamic mathematics software in the hands of students everywhere. They offer graphing calculators, geometry applications and math-based augmented reality apps. Their products are available on, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Stephen Jull, the COO, and CFO of GeoGebra says it was originally started as a Masters Degree project. "If you're a kid in Mumbai or a professor in New York, it doesn't matter," says Jull. Everyone can have access to...


Ep. 49: The best way to show a teacher appreciation​ is free - Class Dismissed

Once a year, parents and students scramble to find gifts for teachers to honor them during teacher appreciation week. Starbucks gift cards, mugs, cupcakes, gift cards for more school supplies. They're all things that teachers love to have and without a doubt, educators deserve to be recognized for all the amazing work they do. But most teachers will tell you that the best gift has no monetary value. A simple "thank you" in the form of a note or in-person can be the best reward a teacher can...


Ep 48: The endangered art of storytelling in the classroom - Class Dismissed

Storytelling is one of the original methods of sharing experiences and lessons. A well-told story can grab a person's attention and help the listener absorb complex details. Catherine Heinemeyer is a postdoctoral researcher and arts practitioner at York St. John University in England and she recently penned the article “The dying art of storytelling in the classroom”. Heinemeyer points out that while storytelling can have an incredible influence, it's becoming endangered in the classroom....


Episode 47: Is Adobe Spark right for my classroom? - Class Dismissed

Spark in the Classroom Adobe Spark has been around for about four years, but recently, Adobe made a big push to gear their product towards education. Dr. Monica Burns is an EdTech Consultant and founder of the Class Tech Tips Website and has been working with Spark since the product was in its infancy. "What gets me really excited about it is how open-ended it is," says Burns. "It really is a storytelling tool that lets you use voice, text, icons, images, video clips you've captured,...


Episode 46: Make Fortnite a vehicle for your classroom lessons - Class Dismissed

Packed with alliteration, math, and geography Teens and tweens around the world are hooked on Fortnite. When kids are not in school, they're rushing home to hop on their Xbox or PlayStation to play one of the most popular video games in years. This past January, Epic Games said the title had more than 45 million players. But did you know Fortnite is packed with lessons of alliteration, math, and geography? Denis Sheeran is the author of a brand new book called Hacking Mathematics, and he’s...


Episode 45: Educating on YouTube - Class Dismissed

How one teacher grew his YouTube audience Back in 2009, Matt Beat began posting social studies lessons on YouTube. His goal was to inspire and educate his students. "It was never meant for anyone other than my students in real life," said Beat. Mr. Beat, as he's known on YouTube, teaches high school social studies at Tonganoxie High school in Kansas. But as Beat continued to post lessons on YouTube, his views and subscribers continued to grow. Beat now has over 22,000 subscribers and...


Episode 44: This teacher simulated a dictatorship in her class. The students pushed back. - Class Dismissed

When she teaches the book "1984" she turns her class into a totalitarian regime. Just before Dina Leygerman teaches George Orwell's, "1984" to her seniors, she runs a simulation. Much like the book, she transforms her class into a totalitarian regime. "They can't talk to each other, they can't even ask for a pencil, without asking my permission first," said Leygerman. "They can't get up; they can't move around the classroom. They can't even go blow their nose." Leygerman rewards students...


Ep 43: Why this educator reads a novel to his pre-algebra class - Class Dismissed

For more than a decade, Joel Bezaire has been reading "The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time" to his pre-algebra students. The main character in the mystery novel is a 15-year-old boy who has a form of autism and is very gifted in mathematics. Bezaire says that as the book progresses, his students really come to enjoy and connect with the character. "Because of that, when he [the character] talks about something interesting, the students are invested." Bezaire says the best...


Ep 42: How to self-motivate students - Class Dismissed Podcast

Nick Ambrosino has three decades of teaching experience, and he's well aware of the struggles that come with being an educator. In Ambrosino's books, "Coffee with Ray" and "Lessons with Matt," the main character, Matt, is at a point in his career where he's frustrated with teaching. Ambrosino says many educators find themselves at the point where they've "had it" with teaching. However, they often stick with it because of a love and a mission to help others. Ambrosino's books follow Matt...


Ep. 41: Which teacher changed your life and why? - Class Dismissed Podcast

Our Favorite Question. We've had dozens of teachers, scientists, professors, and authors on the Class Dismissed Podcast. All of our guests have graciously participated in the "Pop Quiz" segment of our show, and all of them have answered our favorite question. Which teacher changed your life and why? "Who would have imagined I would have gone to MIT and started this whole program" -Dr. Steven Farber - Carnegie Institute for Science What's so great about this question? We love this question...


