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The Collegiate Crash Course- Episode 4

It's no secret, alcohol is a huge part of university life. Whether it's a Friday night affair or a Monday to Sunday must, we've all seen and experienced alcohol consumption in some way, shape or form. Join your hosts and guest Nkosazana Ndlovu, as they discuss drinking culture at university. Discussing topics such as: first time drinking experiences; drinking when you're home; entertainment vs dependence. Drinking is both a blessing and a curse. So pull up a chair, pop that bottle and pour...


The Coronation- Episode 3

Join your hosts and this week's Guest Speakers: Wandile Mthembu and Agatha White as they discuss the serious world of exams and DP requirements. With exams beginning in just over a month, now is the time that many students are being to wonder about whether they've done enough to secure that seat in the exam venue. Meeting DP requirements to write your exam is often stressful and can bring about a mountain of disappointment if you don't get to write that exam after a semester of hard work....


The Collegiate Crash Course- Episode 3

Let's be honest with ourselves, the hookup culture at university is a phenomenal activity! Some people just know the in's and out's of the game, while others may be learning. But every university student has experienced hookup culture in some way; shape or form. Whether it's just a kiss in the club or naps at your place... Hook up culture can have a different meaning to everyone. During this episode explore the university culture with your hosts and special guest: Nkosazana Ndlovu, as they...


The Coronation- Episode 2

For some of us university didn't quite go as planned. In this episode of The Coronation we cover changing your university degree or switching subjects. Although many feel shy to discuss dropping a subject or changing a degree it is a common occurrence at university. While we're all trying to find our away around tertiary education things don't always work out the way we want them to. THAT'S OKAY!!! You're not the only one who's having a hard time with subjects! We'll cover: how to go about...


The Collegiate Crash Course- Episode 2

Every university has a different orientation week program for their students and with that comes different experiences into university. Both your hosts L-J Houston and Zoe Mafoko are Rhodes University students and share our experiences of the "Rhodes University O-Week" Orientation week lectures, Morning Jamming, RU Jamming, Meet and Greets, Friars! Tune in for all of the fun and exciting stories of o-week. Join the conversation and become the Queen you were always meant to be!


The Coronation- Episode 1

When you arrived at university and were thrown into your first lecture we're sure it wasn't what you expected. Huge venues with hundreds of students. Lecturers rattling off at you. Taking notes before the slide show changes. Trying not to get distracted by other students. Then you were told about tutorials and assignments! THE HORROR! Fear not my friend. We got you! This episode tackles all of those topics. We'll take you through our experiences of first lectures, tutorials and assignments...


Collegiate Crash Course Episode 1

When we apply to university we cannot actually put into words what our university experience might be like because we don't have anything to compare it to. When we complete that application no one talks us through the process after you're accepted and before you have your orientation. More often then not we find ourselves at the end of orientation week having never heard of anything that happens at university and wishing someone had given us guidance. Look no further because that is what...



Hi! It's L-J Houston and Zoe Mafoko here! Your hosts for Collegiate Coronation! In our introduction we hope to give you a taste of what's in store. We'll introduce ourselves as your hosts and let you know when episodes will be dropping on various podcasting sites. Join the conversation and become the Queen you were always meant to be!