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CI With Seth Wiesenthal Part 2

In this week’s episode, we conclude our two-part interview with ASQ certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Seth Wiesenthal. This week, Seth discusses: The importance of metrics in any CI effort CI in service vs manufacturing environments Implementing CI at your location Why he doesn’t feel sorry for Walter White Part one of the interview replays immediately after the first segment in case you missed it last week.


PM Minute: External Failure Costs

Today we wrap our four-part series on the cost of quality and conclude back to back days dealing with the cost of poor quality. External failure costs are incurred to fix problems after the product or service is already in the hands of the customer. For projects or processes that produce a good, these can include: And for product and service projects: External failures carry the heaviest toll because your deliverable is out the door and in front of the customer. As I said yesterday: In...


PM Minute: Internal Failure Costs

Did you try to save money by not performing QA on your project or rushing through the requirements phase? Odds are, you’ll have equivalent – or probably greater – expenses tied to quality. Only, instead of spending for good quality, you’ll be paying for poor. The third in our 4-point Cost of Quality series is part of the cost of poor quality. Specifically, the cost of internal failure. We’ve all been part of projects where requirements were poorly defined, or scope was uncontrolled and...


PM Minute: Prevention Costs

Today’s PM Minute is focused on the second cost of good quality, Prevention Costs. Prevention costs are spent to prevent, as the name suggests, or avoid defects in the quality of a product or service. A defect is a result that does not meet requirements. We’ve talked many times about the importance of accurately capturing requirements in a project. The effort spent on requirements gathering is actually a prevention cost as it helps to ensure that the product or service created by the...


PM Minute: Appraisal Costs

In today’s PM Minute, we begin a four-part series covering the four components of the total cost of quality. Appraisal costs are one of the costs that make up the cost of good quality. Appraisal costs are costs related to testing and inspection as part of the Quality Control process. Appraisal costs may look at the materials or inputs provided by a supplier to ensure compliance with standards and requirements. In a manufacturing environment, raw goods and other supplies could be inspected....


Quality and Continuous Improvement with Seth Wiesenthal

In this full episode of Colocation: We discuss key concepts in Quality: Plus, the much-anticipated first half of my extended interview with American Society for Quality certified Six-Sigma black belt, Seth Wiesenthal. Seth and I discuss: And much more. Part two of this essential interview will drop in Colocation number 42 on February 13.


PM Minute: Root Cause with Seth Wiesenthal

In the second excerpt from our interview with ASQ certified Six-Sigma black belt Seth Wiesenthal, Seth discusses the importance of seeing processes from end to end and the surprising outcomes when that happens. Catch the full first half of the two-part interview in Colocation episode 37, dropping on Wednesday, February 6.


PM Minute: A Day in the CI Life with Seth Wiesenthal

In an excerpt from part one of a two-part interview with Seth Wiesenthal, an ASQ-certified Six-Sigma black belt talks about a day in the life of a continuous improvement practitioner. Catch the full first half of the interview in Colocation episode number 37, set to drop on Wednesday, February 6.


PM Minute: The Colocation Hotline

Today’s PM Minute was called into the Colocation Show Hotline at 234 207 5935 to remind you that the show is available to contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have show-related feedback or a suggestion for a future episode? Leave a message on the hotline. Calling in is also the perfect way to get your project questions answered or to bounce a tough situation off of fellow PMs. I’m also looking to connect with other PMs, or people who work in fields related to project management, who...


PM Minute: The Planning Vortex

The polar vortex gripping much of the US, including NE Ohio where I am, presents a great opportunity to talk about risk planning. Reviewing potential risks and creating response plans is a key part of planning for any project. The four main response strategies are: transfer, mitigate, avoid, and accept. How does that relate to the extreme cold we’re experiencing? Many of us before going out, stocked our cars up with an extra blanket or other supplies. That’s a mitigation strategy, an...


In Our Estimation

All things estimating, from costs to time. Key numbers, methods, and The Party That Never Happened. Links from this episode:


PM Minute: Scope on Fyre

As a Project Manager, I’ve been watching the dueling documentaries on the failed Fyre Music Festival with morbid curiosity. I started by watching half or so of the Hulu version, but switched to the Netflix, FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened. There have been many moments that have literally made my palms sweat as a PM: the last-minute housing, sanitation, production, etc. Not to mention hearing, and knowing, that a project that size would normally be at least a year of planning...


PM Minute: Three-Point Time Estimates

Estimating the amount of time needed to complete a task or work package is one of the most important, and trickiest, parts of building any project plan. Tasks that are misestimated and on the critical path will have an immediate impact on the project’s schedule and can often snowball as the project continues. Because many conversations that I have with functional managers or subject matter experts about task estimate start with “Best case scenario” or “Worst case scenario”, I’ve found that...


PM Minute: Three Key Professional Relationships

I have benefitted greatly from two mentors at key points in my career. One came when I was just starting and helped me shortcut a lot of mistakes that I probably would have made on my own and to mature quickly. The second came at that key early-mid career time, when I was in my late thirties. He was an executive who trusted, and forced, me to take on subjects and scale that I wasn’t sure I was ready for. In addition to forcing me to grow, he taught me a ton about leadership and how to think...


PM Minute: Consistency is Key

Today’s PM minute comes from an experience that we had while we were out for dinner the other night and is a lesson learned in being consistent with your communication, engagement, and the level of service that you provide your sponsor and stakeholders throughout the life of your project. The restaurant that we went to was not busy, there were maybe ix other tables seated. But, we were not greeted or seated for at least five minutes, leaving us to wonder for what seemed like a very long...


PM Minute: Invite the Customer to Your Project Team

Today’s PM Minute is inspired by an experience that I had over the last couple of days with my anti-virus and internet security software. Without using names, I’ll say that the software is from a major name. Starting yesterday, I began getting popups that a download had failed and that I needed to restart my computer. After three restarts, all with the same message, I finally got another popup telling me that I’d need to reinstall the software. I did a full reinstall, following the...


PM Minute: Working Remote with Family Home

The idea for today’s PM Minute comes from the convergence of unique circumstances at my house. First, today is the Martin Luther King holiday and everyone – from our college-age son down to the grade schooler is home. Second, there was a substantial snow storm over the weekend so it’s unlikely that anyone will leave the house. Finally, I’m working from home today and am grounded at home due to the same storm. Here are a couple of tips to be productive at home when you’re not going to be...


PM Minute: Productions Are Projects With Josh Erichsen

In today’s PM Minute, Josh and I discuss how each stage production at The Players Guild Theatre in Canton, Ohio are truly individual projects.


PM Minute: Managing the Schedule With Josh Erichsen

In today's PM Minute, Josh Erichsen of The Players Guild Theatre in Canton, Ohio talks about how he manages schedule over a season. With eight shows per year, Josh frequently has a production on stage, another in rehearsal, and a third in planning and preparation.


User Stories and Josh Erichsen Interview

In today’s episode we learn that it’s ok to make mistakes, hear my wife’s reaction to a ten-year planning calendar, and Josh Erichsen, Producing Artistic Director of the Players Guild Theatre in Canton, Ohio explains how each live production is a unique project - even after twenty seasons. Links mentioned in this...