Episode 40: Making Science Fun Again - Class Dismissed Podcast

How can you make science cool? Lynn Brunelle is a four-time Emmy Award-winning writer for "Bill Nye the Science Guy," and she describes her time working on the Nye's show as similar to working for a combination of Mr. Wizard and Saturday Night Live. "It [Nye's show] tapped into my love for writing funny things," said Brunelle. Brunelle said she enjoys making difficult concepts accessible and fun. "In my experience, if it's funny, and you laugh, you remember it," said Brunelle. Over the...


Ep. 39: Writing Strategies with Jennifer Serravallo - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

For years literacy consultant and author, Jennifer Serravallo has been consulting with school districts throughout the country. Much of Seravallo's clients' success comes when using a responsive pedagogy with students. It's a matter of changing from a textbook approach where everyone is reading the same text at the same time to a responsive model where kids are engaged in their own writing projects, and getting instruction that's tailored to their goals. Seravallo says it's about really...


Ep 38: Empowering At-Risk​ Students - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

For over 30 years Brian Crosby taught upper elementary in Nevada. Many of his students were considered "at-risk". Crosby says many of his students were students of poverty and for others, English was a second language. "Often times they weren't really solid in any language," said Crosby "Everybody just assumes that oh, they speak Spanish fluently. Well over the years you finally came to realize that really they don't have Spanish fluently either." Crosby who also runs the "Learning is...


Ep 37: Why Oprah calls her school the best in the country - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Before the Ron Clark Academy was created in 2007, Kim Bearden and Ron Clark already had successful careers. Bearden was a celebrated teacher and administrator in Atlanta and Clark was a rockstar teacher in Harlem. "Everbody kinda thought I was a little insane." -Kim Bearden Founder and Executive Director of the Ron Clark Academy Together, they took a leap of faith and purchased a dilapidated 100-year-old factory in a crime-stricken area of Atlanta. "When we got out of the car the real...


Ep 36: Fads or Foundations? Adjusting to the changing landscape of education - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Educators are tied to a fantastic network of creative people. Follow a familiar K-12 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, and you'll see dozens of new ideas for tweaking your pedagogy. For a teacher, ​it may be tempting to tackle each new idea. Anything that will give you an edge when trying to connect with your students and maybe even impress your administrator. Robert Ward has been teaching in the Los Angeles area for over two decades, and his experience has allowed him to watch hundreds of...


Ep 35: Let the children read - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Lisa Ainsworth spent eight years teaching 3rd and 4th grade at two public schools in Mississippi. She was applauded for being a great teacher because of her infectious love for reading and her students always scored well on state tests. But when she switched to teaching at a private school her world was flipped upside down. Her students didn't seem to enjoy reading, and AR was an incentive for the wrong reasons. Ainsworth needed to discover a new formula for inspiring her students. She...


Ep. 34: How to talk to students about fake news - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

The ability to consume news on our phones and computers is an incredible tool. With a few clicks, we have access to endless information about current events, politics, and pop culture. According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in August 2017, 43% of Americans report often getting news online, just 7 percentage points lower than the 50% who often get news on television. But the convenience the information age offers is not without consequences. Over the past decade, we've seen an...


Ep. 33: No more grading at home - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

A year ago, January 2017, Catlin Tucker made an ambitious New Year's Resolution. She decided to no longer bring grading home. The California English Teacher says she loved her job, but she resented having to grade papers during her personal time. "It really robbed me of the time that my kids want with me. You know, I have a nine and a ten-year-old and they want my attention. And it robbed me of that time and space and ability to relax and be creative that drives a lot of my lesson and...


Ep. 32: Professional Development Gone Rogue - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Rich Czyz knows that some school districts struggle to provide meaningful professional development. "It could be a time thing. It could be that they [administrations] are not up to date on whatever is happening in education." Czyz says that consequently, teachers can find themselves stuck in staff meetings that end up being just a list of directives and policies. This was part of Czyz's motivation to write "The 4 O'clock Faculty: A Rogue Guide to Revolutionizing Professional Development."...


Ep 31: That's a wrap​ - Thanks 2017! - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

The Class Dismissed Podcast debuted in the Summer of 2017. In just six months, the weekly podcast has interviewed 29 educators about creatives methods and tools used in the classroom. In Episode 31, Nick and Lissa talk about some of the standout moments of their first 30 episodes.


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